25 Cool Gifts For Hip Hop Dancers

Everybody knows that hip hop dancers have their own swag in style. That’s why trying to find cool gifts for hip hop dancers is not a very easy task to do. The gifts must match their profession and can support their creative dancing moves. Plus, it has to suit their style to impress them.

If you’ve been searching all around the internet trying to find cool gifts for your favorite hip hop dancer, this is the right stop for you! We have sorted 25 cool gifts for hip hop dancers that are going to suit their style. Not only are they cool, these gifts are going to be useful for them, too. Read more to find out what they are!

1. Holographic Tracksuit

Holographic Tracksuit

Step up your hip hop dancer’s game with this holographic tracksuit. The tracksuit is made of holographic garments. It will make a cool reflective rainbow effect when it is hit by the light. Perfect to use for any hip hop dance competitions, this tracksuit will boost the dancer’s energy with confidence. Plus, the tracksuit is handmade, and we love good quality handmade products. This is one of the cool gifts for hip hop dancers.

2. Let’s Dance! Neon Sign

Let’s Dance! Neon Sign

Help them light up their house’s mood with this neon sign!  The neon sign is going to cheer anyone’s mood when they walk into the room. Plus, it only uses low power and is super easy to install. Surprise your favorite hip hop dancer with this gift. Just what a hip hop dancer might love!

3. Dancer Mat

Dancer Mat

If you happen to know a hip hop dancer who needs to practice their dance moves, then this is the perfect gift for them. The dance mat features 218 songs, and only needs to be connected to a TV to play. The mat is designed for two players so they can have dance competitions at home. Tell them to take it easy and practice their dance moves with this dance mat. It is a fun gift for hip hop dancers.

4. Rhinestone hats

Rhinestone hats

Who said that sparkly hats are immature? Many celebrities are spotted with rhinestone hats these days. The rhinestone hats are cool gifts for hip hop dancers to make them look and feel fabulous. It is handmade with love and has an adjustable strap. Hear ye, hear ye, it is time to bring rhinestone hats to hip hop!

5. Knee Pads

Knee Pads

Knee Pads are very important equipment for every dancer. It protects their knees from doing extreme dance moves, such as the floorwork dance. These knee pads that we recommend to you are made from soft jersey material that includes 1 cm pads in the knees areas. It is super comfortable and thick enough to protect their knees. These pads are useful gifts for hip hop dancers!

6. Cowin E7 Wireless Headphones

cowin E7 Wireless Headphones

What is a hip hop dancer without amazing wireless headphones with active noise canceling? They’ll need this Cowin E7 Wireless Headphones that can powerfully cancel noise. The headphone’s playtime is up to 30 hours, and can reduce noise to 28 db. Also, the box includes a micro USB cable for charger and an audio cable. Isn’t it one of the best gifts for a hip hop dancer?

7. Nike TR8 Training Shoes

Nike TR8 Training Shoes

Every hip hop dancer needs the perfect shoes. The Nike TR8 training shoes are one of the best in the game. The shoes are made for training and gym work so it can stand hard dancing movements. Surely these shoes are the best gifts for hip hop dancers. It also uses IU foam to make feet more stable. Stable feet, just what every dancer needed!

8. TAL Stainless Tumbler

TAL Stainless Tumbler

This eco-friendly stainless tumbler is a nice gift for hip hop dancers because they can bring it to dance practice. It can hold more than enough water for one dance practice session. The bottle holds cold water for 24 hour, and 12 hour for hot water. Also, it comes with a wide mouth lid. Honestly, people just hate those small mouth lid tumblers, especially after an intense hip hop dance practice.

9. Hip Hop T-Shirt

Hip Hop T-Shirt

Comfortable t-shirts with cute writing can be great gifts for hip hop dancers. This unisex t-shirt is made of high quality soft cotton material. It is great to wear when practicing dance or just hanging around at home. With the cute “Make hip hop great again” written on the shirt, they can promote hip hop to the public. 

10. Legends of Hip Hop Poster

Legends of Hip Hop Poster

Time to let them know the root of hip hop by giving them this Legend Of Hip Hop poster. Everyone in the hip hop industry needs to know their roots. That is why the poster is a very appreciated gift for hip hop dancers. It includes pictures of the 80’s and 90’s hip hop gods and goddesses, including Tupac and 50 Cent. It is a great addition to bring to their bedroom or living room. 

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11. Foot Massager

Foot Massager

After a long day of using those legs for dancing, they surely will appreciate this foot massager. The foot massager is made of wood and 10 inch long. It can help them to boost their legs circulation and help the muscles and tissues to stay healthy. The foot massager will make their legs free of stress. Get one of these as a gift for hip hop dancers and they’d thank you.

12. JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

The JBL Flip 5 bluetooth speaker is an awesome gift for hip hop dancers. One, because they are waterproof, therefore, they can use this speaker in any weather while dancing to hip hop music outside. Two, they can last up to 12 hours, which is more than enough time for an outdoor dance practice. And three, there are 11 colors to choose from, so you can pick one that matches their personality. 

13. Dance Journal

No products found.

This journal is a place for hip hop dancers to write down details of hip hop choreography that they’ve learned. They can make some sketches of new dance moves in it before practice in front of a mirror. Also, they can write some inspirational quotes to motivate them. This is another great option for gifts for hip hop dancers.

