35 Cool and Meaningful in Memory of Mom Tattoos for Guys

Many people choose to get a tattoo after they lose an important person in their life. It is their way to acknowledge the feeling of loss and to heal from the grief they are feeling. There are many people who get in memory of mom tattoos these days in remembrance of her.

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Meaningful In Memory of Mom Tattoos for Guy Ideas

Some of them get them because it’s cool, and others get them as a reminder of how much their mom means to them. If you are thinking of getting one, you can check this list out for some tattoo ideas. There are different tattoo ideas that will suit different styles and preferences.

Hopefully, you will find a design that will remind you about your mom in a good and personal way. 

BEST In Memory of Mom Tattoos for Guys

One of the best ways to keep your late mom’s wonderful memories is by having a special tattoo dedicated only for her. Here are some of the coolest in memory of mom tattoos for guys who had a meaningful bond with their late mothers.

1. Burning Lamps Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Facebook (@Modern Tribe Tattoo Studio)

A mother’s love is like a lamp that will never stop shining. Show your love for your late mom by making this burning lamp tattoo on your arm. The fire symbolizes the love that will never fade although she’s no longer with you. 

2. Restaurant on the Beach

Source: Facebook (@Bad Boy Tattoo)

Remember your moments with your mom while spending time at a restaurant on the beach by creating a colorful tattoo that describes that precise view. Add some dates of details to the tattoo including your mom’s name and date of death.

3. Angel Wings

Source: Pinterest (@designtrends)

Your mom is an angel, and let’s make it something to remember by having this angel wings tattoo on your hand. Use a red tattoo ink to create the shines around the halo ring, and add tattoos of your mom’s initials and date of death, too.

4. Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo
Source: Facebook (@Jersey Sure Lines Tattoo)

If your mom is the person who taught you about being brave and free like the owl, then this owl tattoo needs to be inked on your chest. Let it be the biggest tattoo on your body, just like your love for your late mom. 

5. Two Hearts and White Pigeon

Two Hearts and White Pigeon
Source: Pinterest (@flickr)

This artistic tattoo is not only gorgeous, it is also colorful and pleasant to see. Use several tattoo inks such as black, red and white, and ask a professional tattoo artist to create this piece of artwork. What a beautiful way to remember your late mother!

6. Cross, Wings and A Red Rose

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@ranker)

This is a tattoo that features three meaningful images to describe how wonderful a mother is. It includes the cross, angel wings, and a red rose.

The cross describes your faith, the rose describes your mom, and the wings describe that your mom has flown to a better place. Wear a necklace with angel wings as the pendant to complete your look.

7. The Hand of Love Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Instagram (@ratqueentattoo)

There is nothing more delicate and softer than a mother’s touch. In order to remember your mom’s touch, you can create a hand tattoo holding a heart shape with a ribbon that includes the word “mom” on it.

Have it in black and white, and we also recommend you to include an image of a beautiful rose, as beautiful as your mom.

8. Heart and Rose Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Facebook (@SalonYami)

This tattoo is a mom tribute kind of tattoo that will keep the memories of her stay with you forever. You can have it on the chest near to your heart, and add a date of her birthdate and date of death, as a remembrance to cherish forever.

9. Cross with a Rose

Source: Pinterest

This is another beautiful mom tattoo for guys who believe that your mom is now in a better place.

Prepare a black and red tattoo ink to create this cross and a rose tattoo with a calligraphy artwork that says “RIP Mom” on it. Have it on your right arm for everyone to see how much to love your mom dearly.

10. Featherly Bird Tattoo

Featherly Bird Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@fxyjen)

This is another choice of a tattoo design that combines images and calligraphy tattoos.

Ask your trusted tattoo artist to prepare red, blue and black tattoo inks and draw a colorful featherly bird flying with your own personal words of appreciation for your late mom. 

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11. Simple Mom Heart Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@yourtango.com)

We are starting the list with the classic design. The heart-mom design never goes out of style. It has been around for ages so it is something that you can consider getting in remembrance of your mom.

You can have it on your shoulder if you want the tattoo to show up when you wear sleeveless outfits.

