26 Fun Kids Bathroom Ideas Your Little One Will Love

Kids bathrooms can be a great way to show off your child’s individual personality and style, while also creating a fun and inviting space for them to enjoy. If you’re looking to add a special touch to your child’s bathroom, then you need to take a look at some cute kids bathroom ideas. From vibrant color schemes to fun wall art, there are plenty of options to create a one-of-a-kind look. Whether you’re looking for ways to freshen-up the bathroom decor or are starting from scratch, these cute kids bathroom ideas are sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

Suppose you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We are here to help you to get the best bathroom design for your sweet son or daughter. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to create a fun and functional bathroom for your little one. Let’s jump to the list!

At what Age Should a Child be Independent in the Bathroom?

It depends on the individual child. Generally, children are able to use the toilet independently by age 4 or 5, but some may take longer. Children may also need help or reminders with hand washing and other hygiene tasks for a few more years.

How Do You Make Your Kids Bathroom Fun?

In order to add some fun to your children’s bathroom, paint the walls a bright, cheerful color, and add fun accessories such as towels, rugs, and shower curtains in matching or complementary colors. You can also hang fun wall art such as framed pictures of their favorite characters or humorous quotes. For more ideas about kids’ bathrooms, you can read in the article above.

Simple Kids Bathroom Ideas 

You can make your kid’s bathing space fun with simple bathroom designs. If you’re looking for simple kids bathroom ideas that will make bath time easier and more enjoyable, then you’ve come to the right place. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can create a bathroom that your kids will love.

1. Simple Kids Bathroom for Small Space

Source: Pinterest (@lushome.com)

When it comes to a simple but  stylish kids bathroom idea for a small space, we recommend you to use bright and vibrant colors. Pink, yellow, and green will be outstanding design elements to light up your small room. Therefore, you can choose a bathtub or sink with these colors. In addition, paint the kids bathroom wall in light blue, while you can also add some sea creature wall stickers.

2. Cheerful Floral Kids Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@homemydesign.com)

If you want to have a simple bathroom makeover but giving a cheerful vibe for your children’s bathroom at the same time, we suggest that you consider using this concept. Simply choose a bathroom wallpaper in a yellow floral pattern. In our opinion, it will give a refreshing and inviting atmosphere as your kid enters the bathroom. Moreover, you can also add simple kids bathroom wall decor too, such as dog miniature or wall frame.

3. Yellow Duck Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@zillow.com)

Suppose you have a boring white bathroom for kids, we believe that you would want to follow this simple decorating idea. As your kids used to play with duck toys while they were babies, adding some yellow ducks in their bathroom will surely excite them during the bath time. You can place some yellow duck bath mats on the kids bathroom floor to welcome them. After that, you can also hang some yellow towels and duck miniature for decoration. 

4. White and Blue Simple Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@thisoldhouse.com)

As your son grows up, he may want to have a simple boys bathroom design. If that’s the case, then how about a monochromatic bathroom design for the teenage boy? Simply combine dark blue and white for the color composition. You can have dark blue storages with white marble top desk, in matching color with the shower curtain. In addition, choose neutral bathroom accessories to keep it neat and simple.

5. Calming Purple Kids Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@decoratedlife.com)

This next idea will show you that using simple color composition will help you create a luxury design for your girls bathroom. Choose contemporary bathroom sets in white with a hint of light purple. Match them with white purple themed walls, shower curtain, and bathroom mats. Moreover, to make your girls bathroom more lively, simply put some greenery on the clear vases near the window.

6. Aesthetic Kids Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@behance.net)

Turn your kids bathroom into an aesthetic and cozy space with this bathroom redecorating idea. For this idea, we believe that using colorful abstract dot themed tiles or wallpaper on the one side of the wall will be a great way to start. Let the other sides use white tiles. After that, put aesthetic wood storages where you can place towels and soaps. In addition, make sure you give proper lighting on the storage and behind the mirror to add elegance.

7. Classic Kids Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@eastcoastcreativeblog.com)

A classic concept will never fail to bring sentiment of the good old times, there’s no doubt about it. Especially if you are going to make a toddler bathroom where the parents also can join, we believe the classic theme is the best. Simply use white tiles on the wall and the floor, and you might also want to have a step stool for child safety. In addition, set up the sink and towel hanger near the bathtub, make sure they are reachable.

DIY Kids Bathroom Ideas 

Creating a fun and inviting bathroom for your kids can be a fun and rewarding experience. DIY kids bathroom ideas are a great way to add a personal touch to your bathroom and make it a space that your kids will never forget. Here are some of the best simple kids bathroom ideas to help you create a safe, stylish, and stress-free space for your little one.

