25 Unique Garden Decor You Can Buy

Nowadays, designing gardens is essential when someone starts building a new house. You will also need suitable decorative items. The reason is simply that unique garden decor with greeneries can soothe the eye of the beholder. When you come home tired after working all day, you get to see beautiful flowers and leaves. Furthermore, hanging out in the yard can be an option to reduce your stress level.

Suppose you are one of the people who find that a park is the most comfortable spot. In that case, we guarantee that you will definitely like the unique garden décors collection that we’ve made. These items will undoubtedly decorate your gardens in every possible way. You can surely pick one of the 25 most unique garden decors that match your preference. Curious? Let’s peel the thing one by one!

What Is Garden Décor?

Garden décor are trinkets that you can put in your garden. They can make your garden look more attractive and cool because their shapes and colors are usually unique and striking. Some examples of garden décor are sculptures, decorative lamps, planters, signposts, and plant stakes.

How Can You Decorate Your Garden Ideas?

First, choose which decoration you want to install in your garden. Make sure the theme of your decorations is appropriate and in sync with each other. For example, if you have chosen a fairy decoration theme, you need to buy or create other knicks knacks related to that theme. Next, you can start installing the decoration. But please, pay attention to the placement. Furthermore, don’t be too focused on just one side of the garden. So, the whole area looks evenly attractive to people who visit your home.

BEST Garden Decoration To Enchache Your Garden Beauty

1. Moon Solar Lights Decor

Moon Solar Lights Garden Décor

You can enhance the night view of your garden with warm lights from this unique garden decor. Designed to resemble the moon, this light decor will surely make the nighttime scenery in your garden more beautiful. 

In addition, the golden frame with stars-shaped holes provides a beautiful silhouette of the stars at night. Even though there are no stars and a moon, you can still enjoy their beauty through this lamp. In any case, it is an excellent item that will improve your garden’s attractiveness.

2. Fairy Door ‘Mara’ in Yellow

Fairy Door ‘Mara’ in Yellow Garden Décor

Fairy tale movies are indeed one of the best genres that make us feel like we are part of it. This type of movie is very immersive. If you are a fairy-themed movie lover, then this unique garden decor is destined for you.

This fairy door is inspired by a fairy house that often appears in movies. The adorable small door will surely make anyone who sees it wonder if there really is a fairy living in your garden. Additionally, the striking yellow color is also the main attraction of this decoration.

3. Personalized Wooden Garden Sign

Personalized Engraved Hanging Wooden Garden Sign

What would a park be without a welcoming sing board? It sure feels weird, doesn’t it? But, don’t worry! Just for you, we have found a perfect garden sign that will match your yard seamlessly. 

It is a hanging wooden garden decor that will captivate anyone passing by your front yard. The meticulously engraved decoration of flowers and ladybugs on the wooden planks gives a touch of the elements of the garden itself. Not to mention that you are also allowed to customize the welcome greeting, making this decor even more personal.

4. Solar Powered Fountain Bird Bath

Solar Powered Fountain Pump Bird Bath

Are you someone who enjoys watching birds around your garden? If yes, we have something great that will be an excellent addition to your garden decor. It is a unique birdbath that will invite your avian guests with the best greeting possible!

During the day, this birdbath serves as a resting place for wild birds around your house. They can take a quick dip and sip from the existing water fountain. Furthermore, it functions as a magnificent décor at night where the fountain emits colorful lights. Thanks to its solar-powered system, it does not require external electricity. What a unique piece of garden decor it is!

5. Nautical Birdhouse 

Nautical Birdhouse 

Bird lovers definitely can’t help but put this birdhouse in their garden. It has a nautical design with starfishes and shells as decorations to enhance its appearance.

Moreover, there are two holes as the entrance for the birds. And also, thanks to the large birdhouse size, the birds will feel safe and comfortable making nests there. We are sure that your feathery friends will be very grateful for this unique garden decor you provide for them. What a thoughtful idea!

6. Modern Butterfly House

Modern Butterfly House

The presence of butterflies is increasingly becoming rarer due to global warming. It is unfortunate news knowing that butterflies help plants to continue their lifecycle. And for that reason, you can make a little contribution to improving the situation by placing a modern butterfly house as your unique garden decor.

This butterfly house has a distinct color that, hopefully, will attract the butterflies to perch on it. Its tiny size is just perfect to match the creature living there. You can place it in the middle of the flowers in your garden, so it blends in with the surrounding environment. Interested?

7. Macrame Hanging Planter

Macrame Hanging Planter Indoor Garden Décor

Wondering what to shop for to complete your indoor garden? How about choosing these alluring hanging planters as your unique garden decor? You will immediately feel the relaxing boho vibes once you hang them.