12. Simple Mom Rose Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@blacklight-tattoo.blogspot.com)

Opt for a Mom Rose tattoo for a subtle yet meaningful tribute that’s less overtly sweet. Ideal for small, discreet placements, it’s a timeless choice that’s perfect for tattoo novices and can be easily concealed on the inner calf or forearm.

13. Mom Heart Design 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@lastsparrowtattoo.com)

The mom heart tattoo’s intricate details exude a rugged, masculine vibe, appealing to men who favor a rock star edge. Perfectly suited for the shoulder or upper arm, it stands out as a bold statement piece.

14. Mom Definition Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@fashionactivation.com)

Choose a custom ‘in memory of mom’ tattoo to celebrate the joyful memories of your mother, turning remembrance into a personal tribute. Opt for spacious areas like the waist or thighs to accommodate the design’s length and detail.

15. Monochrome Mom Heart  

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@cm4mi)

Start your tattoo journey with a monochrome mom heart tattoo, a simple yet impactful choice for beginners. Display it proudly on your upper arm and consider it a stepping stone to more adventurous designs in the future.

16. Mom Arrow Heart 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@bella)

The mom arrow heart tattoo, symbolizing deep love for your mother, is an ideal and straightforward choice for first-timers. Opt for placement on the wrist to keep this meaningful design in sight, no matter what you wear.

17. Mom with Angel Wings 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@Beretta Tattoo)

The angel wings and halo tattoo serves as a poignant reminder that your mom, though no longer present, continues to watch over you as your guardian angel. Opt for an all-black or black and red design to carry this deeply personal symbol with you.

18. Infinity Love Tattoo 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

An infinity love tattoo subtly captures the everlasting love of a mother, making it an ideal choice for a first, meaningful tattoo. Its discreet placement between the wrist and thumb ensures a constant reminder of this unending bond.

19. Mom Ribbon and Cross Tattoo

Source: Pinterest.com

This next tattoo comes with a ribbon design with your mom’s name, birth date, and death date on it. If you are not really fond of the flowers and heart design, you can always go with this simple ribbon design with the cross. This will be especially meaningful for you and your mom.

20. Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@loveshmeg21.tumblr.com)

Getting a tattoo with the word “mom” in it might look too tacky for you. A design with no written words on it would suit you better, and you can start by getting a flower tattoo. If flowers remind you of your mom, this design will be the one for you.

Choose one that suits your late mom’s favorite flowers, for example, sunflowers, roses, or petunias.

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21. Ribbon Heart

Ribbon Heart
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

The heart and ribbon tattoo, with its exquisite colors and details, offers a vibrant tribute to a mother’s love, echoing the style of anime or comics. This design serves as a poignant reminder of the deep, mutual affection between a mother and her child.

22. Mom Calligraphy 

Mom Calligraphy
Source: Pinterest (@stylesatlife.com)

The “mom” calligraphy tattoo, adorned with heart details, offers a simple yet profound way to honor a beloved mother, adaptable in size and color. Perfect for the forearm, adding a red heart enhances its beauty, symbolizing enduring love for her.

23. Bird With Gates Sign Tattoo 

Source: Instagram (@staytrueink559)

Are you looking for a more interesting and unique cool mother memorial tattoo design to try? This particular design will be the right one for you. It comes with a mom calligraphy and a bird flying above two gates.

We recommend your hands to reveal the beauty of this meaningful tattoo.

24. Heart Shaped Mom 

Heart Shaped Mom 
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

For those with a creative spirit, the heart-shaped ‘mom’ tattoo, adorned with artistic flourishes, captures a fun and artsy essence. The wrist is an ideal spot to showcase this small yet meaningful design to the world.

25. Hand Silhouette Tattoo

Hand Silhouette Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@vamosmamaes.com.br)

The hand silhouette tattoo, capturing the tender moment of a mother and child holding hands, is a poignant choice for a mother memorial design. It’s a powerful emblem of the nurturing bond and care experienced since childhood, making it an ideal tribute.

26. I Love Mom Sign 

I Love Mom Sign 
Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

This I Love Mom comes in a hip design. It feels very young, fresh, and fun to have as a small tattoo. It simply says how much you love your mom. You can have it in black color if you want a cleaner and more striking look.

Instead of the back of your forearm, such a design will perfectly match your wrist. Especially, the spot between your thumb and wrist.

