25 Creative and Cool Wind Chimes for Your House

Cool wind chimes are used mainly for weather forecasting, spiritual, agricultural, and decoration purposes. Since it has many functions, wind chimes are worth buying. Even if you buy it only just for decoration, it still maintains the weather forecasting uses.

There are many cool wind chimes that are not only just metals that collide with each other to produce a sound after a wind passes through it but also have many different motives and themes like fishes, birds, and even non-living creatures like bottles.

What Type Of Wind Chimes Are Best?

The best type of cool wind chimes not only offer beautiful design but also multipurpose functions such as brightening the room with LED and said can be used for spiritual purposes.

What Materials Make Good Wind Chimes?

Materials that would be good to make wind chimes are aluminum because they are sturdy and durable, so you don’t need to buy the cool wind chimes often which will cost more money. Also, aluminum produces the best sound quality and clarity.

Awesome Wind Chimes for Every Home Decor

1. Recycled Bottle Season Chimes

Recycled Bottle Season Chimes

A person who loves drinking and is an environmental activist should love these cool wind chimes with a wine bottle theme. Inside the wine bottle, there is a tree that symbolizes four seasons. If you would like to drink in the windy days/nights, don’t forget to drink while near this wind chimes.

2. Mandala Trio Wind Spinner

Mandala Trio Wind Spinner

Cool wind chimes that can create an optical illusion are rare these days. Just look at the design, when the wind breeze flows by, you will feel like traveling to another dimension just by looking at the wind chimes. Each chime gives a different optical illusion.

3. Family Tree Chime

Family Tree Chime

Enjoying yourself with family by playing games on a beautiful windy day is important. To make the situation more interesting, you can use these cool wind chimes. Because you can write your family member’s name on it, hence the name of this wind chime is tree family name. Since this is a family tree chime, it is better to put it in the elder family’s house, so when they pass away, the future generation can still remember them.

4. Hanging Wooden Wind Spinner

Hanging Wooden Wind Spinner

The cool wind chimes are made of yellow pines. The shape looks like DNA or helix. The wind chimes can move fluidly in tune with how the wind breezes. You can give this to a biology student who studies genetics and people with a yoga routine in the morning.

5. SUNFLOWER Wind Chimes


Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. The yellowish flower offers you a beautiful sound too, not just a beautiful look. The cool wind chimes with green leaves for accent are perfect for sunflower lovers.

6. Rainbow Butterfly Windchime

Rainbow Butterfly Windchime

A butterfly that has just come from their cocoon is beautiful, but how about the rainbow butterfly as cool wind chimes? It sounds cooler. The butterfly chimes give a merry tune just by a slight wind breeze.

7. Wooden Candy Skull Bat Chime

Wooden Candy Skull Bat Chime

Bats usually perch on the top while their body position is backward or facing down to the bottom. The cool wind chimes like bats will give a different sensation on a windy night since bats are nocturnal creatures. With their decoration and bat’s theme, the chimes are also a good choice as a Halloween gift.

8. School Of Silver Spoon Fish Wind Chime

School Of Silver Spoon Fish Wind Chime

Fishes that can fly in the air are a rare sight to see. But the fishes are not real. Instead, it acts as cool wind chimes that will accompany your windy days. The fish chime is made of quite old silver and has wonderful platinum. Fish lovers will be happy to receive this as a gift.

9. Beautiful Rustic Animal Wind Chimes

Cute animals as cool wind chimes are a great idea. Resin and durable finish are the main material for this wind chimes. So it will last for years. Also, the variety of the animals makes it a perfect gift for animal lovers. You can put these wind chimes not only on the balcony but also in the garden.

10. Glass Wind Chime Green Leaves Windchime

Glass Wind Chime Green L

There are many people who like the color green and want a green nuance in their environment. The cool wind chimes that are shaped like leaves will make a good impression on a botanical student or plant lover. It also fits in the garden as additional decorations.

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11. Unique Metal Wind Chimes Blessing Lucky Windbells

Unique Metal Wind Chimes Blessing Lucky Windbells

Believe it or not, there are people who use cool wind chimes as a good luck charm. For instance, wind chimes like this one. The picture inside it is said to be the tree of life. The wind chimes have many meanings that are human wishes such as good luck, health, safety, and love.

12. Colorful Crystal Wind Chimes

Colorful Crystal Wind Chimes

Crystal cool wind chimes are the perfect decoration for your garden. It is made of high-quality materials. Furthermore, it can be hung in many places such as trees, patios, fences, and doors. Your neighbor will think that these chimes are jewelry and might be jealous of you.

13. Colorful Wind Chimes Bells Outdoor

Colorful Wind Chimes Bells Outdoor

The more colorful, the better the design. The long metal pipes produce church bell sounds even just by mere wind breezes. Since it can be easily hung and is colorful, it is perfect for a wedding gift, a gift for retirement, and a birthday gift for any age.

