25 Best Family Tree Gifts To Introduce The Family History

Having a family tree is important for people who love genealogy. A family tree, also known as a genealogy or pedigree chart, is a unique chart that depicts family relationships in the form of a tree structure. The tree became a symbol of lineage for the nobles in the late Middle Ages, which has been adopted until now. Although the greenery had vanished and the “roots” were at the top rather than the bottom of the diagrams, family pedigrees were widely referred to as family trees. Today, there are many family tree gifts in various designs and materials. With family tree gifts, you can introduce the family member easily, while enhancing the room atmosphere with additional decoration.

Suppose you are looking for family tree gifts for your family and relatives who love genealogy, or just want to document the family history, then you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look at some cool family tree gifts we have compiled just for you! From the small family tree standing decor, to the large family tree design with pictures, those charming gifts will definitely impress you.

1. Personalized Family Tree Wall Frame

Personalized Family Tree Wall Frame

Do you want to get ideal family tree gifts for grandparents who have many children and grandchildren? Try with this personalized family tree with names in a charming frame. The design can accommodate up to 25 names in heart shape, perfect for those who have a large family. There will be open heart slots in the tree for any remaining hearts from the number of hearts you selected, allowing you to add new family members in the future.

2. Family Tree Wood Standing Decor

Family Tree Wood Standing Decor

Surprise your loved one with this charming standing decor! It will be one of the most wonderful family tree gifts in your life. The size is ideal for decoration in the office desk to give encouragement while working. Made from wood, it has a large heart shape at the center which you can customize with the family name as the focal point.

3. Wooden Family Tree with Picture Frame

Wooden Family Tree with Picture Frame

This is definitely one of the most amazing family tree gifts for dad and mom’s bedroom. Your parents can arrange their own wood family tree with pictures. Any regular wall can be transformed into a lovely backdrop for their family photos. Your parents can also use pins and small nails to attach other personal things to the wooden components.

4. Family Tree Canvas Art

Family Tree Canvas Art

If you want to get artistic family tree gifts, then you should buy the one with canvas. The design is beautifully printed in semi gloss paper, then wrapped in canvas with concealed framing. It is fade resistant and has a 200-year archival quality. It will be a wonderful keepsake you can hang on the wall or just simply lay on the desk as decoration. 

5. Family Tree Frame with LED Light

Family Tree Frame with LED Light

Get your mom this charming family frame with LED light. It is one of the perfect family gifts for moms who start to forget their family members. It will remind her of the entire family every day, printed on a premium linen card for that extra special touch with your individual names in hearts and LED light. For mom who has sleep difficulties, the dim light from the frame also can send her a sweet dream. 

6. Engraved Wooden Family Tree

Engraved Wooden Family Tree

Decorate your grandparents home with this lovely family tree. This unique piece of art is made of engraved wood in three layers. It has a backdrop layer at the back, a family tree layer, and three-dimensional hearts with laser-engraved names. The frame size resembles the picture frame, perfect family tree gifts for grandparents who don’t have the whole family picture frame.

7. Family Tree with Photo Collage Wall Art

Family Tree with Photo Collage Wall Art

Bring family tree gifts to another level with this amazing photo collage wall art. Inspired by the traditional family tree, now you can get a better visual of the whole family in the tree. Instead of family names, you can customize it with the collage of pictures and precious moments in your family life. It will be one of the most unforgettable family tree gifts ever.

8. Decorative Wooden Family Tree with Heart Name Hanging

Decorative Wooden Family Tree with Heart Name Hanging

Surprise your family with something nice to play with this gift. It features a wooden daily tree and some removable name hangings. You can personalize the name and the shape into leaves or even star shapes. Once you get a new family member, you can hang the new name on this lovely wooden family tree. However, you also can put them off once you want to trick your family.

9. Biblical Family Tree

Biblical Family Tree

If you are looking for family tree gifts for genealogy lovers, then this biblical family tree is the good option. From Adam and Eve to Queen Esther, every significant bible character’s family tree is depicted in this bright, easy-to-read poster. Two timelines are also presented, one based on the literal biblical account and the other based on the secular study of history.

10. 3D Family Tree Decor

3D Family Tree Decor

Get your family a wonderful keepsake to treasure in this simple 3D family tree decor. It has profound and friendly sentiments that are in keeping with the family theme. Those heart-shaped tiny wood cutouts will serve as warm home decorations, reflecting your family’s happiness and warmth. You can write the names of your family members on the wood heart cutouts or make cute patterns with them.

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11. Bronze Family Tree Centerpiece Stand

Bronze Family Tree Centerpiece Stand

Bring back the good old times with some memorable pictures in this family tree centerpiece stand. The beautiful leaves’ accents liven up the rustic vibes in this gift. Made from bronze in a strong and sturdy design, it allows you to put up to 6 mini photo frames in it. It will be one of the best family tree gifts to keep precious moments easily.

