25 Amazing Spiritual Tattoos Ideas for Strength and Protection

Spiritual tattoos are a form of expression, communicating with your body and also with the world around you. Tattoos have become part of your life that have meanings, much more than just beautiful drawings. They reflect the owner’s beliefs, which is why they are believed to have the ability to boost your energy, bring luck, help you overcome life’s many challenges, and give comfort when you need it. In case you are going to have a special charm in the form of a tattoo on your body, we have gathered 25 of the most recommended spiritual tattoo ideas, which we hope can give you some inspiration.

Let’s take a look at some charming spiritual tattoos ideas we have compiled from across the internet just for you. From a small spiritual tattoo for girls and guys to a meaningful spiritual tattoo for protection, we have it all and we believe you will fall in love with at least one of these tattoo designs.

So without any further ado, let’s jump to the list!

Spiritual Tattoo Ideas for Guys

Spiritual tattoos for guys are meant for those who are spiritually oriented souls who want to express their thoughts and feelings through body art. Many awakening tattoo designs can be a visible expression of men’s beliefs.

Here we have some of the coolest spiritual tattoos ideas for guys with designs that carry a strong message with meaning to help others, or simply a tattoo for self protection.

1. Sun Moon Eye Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Taylor Monello)

Feel your self spiritual growth with this meaningful, powerful tattoo. It features an evil eye with a sun and moon, creating wonderful spiritual symbols. It is also known to serve as a reminder that every single one of us possesses dormant forces.

Therefore, in order to harness them, we must achieve internal harmony and serenity. For that reason, we recommend you to have this powerful tattoo design as it will make you feel calmer, even when you are facing life challenges.

2. Buddha Planets Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Depressed_person)

All of us are dreaming of peace in the world, and in order to achieve that first we must build our own inner piece. If you are looking for inner peace in life, why don’t you let this wonderful tattoo help your spiritual growth?

For men or guys who can’t seem enjoy their life to the fullest, we believe this Buddha tattoo will be a perfect reminder to live in the present and be happy. Only by being mindful and through self-realization may you live happily. In addition, Buddha is a great tattoo for protection as well. 

3. Pray Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Instagram (@leractattoo)

This one comes as a beautiful reminder for guys to always pray every day. Simply use a tattoo kit to make this small spiritual tattoo and draw the tattoo on the outer side of both your index fingers.

Once you close your hands together, it will create a “Pray” text, which we think will give the tattoo a meaning that shows your belief and personality. In our opinion, this tattoo design is one of the best spiritual tattoos ideas for guys who want to feel close to their Creator.

4. Om Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoosme)

This cool spiritual tattoo if perfect for guys who want to have a meaningful tattoo for protection. It also ideal for men who believe in traditional Hindu symbols. This “Om” symbol tattoo is the perfect for that particular reason. It aids in spiritual development and stands for unity with the supreme.

Moreover, this is also one of the most frequently employed tattoos used as a charm to bring good luck. Moreover, we also recommend you to decorate the Om tattoo with other spiritual symbols such as Trisula spiritual tattoo design to attract good energy.

5. Praying Hands Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@menstattooideas.net)

Get reminded to always pray by putting this spiritual tattoo on your body! The design features a praying hand along with a rosary and cross. The image is wrapped in a ribbon with “In God Hands” lettering, which turns this spiritual tattoo into a protective charm.

In our opinion, the design gives a masculine charm, making it perfect for men who want to look cool but still look religious, too. Plus, we would say that it will look good to be inked on the inner arm area of your body. In short, we think this is one of the most ideal spiritual tattoos ideas for guys who want to always stay connected with God.

6. Courage Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@smalltattoosideas.com)

Create your own strength and motivation by drawing this tattoo on your body! We think this tattoo will be even more perfect for guys who often feels down easily once facing a difficult problem in life. We believe having this tattoo will be a great idea as it includes symbols with meanings that may give you the courage to cope with the difficulty, and spur you to find the solution.

The evil eye and angel wings incorporated in the tattoo are symbols of protection from bad luck. Meanwhile, the spear in the center symbolizes the power that every man needs. Without a doubt, this is one of the most intricate spiritual tattoos ideas with meaning that you should consider!

7. Jesus Christian Boddy Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Instagram (@alpha.tattoos)

If you want to focus on your spiritual growth and are thinking of showing it off through body arts, then we’re pretty sure that you would want to consider having tattoo. This is one of the meaningful spiritual tattoos ideas spiritual that features a design with Jesus Christ and the cross, which we believe will make an amazing focal point on your chest.

Also, we recommend you to continue to draw the shoulder and arm part with dark spirit tattoos using black tattoo ink. Undoubtedly, it will make a meaningful spiritual tattoo to remind you that God will always protect you from the wicked. 

8. Angel Sleeve Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@media-democracy.net)

If you are planning to have a cool full sleeve tattoo, then you might want to consider choosing this angel-themed design. You may use the temporary angel sleeve tattoo first to ensure if the design is suitable for you or not.

