26 Creative Kids Treehouse Ideas for Fun Playing 

Today, there is nothing quite like a treehouse to spark a child’s interest. If you’re looking for some creative and inspiring ideas about treehouses for your kids, look no further! Whether you’re looking for a simple solution or an ambitious project, our treehouse ideas can provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for your little ones. Moreover, it can also be a great way to get them outdoors and enjoy nature.

Let’s take a look at some of the best treehouse ideas for kids we have gathered just for you. From treehouse playhouses to woody treehouse forts, there are so many different options available to make your kid’s treehouse dreams come true. Here are some of our favorite creative kids treehouse ideas to get your kids dreaming and exploring.

What Does a Tree House Symbolize?

A tree house can symbolize a safe, nurturing environment, a place of refuge and imagination, and a connection to nature and the outdoors. It can also represent a sense of adventure and freedom. In terms of function, tree houses can be used for sleeping, working, entertaining, living, and keeping watch.

Do Tree Houses Have a Benefit for Kids?

Yes, tree houses can provide many benefits for kids. Tree houses provide a safe, private space for kids to explore and play. They also encourage physical activity and creative play. Additionally, tree houses can provide a connection to nature, as kids can observe wildlife from their elevated vantage point. Lastly, tree houses can help kids develop problem-solving skills as they figure out how to build and maintain their structure.

Simple Treehouse Ideas

Treehouses have been children’s dream, and now the simple ones are jumping on the trend. With the right plan and a bit of hard work, you’ll be able to create a magical place for your family to enjoy. Let us give you some simple kids treehouse ideas to inspire your treehouse project.

1. Simple Box Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@thegardenglove.com)

When it comes to a simple but fun kids treehouse design, you can simply create the semi-open box concept. In order to create one, make a door pass and the window around the box. You will also need to prepare the rope ladder to help your kids to get into the treehouse. In addition, you may also create a mini basket elevator in case your kids want to transfer things without leaving their sanctuary. We believe this would be your kids’ favorite tree house ever!

2. Two Levels Semi-open Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@thespruce.com)

In case you want to create a simple kids treehouse for both bird observation at day and stargazing at night, then we highly recommend you to try this idea. It offers two levels of a semi-open treehouse. We also think that you will need a pretty large space for this one. As for the concept, you will have observation decks both in the first and second levels. The first deck is perfect for night stargazing, while the second level with a roof is ideal for bird observation at day. We think this is the perfect treehouse that allows the kids to play and learn.

3. Slanted Roof Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@builtbykids.com)

Although you have a small space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a kids treehouse in the backyard. Well, for such condition, we believe the slanted roof is an ideal treehouse for the kids, since they don’t need a large space to play. The first thing you need to is to design your slanted roof treehouse surrounded by decks for bird observation. Finally, set up a wooden ladder to the ground and a mini basket elevator in front of the simple treehouse.

4. Simple Kids Treehouse Fort

Source: Pinterest (@stilesdesigns.com)

Inspired by the traditional fort with a little bit of twist, this simple treehouse features a small space for play and observation. Simply set up a small fort with a net balcony where your kids can spot their opponents while playing hide and seek. However, we would remind you be careful to pick a big tree so you can build your treehouse higher up. Last but not least, don’t forget to add the small basket elevator in case you want to bring the binoculars up.

5. Simple Half Slanted Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@redtri.com)

To make your cheap treehouse standout, building the half slanted roof design is a simple and effective way to try. This idea is perfect for those of you who have limited space, because you can only build a small tree house there. For small space, you can use this design to make a stunning small treehouse. In addition, adding flower planters in front of the window will light up your kids tree house. And lastly, don’t forget to paint the treehouse with bright colors such as red and yellow.

6. Simple Treehouse with Slide

Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

You can have a simple but fun treehouse design if you know how to utilize the treehouse function. After creating a simple and small treehouse, how about the idea to continue the fun by adding outdoor games that a kid would love? If you ask us, we would definitely say yes! For that purpose, we believe that adding a slide next to your treehouse is a perfect choice to add fun and excitement in your simple treehouse. To create one, you can start by making a mini balcony and attach it to the slide.

7. Rustic Woody Treehouse Deck

Source: Pinterest (@morningchores.com)

Next up we have a rustic treehouse design that brings back your childhood memory, which we believe your kids may also love playing inside. However, instead of painting the treehouse, you can just let the real wood color perfectly blend in nature. By doing so, you will have a cool treehouse that looks beautiful in your backyard. You can have a simple treehouse design with staircases and decks. In addition, you can also set up small chairs under the treehouse in case you want to set up a fireplace in the backyard.

DIY Treehouse Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to keep your kids entertained, why not build them a treehouse? With a little bit of creativity and some basic tools, you can easily build a fun and safe treehouse for your kids to enjoy. Here are some of the best DIY kids treehouse ideas to get you started.