14. Pet Portrait Necklace

Pet Portrait Necklace

Make them bling with this Pet Portrait Pendant. The pendant is made of patina sterling silver and custom made! You can get this necklace as a gift for hip hop dancers and have their pet portrait printed on the pendant. Plus, the back side of the pendant can be imprinted with their pet’s name, too. Every hip hop dancer deserves this meaningful gift.

15. Hip Hop Socks

Hip Hop Socks

Socks are an essential thing when dancing to protect the dancers’ feet. As a pair of gifts for hip hop dancers, get them these super cool socks. Made from polyester cotton, it is super comfy for active feet. Plus, it has pictures of hip hop legends on it. They sure are going to need it!

16. Calvin Klein The One Eau De Toilette


The Calvin Klein The One Eau De Toilette is a unisex perfume that has a fresh citrusy smell. The perfume is great because it gives a clean and energetic scent. The longevity is up to 6-7 hours. Also, it is a unisex parfume, so you can give it to boys or girls. It is the perfect weapon for hip hop dancers to have so they can smell good even after a long day of dancing. One of the necessary gifts for hip hop dancers!

17. Tripod


Hip hop dancers need to record their dancing to evaluate and correct their movements. That’s why this tripod is a great gift for hip hop dancers. The tripod can stand up to 159 cm. Therefore, the phone can record their full body when attached to the tripod. 

18. Cooling Towel

Cooling towel

After a long hip hop dancing, this cooling towel is useful to swipe their sweat away. Made of microfiber material, the towel claims to be able to “stay chilled for up to 3 hours”. The towels might be other useful gifts for hip hop dancers because they are going to need it to swipe away their sweat after an extreme dancing session.  Plus, it can give them that refreshing cooling effect that’ll make them energetic on the dance floor again.

19. Jogger Pants

Jogger Pants

These jogger pants that we recommend to you will give a swag baggy style that they’re looking for. They’re some cool gifts for hip hop dancers. The combination of bright green and black will make them stand out in the crowd. Plus, the material is made of organic-cotton blend, so it’s  super comfy to wear.

20. Hip Hop Dance Book

Hip Hop Dance Book

Sure, being a hip hop dancer is cool. But not knowing their favorite dance’s style history sucks. Give this Hip Hop Dance Book as a gift for hip hop dancers so they can start to educate themselves. It’s great for them to explore the dance style. Perhaps after reading this book they can bring some old hip hop moves back to the future.

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21. Vinyl Wall Clock

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A great wall addition for every hip hop enthusiastic home! The Wu Tang wall clock is actually made of used vinyl, so it is very eco-friendly. It is one of the best gifts for hip hop dancers. Especially if you are a fan of Wu Tang. What time is it? It’s hip hop time!

22. Dancing Hip Hop Goose

Dancing Hip Hop Goose

If you are looking for some funny gifts for hip hop dancers, this is it. Yes, the dancing Hip Hop goose is a toy made for toddlers, but the toy went viral a few months ago and a lot of adults were buying it. Probably because of how funny the goose is when it dances to hip hop songs.

23. hip hop legend figurine

 hip hop legend figurine

Every person who loves hip hop must have known Tupac and Biggie. They are one of the biggest influencers in hip hop history. Show your support to your family or friend to become a hip hop dancer by gifting them this hip hop legend figurine. It is a cute little addition to their bedside table.

24. Puma Unisex Gym bag

Puma Unisex Gym bag

Listen up, every hip hop dancer needs a good gym bag to fit all of the things that they need to bring to the dance studio. This gym bag from Puma is the right one to carry them all. The bag is made from 100% polyester material and has a shoe pocket. The shoulders’ straps are also removable and adjustable to their comfort. Get one of these Puma gym bags as gifts for hip hop dancers. They will thank you for sure, no doubt about it.

25. Friday The 13th Beanie

friday The 13th Beanie

Beanie is an important gift for hip hop dancers. It’ll protect their head when doing head spins. This Friday The 13th beanie is not only useful, but also super cool because it glows in the dark. Besides, Jason’s mask design is scary enough to intimidate their dance competitors.

Latest Post:

What do hip hop dancers need?

Hip hop dancers need a pair of training shoes, such as Nike TR8, that can follow their dance choreography. Jewelries, such as chain necklaces, are also great to boost the dancers’ confidence. That’s why we recommend you to get these things as gifts for hip hop dancers.

What do you buy for someone who loves hip hop?

For someone who loves hip hop, we suggest you get them one these three things; the Wu Tang clock, legend of Hip Hop posters, and Biggie and Tupac figurines. Not only good gifts for hip hop dancers, they’re also great gifts for hip hop lovers.

What do you wear in hip hop dance?

Since the dance started as a street dance, most hip hop dancers wear baggy pants and tops. They would top the look with shiny accessories, jewelry and hats. These days though, there are many designs for a cool and comfortable hip hop outfit that dancers can choose, such as the holographic tracksuit. The Rhinestone hat is also great to make the dancers stand out in the crowd.

What are the best shoes for dancing hip hop?

It is important for dancing shoes to have a strong enough grip to the feet. They need to have great soles that allow easy turns when contacting the floors. One of the best shoes in the game is the Nike TR8. The shoes design is breathable and the price is affordable. We suggest you get the shoes as a gift for hip hop dancers.

Why do hip hop dancers wear baggy clothes?

Since the hip hop dance is all about the music, most hip hop dancers wear baggy clothes to make people focus more on the music, rather than the body. The loose fitting clothes are also a lot easier to dance in since they don’t grip the dancers’ body and, therefore, allows a lot of movements. That is why many dancers prefer baggy clothes when dancing to hip hop.

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