25 Unique Photo Book for Your Precious Memories

Everyone loves taking pictures. Somehow, it has become a habit when we are spending time together with our family and friends, especially on special celebrations, gatherings, or eventful moments in our life. With so many photos taken, it’s best to print them out and store them in a safe and good place. A photo book or photo album are definitely some of the right mediums that we can use to do that.

There are many kinds of photo books to choose that will keep your memories neat and tidy. The options are ranging from a slip-in albums, to the DIY scrapbook-style photo book. To help you choose, we have collected 25 unique photo books below. So let’s find out which one fits your preference.

BEST And Unique Photo Book

1. Personalized Baby Photo Album

Personalized Baby Photo Album

Customize the wooden cover photo book with the laser engraved name and date of birth. The photo album can hold up to 40 4×6-inch photos with ten pages inside. Every precious moment of your baby’s growth will be an excellent compilation in this unique photo book. Although this photo album is designed for the baby photo album, you can actually use this album to store other memorable family moments as well, including your traveling photos, etc. 

2. Personalized Hand-painted Leather Photo Album

Personalized Hand-painted Leather Photo Album

This photo book is a limited edition of a hand-painted leather album. Each photo book is unique and has different details because it’s fully hand-painted. As a classic album, this book doesn’t use plastic elements, so photos need to be traditionally mounted.

3. Photo Memory Book

Photo Memory Book

It’s a handmade album with a DIY scrapbook style. There are two cover options available with three inside options that can match your liking. Since it comes with stickers and a writing pen, it will be easy for you to start doing the decoration when it arrives.

4. Plain Linen Album

Plain Linen Album

The wide album with a high-quality linen cover allows you to put many photos inside. You can paste various size photos onto the big-size white, adhesive paper sheets. Moreover, it can also turn into a DIY photo album by decorating the book with drawing or writing. 

5. Slip In Photo Album

Slip In Photo Album

There are so many reasons why this slip-in album is a best-seller. One of which is that it uses Italian velvet as a cover that gives a luxurious feel. The album gives you the freedom to customize the cover color, font, and text, writing color to make it more memorable. Moreover, it also offers a sleeve with the same fabric that looks beautiful for a display, so it will be an excellent gift for an anniversary gift.

6. Animal Photo Album

Animal Photo Album

The colorful paper on the front page makes a cute animal-shaped window. This brown photo album is suitable for a little memoir of your childhood memories, as well as your children’s golden moments. It has 100 pages that allow you to decorate it as much you like.

7. Wooden Photo Album

Wooden Photo Album

We bring you another bestseller photo album to inspire you in storing valuable moments. To begin with, the wooden cover is beautifully designed with laser-cut engraving. Also, you can customize from the outside to the inside of the photo book to match your preference. And lastly, this wooden album is suitable for a wedding gift or a beautiful wedding decoration and guest book.

8. Self-Adhesive Photo Album

Self-Adhesive Photo Album

If you like the classic look of your memory book, than you will simply love this self-adhesive photo album, as we believe, this is what you’re looking for. The unique photo book uses acid-free, and a conservation-grade paper with a transparent page protector. The paper is sticky when you pull back the protector, so you can easily arrange the photos according to your aesthetic feel with no hassle. 

9. Vintage Leather Photo Album

Vintage Leather Photo Album

Adding a sketch next to your photo will be a new way of decorating a photo book, and this Vintage Leather Album is the answer. This album uses recyclable cotton paper, which allows you to write and sketch easily and quickly. The genuine leather beautifully wraps this unique photo book with a long leather string as its cover. If that’s not enough, the unique album also enables you to personalize the size and cover design to match the inside contents.

10. Noci Photo Album

Noci Photo Album

The Noci photo album claims to use the best quality material to give you the best experience in making a memory book. Uniquely, the window on the cover allows you to give a sneak peek to anyone who wants to know the contents. Thus, you can place the most memorable photo on the first page. For your reference, this book is available in many different color covers as options.

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11. Dried Flower Photo Book

Dried Flower Photo Book

The rustic album can be your chosen album to store your photos. With three big binding rings, it helps you to flip the pages easily when attaching the images. Moreover, the fixed dried flower on the cover gives a sweet touch to the sturdy album.

12. Small Photo Album

Small Photo Album

Having to work outside the city gets you feeling homesick very quickly. For that reason, we recommend you this portable small photo album, which will be your precious treasure by keeping the memories and photos of the people you loved with you always. You will get two pieces of the small album as a package.

13. Vintage Camera Photo Album

Vintage Camera Photo Album

The photographer behind the printed precious moments will love this Vintage Camera Photo Album. The unique cover will clearly reminds you of every story behind the taken photos. For extra safety, the photo book will safely keeps your memory inside with a button and a stretchy rubber.

