Bath Bomb Gift Pack

These luxurious bath bombs take your bathroom experience to a whole new high. They come individually wrapped in a refreshing variety of 12 different options.

Every one of these is loaded with scents and colors that will really transform your bath session. 

They can be dropped as bombs into the tub as the name suggests. This will release the fun into your bath water and moisturize your skin using natural ingredients.

Alternatively, you could use it like your regular shower gel and enjoy the distinct fragrances in the line. 

Bath Bomb Gift Pack

They also have a unique visual appeal that could also make them suited as display items to liven up the space.  The fragrances and vibrant colors offer an instant release from the stresses of everyday life. They will pamper and relax you, giving you the energy to face another day.

Bath Bomb Gift Pack

Only the most special person in your life deserves this pack as a gift. Think of getting on for your wife or mum and give them opportunity to enjoy a spa experience right at home.

Bath Bomb Gift Pack

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