25 Cool And Meaningful In Memory of Mom Tattoos For Guys

Many people choose to get a tattoo after they lose an important person in their life. It is their way to acknowledge the feeling of loss and to heal from the grief they are feeling. The tattoo serves as a permanent reminder for them about their loved ones. This is why many people tend to get a tattoo with meaning that they want to keep forever. There are many people who get mom tattoos these days in remembrance of her. Some of them get them because it’s cool and some others get it as a reminder of how much their mom means to them.

If you are thinking of getting one, you can check this list out for some tattoo ideas. There are different tattoo ideas that will suit different styles and preferences. Hopefully you will find a design that will remind you about your mom in a good and personal way. 

1. Simple Mom Heart Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@yourtango.com)

We are starting the list with the classic design. The heart mom design never goes out of style. It has been around for ages so it is something that you can consider getting in remembrance of your mom. This particular design, however, is more on the simple and clean type so it will be perfect for your first tattoo and for those of you who prefer small tattoos. 

2. Simple Mom Rose Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@blacklight-tattoo.blogspot.com)

Some of you might feel hearts are too cute and feminine for you. If so, you can go for this Mom Rose tattoo. It has similar details to the mom heart design, but the main item on it is the rose. The red rose feels more mature and manly especially if you are using a true red color. Its clean design will also suit first timers. Also, it is the perfect design for small tattoos. 

3. Mom Heart Design 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@lastsparrowtattoo.com)

This mom heart design gives off a more masculine feel to it. The detailing on this tattoo design is responsible for the masculine feel. It is not as clean and simple as the previous design, but it is something that men would love. Also, design gives off that rock star feeling to it which guys would usually prefer. 

4. Mom Definition Tattoo

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@fashionactivation.com)

This mom definition tattoo is something unexpected on this list, but it makes it one of the unique tattoo ideas for men. When thinking about a remembrance tattoo, we tend to think a little sad. However, it will be best to remember the happy and fun things about our mom instead. You can get this tattoo customized by making your own mom definition. Whether you choose the funny one or the more serious one, it will be great as long as you write down in your own words what your mom means to you. 

5. Monochrome Mom Heart  

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@cm4mi)

The best memorial tattoo for the first timer: monochrome mom heart tattoo. Getting the full colored tattoos might be too intimidating at first so it is best to start with something simple. Then, you can explore other tattoo ideas after this one. 

6. Mom Arrow Heart 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@bella)

The mom arrow heart is another unique memorial tattoo that you can consider getting as a first timer. If you like something that is simple, you can go with this one. The simple heart and arrow means that you love your mom dearly. One of the easiest small tattoo designs that could never go wrong. You can have it in a black, red, or any color that you want. 

7. Mom With Angel Wings 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@Beretta Tattoo)

This tattoo design with angel wings and halo makes one of the best mom tribute tattoos you can get. The angel wings and halo will remind you that even when your mom is no longer around, she will always be your guardian angel watching you from above. The design might seem too childish, but it could hold a deep meaning that is super personal to you.   

8. Love Infinity Tattoo 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The one thing that everyone of us wants to remember about mom is that her love for her children never ends. This is why this love infinity tattoo would be the perfect design to explain it. One of the most unique memorial tattoos on this list that you can get to remind yourself about your mom. It is not a super obvious design so you can have it in a very simple and small design especially if this is your first tattoo. 

9. Mom Ribbon 

in memory of mom tattoos for guys

A simple and unique memorial tattoo that you can consider getting. It comes with a ribbon design with the word mom on it. If you are not really fond of the flowers and heart design, you can always go with this simple ribbon design. Despite being a simple tattoo, it could hold a deep and personal meaning. This will be especially meaningful for you whose mom has been battling breast cancer. Since the ribbon is the sign of breast cancer awareness, you can have it to remember your mom’s struggle and strength while battling it. It will be super meaningful for this case especially. 

10. Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@loveshmeg21.tumblr.com)

Getting a tattoo with the word “mom” in it might look  too tacky for you. A design with no written words on it would suit you better. You can start with getting a flower tattoo. If flowers remind you of your mom, this design will be the one for you. 

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11. Ribbon Heart

Ribbon Heart
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

One of the cool mother memorial tattoos on this list that has a delicate detailing and color combination. It comes in a heart and ribbon design with a really pretty color. The style of the design may vary. Some look like designs that you can find in anime or comic books or some are just the simpler and more straightforward one. A direct and straightforward way to remind yourself how much you love your mother and the other way around. 

12. Mom Calligraphy 

Mom Calligraphy
Source: Pinterest (@stylesatlife.com)

This mom calligraphy design is the best memorial tattoo for those of you who like something simple. It comes in a simple calligraphy of the word mom with heart details. You can never go wrong with this design. It will look good on any size and color that you want. The charm of this design lies in its simplicity. 

13. Baby Bird With Infinity Sign Tattoo 

Baby Bird With Infinity Sign Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Emma Durham)

Are you looking for a more interesting and unique cool mother memorial tattoo design to try? This particular design will be the right one for you. It comes with a mom and three small birds flying. Then, there is an infinity sign which means that the relationship between you and your mother is eternal. One of the best mom tribute tattoos ideas that you can go for.   

14. Heart Shaped Mom 

Heart Shaped Mom 
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

This particular design looks best for the artsy soul out there. The word mom is designed into the shape of a heart with little artsy details that complete the heart shape. One of the mom tribute tattoos that you can try if you like something artsy and fun. The heart shape is the easiest way to be reminded of the love between you and your mom. 

