25 Futuristic Gifts for Hackers

Nowadays, a hacker’s reputation has been tainted with a negative connotation. You’d probably connect them with cybercriminal and cyberterrorism. While some hackers are connected to that, there are a large portion of hackers who contribute to society in a good way. Do you know that there are many hackers who worked at top companies like Google and Tesla? It’s safe to say that not all of them are bad!

You might not know it, but perhaps one of your IT friends is actually a real-life hacker! In that case, it’s a good thing to find some cool gifts for hackers to show them that you appreciate their good deeds. It’ll probably prevent them from hacking your private data too! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump on our list of cool gifts for hackers below.  

Unique Gifts for Hackers

Due to their habit, most hackers will love technology-related items. On our list of cool gifts for hackers, you will find unique items that you can get for your friend. They would surely love all of these items! Come take a look. 

1. World’s Best Hacker

World’s Best Hacker

There are so many hackers in the world. There’s a big chance that you only knew a handful of them. But it shouldn’t stop you from being able to appreciate your hacker friend’s skillset. Show them who’s the best in their line with this cool mug!

2. Wireless Beanie Hat Headphone

Wireless Beanie Hat Headphone

Hackers need music to be able to get in the groove. You can help them work in style with this cool wireless beanie hat headphone. It might seem just like an ordinary beanie hat to others, but they can enjoy their favorite tunes with the wireless headphone technology implanted inside. 

3. VR Atlas Explorer Kit

VR Atlas Explorer Kit

VR technology is advancing rapidly. Basically, it’s a cool technology that will certainly be enjoyed by your hacker friend. If they have children, you might want to hand this VR Atlas Explorer Kit over as a present. It will help to introduce them to the wonderful world of virtual reality in a fun and exciting way. 

4. Gamer Geek Mouse Pad

Gamer Geek Mouse Pad

Hackers work in a super cool environment. Unlike most of us, they used modified and high technology equipment. It’s no surprise if they have some cool mouse pad for their daily activities. But if they hadn’t already, then it’s the perfect time to buy this excellent mouse pad for them!

5. Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless Gaming Mouse

This cool mouse is an excellent choice to complement the mouse pad that we have offered before. This gaming mouse features seven different colors of illuminated LED, which will fit perfectly for your friend’s needs. Hurry and buy one now!

6. ThinkFun Hacker Coding Game

ThinkFun Hacker Coding Game

For hackers and IT guys, this coding game is the perfect way to kill some time! They can enjoy this game with their friends and family. Moreover, they can also teach a little bit of programming and coding lessons to their friends while playing this game. 

7. Viktor Jurgen Neck Heat Relaxation

Viktor Jurgen Neck Heat Relaxation

A hacker’s profession requires them to sit all day long in front of a computer, which can cause some fatigue and put some strains on their neck. But don’t worry about that! You can purchase this magnificent neck relaxation for them so that they may endure a longer time in front of their PC. 

8. Ghost in the Wires

Ghost in the Wires

Learning from other people’s experience is a good way to improve ourselves. Interestingly, that same rule also applies to hackers. They will definitely learn a thing or two from this awesome book. Ghost in the Wires is an autobiography of Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most wanted hacker who had conned a lot of agencies and companies. Your friend would definitely avoid committing crimes like Mitnick, but there’s surely something that he can learn. 

9. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

For a tech-enthusiast, a conventional speaker isn’t something that a hacker would fancy. But if you give them this awesome speaker, they would definitely appreciate that! Light up the “torch” in this speaker while enjoying some cool music. It will definitely fit in their hi-tech themed room.

10. Rock Dock

Rock Dock

This awesome phone dock is a perfect fit for people who spend most of their time in front of a computer. With this rock dock, they can access their phones easily while still being focused on their job. Besides, it’s got a cool design that hackers will definitely love. 

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Decoration Gifts for Hackers

There’s a huge possibility that hackers will enjoy decorating their workspace and house to further match their style. It’s the reason why we’re going to recommend some gifts for hackers that will definitely help them in their efforts. 

1. Hacker Print

Hacker Print

A wall art is an easy way to start redecorating your workspace. This awesome hacker poster is a cool art that will be appreciated by your hacker friend. They can hang this on their office or home. 

