26 Stylish 90’s Party Outfit Ideas that Will Look Amazing

The 90’s are back! The 90’s were a great time for youngsters. Although there were no cell phones or social media, it was a great time to grow up, because we had so many amazing fads to look back on. If you’re looking to relive some of those memories by going to the 90’s party, then you need ideas for how to style like the 90’s! Whether you want to go full-on grunge or just add a few elements to your everyday outfit, we’ve got it all.

If you’re planning a party, or just want to dress up for Halloween, we’ve got everything you need: a huge list of outfit ideas and tips for pulling off your look. So what are you waiting for? Get dressed up in your favorite 90’s outfit and rock the party!

What is the 90’s Dress Code?

T-shirts, jeans, denim jackets, overalls, baggy cargo pants are some popular outfits for 90’s. They also love to wear pleather pants, animal print clothing, halter tops, crop tops, tube tops, maxi coats, and maxi skirts. For the shoes they wear sneakers or knee boots sometimes with knee socks slouch at the top.

With the help of cable television and the Internet, musical genres including grunge, eurodance, and hip-hop gained popularity among young adults all over the world. Technology advanced during the 1990’s, with the emergence and development of the World Wide Web, the first gene therapy trial, and cloning. Therefore, the fashion of youngsters was influenced by these musics as well.

90’s Party Outfit for Couple

Couples with 90’s style are the best. Their outfit radiates cheerful and fun charm, making them look like a powerful couple. If you’re looking for a 90’s party outfit for a couple, then look no further. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest 90’s outfits for couples for more inspiration!

1. White Hip Hop Style

Source: Pinterest (@thevou.com)

White is an amazing choice for 90’s couples as it shows your pure love. Especially if you have dark skin, while hip hop style will look fantastic for you. Nothing can beat the combination of white jeans, sandals, tops, shoes, and jewelry that resembles diamonds that contrast stunningly with your skin. Additionally, this approach looks great when the couple can execute some hip-hop motions at the same time.

2. Rebel Camouflage Style

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Show some rebellious side as a couple against the world in the 90’s era with matching camouflage pants and white shirts! This 1990’s outfit is a simple but cool inspiration at the party. The woman can tie her shirt on her waist to make a fashion statement. Don’t forget to wear additional jewelry on your party outfit to add extra glam of the 90’s.

3. Casual Matching Pink and Brown

Source: Pinterest (@𝗂𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾𝗎𝗂𝗁𝖺𝗍𝖾𝗎 ♡︎)

The combination of neutral and neon color never fails for 90’s fashion ideas. Choose a brown shirt with pink heart design printed, showing that you are a solid couple. Pair the top with jeans, pink belt, and shoes to add cuteness and another appeal. For the accessories, you can also wear pink sunglasses and chain bracelets, giving the retro vibe at the party.

4. Lakers 90’s Couple

Source: Pinterest (@ᴾᴿᴬᴰᴬᴹᴱ)

Suppose you are basketball lovers, it’s time to bring back the good old times with the 90’s Lakers jersey outfit! Look for their 90’s jersey for you and your partner on the internet. Make sure you choose your favorite number on the jersey as well! Combine it with jeans with yellow lines for men or stocking for women. Don’t forget to wear matching white shoes to complete the final look.

5. Vertical Striped Button Up Shirts

Source: Pinterest (@m.shein.com)

Inspired by the fancy 90’s summer fashion couple, you can have the matching horizontal striped shirts. Buy the same item for you and your partner. For the woman, you can tie the shirts on your waist and wear fringe denim shorts. Meanwhile, the man can have the same shirts with white shorts. In addition, matching sunglasses also can light up your overall appearance.

6. Beyonce with Jay Z 90’s Outfit Party

Source: Pinterest (@vogue.com)

One of the most iconic 90’s throwback outfits for couples is definitely Beyonce and Jay Z. So, how about bringing hip hop fashion to the 90’s theme party? You can wear premium leather varsity jackets for the outer with some gold accessories. The man can black shirt and jeans, while the woman wears a tight overall. Moreover, a colorful headband and sunglasses are also perfect to wear.

7. Gold and Bright Pink Hip Hop Couple

Source: Pinterest (@partycity.com)

If you want to dress like the 90’s at the party, then you can go crazy with shiny gold and bright pink outfits! Show the people at the party that you are the king at the party by wearing a gold satin jacket, trousers, and cap. Meanwhile, let your partner be the badass girl with her bright pink shirt and chic pants. This outfit idea is extraordinary but still comfortable to wear to rock the party all night long!

90’s Party Outfit for Male

When it comes to a fantastic style for men, the 90’s party outfit is the great choice. There’s nothing like a 90’s party outfit for guys to bring back memories of the vintage era. If you’re looking for an outfit that will make you feel nostalgic and also look great, this is it!

