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The Level

For all the talk of how fast and hectic our world has become, we sure do spend a lot of time sitting. There’s no surprise there since more and more jobs require sitting in front of the computer.

We’ve even come up with a standing desk that aims to keep us healthier by getting us on our feet.

The Level is a companion gadget to a standing desk that gets you to actually move without leaving one spot.

The Level is a motion platform. Its slight dome shape requires you to be constantly balancing it when you’re standing on it. This gets you moving, working out your joints and muscles while simultaneously boosting your heart rate. 

The Level

Standing at your desk is a step in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle. Still, after several hours of standing in one position, you can feel stiff and uncomfortable.

The Level

The Level changes that. Although we keep talking about it in the context of working, you can use it just as freely at home. Whether you are cooking, talking on a phone, or simply decide to move around, The Level will be there for you. 

The Level

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