8. DIY White Freestanding Treehouse

Source: Pinterest (@seekdiy.com)

For those who don’t have large trees to support the treehouse, we would advice you to consider using this idea. Well, the freestanding design will be the ideal DIY backyard treehouse solution you can have. To create this treehouse, you can start by building a sturdy foundation for the treehouse. Then, you can continue by adding a small deck, staircase, and also a slide for fun. To give a clean and neat look, paint the treehouse in white. A little advice, we would suggest you to also add treehouse accessories such as plants inside.

9. DIY Treehouse with Swing and Hammock

Source: Pinterest (@homedit.com)

Next up we have a wonderful dream treehouse for kids, which is also one of the coolest kids treehouse ideas. To start with the plan, we would suggest you to design your own playground that will never let them get bored! To create this DIY treehouse, you should focus on the playground under the treehouse. However, do make sure you build the treehouse high, so you get a wide space for the swing and hammock. You can also build a staircase to the ground for easy access.

10. Kids Treehouse with Rope Bridge and Ladder

Source: Pinterest (@thespruce.com)

Active kids deserve a special DIY treehouse to spend their energy all day. And, we’ve got you a special DIY design to make kids super happy! You can build a high tree house with a rope bridge leading to the deck. After that, attach the rope ladder to the deck towards the ground. In our opinion, this is the kind of treehouse that will let your kids challenge themselves to walk, climb, and run, and complete this long play arena. What a great treehouse to play and exercise!

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11. Treehouse with Kids Playground

Source: Pinterest (@housebeautiful.com)

Turn a freestanding treehouse for kids into a fun playhouse to delight your little ones and their friends! Paint your treehouse in vibrant colors such as red and blue. We believe that decorating the treehouse with a yellow flag will also make the treehouse stands out. While decorating the treehouse, you can also add some outdoor games such as swing sets, ropes, and basket elevators. We can assure you that your kids will surely be happy to play with friends in this playhouse.

12. Treehouse with Climbing Wall

Source: Pinterest (@treehouselife.com)

As your kids grow up, they need to increase their fitness and strengthen their muscles. Therefore, having a treehouse with DIY wall climbing will definitely worth the money. Cut the wood to the dimensions of the tree wall, and secure it to the frame with screws.  Attach the climbing holds to the wall and use a drill to secure them in place. In addition, you may also add another outdoor games to give more physical activities. However, we must remind you to make sure that the foundations is sturdy enough for your kids to do their outdoor exercise.

13. DIY Ship Treehouse on the Beach

Source: Pinterest (@builtbykids.com)

This summer, turn your backyard into a beach with the ship treehouse for your kids! Especially if you can’t go to the beach for vacation, how about creating the dream beach in your house? To make this dream treehouse come true, start by customizing the treehouse into a ship form. After you set it up, decorate the backyard with a sand beach. You can also add more summer themed decor such as the adorable bee garden stand.

14. Kids Treehouse with Canopy

Source: Pinterest (@sebringdesignbuild.com)

Next up we have a smart way to have a cozy treehouse in your backyard. And in order to do that, you can refer to this DIY treehouse idea that we have created for you. First, you need to build a flat treehouse with a spacious deck in the front area. To keep you safe from the scorching sun, you can also add a large white canopy to reflect the sunlight. Therefore, your kids can stay cool while observing trees or birds from the front deck area.

Unique Treehouse Ideas

There are a variety of unique kids treehouse ideas that can help you make a special place for your children to play and explore. We will explore some of the most creative, unique treehouse designs and ideas that you can use to make your dream treehouse come to life.  So, if you are ready to get started, let’s dive in and explore some of the best unique kids treehouse ideas!

15. Kids Treehouse Hut

Kids Treehouse Hut
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

At the first glance, this unique tree house may resemble the dwarf hut you see in the fairytale book. Well, we are totally agree with you because this this treehouse looks super cool indeed. The conical roof with colorful paint makes this treehouse different and special. You can build the simple treehouse first, then attach the conical roof afterward. Moreover, don’t forget to choose red, green, and purple paint for the treehouse to make them look attractive from afar.

16. Kids Treehouse with Rope Course

Kids Treehouse with Rope Course
Source: Pinterest (@hgtv.com)

Right here we have a brilliant way to keep your kids’ feet away from stepping on your plants. In order to do that, how about building a treehouse with long rope courses? It will be one of the best kids treehouse ideas ever. With this concept, your kids can spend a day completing this challenge. From the rope tunnel, to the monkey tope and the rope bridge, we’re pretty sure that these are a great rope course to have fun for your kids. Besides, you can also grow plants below the treehouse safely without any worries now.

17. Modern Castle Treehouse with Playground

Modern Castle Treehouse with Playground
Source: Pinterest (@housely.com)

If you want to have a modern treehouse which is safe for toddlers, then you may be interested in this concept. This next concept comes with a castle style in the form of a freestanding treehouse which is perfect for a flat lawn area. Without a doubt, this is a great place for kids to attach to nature. To make it more exciting for the kids, you can build a climbing wall or monkey rope for kids to exercise. However, make sure toddlers are always under supervision while playing in the treehouse.

