25 Beautiful and Meaningful Finger Tattoos for Women

A tattoo is a way for some people to express themself. Some people use artistic tattoos as a medium to express their personality, commemorate their loved ones, or remember a certain event in life. Some people also wear tattoos as a way for them to boost their stylish side. And in this article we are going to talk about meaningful finger tattoos for women that you can consider having!

Each tattoo is unique with a fascinating background story behind it. People have their own preferences when it comes to getting art on their bodies. Some people prefer a big-full tattoo, and some would prefer a minimalist and small tattoo. Small tattoos are quite popular these days. Therefore if you are planning to get your first tattoo or would like to add a simple tattoo, small-sized tattoos are the best option. For instance, a finger tattoo is a good choice as it is still visible yet subtle.

We have listed 20 ideas for beautiful and meaningful finger tattoos for women as a preference for those who are planning to get one soon. Hopefully, this list can inspire you. Go check the list below!

BEST Finger Tattoos for Women

1. Daisy Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoofilter.com)

Daisy is quite popular flower among girls, as it has a simple, pure, and youthful appearance. Therefore, it is not as surprising when daisy comes as one of the most popular finger tattoos for women.

This cute and sweet daisy tattoo design can be made on any finger that you prefer. Usually, a tattoo comes in black, but you can also make a request for the daisy to be in white to create a more subtle tattoo. Moreover, you might want to choose yellow as the color of the center of the flower to make it look more realistic.

2. Black Graceful Flower Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@mamasuncut.com)

A black flower with its elegant vines lingering surely portrays a strong yet graceful woman. We would say that this is the right design for you who dare to go bold. The flower specifically looks like a lotus flower, which means inner peace.

In addition, to match the vibes of the tattoo, you might want to paint your nail shiny black and add some glitters on some nails to create a more dramatic look.

3. Moon and Sun Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The sun and the moon are two elements that are always on opposite sides. However, it perfectly pictures how life is. In life, some days might be as fun and bright as the sun and some days might be as gloomy as the moonlight.

Therefore, we believe that it perfectly pictures the life we have that has a balance of ups and downs. Therefore, placing a super tiny sun and the moon tattoo on your finger is definitely a great way to portray how amazing our life is, in the sweetest way possible.

4. Tiny Heart Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@« peyton »)

If you are looking for a feminine finger tattoo for women, we guess all the girls could agree, that a tiny heart with two little dots tattoo makes a great tattoo recommendation.

We definitely do not need to go deeper into the meaning of a heart tattoo as we all know that it pictures love, nurture, and caring. Therefore, we believe without a doubt that this heart tattoo makes the perfect finger tattoo idea for women.

5. “Create” Little Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@weheartit.com)

A quote once said that “Creating is the essence of life”. If you are one of those strong-willed people that have the desire to create, in our opinion a finger tattoo with the word “create”  will beautifully define you. It has an artistic side since each word is tattooed in a handwriting-style design.

All in all, it is a super terrific design for people like you, who are living life to create impact.

6. Tiny Plane Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@allytravels.com)

A tiny tattoo of a plane is a traveler’s favorite little tattoo. If you are looking for a tattoo that is simple and subtle, we believe that this tiny plane finger tattoo is a superb idea.

Moreover, for those who are new to tattooing, you can get this tiny finger tattoo by using a semi-permanent tattoo that can give you the freedom to change your finger tattoo many times.

7. Little Paw Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@melisawe)

Let’s show off our love for the four-legs babies by getting a little paw finger tattoo. A tattoo idea like this little paw finger tattoo is super tiny yet super cute.

In our opinion, getting inked with a paw tattoo is also a great way to always carry your love for your fur babies. Also, a design like this will surely make everyone feel envious and want to get the same finger tattoo as you.

8. Smiley Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@vsco.co)

Get your daily smile booster with this smiley finger tattoo that can surely brighten up your day. The little eyes and wide smile are perfect for a summer tattoo as it looks super fun and super cute.

Moreover, since it has a very tiny size, we think it makes it perfect as a finger tattoo that you can easily pair up with other tattoos, too. However, if you don’t feel like having a smiley emoji, you can also try other emojis for a more variety of options.

9. Angel Number Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Yasmine Wilkie)

Nope, this one design is not a meaningless ‘favorite number’ tattoo. A sequence of similar numbers is considered the Angel number. Angel numbers are believed as a message from the divine to you.