It has artistic angel images with wings from the upper arm and continues to the lower arm. Moreover, since the design only uses black ink, we think it makes every detail looks charming and wonderful.

9. Rose Cross Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Show your personalities, characters and spiritual experiences through an elegant rose cross tattoo like this one. In our opinion, this tattoo idea portrays beautiful red roses with the cross at the center, with meanings that represent the experiences and challenges of finding a well-lived life.

With such a deep meaning, we believe that this is one of the most ideal and suitable spiritual tattoos ideas for men who have experienced so many things in their life, yet still manage to stay on the righteous path.

10. Elephant Octopus Tattoo for Men

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@menstattooideas.net)

If you are looking for a more colorful spiritual tattoo design for men, then we think you may fall in love with this idea. This design features an artistic elephant and octopus using colorful tattoo ink.

This tattoo holds meanings that include signs of strength and rebirth. We believe that every time you look at this spiritual tattoo on your body, you may get additional strength and courage to throw worries away and start new things in life.

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Spiritual Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Spiritual tattoos for girls are mostly meaningful and sometimes represent something that matters to girls on a high spiritual level. Their spiritual symbols may reflect their beliefs and help them find inner truth.

For girls, check out the following list of the most meaningful spiritual tattoos ideas, which are more than just artistic tattoo symbols, but they also have deeply personal meanings that may differ for each woman. 

11. Chakra Tattoos for Women

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@search.yahoo.com)

Get the perfect balance in life with this beautiful chakra tattoo that illustrates a meditating woman! This chakra tattoo symbolizes that the mind can speed up healing and growth when a particular energy center, or chakra, is concentrated with enough energy.

Moreover, many also believe that this spiritual tattoo has the ability to relieve stress as it helps attract positive energy. Therefore, women can place this spiritual tattoo on their inner arms. Plus, it can also be an artistic tattoo design on her body, too.

12. Evil Eye in Day and Night Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@go.fiverr.com)

When it comes to a spiritual tattoo for girls that will protect them from bad fortune, the evil eye tattoo is without a doubt the best option. To make it look even prettier, you can add hands around the evil eye since these hands are also a protective symbol.

Additionally, we recommend you to draw sun and clouds on the upper hand, while stars and moon on the bottom hand, which will be representing a deep meaning that this spirit tattoo will protect you day and night.

13. Tree of Life Tattoo with Moon and Sun

Tree of Life Tattoo with Moon and Sun - p @savedtattoo.com
Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

Find your wisdom and inner peace in life with this tree of life tattoo. It also comes with a moon on the bottom and sun above the tree, making wonderful awakening tattoo designs. In our opinion, this is truly one of the best spiritual tattoos ideas for girls on the list.

This tattoo combination symbolizes life from birth to death, from start to finish, from earth to heaven. The realization that you just exist inside the circle of life will make you more appreciative in life as a result of getting this beautiful tattoo.

14. Faith Tattoo

Faith Tattoo - i @bklreadskcmo
Source: Instagram (@bklreadskcmo)

This small spiritual tattoo is indeed an amazing choice for women who are going to get their first tattoo. However, is you feel a bit unsure then you may want to try the temporary tattoo version before getting the permanent one.

This spiritual meaningful tattoo comes with the simple “Faith” text, which can symbolize any religious sense. We really think this tattoo makes a personal spiritual tattoo design in which only you can define the deep meaning behind it. 

15. Hamsa Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo - p @tattoosboygirl.com
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Get this amazing spiritual tattoo to give your blessings and protection at all times. Especially for women who often feel anxious and not safe, many believe that this hamsa tattoo symbol may bring you a positive mindset.

Depicting the open right hand, Hamsa has frequently been utilized throughout history as a symbol of protection. Moreover, the hamsa has long been thought to offer protection from the evil eye.

16. Lotus Unalome Tattoo

Lotus Unalome Tattoo - p @sofeminine.co.uk
Source: Pinterest (@sofeminine.co.uk)

The Unalome lotus tattoo is a potent pattern representing the path to enlightenment, spiritual development, and the purity of the spirit. So, why not let this small spiritual tattoo guide you to the right path and bring you a lot of blessings?

However, if you decide to have this tattoo on you, we need to remind you to keep in mind that the colors you choose will have a significant impact on the meaning of your tattoo while creating your Unalome flower design. So, be wise with your choice of colors.

17. Mini Cross Tattoo

Mini Cross Tattoo - p @greenorc.com
Source: Pinterest (@greenorc.com)

Show that you are an obedient Christian with this small spiritual tattoo on your leg. The simple cross tattoo has been a meaningful spiritual symbol for Christians for centuries, recalling the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death.

With such a deep spiritual meaning, we believe without a doubt that having this small tattoo is a choice that will never be wrong. Even better, it may even be a good luck charm and keep you connected to God.