14. Sewn Leatherette Photo Album

Sewn Leatherette Photo Album

The small sewn leatherette photo album can be your choice as a thoughtful gift for your family members. The pocket-size album is not only easy to keep and carry, since it also has an embroidered “family” velcro that seals the photo book safely. In terms of space, it can hold 36 photos, so every family member can select their favorite one to be stored inside.

15. Adventure Photo Book

Adventure Photo Book

Like its name, the Adventure Photo album is best to be your adventure friend. You can put pictures of your traveling trip and jog down some notes next to them, which is why we think this scrapbook-style photo book is suitable as a birthday gift. You can use the book as a guest book for your children’s birthday party. Simply ask their friends to take a picture with a Polaroid camera and birthday wishes, and as a result, it will be a good memoir of their childhood.

16. Love Photo Album DIY

unique photo book

The Love Photo Album is the most adorable photo book for lovers. No doubt about it! This photo album symbolizes the two hearts that become one. You can simply open the binding ring and easily add or lessen the paper to match your aesthetic requirement. Moreover, the small locks on the cover will keep your surprises inside before it reaches the gift receiver.

17. Spiral Bound Photo Album

unique photo book

The unique outlook design of the spiral photo album can do some tricks on people. It doesn’t look like a photo book at first sight. But undoubtedly, it can help you to surprise people as a gift. The spiral-bound allows you to have two directions in opening the album. To make it more memorable, don’t forget to add memos in the given space next to the selected photos.

18. Self-Adhesive Scrapbook

unique photo book

If you want to make a memory book for your baby’s growth, this photo book is the right choice. Keep every little progress your baby makes as the special moments, which can be done by putting the photo of your baby’s most adorable expression on the front page that shows the cover window. The pastel color will suit any theme you use.

19. Instax Mini Photo Book

unique photo book

If you love to use an Instax camera for every eventful occasion in your life, then you must have this unique photo book. This pocket-size album is the perfect inside for Instax mini film, since you can put three decorated photos on each page. Five cover designs are available for you to choose from as your pick.

20. Classic Black Photo Album

unique photo book

Sometimes, using the basics makes you unique and special among others. As you can see, this black and unique photo album might look simple, but actually, it has the capability to hold up to 300 photos inside. Thus, you can easily organize and sort your photos based on specific events or times, with three photos on each page. 

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21. Portable Mini Photo Book

unique photo book

This portable photo album is mainly designed for the Instax Mini Camera series. Each page of this adorable photo album can store two film photos or your customized business card to show the owner. Moreover, it has some different front cover and back cover colors.

22. Hardcover Photo Book

unique photo book

This hardcover photo book will match your taste the best, especially for all of you who are comfortable with the digital era and also technology. You can easily personalize the photo book by uploading and editing your photos online. Then, choose a template and print your beautiful memories on premium semi-gloss paper for better end results. Talking about durability, the sturdy hardcover helps you store your photos and keep them inside for years.

23. Slip In Cute Dogs Photo Album

unique photo book

Don’t you think this photo album is the best gift for a dog lover? The cute dog design cover wraps the slip-in photo album that is absolutely likable for both adults and kids. It offers 40 pocket photos so that you can deliberately put many eventful moments into the photo book. 

24. Soft Cover Photo Book

unique photo book

You can edit your family trips photos into the softcover photo album template. Then, print it like a traveling magazine upon the premium semi-gloss pages. Lastly, add captions and wordings as they are free to add during your designing time on the template. 

25. Pocket Photo Album Memo

Pocket Photo Album Memo

Even though this photo album claims to be a pocket photo book, this album actually has a big space to store your photos. You can add dates or urgency there to display and store the precious moments properly. Unfortunately, it’s only available in two colors, black and blue. But if you’re a fan of those three colors, then this item is the perfect photo book for you.

Final Thoughts

There is one important thing that we need to remember when we choose to create a special photo album. Nowadays, we might be able to easily keep our photos in our cloud storage or even smart phones, but it doesn’t feel the same as keeping them in a physical photo album.

So why don’t we continue the culture of keeping our sweetest memories in photo albums? We also need to make sure that we keep them properly, so we can always open them to remember the good old days with our loved ones once in a while.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which photo book is best?

As the primary function of photo albums is storing pictures, an unique photo book with big storage will be the best. However, some people cannot resist the emotional and full effort photo book like the DIY scrapbook. You can consider choosing a photo book that suits your needs and taste.

What are the best photo album ideas for couples?

Sending photo album gifts for couples will be lovely with this Italian velvet cover photo album. The soft fabric with a luxurious feeling will make a good couple item to store their wedding pictures. Or you can choose the adorable heart photo album to express their lovey-dovey acts.

What are the best photo album ideas for friends?

A DIY photo album like this one is the best photo album for you and your friends. All of you can decorate the photo album with some notes and stickers to express the feeling related to the photo you paste there. 

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