14. Solar Wind Chime Light

Solar Wind Chime Light

Multipurpose cool wind chimes with a hummingbird as the chimes? That offer shouldn’t be declined. The hummingbird has LEDs to brighten your room, so you can enjoy a windy night with it. Furthermore, it chimes your solar panel.

15. Color-Changing LED Solar Powered Dragonfly Decoration

Color-Changing LED Solar Powered Dragonfly Decoration

You usually see a moth in the night, especially after rain occurs and there are many light sources nearby. If you want to feel that condition again which only happens in the rain, you could try this dragonfly cool wind chimes that will bring the sensation. The chimes are perfect for insect lovers.

16. Colored Porcelain Koi Fish Wind Chime

Colored Porcelain Koi Fish Wind C

Koi fish is a special fish because it says a lot in Japanese environments and cultures. The koi fish are usually placed in the large pond while their natural habitat is cold water. Japanese people view this fish as a symbol of love and affection. Therefore, if you happen to have a lover from Japan, don’t hesitate to give these cool wind chimes.

17. Wind & Weather Solar Fall Mobile With Wind Chimes

Wind _ Weather Solar Fall Mobile With Wind Chimes

If you look closely at the cool wind chimes. You can guess that these are autumn-themed wind chimes because of the leaves’ color and shape. Therefore, it is great to put these wind chimes in the autumn season. It also has an LED that will give light in the dark.

18. Color-Changing Teardrop Wind Chimes

Color-Changing Teardrop Wind Chi

If you feel sad, you will cry and the water from your eyes is called tears. If you happen to see a depressed or sad person. You better give these tear cool wind chimes immediately, so they can release their emotion with these wind chimes.

19. Solar Snowflakes Mobile Wind Chime

Solar Snowflakes Mobile Wind Chime

Before, you have seen autumn-themed cool wind chimes. But, there are also winter-themed wind chimes. The snowflakes have a LED that will shine your day in the dark winter for six to eight hours with only AA batteries. A winter lover should be happy when they receive these wind chimes.

20. Love Shaped Wind Chimes Solar Powered LED Light

Love Shaped Wind Chimes Solar Powered LED Light

Valentine’s day is near but you still have no idea what to give for your spouse? The good news is there are cool wind chimes that are shaped like a love shape. Enjoy your romantic session with your spouse with these wind chimes. The LED will light up your romantic date for six to eight hours.

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21. Witch Bells Magical Wind Chimes

Witch Bells Magical Wind Chimes

The star symbol in the cool wind chimes is familiar. The wind chimes are many chimes that are used for a spiritual purpose. The purpose of the chimes is witchcraft. It is said that the wind chimes are used to prevent negative energy from coming to your house.

22. Norisaku Wind bell Wind Chime Doraemon

Norisaku Wind bell Wind Chime Doraemon

Doraemon is one of the famous anime and manga series in this world besides Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, One Punch-Man, etc. The author of the manga is Fujiko F. Fujio. There are tons of Doraemon fans worldwide ranging from toddlers to adults. So, the Doraemon wind chimes are the perfect gift to give to anyone.

23. DesGully Wind Chimes,Moon Crackle

DesGully Wind Chimes,Moon Crackle

Enjoying your nights with a moon in the sky is calming. But, what if the moon is not present because of cloudy weather. To solve this problem, cool wind chimes like these ones will be ready to serve you. The moon wind chimes are also used for a spiritual purpose.

24. Sunday Brunch Windchime

Sunday Brunch Windchime

Appreciating a chef and housewives who would cook every day for you is an obligation since it is to show your gratitude toward them. The cooking and eating utensils cool wind chimes are suitable as a gift for them. You can put them in the place near the kitchen, so when they cook, they will hear a sound that will pump their spirit for cooking.

25. Elephant Wind Chimes

Elephant Wind Chimes

The elephant is one of the biggest animals on earth besides blue whales. To clarify, the elephant is the biggest land mammals on earth, while blue whales are the biggest sea mammal and animal on earth. If you miss the sound of an elephant and can’t come to the zoo right away, you can buy these elephant cool wind chimes or give them to elephant lovers.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of wind chimes, then you must know that a wind chime is more than just something with a purpose of weather forecast or spiritual journey. It is also part of your home decoration, or a healing tool because it can create a soothing sound to keep any soul at peace.

Therefore, the best way to pick the best wind chime is definitely by making sure that it includes everything that you need. Also, if you want to make it as a gift, you might want to pick the design that can fit perfectly to any decoration and home design. Happy wind chime hunting!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best metal for wind chimes?

The best metal for cool wind chimes is aluminum because it produces the best sound quality and clarity, not to mention its superb durability and resistance to weather.

Where is the best place to put wind chimes?

The best place to put wind chimes are rooms that have the highest chance that wind will come to the room. It is said, for a spiritual purpose, you should place the cool wind chimes in the west, north, or north-west side of your room.

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