32 Cool One Piece Tattoo Ideas That’ll Amaze You

One Piece became well-known due to its intricate plot, compelling characters, and imaginative surroundings. Naturally, a show this well-liked will have a devoted fan following that expresses their affection for it in a variety of artistic ways. Some of them have gone so far as to tattoo their fandom on their bodies.

One Piece Tattoo Ideas
One Piece Tattoo Ideas

If you are a fan of one of the most popular manga series of all time, then you are in the right place. Below we have compiled a list of One Piece tattoo ideas that will make people stop and stare.

Black and White One Piece Tattoo Ideas

Black and white one piece tattoos are great because they’re so simple. They’re also versatile—you can show them in any season or situation, and they look good in any outfit.

So check out these black and white tattoo ideas if you’re looking for inspiration!

1. Comic-themed Gear 5 One Piece Tattoo

Source: Instagram (@onepiece.tatts)

One Piece characters’ are all very comical, making it a great idea to have a comic-themed One Piece tattoo on your body. You can choose a design with Luffy’s Gear 5 funny expression and create some effects in the form of artwork to complete the design.

2. Ace’s Identity Tattoo

one piece tattoo ideas
Source: Instagram (@onepiece.tatts)

Fans of Ace would want to have this cool tattoo on their arm. It includes artworks of the pirate hat, a teared Jolly Roger’s image, and the straw hat, too! It will look cool if you pair it with a cool One Piece t-shirt.

3. The Straw Hat’s Pirate Ship

one piece tattoo ideas
Source: Instagram (@animemasterink)

A true fan wouldn’t mind having small pirate-themed tattoos all over their hands or legs. Make the image of the Straw Hat’s Pirate Ship as the focal point and include small images of a map, anchor and other pirate-related images around the ship.

Pairing it with a pirate-themed bracelet is also a good idea.

4. One Piece Characters’ Weapons

One Piece Characters’ Weapons
Source: Instagram (@onepiece.tatts)

Here is one of the most creative choices of one piece tattoo ideas to consider. It also comes as a collection of small tattoos that include Zoro’s three swords, a skull head, a treasure box, and many other pirate-related images.

Use black tattoo ink only, and we suggest that you have them on your legs.

5. Colorful One Piece Pirate Ship Tattoo

Colorful One Piece Pirate Ship Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@onepiece.tatts)

This colorful ink design is going to amaze your fellow One Piece fans for sure. It is made in full color that requires yellow, red, green, pink, and black tattoo inks. Add some comical effects to the tattoo, and add some One Piece quotes if you like.

6. Kaido’s Tattoo

Kaido’s Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@garethbennett_tattooist)

If you are looking for more serious and artistic options of One Piece tattoo ideas, we think this Kaido’s tattoo would catch your attention. It comes as a tattoo of the giants Kaido, and it looks fierce with only using a black tattoo ink.

7. One Piece Silhouette Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@pin.it)

If you are looking for a low-key black and white One Piece tattoo ideas for your arm, then you must consider using the silhouette version. Inspired by the shadow scene from the popular manga created by Eiichiro Oda, this design requires a small area in your wrist.

Use black ink to make the silhouette characters. Don’t forget to add a small one piece logo below the awesome tattoo.

8. Wanted Poster Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

The wanted poster of Luffy is always iconic. For One Piece fans, the wanted poster of Monkey D. Luffy on your skin is precious. You can use black ink to create thin strokes and details of Luffy’s face and the text.

Since the size of the wanted poster is average, consider placing the tattoo on your forearm. It will be one of the most popular tattoo designs that will impress the fandom.

9. Ace Smiley Face Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@img14.deviantart.net)

When it comes to a unique tattoo design, try to put a smiley face logo from Ace’s hat. All you need is just black ink to create a small One piece tattoo design on your leg. However, have you ever been puzzled about what that completely happy and unhappy face in your hat means?

Although there is no certain meaning for the symbol according to the author, this logo is a reminder that good and bad things are always side by side.

10. Luffy with Skull Mark

Source: Pinterest (@spicedchaix20.wordpress.com)

The most common black and white design is definitely a tattoo of Luffy from One Piece. If you tattoo Luffy entirely in black, it will appear to be a hip, contemporary tattoo. You can add a skull mark below the character.

Get ready to transform your chest or any other part of your body into a genuine work of art with a Luffy One Piece tattoo!

11. Usopp Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Stephany Christie)

Side characters always have their own charms. And, Usopp may be an attractive character which comes as one of the unique One Piece tattoo ideas. If you are a fan off Usopp, fill your forearm area by combining Usopp’s happy go lucky face with his powerful version with his mask covered above it.

Create a depth in each design to make this tattoo stunning.

12. Crying Nico Robin Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Kat)

Nico Robin is definitely a lovable character in the One Piece manga series. As One Piece lovers, you may remember when Robin yells out that she wants to live and go back to the sea with the Straw Hats after being moved by Luffy’s action in the manga.