15. Hand Silhouette Tattoo

Hand Silhouette Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@vamosmamaes.com.br)

One of the cool mother memorial tattoo designs you need to try is this hand silhouette tattoo. The silhouette shows a child and mothers’ hand while they are holding hands together. When you see it, you will directly think of how your mom has taken good care of you since you were young. If this is the idea that you want to treasure by getting yourself mom tribute tattoos, you can consider getting them with this design. 

16. I Love Mom Sign 

I Love Mom Sign 
Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

This I Love Mom comes in a hip design. It feels very young, fresh, and fun to have as a small tattoo. The simple heart shape with the word mom inside it is self explanatory. It simply says how much you love your mom. You can have it in black color if you are going for a cleaner look. Not a common option for memorial tattoos for men, but you can definitely rock this design. 

17. Mother Heart Calligraphy 

Mother Heart Calligraphy
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

This mother heart calligraphy design would be the best memorial tattoo you can consider getting from this list. It has a simple, artsy, and unique design that will look good as a tattoo. The calligraphy style makes the word mother not so clearly written out which adds an artsy feel to the whole design. If you are looking for simple and artsy memorial tattoos for men designs, you need to definitely go with this one.  

18. Bird And Date 

Bird And Date 
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

When you are looking for the right memorial tattoos for men, you need to consider getting this bird and date design. The little dove represents peace and freedom which is the state where your mother is: free from all the disease and pain of this world. There is a simple quote that says “We only part to meet again”. Lastly, the date completes the whole look. It is a straightforward memorial tattoo that is safe for you to have. 

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19. Crown Design 

Crown Design
Source: Pinterest (@piercingmodels.com)

Mom will always be the queen in our lives who has taken good care of us. This is a cool memorial tattoo for men that you can check out. This crown tattoo will look good in both the smaller and bigger size.  If you like a cool and clean design, you can go with this one. 

20. Death Date 

Death Date
Source: Pinterest (@stylesatlife.com)

To end this list of in-memory-of-mom tattoos for guys, we need to conclude with the death date design. You can have the heart and heartbeat design to accompany the death date. It is a direct reminder of the last day you get to see her. Despite not being together with her anymore, you can have her close to you with this tattoo. 

21. Simple and Sweet

Simple and Sweet
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

People say ‘Less is More’ and sometimes it is true, as true as the love we have for our mothers. This tattoo is less complicated in terms of design, but has more meaning because it has a small and sweet heart shape that acts as the letter ‘o’ for this tattoo. Having this tattoo will be a sweet memory of a special mom in your life, which will become a little yet meaningful treasure that sticks with you forever. 

22. A Heart Full of Flowers

A Heart Full of Flowers
Source: Pinterest (@cafemom.com)

Be proud to show your love for your mom in the most beautiful and meaningful way. You can have this special tattoo that says Mama, as a sweet reminder of how lovely your mother was. It has a heart-shaped frame with adorable graphics of colorful flowers in it. You can tattoo your arm or back shoulder and it will be one of the most meaningful tattoos that you will ever have.

23. Cardinal Design

Cardinal Design
Source: Pinterest (@designpress.com)

A mother’s love is forever, and it would be a great idea for you to remember your mother’s love in the form of a tattoo like this Cardinal tattoo. It comes in the shape of a red Cardinal holding a ribbon that says the word ‘Mom.’ It looks elegant and gorgeous in bright red, which will be a tattoo that stands out among other tattoos that you have on your body.

24. A Date to Remember 

A Date to Remember
Source: Pinterest (@Jeminitattoodickwella)

A sweet and lovely mother is like a beautiful flower that shares happiness to everyone around it. If you have a sweet and lovely mom that has passed away, keep her spirit stays with you by having this tattoo dedicated to her. You can have a tattoo of her favorite flower and include the word ‘Mom’ plus the date of her passing. This tattoo might be small in size, but it’s definitely deep in meaning.

25. A Mother’s Hug is Forever

A Mother’s Hug is Forever
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoo Nasha)

A warm mother’s hug is just something that every child will never forget. If you want to feel the warmth of your mom’s hug, you can definitely have this tattoo on your hand or arm. Remembering how comfortable your mom’s hug was will always make you feel better whenever you feel down. So, we think that this one can be one of the best tattoos that will keep your mom close to you by heart, everyday single day. 

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What does the mom heart tattoo mean?

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What is a remembrance tattoo?

Remembrance tattoo or memorial tattoo is a special way some people do to remember their loved ones who are already dead. By having a tattoo, it is their way to heal from the loss and the sadness of losing someone so significant in their life. Having a tattoo also means to have a permanent reminder of how significant and special that person is. A remembrance tattoo usually comes with meanings that are deep and personal in remembrance of their loved ones. It is definitely something sentimental to do. 

What tattoo can I get for my mom?

There are tons of different designs that you can go for. A classic mom heart tattoo would never go wrong. If you have a special date or item in remembrance of  her, that would be a great idea too. You can also check this list out for some tattoo ideas. 

Where did the mom tattoo originate?

The mom tattoo might have initially been popular among sailors. By the end of the 20th century, it slowly found itself a place in American culture. Since then you can find so many people have their own mom tattoo. 

Mom or mom’s heart is definitely a popular tattoo. They have been around for quite some time, but have been especially popular recently. You can see more and more people have the mom tattoo as body art becomes more and more popular. The mom tattoo is not always super popular, but people do get them from time to time.  

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