However, you can immediately get the Angel number that you are manifesting in life, like this “888” finger tattoo that can be interpreted as an infinity of opportunities, love, and many more. If you ask us, we would say this is one of the most meaningful finger tattoos for women.

10. Calligraphy “Love” Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@thetrendspotter.net)

Calligraphic writing always adds an accent of elegance. Guess no wonder why this “love” word in calligraphy style is quite popular among women of all ages as it is so charming and elegant. Not to mention the small size also makes it possible to be tattooed on any of your fingers.

In short, this is undoubtedly the perfect tattoo for you who love to spread love to people around.

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11. Vine Leaves Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@black cat)

Looking for inspirations for some sophisticated finger tattoos for women? Get yourself inked up with this vine leaves finger tattoo design, which we think will surely keep your finger looking extra-pretty.

The tapering leaves and branches hugging your finger give the meaning that you are willingly wrapped by the grand power of nature. Moreover, it is also a very great finger tattoo choice, for you with a soul of nature.

12. The North Star Finger Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Chelsea Flynn)

The north star is well-known as the brightest star that can light up the night. It looks amazingly beautiful not only in the sky but turns out it is also beautiful as a finger tattoo as well.

As you can see, the dainty design adds a feminine touch to the design of this tattoo, adding a sweet touch to your ring finger. It also has several little dots to add more delicate details.

13. Roman Number Birth Date Finger Tattoo

Roman Number Birth Date Finger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@go.fiverr.com)

Getting your birthday as a tattoo also makes a great inspiration as a one of the best finger tattoos for women. To avoid making it look like a somewhat awkward birth date tattoo, we suggest that you convert it into a roman number date. Most importantly, this roman number birth date design also makes the tattoo look bold and fierce.

In our opinion, this tattoo is perfect for you who want to create a lady boss kind of vibes.

14. Crown Finger Tattoo

Crown Finger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Never drop your crown ever again. With this tattoo, you can always wear your crown on your finger. In our opinion, a crown tattoo is surely a perfect tattoo for women who would like to grow out their inner princess

Based on how it looks, it screams fairytale and elegance in every way, even through the tiny one like this. The size also fits as a finger tattoo below the nail bed.

15. Semicolon Finger Tattoo 

Semicolon Finger Tattoo 
Source: Pinterest (@magg)

A symbol tattoo usually has a very simple design yet contains a deep meaning. A finger tattoo like this semi-coon design has an interpretation that the life you are living today is not yet the end of the story.

There are a limitless opportunities, moments, and experiences awaiting in the future. Therefore, we would suggest that you get a semi-colon tattoo design as it is a perfect finger tattoo for women and also a reminder to never give up in life.

16. Small Zodiac Symbol Finger Tattoo

Small Zodiac Symbol Finger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Mel Huwe)

If you are one of those zodiac enthusiasts, we believe a zodiac finger tattoo design makes a great tattoo on your finger. A zodiac sign is always unexpectedly great at describing our personality.

After all, manifesting good luck is never a bad thing and the same thing in manifesting a zodiac symbol. The zodiac symbol has a certain message for almost every part of life, such as romance, fortune, and health.

17. Cross Finger Tattoo

Cross Finger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@thetrendspotter.net)

A crossing line can be used to create a simple yet meaningful cross symbol tattoo. It represents the Christian faith and beliefs, which in our opinion will make a true statement of your faith.

A line tattoo art like this is also popular among women. Not only because it has a minimalist design as a finger tattoo, but also because it has a subtle small size that proudly displays their faith.

18. Rose Finger Tattoo

Rose Finger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@readinsideout.com)

Rose always symbolizes romance, love, and also beauty. However, you need to remember that you do not need any man with a shining armor to give one to you. You can always decide to have a rose flower on your finger your own It is beautiful, elegant, and truly a heart-stealer.

We must say that it can also match any other small tattoo. Therefore, you should really save this rose finger tattoo inspiration for your next tattoo. As for this one, we would say that this is one of the boldest finger tattoos for women.

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19. Colored Lavender Tattoo

Colored Lavender Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Colored tattoos are riding the trend these days. People usually call it a Korean Tattoo since it has a minimalist design with a subtle color palette. Based on that trend, we think that a single lavender design is pretty as a finger tattoo for women following the small yet intricate design.

In addition, it also great for those of you who love to freshen up your finger appearance and would like to have the un-classic dark-color tattoo.

20. Infinity Life Love Finger Tattoo

Infinity Life Love Finger Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@stayathomemum.com.au)

A little throwback to one of the most popular infinity symbols on the internet. We believe without a doubt that this infinity symbol was popular among young girls and women, and it was even used as a t-shirt design or even as a tattoo.