Each planter has unique characteristics that you can choose based on your taste. Moreover, thanks to the strong beaded cords, you don’t have to worry if your pot will fall. It uses this macrame plant holder to put extra stability.

8. Gnome Plant Stake

Grumpy Bernie Garden Gnome Plant Stake

Can you guess the character’s name shown in the garden stake above? It seems impossible if you are not familiar with this political figure. This person had made a scene in the media because he was caught on camera sitting alone during the inauguration of the American president, Joe Biden. He is Bernie Sanders!

This time, he turns into a fun garden decor that will surely bring laughter once people take a glance at it. These plant stakes feature Bernie sitting on a mushroom with a grumpy face. If you take a closer look, you can see the detail of laser-cut that is too amazing to resist. It will no doubt add an eye-catching piece to your garden.

9. Knothole Gnomes Garden Sculpture

Knothole Gnomes Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture

Peek a boo! A little old-man gnome is here to welcome any guest who visits your wonderful garden. This fun piece of unique garden decor will certainly steal anyone’s attention.

The sculpture is stunningly chiseled to create a masterpiece of artwork. Every detail of the statue successfully mimics a dwarf from a fairy tale world. You can easily hang this outstanding sculpture on your tree or garden fence. It will undoubtedly make a focal point in your garden.

10. LED Solar Wind Chime

LED Solar Wind Chime Light Yard Garden Décor

As we rarely see flying butterflies in the garden, how about adding a butterfly-shaped wind chime as a unique garden decor? Your garden will definitely look more attractive because of this accessory.

You can hang this wind chime on a tree that grows in your garden. When the wind blows, you can hear the sound of the friction between the two metal-butterfly. Even more astounding, the butterflies become colorful lights that illuminate the garden at night. Thanks to its solar-powered LEDs, the glittery butterfly will dance all night long!

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11. Kissing Kids Boy and Girl Statue

unique garden decor

This sculpture is sure to attract the attention of art lovers everywhere. From the picture above, you can see that it depicts two children who love each other. You can also tell that the artist put so much effort into creating such charming sculptural details.

Furthermore, the natural gestures that appear from both kids make this artwork look more appealing. The statue size is also fitting as a unique garden decoration. Just place it in the middle of the flowers bed and surprise! This piece will successfully become the center point of your garden.

12. Shower Light Garden Decoration Lamp

unique garden decor

Who is not attracted by the beauty of this garden decoration? Having a watering can-shaped, this lamp will surely make one of the most unique garden decorations you can buy.

The sparkling lights of this lamp turn your garden into a fairy tale magic world. To make it even more enchanting, you can hang this piece on the stake so that flowing stars will look like coming out of the watering pot.

13. 2-Tier Lion Head Fountain Stone

unique garden decor

The babbling brook sound can give a relaxing effect for anyone who listens to it. But now, you no longer need to go to the river to listen to it. Simply by installing this 2-tier lion head fountain in your garden, you can enjoy the pleasing noise of splashing water every day. 

Not just creating a calming atmosphere, it is also perfect as garden decor because of its natural-looking stone. We guarantee that your garden will now become your favorite spot in your house.

14. Hovering Hummingbird Stake

unique garden decor

As a hummingbird lover, you definitely don’t want to miss this unique garden decor. It is a well-designed hummingbird stake that will add a charming touch to your garden.

The handcrafter paid close attention to detail with precision, thus creating a stake that closely resembles the original hummingbird. You can lodge it near the flowerbed in your garden. That way, it makes an impression that it looks like a hummingbird sipping nectar.

15. Zen Turtle Garden Sculpture

unique garden decor

For spiritual people, zen items are considered essential to bring luck, positive energy, and help them focus. If you are a person who believes in such things, then this zen turtle sculpture is the best choice for decorating your garden.

Turtles symbolize peace. It can remind us not to take everything in a rush but at a steady and calm pace. After all, in the end, we will also arrive at our destination without needing to scramble. You can position this sculpture according to the feng-shui that you believe. May it bring good fortune to your house!

16. Yoga Pose Garden Sculptures 

unique garden decor

You can’t deny that the best garden decor is the most unique one, like these yoga pose garden sculptures. How on earth does anyone think about creating art with yoga poses as inspiration? The inventor is a genius.

The three statues set is made as beautiful as possible to resemble the original yoga poses. Every movement executes the meaning of the Asana principle, which may bring a positive attitude for those who implement it. Despite their uncommon designs, these sculptures will certainly bring calming vibes to your garden.

17. Recycled Metal Ostrich Planter

unique garden decor

Give your garden the best possible décor like these ostrich planters! You will never believe it if we tell you that these pieces are made from recycled metals because they are so cool.

