Solatube Natural Lighting Solutions

These Solatube Natural Lighting Solutions are one of the most ingenious ways to illuminate your house. It’s an environmentally-friendly and economical solution that takes advantage of sunlight and brings it into your home.

So how do  Solatube Natural Lighting Solutions actually work? Well, it has a system of reflective tubes run through your house.

The lens that will be located on top of your roof can collect the sunlight at any angle and send it down those tubes. This way you get your house illuminated by natural sunlight.

What’s more, the Solatube “lamps” have an anti-glare feature that makes the light softer on the eyes. 

Solatube Natural Lighting Solutions

For a nighttime illumination, the tubes can use the built-in solar panels to give you the light. Same goes for murky days when there’s not enough sunlight to do the job.

Solatube offers lighting solutions for both residential and commercial uses.

Solatube Natural Lighting Solutions

This system is a truly brilliant solution, that significantly reduces your electricity bills, lightens up smaller spaces with no windows, and allows you to have a completely different outlook at the sun. 

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