In terms of the look, the design is a little bold, but it works well as a finger tattoo. Furthermore, the infinity symbol and the feather drawing definitely give this design meaning of infinity and free spirit as well.

21. Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@thetrendspotter.net)

We all know that a feather is a symbol of freedom, and having this sweet feather tattoo on your finger will be a wonderful reminder for you to be free. Having a feather tattoo will make you shine and continue to spread your wings and fly.

Therefore, have a tattoo artist draw this tattoo on your ring finger and let it be a special charm that stays on your finger forever. 

22. Three Dots on Your Finger

Three Dots on Your Finger
Source: Pinterest (@voltamagazine.wordpress.com)

These three dots tattoos might look simple, but they have a deeper meaning to it. This tattoo has a special meaning for the wearers, and it can mean that she is still on her journey in life and continues to go through the never ending changes in life.

In our opinion, it is a sweet symbol to remind us that we need to continue doing our best and always try to be a better individual from time to time. With a simple design, this tattoo will look adorable on your finger. You can have it on your middle or ring finger, and we think it would be best to have it on the inner part of your finger. 

23. Zodiac Constellation Tattoo

Zodiac Constellation Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

Be proud of your zodiac sign by having your zodiac constellation tattoo-ed on your finger. Each zodiac constellation sign has its own shape that makes them unique for everyone, especially for women. Therefore, we think this constellation sign would be a great choice of a finger tattoo for women.

It can be something to cherish and permanently remind you that every zodiac is unique, including your own, of course. 

24. Rosario Tattoo

Rosario Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@bibamagazine.fr)

This next idea on our list of the most recommended finger tattoos for women is one of the sweetest religious tattoos to have on your finger. It is a small Rosario tattoo that features a ring kind of feeling on your finger. Of course, we highly suggest that you have it on your ring finger.

The small Rosario tattoo will be a symbol of faith which will permanently stay forever with you. 

25. Colorful Ring Tattoo

Colorful Ring Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@fotosetatuagens.com.br)

Look at these adorable tattoos! If you ask us, we definitely think that these are the most cheerful finger tattoos for women and girls. So, if you feel like having colorful tattoos on your fingers, then we are on your team.

You can choose your colorful ring tattoo based on so many options that include flowers, leaves, or little hearts that come in different colors. Moreover, many couples choose to have this kind of tattoo as an engagement ring as well. So, interested to have this cute tattoo as an engagement ring too?

Final Thoughts

For most women, having a tattoo is something that can describe their characters and personalities in the most artsy way possible. Therefore, the best way to choose tattoo would be to know exactly what you want. If you love something simple yet meaningful, then having a small tattoo on your finger would be a great option.

There are plenty finger tattoo designs to choose from and on this list we have selected 25 of the best ones for you. Hope you find this list useful and let your tattoo become a statement if you in the most wonderful way!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long do finger tattoos last?

There are several factors that can determine how long finger tattoos last. The first factor is the ink and the second factor is the aftercare. If you are using a semi-permanent tattoo, the finger tattoos can be washed away completely in several months or even a month.

However, if you are getting a permanent tattoo from a tattoo artist it can last you a lifetime.

Which finger is best for a tattoo?

There is no exact rule for where to place tattoos the best. You can place a finger tattoo on any finger that you prefer. Some people usually get their tattoo on their middle or ring finger. It is also common to find someone placing a tattoo on their index finger. Therefore, you can actually decide which finger you like the best to be tattooed.

How do you maintain a finger tattoo?

To maintain your tattoo always looking great and crisp as new, you can get a touch-up service to replace the fading ink. Usually, people will come back to their tattoo artist once every year for good touch-ups and make sure they have a good tattoo on their body.

How do I keep my finger tattoo from fading?

Aftercare is also as important as it can help you avoid the tattoo fading away. Getting a good amount of hydration inside by drinking water and from outside by applying a moisturizer can help prevent your tattoo from fading.

Another way to keep your finger tattoo from fading is by applying sunscreen to it to prevent the harsh sunlight from fading away.

Why are finger tattoos expensive?

The cost of a tattoo will depend on each tattoo artist and how complicated the design is. If you are going for a large, colorful tattoo with many little details, it can easily add up the cost of the tattoo. However, if you are more to a simple line or symbol tattoo with a smaller size the price will surely not be as expensive.

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