The body is made of coins assembled into one, so it looks very artistic. Moreover, the succulents that you grow will dangle out like natural living feathers for these ostriches. Where else can you find cool, unique garden decor from recycled materials if not here?

18. Personalized Family Member Signpost

unique garden decor

Stay united with your family with this personalized family member signpost. You can freely customize each plate with your family member’s name. The crafter used wooden materials as they are easier to design.

Moreover, this piece also has an excellent pastel color choice that makes a fascinating appeal. If you look closely, the sign has an arrow shape, allowing the postman to deliver the packet to the right person. Simply place a post box near this sign, then you can get a perfect addition to your garden decor.

19. Swimming Koi Sculptures

unique garden decor

Do you want to make a fish pond, but your garden space is too narrow to make it happen? Don’t be sad. We can make your dream come true with these swimming koi sculptures. They will undoubtedly make the most unique garden décor for your lovely home.

The clay material allows the crafter to create unique sculptures that bring underwater life to your garden. In addition, the blue sapphire color of the koi further adds to the enchantingly beautiful appearance. You can plant them in a sea of greenery, and be surprised! They will provide an outstanding view!

20. Cute Ladybugs Outdoor Wall Décor 

Cute Ladybugs Outdoor Garden Wall Décor

The most unique garden decors list will be incomplete if we don’t add ladybugs mini-sculptures in it. They are icons of the garden that often appear, especially in spring when the beautiful flowers bloom.

These colorful ladybugs are a great match to your garden as they can create a vibrant look that captivates the eyes. You can showcase them by pasting them on your garden’s wooden wall. The color contrast will make them even more striking.

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21. Garden Squirrel Figurines

Garden Squirrel Figurines Décor

Wildlife life is exciting for people who love nature. It is interesting to see wild animals, including cute squirrels, playing around us. Interested in bringing this atmosphere to life in your garden? You can make it happen with these unique squirrel figurines.

These sculptures accurately duplicate the original form of squirrels in the wild, complete with their walnuts. It’s just that the walnuts here are made with stunning lamps that will emit a warm light. Even though they are artificial animals, you can still feel the atmosphere of the wild! Now, you get to be accompanied by your adorable squirrel friends in your garden.

22. Bird Feeding Station Kit

Bird Feeding Station Kit

Making bird feeders a unique garden décor has become popular nowadays. It is because bird feeders can invite beautiful avians to come to the garden, offering a view that spoils the eyes.

If you are interested in following this trend, you can look at this fantastic feeding station kit. This kit includes a bird feeder, birdbath, food tray, and a lamp – things that birds need the most! Your avian guests will definitely be pleased with this excellent facility.

23. Old Man Tree Face Statues

unique garden decor

Dare to try something new? This unique garden décor can surely satisfy your odd taste. Having a design that resembles an old man’s face, this sculpture will definitely surprise anyone who accidentally looks at it.

It will be a perfect match to your garden’s tree as it can blend smoothly with the color so that people don’t notice its presence. You can also choose one of the three existing statues designs and pair it with the tree’s shade you have.

24 Floating Frog Statues

unique garden decor

Have a pond in your garden? Considering putting something fresh to light it up? Then, you have just found an ideal décor. It is floating frog statues that you might think don’t exist.

Designed to resemble a frog rowing a canoe, these beautiful pieces are indeed very fitting to be a garden pond décor. Moreover, the color and size that resemble the real animal. It will make others think they are real frogs. What a creative work of art!

25. Sitting Fairy Statue

unique garden decor

Do you fancy characters from fairy tales?. If so, this fairy statue is a fantastic deal to decorate your garden. You can bring the magical garden vibe into your yard with this item.

This statue features a sitting fairy in an elegant position. It will be excellent for your outdoor garden, indoor garden, or even your patio. You can also put it near your planters’ collection as a sweet decoration to make it look more inviting. Moreover, the resin material of this unique garden décor will surely guarantee its durability. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it being rusty.

Final Thoughts

A garden is a place full of flowers, plants, the sounds of birds and also water fountains. It is a place full of happiness especially for those who love gardening. Spending time in the garden will be a lot more enjoyable if you add some charming garden decor items. In order to do that, you can place some cute and sweet ornaments that will put some colors to your lovely garden.

The best ornaments that you can choose include some cute bird houses, water fountains, some statues, and if you have a pond, you can add some floating ornaments, too!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What ornaments to put in a garden?

You can choose various ornaments that suit your taste. And then, adjust your garden design accordingly based on your choice. If your garden has a pond, then Floating Frog Statues are the best ornament for you. However, if you prefer other items, you can always choose a different one from the 25 unique garden décor lists that we have created. For example, Moon Solar Lights Garden Décor, Nautical Birdhouse, Macrame Hanging Planter Indoor Garden Décor, and Garden Squirrel Figurines Décor.

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