Game Of Thrones Docking Station

This Game Of Thrones Docking Station is the answer to every man’s prayer. It provides storage options for all of the little items you can never seem to find when you are late for an appointment.

It also guarantees that you will never leave the house without any of life’s essentials.

its perfect for next to your bed, It has a charging port compatible with all cell phone brands, and handy spots to hold your watch, car keys, pen, wallet and sunglasses.

It could function as a desktop organizer for the slob in your life helping them reduce the clutter in their lives.  

Game Of Thrones Docking Station

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special is at times a nightmare but it does not have to be so with this handy contraption. Its versatility will create the impression that you gave the gift some thought.

Game Of Thrones Docking Station

The material used is top-quality MDF ensuring durability. The icing on the cake is that it is remarkably beautiful. 

Ornate craftsmanship is evident in the execution of the House Stark direwolf sigil. This makes it the perfect focal point for any man cave. 

Game Of Thrones Docking Station

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