8. Casual Style with Beanie

Source: Pinterest (@sospedro.com.br)

In case the hip hop style does not match with your vibe at the party, then we’ve got you another solution! Simply dress casually as the 90’s college student who was going to attend his favorite band’s concert. Tuck your white shirt into your jeans and wear the oversized striped shirts for the outer, since this style was very popular back then. Finish your look with a pair of sneakers and a brown beanie on your head.

9. MTV 90’s Party Outfit

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Beside the music program, MTV gave a great fashion influence to the 90’s boys. So, you can go with grunge fashion at that time. Wear the iconic MTV shirts with oversized denim jackets. Pair the outfit with black trousers and white shoes. You can also give the edgy look by wearing a waist bag. Don’t forget to wear retro round vintage glasses, because they will make you look fantastic!

10. Retro Men in Summer

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

For those soft and fashionable men out there, this idea can make you look charming at a summer party. Instead of wearing a formal outfit, simply wear a white shirt with baggy jeans. You can add a vintage scarf on your neck, use it like a tie. In addition, wearing retro style glasses is also a good option. You can also bring a small sling bag to give the stylish vibe.

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11. Oversized Overalls with Polo Shirts

Source: Pinterest (@myblackclothing.com)

This is one of the easiest 90’s hip-hop party outfits for men! All you need is oversized denim overalls, a long-sleeved polo shirt with stripes, and a baseball cap that has been worn backwards. Make sure the cap is also oversized. Besides, it’s important to follow the dark blue, light blue, and white color palette. For a full 90’s party hip-hop ensemble, don’t forget the clip-on pager.

12. Sporty Boy in Varsity Jacket

Source: Pinterest (@R B)

Show your active and sporty vibe at the party by wearing the varsity jacket. This jacket was the 90’s trend to make a statement as baseball players. So, you can buy them on the internet or the customized one. Make sure the letter of the team was applied to the front of the jacket. Moreover, you can wear ripped jeans and high top shoes for the casual look.

13. Eminem Oversized Tee Shirts

Source: Pinterest (@Rihanna+Eminem🔥)

Don’t have time to dress at the party? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at Eminem’s simple style in the late 90’s. Buy oversized white t-shirts and baggy jeans for this Eminem inspired outfit. Wear white sneakers to bring out the hip hop look. You can also wear a silver cross necklace–just like Eminem used to wear–to add more glam at the party.

14. All Denim Outfit Style

All Denim Outfit Style
Source: Pinterest (@vintag.es)

Denim jacket and pants are a perfect combo to make a man look stunning at the party. This outfit is very versatile for both day or night parties. You can tuck your shirt into the jeans and wear the leather belt, making you look like a true gentleman. Wear leather shoes in matching color with the belt. Don’t forget to wear the classic vintage glasses to complete your final look.

90’s Party Outfit for Female

Do you want to steal the spotlight at the party? Go for the 90’s style since it was a time of great change in fashion for women. You can experiment with your style and what you could wear.  So, here are some amazing 90’s party outfit ideas for girls that will surely impress you!

15. MTV Girls with Checkered Skirt

MTV Girls with Checkered Skirt
Source: Pinterest (@chasingdaisiesblog.com)

Do you want to be the “It Girl” at the party? Then no look further than dress as the MTV girls. You can buy pink MTV shirts to show your cuteness. Moreover, tuck your shirt into the tight checkered skirt, giving you a sexy appeal. Wear a simple gold bracelet to add a little bit of expensive touch. You can also wear black boots to give the retro feel.

16. Rihanna Crop Top and Baggy Jeans

Rihanna Crop Top and Baggy Jeans
Source: Pinterest (@thegrio.com)

For girls with dark skin, Rihanna 90’s themed clothing can be a cool inspiration. You can wear a crop top to expose your exotic skin. Pair it with worn baggy jeans and sneakers at the bottom. Moreover, get a simple layered long hairstyle with brown color. Don’t forget to use long round hoop earrings, making you shine, bright like a diamond at the party!

17. Retro Grunge Party Outfit

Retro Grunge Party Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

The grunge style is one of the best women’s 90’s outfits you should try. Grunge was popularized by music, just like the hip hop aesthetic was. To make the 90’s look female version, wear lots of plaid, ripped jeans, and Doc Martens. Moreover, you may get this look by wearing Converse sneakers, fishnet stockings, and band-trim t-shirts, among other things.

18. Vintage Bad Sandy Outfit

Vintage Bad Sandy Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@blog.tobi.com)

Since halter tops and tight pants are the 90’s trend for ladies, then you can do cosplay as Sandy from the Grease movie. Wear vintage, high-waisted sharkskin pants, an off-the-shoulder top, and a leather jacket. Moreover, wear red high heels in matching color with your bold lip. Don’t forget to curly-style your blonde hair, resembling the awesome charm of the character!