So, you need the design stencil and black ink tattoo to recreate the manga version.

13. Whitebeard Pirates Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

Sometimes you want to have a powerful character for a tattoo to show your strength. In fact, Whitebeard’s strength was nearly unparalleled. So, you can have the black and white version of his scary face with a large white beard.

Don’t forget to add crossbones to give the One Piece pirate vibes.

Awesome One Piece Tattoo Ideas

If you’re a fan of the anime series One Piece, then you’ve probably seen some of the most creative, colorful, and downright amazing pieces of art that have ever graced the screen. Perhaps you’re going to get them on your skin, these awesome One Piece tattoo ideas above will surely impress you!

14. Happy Chopper Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@google.ca)

Chopper is an innocent and naive character with an adorable face, making it one of the most perfect choices for colored One Piece tattoo ideas. You can draw the happy face of Chopper to radiate positive energy for those who see your tattoo.

Give the reindeer a blue cap that has a ring of dots around the circle with a pink hat inside. Use yellow, red, and blue ink to color the black outline of Chopper tattoo.

15. Angry Zoro Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Show your tough personality by having the cool tattoo of Zoro. The color palettes create a scary and serious vibe, making one of the best anime tattoo designs. Don’t forget to use fresh mint ink to create the iconic Zoro’s hair.

Moreover, you can also add the Jolly Roger symbol behind the stern character to give a statement of One Piece lovers.

16. One Piece Characters Art Back Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

If you don’t know which character you should have for your One Piece tattoo design, how about getting them all on your back? Turn the One Piece characters tattoo into an art tattoo with this idea.

Use red ink for Luffy’s clothes and around some characters to give another appeal. Balance the composition of the protagonist and villains.

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17. Sexy Nami Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoo-tom.com)

Nami often has another appeal that makes her look sexy. If you are adoring this character, having a Nami tattoo will definitely motivate and inspire you on a daily basis. Show her sexiness by drawing Nami in a revealing green and white bikini halter top, and tight low-rider jeans.

Don’t forget to add a black tattoo on her left shoulder!

18. One Piece Manga Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Having a colorful tattoo of the One Piece manga in your hands cannot possibly be more enjoyable. Use your hand as a white canvas to draw these adorable characters in the manga style.

Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Robin, and Sanji have been remarkable characters since the beginning of the story. Therefore, you can portray their images in order vertically along your hand.

19. Ace One Piece Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Although this character is already dead in the story, he was a fantastic role model for Luffy. In case you also admire Ace’s personality in the manga, getting him tattooed on your skin will be a wonderful choice.

We recommend you to get the design on your left arm. Therefore, you can also share similarities with Ace.

20. Angry Sanji One Piece Tattoo

Angry Sanji One Piece Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Despite his cool and calm personality, Sanji is quite scary when angry at villains. He appears to burst into flames and makes an impressive scene in the story. If you love the other side of Sanji, try to get one on your leg.

You can create the colored version of Sanji in flames with red and orange ink.

One Piece Symbol Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to express your love of One Piece, or if you just want to show your appreciation for the series, a symbol tattoo is a great way to do it. There are tons of different styles and themes available—some more serious than others—and we’ve compiled some of our favorite designs here!

21. One Piece Jolly Rogers

One Piece Jolly Rogers
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Jolly roger is a great symbol for pirates in One Piece. So, getting them all in your skin to show your respect to the fandom can be a great idea.

You can have the Luffy’s Jolly Roger with traditional wearing Luffy’s trademark straw hat and crossbones; Law’s in the smiley face; and of course the Whitebeard’s! It can be a simple tattoo inspiration that only One Piece fans understand.

22. Round Jolly Roger Tattoo

Round Jolly Roger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

A simple and straightforward One Piece logo, this tattoo design can be a great way to show your identity as an anime lover. Inspired by the marking stamp, you can have the circle version of the Jolly Roger flag.

Don’t forget to use yellow and red ink to color the iconic Luffy’s straw hat.

23. One Piece Symbol Doodle Art Tattoo

One Piece Symbol Doodle Art Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

Create a remarkable One Piece symbol tattoo design by making it a doodle art! In case you need more than just a simple Jolly Roger, use your creativity to draw the pirate’s scene with a ship in the ocean.

Add little details such as the waves and clouds, and frame the tattoo with motivating quote ribbons, ropes, and flowers.

24. Luffy’s Jolly Roger in Steering Wheel

Luffy’s Jolly Roger in Steering Wheel
Source: Pinterest (@Juan Toledano López)

Instead of having the symbol as the pirate flag, the One Piece symbol is also suitable for the steering wheel. And, the combination of Jolly Roger and steering wheel can make a unique tattoo idea.

This tattoo idea can look super cool when you do it in color, and we are confident you will want to share it with everyone!