18. Triquetra Tattoo

Triquetra Tattoo - p @inkme.it
Source: Pinterest (@inkme.it)

Express how proud you are to be a woman with this Triquetra tattoo. Triquetra, which translates as three-cornered, has a strong connection to the power of three. It stands for the maiden, mother, and crone from a pagan standpoint, resembling the cycle of life as a woman.

In ancient art, the Triquetra was frequently employed to represent a triune deity. This meaningful spiritual tattoo makes it a representation of eternity or endless life. And in our opinion, this symbol will look awesome on the wrist.

19. Heart Tree Tattoo with Circles and Triangles

Heart Tree Tattoo with Circles and Triangles - p @tattoodesignstock.com
Source: Pinterest (@tattoodesignstock.com)

If you are looking for an artistic and complex spiritual tattoo design, we recommend you to go for this tattoo idea. This design has a tree of life with a large heart connected to its roots.

Moreover, this beautiful design symbolizes a cycle of life that will never end unless you do good deeds. Also, the circle represents unity, while the triangle is believed to ward off evil spirits. Without a doubt, this gorgeous tattoo will encourage you to always do good things in life.  

20. Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo
Source: Pinterest.com (@flomarful)

Mark your personalized spiritual journey in this beautiful mandala tattoo. A mandala typically depicts the spiritual journey from the outermost point to the innermost point through layers. As for the spot, you may put this design on your left shoulder, near the heart to give you strength.

You can also add personalized dates in roman numerals, making a charming and beautiful tattoo for women during their spiritual growth. In our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful spiritual tattoos ideas that you can try!

21. Faith Tattoo

Faith Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Tanairi Moctezuma)

Someone with a spiritual soul will always have faith, and it would be a great idea to have the faith stay with them forever. For someone who will always be holding on to faith, this tattoo will definitely be something to remind them about it everyday.

In our opinion, this simple tattoo will mean so much and it can be written in areas that can be seen all the time. It’s always good to have a reminder about our faith, and a tattoo reminder is definitely one of the best ones.

22. Wildflowers Cross

Wildflowers Cross
Source: Pinterest (@momsgotthestuff.com)

This wildflowers cross tattoo shows the greatness of Jesus Christ, which is why this tattoo is perfect for a Christian woman who wants to be reminded about the importance of sacrifice for a greater good.

So, wait no more and let this cross be something that shows your faith, which can be a symbol of love and faith. Plus, we also think that it can be a spiritual way of protecting yourself from bad things in life, too.

23. God is Greater than the Highs and Lows Tattoo

God is Greater than the Highs and Lows Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

If you are looking for a simple spiritual tattoo, this one is the perfect one for you. This tattoo means “God is Greater than the Highs and Lows.” Having this tattoo on your body will always remind you about it, which will keep you close to God all the time.

You can have this on your arm, back shoulder, or on your chest to keep it close to your heart. It is simple, but it has a deep meaning about the God Almighty.

24. The Eye of Thoth Tattoo

The Eye of Thoth Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@roundtheworldmagazine.com)

This small tattoo is adorable yet has a deep spiritual meaning, making it a perfect tattoo for a woman with a spiritual soul. It comes in the shape of the Eye of Thoth, which is an image of the left eye as a symbol of feminine energy.

It describes human nature, emotions, sexual energy and also intuition and magic. Plus, it is also a symbol of healing power and protection. In our opinion, this is the perfect tattoo for a special woman.

25. The Seven Chakra Tattoo

The Seven Chakra Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@itattyou)

For those of you who want to express your spirituality through body art, then we would say that having this Seven Chakra tattoo is the best choice to make. It comes in full colors and looks definitely stylish.

Therefore, we do think that this tattoo is the perfect one for a person who loves both art and spiritual energy. This tattoo is best to be made on the inner arm area, just like the one shown in this image.

Final Thoughts

The best way to choose a spiritual tattoo design is by knowing the meaning behind it, and also how it can bring positive energy to your inner growth. Since we know that there are countless tattoo designs out there, we can understand if it can be quite a struggle to find the perfect one.

To help you with that, we have collected 25 of the most recommended spiritual tattoos ideas for you. We hope you can be inspired and able to find the most suitable tattoo for your spiritual needs on our list.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do tattoos represent spiritually?

Tattoos are soul stamps of our consciousness and spiritual birthmarks. They act as a mechanism for allowing new energy to enter your being and hold room for an inner archetype to emerge. Their magical value extends beyond your surface. Besides, intentional tattooing can serve as a tool for empowerment.

What tattoo symbolizes protection?

It depends on each person’s beliefs and religion. Religious symbols such as Buddha and Jesus Chris may be believed to bring protection to some people. Meanwhile, other distinctive symbols, such as the evil eye, are also believed to protect people from bad fortune and negative energy.

What tattoo represents strength?

For men, a powerful symbol such as animals or certain spirits may be believed to give them strength. Meanwhile, women prefer adorable symbols such as lotus flowers or mandala tattoos which also symbolizes strength. After all, it also depends on each person’s personality and beliefs.

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