18. Unique Pirate Treehouse

Unique Pirate Treehouse
Source: Pinterest (@hgtv.com)

Don’t worry, this is not a real pirate ship stuck in the tree. With a little bit of creativity, you can design a pirate treehouse in your backyard. Since the pirate treehouse has a larger size than the regular one, then we highly recommend you to choose a large tree with a solid branch to support this design. Moreover, don’t forget to choose bright and vibrant colors such as blue and pink paint for your pirate treehouse. Without a doubt, it will be the most exciting treehouse ever!

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19. Master Kids Treehouse

Master Kids Treehouse
Source: Pinterest (@expressnews.com)

When it comes to a luxurious kids treehouse, you may agree with our selected idea. It has an outstanding two levels design which is connected by a wooden staircase and slide. The conical roof and a semi open treehouse design makes a unique and cozy appearance, too. Moreover, it also has a rope climbing net attached to the deck toward the ground. We believe that soon, Y\your kids may invite some friends to play in the treehouse together.

20. Treehouse with Bicycle Elevator

Treehouse with Bicycle Elevator
Source: Pinterest (@slate.com)

Instead of having a rope ladder or staircase for your treehouse, how about building a bicycle elevator? Attach the platform or ramp to the hoist pulley by looping the rope around the pulley wheel. The, continue by securing the rope by tying it off on the cleat. After that, test the bicycle elevator by attaching a bicycle to the platform or ramp and gently pulling the rope to lift it up. Once the kids see this treehouse, we are 100% sure it will be a fun and unique experience for your kids!

21. Jumanji Themed Treehouse

Jumanji Themed Treehouse
Source: Pinterest (@craftylittlegnome.com)

Suppose you already build a treehouse but want to do a makeover this fall season, we’ve got you covered! Inspired by the Jumanji movie, attach trimmed bamboo to the treehouse with rope. Add coconut monkey and the bamboo wind chime to enhance the jungle vibe. Finally, add some fake vines to the playset to give it a more tropical appearance. Don’t forget to take a bunch of artificial flowers and tuck them among the bamboo and reeds.

22. Rustic Kids Tree House

Source: Pinterest (@housemixblog.com)

Rustic design is a favorite for adults and also kids. Therefore, we highly recommend you to create this adorable rustic tree house for your kids. Without a doubt, the tree house would be their new favorite hang out place, and has the potential to be their new base camp with friends, too! It is made of raw wood with elements of twigs and some hanging flags to bring out the rustic ambience.

23. Cajun Tree House

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This tree house will bring the kids back to the past or the Vikings era with some raw-looking wood and elements, making it a great place to play with friends. You don’t need to be too perfectionist in terms of the materials as you only need to find natural looking wood and arrange them together to create a cool looking tree house like this. However, we would suggest you add a slide to add a modern touch to it. Plus, it will be a cool element that turns the kids’ fun time at the tree house even more exciting!

24. Rapunzel’s Castle Tree House

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

For a little girl who loves fairy tales including Rapunzel, this is the perfect idea of a tree house for her. The design is just adorable, plus it also includes the elements of outdoor fun like a climbing wall and a slide. However, since it was inspired by Rapunzel’s house, make sure you don’t forget to create a balcony. We have no doubt, the balcony would be your little girl’s favorite spot.

25. Tiered Tree House

Let’s create a more serious kind of tree house for the kids, making the perfect place for them to have a short getaway to read their favorite book in peace. It has an adorable and elegant design with proper doors and windows. It looks as if it has a mezzanine floor that makes it different from other tree houses that you’ve seen before.

26. White Open Tree House

This next treehouse idea offers a fresh design and open concept, perfect for kids who love outdoor activities. It’s a one storage three house with a hanging chair underneath. It would be the perfect place for them to spend their afternoon playing or working on their homework. To create a clean look, paint the treehouse in white with a touch of red paint to add some colors to it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, kids’ treehouses offer a fun and creative way to engage children and encourage outdoor play, while also providing a safe and secure environment for them to explore and interact with their peers. They can be a great addition to any backyard and provide hours of entertainment and learning opportunities. With the right planning, we hope that our selected kids treehouse ideas can be a great way to bring joy and create lasting memories.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What age do kids use tree houses?

Tree houses can be used by kids of all ages, as long as they are supervised and the tree house is built to safely accommodate the user. Adult supervision is advised, though. Never let children under the age of 6 play in a treehouse without an adult nearby.

What do you put in a treehouse for kids?

First, you should prepare furniture such as a small table and chairs, a bean bag chair, or a hammock. Then, put board games, puzzles, books, and stuffed animals to play with. Make the treehouse look stand out with string lights, wall art, a rug or other soft flooring, and curtains or blinds for privacy. You can also add outdoor gear such as binoculars, a birdhouse, and a telescope for stargazing. Don’t forget to add safety features such as first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and safety railing.

How do you make a treehouse fun and exciting?

Start creating a fun and exciting theme that fits the style of the treehouse. Use fun decorations such as colorful streamers, lights, and other accessories to make the treehouse inviting. Include items such as a swing, a slide, or a telescope to make the treehouse an activity center. Set up a snack area with snacks, drinks, and other treats to enjoy. Don’t forget to put in a music system to create a fun atmosphere.

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