27. Mother Heart Calligraphy 

Mother Heart Calligraphy
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

The mother heart calligraphy tattoo stands out with its artistic flair, offering a unique tribute that subtly spells out “mother.” Ideal for those seeking a discreet homage, the back of the shoulder serves as the perfect canvas for this design.

28. Bird And Date 

Bird And Date 
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

The bird and date tattoo, inscribed with the poignant quote “We only part to meet again,” offers a heartfelt expression of enduring connection for a memorial to your mother.

Incorporating her birth and death dates adds a deeply personal and timeless tribute.

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29. Crown Design 

Crown Design
Source: Pinterest (@piercingmodels.com)

Honor your mother as the reigning queen of your heart with a detailed crown tattoo, complete with a cross to symbolize her regal influence in your life. Choose a large canvas like the stomach, thigh, or forearm to accommodate this majestic design.

30. Death Date 

Death Date
Source: Pinterest (@stylesatlife.com)

The heart and heartbeat tattoo, paired with a mother’s death date, serves as a profound memento of the final day spent with her. Placed on the back of the wrist, it acts as a constant reminder of the enduring bond and love shared.

31. Simple and Sweet

Simple and Sweet
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

Embrace the ‘Less is More’ philosophy with a minimalist tattoo that uses a heart for the letter ‘o’, encapsulating the immense love for your mother in a simple design. Ideal for the space between your forearm and upper arm, a black hue ensures striking contrast on lighter skin tones.

32. A Heart Full of Flowers

A Heart Full of Flowers
Source: Pinterest (@cafemom.com)

Celebrate your mother’s love with a vibrant, heart-shaped floral tattoo, a statement piece best suited for the arm or back shoulder. For a subtler tribute, consider a smaller version in black or explore further options in our curated list.

33. Cardinal Design

Cardinal Design
Source: Pinterest (@designpress.com)

Immortalize your mother’s eternal love with an elegant Cardinal tattoo, where the vivid red bird clasps a ‘Mom’ ribbon. To truly showcase its beauty, opt for placement on the shoulder, upper arm, or chest for a larger display.

34. A Date to Remember 

A Date to Remember
Source: Pinterest (@Jeminitattoodickwella)

Honor the memory of a cherished mother with a tattoo of her favorite flower, accompanied by the word ‘Mom’ and her date of passing, symbolizing her enduring influence.

The forearm or wrist serves as an ideal canvas to carry this tribute with you always.

35. A Mother’s Hug is Forever

A Mother’s Hug is Forever
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoo Nasha)

If you want to feel the warmth of your late mom’s hug, you can definitely have this tattoo on your hand or arm. Remembering how comfortable your mom’s hug was will make you feel better whenever you feel down.

So, we think this one can be one of the best tattoos that will keep your mom close to you by heart every day. 

Final Thoughts

Having in memory of mom tattoos for guys can be a way to heal from the trauma of losing the most meaningful person in their life. Given they are mostly permanent, they will always feel with their late mom wherever they go.

For beginners, we recommend small tattoos because the designs are usually simple and not overwhelming. They are also less painful, a perfect choice for those with low pain tolerance.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What tattoo can you get for your mom?

There are tons of different designs that you can go for. A classic mom heart tattoo would never go wrong. If you have a special date or item in remembrance of her, that would be a great idea too. You can also check this list out for some tattoo ideas. 

What does the Mom heart tattoo mean?

The mom heart tattoo is a classic tattoo shape that many people get. Instead of being just a cool body art, the mom heart tattoo comes with meaning.

It means a sincere dedication toward their mom and also a way to show others how much their mom means to them. Having it as a tattoo will make it permanent and cool. 

What is a remembrance tattoo?

A remembrance tattoo is a permanent and personal piece of body art that serves as a tribute to a deceased loved one, helping individuals cope with loss and keep the memory of the significant person alive.

Where did the mom tattoo originate?

The mom tattoo might have initially been popular among sailors. By the end of the 20th century, it slowly found itself a place in American culture. Since then, you can find so many people have their own mom tattoo. 

Yes, mom tattoos are popular and have seen a resurgence in popularity as body art becomes more widely accepted.

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