2. Hack the Planet Wall Art

Hack the Planet Wall Art

Most hackers around the world are definitely familiar with the classic movie Hackers. If your friend loved that movie, you better buy this wall art ASAP! This cool poster also comes with a life-size floppy disk sticker, and is printed out in premium matte medium weight paper. 

3. No Cloud Art Print

No Cloud Art Print

There’s no computer that a highly-skilled hacker can’t breach. If your friend is an expert at their job, then you might want to give this cool art print to them. Show them how much you acknowledge their expertise with this awesome art print!

4. Interactive Cloud Lamp

Interactive Cloud Lamp

This interactive cloud lamp is the definitive item to enhance a room. Furthermore, this interactive lamp has different kinds of modes that you can try out. This is the best item that you can find for your hacker friend. 

5. Long Distance Friendship Wood Lamp

Long Distance Friendship Wood Lamp

Even if you have a different profession with your hacker friend, it doesn’t mean that it will severely affect your friendship. This wood lamp can be a testament to your relationship. Keep one for yourself and give one to your friend. The two high-tech lamps will change their color at the same time whenever you touch them, no matter the distance. 

6. Prism Light

Prism Light

If your friend ever needs a cool light for their desk, you can give this cool prism light for them. When they decide to light up this awesome light, it will cast a prismatic rainbow all around their wall, which will fit perfectly with their decorations. 

Shirt and Body Apparels Gifts for Hackers

There’s a huge possibility that you might not be able to identify a hacker from their appearance. They might look like another ordinary computer geek if you didn’t get the chance to know them more. Bearing that thought in your mind, you might want to give out some cool shirts and body apparels as gifts for hackers, so that they can brag more about their awesome job. 

1. Loading, I’m Thinking Shirt

Loading, I’m Thinking Shirt

First up, we’ve got this awesome shirt for hackers. In order to beat computers, hackers need to think faster than them. Show them how deeply you acknowledge their intelligence with this cool shirt. 

2. Coding Shirt

Coding Shirt

Hackers deal with zeros and ones in their programming job. We might not understand that, but they certainly enjoy looking at those two digits. That’s the reason why you should consider buying this cool shirt as a gift for your hacker friend. 

3. Cyber Mom

Cyber Mom

Hackers are commonly affiliated with young boys. But who’s to say that moms cannot be cool enough to be one? If you happen to stumble upon a hacker mom, you might not want to miss the chance of getting this shirt for her. 

4. HacKING shirt

HacKING shirt

Remember the awesome “World’s Best Hacker” mug shown before? This cool shirt has the same kind of concept. If you truly acknowledge your friend’s hacking skill, this shirt might be the perfect gift you can get for them. 

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5. V for Vendetta Mask

V for Vendetta Mask

For some reason that we haven’t comprehended, hackers are commonly associated with V for Vendetta. If they haven’t got this mask yet, you should buy one for them! This will be the perfect mask for them to wear on special occasions like Halloween. 

6. Futuristic LED Mask

Futuristic LED Mask

If you feel that the V for Vendetta mask is too common, you might want to consider this mask instead. It’s fitting for a futuristic person like your friend. They will certainly be the focus of every event when the LED mask lights up during the party!

7. Futuristic Hacker Pendant

Futuristic Hacker Pendant

A tech-enthusiast like your hacker friend requires some dope pendant as well. We believe that this futuristic hacker pendant would be the perfect item for them. Just take a look at the awesome design and imagine how it will perfectly fit on your friend’s neck. 

8. Hack the Planet Hoodie

Hack the Planet Hoodie

Hackers need to have a cool appearance for their daily activities. What better way to dress up other than this awesome hoodie? We’d guarantee that 99.9% of hackers all around the world would kill for this hoodie. You better get one now for your friend. 

9. Black Tungsten Ring

Black Tungsten Ring

This cool hacker ring will be the final piece of the puzzle in dressing up your hacker friend. This ring is designed to resemble high-tech equipment. Your friend would definitely love this item and would love to wear it during a high-tech hackers conference.

Final Thoughts

The best gifts for your hacker friend doesn’t always have to come in the form of tech-related stuff. In fact, there are other kinds of gifts to pick from like t-shirts, games, mugs, to mousepads, which we have all on our list above. Although we do think that those gifts still need to include the elements of high-tech computers and geekiness to them. After all, what a hacker without his geek stuff, right?

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