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19. Rebellious High School Uniform

Rebellious High School Uniform
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Teenage girls in the 1990’s had little options for expressing their individual fashion sense. So, the school ended up serving as a giant fashion show! You can put on a black miniskirt and a white blouse with the buttons down, the sleeves up, and cropped so that you can see your bra a little bit, just like Britney. Add several baby barrettes to your hair, a pair of black girl’s straps, and knee-high white socks to complete the appearance.

20. Leather Shirt Dress

Leather Shirt Dress
Source: Pinterest (@us.shein.com)

When it comes to 90’s clothes that are ideal for fashion party dress, consider the leather shirt dress. The combination of shirt and dress with leather material gives a vintage, classy, and elegant look for girls. Put your hair up in a ponytail and display your gold earrings to give off an upscale appearance. This is one of the best party dress costumes that makes you like a queen.

21. Denim Mini Dress Outfit

Denim Mini Dress Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

For girls who are looking for ideas on what to wear to a 90’s party, you can go with a vintage denim mini dress. A mini dress with denim material is very popular among 90’s girls. Combine it with a neon green crop jacket to make you stand out at the party. Don’t forget to bring a waist bag and wear sandals to give the casual and fun appearance.

22. Floral Dress and Leather Boots

Floral Dress and Leather Boots
Source: Pinterest (@Quirine)

Floral dress was a huge hit back in the 90s, which is why we think that a long floral dress can be a great option for a 90s party outfit idea. You can wear the dress along with a vintage shirt or cardigan with matching color. As a final touch, don’t forget to put on your brown leather boots because the combination of the dress, mini shirt and leather boots will make you look super ready for the party.

23. Sporty 90s Party Outfit 

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

If you want to look sporty for the upcoming 90s party, then you need to check this one out. This outfit will make you look super cool and sporty at the same time. Wear your red training set plus the jacket, and then put on your running shoes that will complete the overall sporty 90s look. Lastly, you can add a 90s party’s final touch by bringing a boombox on your right shoulder. Undoubtedly, all eyes will be on you. 

24. Simple Black and White Outfit

Simple Black and White Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@whowhatwear.com)

This outfit is also one of the most popular outfits for girls back in the 90s, and you can bring this style back to your upcoming 90s party. All you need is a white t-shirt and a mini black dress, and basically you’re all set. For a more stylish look, you can wear your black ankle boots and that you have everything you need to be the center of attention at the party.

25. Stylish Outfit with Bandana Top 

Stylish Outfit with Bandana Top
Source: Pinterest (@us.romwe.com)

We are pretty sure that you remember the days when a bandana top was one of the most popular fashion items. It was huge back then and most girls wore it along with baggy jeans or shorts. So, why don’t you bring back the style by wearing a bandana top and jean shorts for a 90s party? You can wear your black boots to complete the look and probably wear a choker to create a more stylish look, too?

26. Black Leather Jacket 

Black Leather Jacket
Source: Pinterest (@wmagazine.com)

Being the queen of 90s style, you can recreate this Drew Barrymore look by wearing a basic white t-shirt, a black shorts and a classic black leather jacket. This outfit is quite easy to recreate but very effective since it has an original touch of the vintage 90s look. 

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Final Thoughts

The 90’s fashion is one of the greatest trends that will be cherished forever, especially for youngsters. The hip hop and grunge genre with popular artists and singers also influence how young adults dress up, creating iconic 90’s costumes that look fantastic for a party. Despite how cool and unique your 90’s party outfit will be, make sure you have the perfect style that is comfortable and suitable with your fashion taste!

How do You Put Together a 90’s Outfit?

Wear flannel shirts, loose pants, and combat boots to create a look that is reminiscent of the 1990’s. You can also wear the oversized jacket, tube top, and overalls which were also popular back then. To effortlessly dress from the 1990’s, choose a top and bottom from that era and accessorize with items from that era.

From Brandy’s braids to Mariah’s curls, there are many hairstyles popular in 1990. Some of the most iconic 90’s hairstyles include chunky highlights, mohawks, high, harsh ponytails, straight hair with bangs, and razor-sharp cuts. A tram line haircut, cornrows, and a gelled spiked up bleached hairstyle were a few of the most fashionable 90’s hairstyles for men.

How Should Girls Dress to a 90’s Party?

Well, it depends on your personality and fashion taste. Denim is a timeless and incomparable style that perfectly encapsulates the 1990’s. When girls dress for the 1990’s, denim jackets, 90’s skirt outfits, and even hats will be perfect. Or, you can go for an oversized jacket, a contrasting color t-shirt, and a pair of light jeans for a more casual look.

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