8. World of Dinosaurs Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@Sarah Bruce)

Perhaps your kids don’t like the bath time because their bathroom is boring. Therefore how about bringing their favorites into the bathroom? If your kids love dinosaurs, we believe it’s time to turn the bathroom into the world of dinosaurs. Start by painting the wall with dark green to gray color. After that, customize dinosaur wall decor and the shower curtain to complete the DIY idea.    

9. Colorful Kids Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@homemydesign.com)

Moving on to the next idea on our list, we think colorful tones for DIY bathroom remodel ideas would be fantastic. You don’t have a certain concept or character for the kids bathroom makeover. All you have to do is combine color palettes so that your kids bathroom will look fascinating. You can start by customizing the rainbow shower curtain for the main focal point. Dare yourself to put bright and vibrant items such as a navy step stool, orange towels, and light blue horse mounted decor.

10. DIY Pink Bathroom for Girls

Source: Pinterest (@blog.dormify.com)

Make your plain white girls bathroom an enjoyable space with DIY pink bathroom accessories you can make at home. First, you can repurpose the old shower curtain into a beautiful pink ombre curtain. Since it’s a bathroom for girls, then we suggest you to adorn the pink curtain with some hanging beads to make it stand out. After that, customize the pink “SPLASH” letters decor and put them on the wall. Your pink loving girl will surely love this unique makeover.

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11. Summertime Kids Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@houseminds.com)

If you want to have a full bathroom makeover for kids, then why don’t you turn it into the summer theme? Bring the summer vibe during bathtime everyday! Start by painting the wall in light green. After that, customize summer stripes bathroom sets in the shower curtain, mats, closet cover. Furthermore, you can also put matching pink trash, towels, baskets, and toilet brush.

12. Hello Sunshine Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@jamonkey.com)

A simple DIY bathroom makeover that makes your kids feel happy as they enter the bathroom, this idea won’t waste your money. Instead of giving toys or fun accessories, you can add welcoming and positive words in the bathroom. So, we recommend you to customize the curtain with a large “Hello Sunshine” text printed. By reading these large, positive words, we believe that your kids will surely feel less worry about bath time.

13. Amazing Blue Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@studiodiy.com)

A kids bathroom should be fascinating and different from others, to make them curious and love the room. Using one type of a blue tile, we think you can turn the kids bathroom into an amazing blue room with two different patterns between wall and floor. Moreover, you can also create the zig-zag pattern for the floor, creating a different pattern from the wall. After that, put wooden furniture to give contrast.

14. Under the Sea Kids Bathroom

Under The Sea Kids Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@hometalk.com)

Suppose your kids bathroom has less lighting source, perhaps you can take this issue as an advantage. How about creating the under the sea concept? Color your wall with blue paint and add coral wall decor, resembling the underwater theme. After that, you can have a matching shower curtain, hand towel, and even floor tiles in white and green to give a natural atmosphere. 

Creative Kids Bathroom Ideas

There are many creative kids bathroom ideas that can help turn your child’s bathroom into a fun space for them to enjoy. With a few easy updates, you can turn your child’s bathroom into a place they’ll love spending time in. From fun colors and patterns to playful bathroom accessories, here are some creative ideas to get you started. 

15. Ocean Life Kids Bathroom

Ocean Life Kids Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@lushome.com)

Go extra by remodeling your kids bathroom into the ocean life! Dare yourself to paint the whole wall and floor in light blue, representing the ocean. Then, you can paint some sea creatures on the wall. Especially if you love mural art, you can paint some starfish and conch while floating on the ocean. Moreover, you may also put some colorful stones for decoration near the sink.

16. Colorful Puzzle Bathroom

Colorful Puzzle Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@nordarchitecture.com)

Inspired by puzzle games, we think using colorful tiles for this creative concept would be a brilliant choice. Choose bright and vibrant tiles such as red, orange, green, blue, and yellow square tiles to makeover the kids bathroom wall. According to the experts, having colorful walls may stimulate your kids’ brain to learn more about colors. In addition, this is also a creative and educative design for your kids bathroom.

17. Green Frog Bathroom

Green Frog Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@littlepieceofme.com)

In case the yellow duck is already out of style for your kids, you have to think creatively to find another character that will impress them. How about the green frog? The green frog is a friendly and lovely animal your kids may find in their coloring book or the bedtime stories. So, you can customize the green frog themed shower curtain, closet cover, and even the mug and soap bottles for your kids bathroom!

18. Natural Kids Bathroom

Natural Kids Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@decorsnob.com)

Although you want to add natural elements in your kids bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you have to put greenery and flower vases. Well, you can do wall makeover using small green tiles. Find small times in several green shades, then arrange them on the wall like a mosaic. In addition, this calming, natural color has a soothing impact on a child during the bath time.