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25. Jolly Roger with Friendship Quotes Tattoo

Jolly Roger with Friendship Quotes Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@i.imgur.com)

Since One Piece always talks about the meaning of friends and adventure, why don’t you make the tattoo as the symbol of your friendship? You can put the Jolly Roger on your foot in black and white, with the colored straw hat on the skull.

Moreover, you can use blue ink for the background, resembling life in the ocean.

Law’s Jolly Roger Logo
Source: Pinterest (@Jessica Pearson)

When it comes to a deep meaning symbol, go with Law’s Jolly Roger. So, you can have a smiley face rather than a skull and crossbones. It features protrusions in six different directions and is actually quite similar to that of the Donquixote Pirates.

It is a nod to Donquixote Rosinante, who wanted Law to remember him as a happy person.

27. Burning Jolly Roger Tattoo

Burning Jolly Roger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@ranker.com)

Jolly Roger design features a creative mix of Luffy’s Jolly Roger with the sad and happy face symbol on Ace’s hat, burning in flames.

You can add an artistic spades symbol as the background which represents  intellect, action, air, and death. Color the spades background with purple ink to make your tattoo stand out!

28. Cyborg Jolly Roger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Danilo Dos Santos)

This Jolly Roger tattoo is perfect for a One Piece fan who happens to be a proud tech geek, too. It features a design that shows the Jolly Roger as a cyborg in colors and the iconic crossing skulls on the back.

This tattoo will make you look like a cool badass and we would recommend that you ask the tattoo artist to have it on the right side of your back. 

29. Devil Fruits Jolly Roger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Lopz Raul)

This one comes as a cute Jolly Roger tattoo with devil fruits on each side of it. This set of tattoos is the perfect choice for girls who love One Piece and want to have a cute set of tattoos that symbolizes their love for the manga series.

If you are one of them, then this one is the perfect tattoo idea to represent your love for One Piece.

30. Tiny Jolly Roger Tattoo

Tiny Jolly Roger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@tattoofilter.com)

If you are looking for a tattoo that is cute but not too obvious, then we have the perfect choice for you.

This tiny Jolly Roger tattoo will look perfect on the upper side of your ankle that will make people jealous, and perhaps want to create this exact One Piece tattoo on their ankle, too.  

31. Bloody Law’s Jolly Roger Tattoo

Tiny Jolly Roger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

This one is perfect for a true One Piece fan who wants to have a one-of-a-kind One Piece tattoo on their leg. The design is super unique as it features the law’s Jolly Roger image with a bloody effect.

This kind of tattoo will be visible for everyone to see and will make other manga fans aware that you are a true fan of One Piece. 

32. Black and White Scary Jolly Roger Tattoo

Bloody Law’s Jolly Roger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

This next One Piece tattoo idea on our list features a scary feel as it shows a skull in a life-like appearance. It has a devil fruit on its mouth as if it is chewing the fruit, It also features a hat with red line accents that makes it look more artsy and attractive.

If you want to go for something more realistic, this one is highly recommended. 

Final Thoughts

Having a One Piece tattoo is a great symbol to respect and honor this popular manga. You can feel a closer connection by getting your favorite character on your body. In addition, some One Piece tattoos can be your personal motivation to inspire you every day!

Besides getting a tattoo, you can also complete your One Piece figurine collection to show your love to this manga series. Or, you can also do cosplay as your favorite character with the awesome One Piece suits here.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is One Piece telling us?

One Piece shows us that people still want to travel with us even after life has knocked us down and rendered us unfathomable. One Piece naturally promotes community and friendship.

This idea suggests that the One Piece is a character who has a tight relationship to the concept of freedom in the narrative. That has a quality that is ultimately liberating.

One Piece has grown to be one of the most significant and well-known manga and anime series in the world. Its success can be attributed to the fantastic plot.

Moreover, One Piece became well-known due to its compelling characters and imaginative surroundings. Its characters and animation have developed since its 1999 premiere.

What does Luffy’s 3D2Y tattoo mean?

This main character from One Piece has the tattoo “3D2Y” on his arm. It merely served as a reminder of Luffy’s training time. His crew will be reminded to meet him two years and three days from now by this tattoo.

What does Nami tattoo mean?

Nami’s tattoo represents her slavery by the Arlong Pirates. Later, Nami repeatedly stabbed her tattoo in an effort to remove it before being restrained by Luffy. 

So, Nami decided to cover it up by getting a new tattoo in memory of Bell-mère and Genzo that was a cross between a tangerine and a pinwheel.

Why did pirates get tattoos?

According to sailors’ superstitions, such as the conviction that particular symbols and talismans could benefit them. Therefore, pirates mirrored them in their tattoos. For example, the nautical star or compass rose was thought to aid sailors in navigation, especially returning to port or returning home.

Some of them tattooed their identity details as a means of preventing being unlawfully recruited by the British navy during the American Revolution. It is because sailors’ American citizenship documents were frequently ignored by British Navy ships.

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