12. Family Birthday Reminder Tracker

Family Birthday Reminder Tracker

As your parents have a large family, they may forget to wish their siblings a happy birthday. With this family tree gift for parents, they can track important family birthdays and keep all family birthdays in one spot! It will also be a perfect reminder for dad and mom, assisting them in recalling crucial dates, ensuring that they do not forget them.

13. Grandchildren Shadow Box Kit

Grandchildren Shadow Box Kit

Surprise your grandparents with this amazing shadow box kit. Especially if you want to make sure that they will remember all of the grandchildren, this gift will be very beneficial. It includes a raised wooden tree with yellow ribbon, wooden hearts, and plenty of jewels that may be glued together to make your own unique design. It will be one of the most creative gifts for grandparents.

14. Family Tree Chart with Genealogy

Family Tree Chart with Genealogy

Do you want to have a personalized family tree with names? Well, try to have this fantastic family tree chart. Blank charts are frequently presented as gifts so that the receiver can complete them. Or, you can try to fill them out before giving it to your family. It is a wonderful present for kicking off pleasant, intriguing, and important conversations during family gatherings.

15. Vintage Silver Family Tree Picture Frame

Vintage Silver Family Tree Picture Frame

Thinking of having classic family tree gifts? If so, you may fall in love with this silver family tree frame. It has picture frames for every occasion and interior design. The die-cast zinc alloy with an electro-plated silver tone finish is used to create this family tree picture frame. Ten two-sided oval tiny frames swing from the delicate boughs of this gorgeous tree frame. 

16. Family Tree Outer Ring Necklace

Family Tree Outer Ring Necklace

Keep the family close to your heart with this family tree outer ring necklace. You can personalize this necklace by engraving the names of your loved ones in your life on the round space. The pendant’s charm is enhanced by the presence of seven birthstones with tree designs. The necklace will hold all of your favorite memories.

17. Family Roots Tree Charm

Family Roots Tree Charm

Feel the blessing from the whole family in this stunning charm bracelet. Many openwork features, such as love hearts down the sides of the charm bead, are included in this family tree design. With an engraved phrase on the back of the bead, you may add an emotional touch to your charm bracelet.

18. Rooted Love Swing Sculpture

Rooted Love Swing Sculpture

Give your home a heartwarming touch with this beautiful tree sculpture. It comes with a complete family sitting on the swing next to the tree. This copper sculpture honors a love that is both anchored and rises to new heights, the root itself. Beautifully handcrafted with a vibrant patina, this amazing home decor will remind you of your roots while also matching any room style.

19. DIY Family Tree Wood Plaque

DIY Family Tree Wood Plaque

Surprise your loved ones with this DIY family tree plaque. You may DIY engrave the names of family members on this significant family plaque, which is constructed with a love tree to symbolize the family’s prosperity. This family tree plaque is exquisitely crafted with a smooth surface that will not scratch your hands, making it less likely to be damaged or deformed. 

20. Family Tree Bangle Bracelet

Family Tree Bangle Bracelet

Protect your family with this beautiful bangle. This bangle shows your love to your mother with the engraved heart shaped pendant in 2 sided design. On one side, it features a Mother’s Day message, while on the other side, you can see the stunning engraved family tree symbol. Made of high quality silver with an adjustable design, this bangle is very comfortable to wear.

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21. DIY Canvas Ancestry Chart

DIY Canvas Ancestry Chart

Make a big project which the whole family can do together with this fantastic ancestry chart. The goal is simple: complete the whole family chart in 5 to 6 generations. It has high-quality canvas material and superb design that will keep you motivated and demonstrate the progression of your family history. Just simply fill in the blank space given in this chart, and you will find out the whole ancestry soon!

22. Hand Embroidered Family Tree

Hand Embroidered Family Tree

Another artistic family tree gift to come! It is an absolutely thoughtful family tree which is handcrafted. Who would’ve thought that hand embroidery could create a fantastic family tree? Framed in a beautiful wooden hoop, it portrays the elegant design of a family chart you can use for home decoration. Every detail in this art will be a piece of conversation to your guests. 

23. Love Lock Family Tree of Life

Love Lock Family Tree of Life

Strengthen the bond of the whole family with this family tree of life. You can hang the personalized lock with names in this family tree. The tree sculpture is made of robust metal and is 24 inches in diameter. Moreover, it is powder coated for durability and will last a lifetime. This might be the start of a new family heirloom.

24. Family Tree Stone Picture Frame

Family Tree Stone Picture Frame

Combine the beauty of the family tree and art stones in one frame with this gift. Each frame has a different stone because no two stones are alike. You can customize the number of the family member and even the scene you expect that will be portrayed in this frame. It makes a fantastic gift for genealogy and also stone art lovers.

25. Family Tree Word Cloud

Family Tree Word CloudA

In case you have a lot of family members which can be mentioned one by one using the traditional family tree gifts, try the modern style! With some creativity, you can put the whole maes inside the word cloud family tree design. It makes a terrific gift for a family home because it can be personalized with your choice of names and words. The personalized family tree with names is a genius way to remind you of the whole family.

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