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19. Pac-Man Bathroom

Pac-Man Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

In case your kids love Pac-Man, we’re pretty sure that creating a Pac-Man themed bathroom is also a great choice! You can put Pac-Man game stickers on the shower box, making the bath time playful and exciting. Moreover, put some colorful toys inside the bathroom in case your kids want to play with them while bathing. Moreover, don’t forget to place the step stool in front of the sink as well.

20. Rustic Kids Bathroom

Rustic Kids Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@decorsnob.com)

Did you know that the rustic theme also works for the kids bathroom? Combining the wooden elements with vibrant colors is a creative way to get the rustic kids bathroom. You can have wooden floor, baskets, and also other main furniture such as drawers, storages, and the floating desk. After that, add some colors around the mirror frame and put some rubber bath toys for your kids. 

21. Cozy Multicolor Tile Kids Bathroom 

Cozy Multicolor Tile Kids Bathroom 
Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

Besides the bedroom or living room, your kids bathroom should be designed as comfortable as possible. Therefore, focusing on a cozy and kids-friendly bathtub is a brilliant choice! Especially if you have some kids or toddlers, you should create a spacious bathtub that can accommodate them together. Choose multicolor tiles for the wall, floor, and bathtub, since these colors may enhance your kids eyes and brain as well. To add comfort and a relaxing feel, we would advice you to put some plants inside the bathroom, too.  

22. London-themed Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@anewall.com)

Your sweet daughter deserves to have a wonderful wallpaper in her bathroom. Especially if she adores the beauty of London, then we recommend you to add a sweet London wallpaper to decorate your sweet daughter’s bathroom. The design is very comical with soft pastel colors. In opinion, it creates a calming ambience that will make her morning routine a lot more relaxing. We’re pretty sure she will be going to school in a good mood everyday!

23. Lego Bathroom Idea

Source: Pinterest (@tipjunkie.com)

If your kids are fans of Lego, then you can stop your search for the best bathroom ideas for kids right here. This is undoubtedly the ultimate bathroom idea for your kids as it comes with Lego-themed design in bright and fun colors. You can use blue square tiles for the bathroom floor and walls, red toilet seat cover, and you can also use real Lego bricks as part of the bathroom’s decoration. We can assure you that the kids would love to spend their time in this bathroom. Not only to shower, but also to play with their Lego!

24. Cloud-themed Bathroom

Source: Pinterest(@Go Gooo)

Having a bath in this next bathroom idea will make your daughter feel like she is up in the clouds! Just look at this bathroom design, it comes with a calming and sweet look and a cloud-shaped mirror that will enhance the whole appearance of the bathroom. As for the color theme, we do think that light blue is the perfect color to pick. Not only because it’s the actual color of the sky full of clouds, but also because it gives a relaxing touch to the decoration.

25. Mickey Mouse Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@hometalk.com)

Disney-themed rooms will always offer excitement, especially for children. If your child loves Disney, especially Mickey Mouse, then this is the perfect bedroom idea for him. We recommend you to create this unique Mickey-themed bathroom with tiles that feature the iconic shape of Mickey’s ears and place them randomly in the walls. You can play with your creativity and imagination for this one, because it really is the unique element about this idea. So, dare to try?

26. Snoopy Bathroom

We love everything about Snoopy! If your kid loves Snoopy as much as we do, then we have found the perfect bathroom idea for you. You can create a simple-looking bathroom with a combination of white and gray to dominate the decoration. For this bathroom idea, you don’t want to include too many color elements as simplicity is the signature of Snoopy. However, do pick bathroom items with Snoopy images on them, such as the shower curtain, towels, floor mat and shampoo bottles.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities for creating a fun and inviting bathroom space for kids are endless. With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your child’s bathroom into a magical and unique space that they can enjoy for years to come. Whether you opt for bright colors, whimsical themes, or fun accessories, hopefully our article can help you to create a space that will be loved by your little one.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What should be in a kids bathroom?

For small children, items like a step stool, toothbrush holder, faucet extension should be in your kids bathroom. These items can help them do their things easier and increase their level of independence. And don’t forget that storage is a need in the kids bathroom. You should also put children’s bath products, toys, and colorful towels.

What helps kids with bathroom anxiety?

Letting kids know when it’s time to go to the bathroom can help reduce anxiety. In addition, making bathroom trips fun can help kids with bathroom anxiety. Use games such as counting tiles or singing songs to make it more enjoyable. Don’t forget to reassure your child that it is safe to use the bathroom and that no one will judge them for taking their time. Finally, offering rewards for using the bathroom can help motivate kids to use the bathroom.

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