25 Gifts for Spicy Food Lovers that Aren’t Made for Normal People!

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love spicy foods and people who despise it. Sometimes, the reason for them to hate spicy foods is understandable. It may be because their tongue can’t resist the flaming hot taste of those spicy things. If you have a friend who is able to withstand the wrath of spicy foods, you should really applaud their bravery!

Giving out gifts for spicy food lovers is not as hard as you originally thought. In fact, we’ve got a lot of items that you can get as gifts for spicy food lovers. You can purchase unique spicy foods, spicy condiments and seasonings, as well as other amazing stuff that a spicy food lover will definitely love. Let’s check out the list, shall we?

Spicy Foods for Spicy Food Lovers

The most basic thing that you can get as gifts for spicy food lovers are simple: find unique, tasty, and spicy foods. On our list below you’re going to find noodles, sausages, and other cool foods that you can get as gifts for spicy food lovers!

1. Various Ramen Noodles Set

Various Ramen Noodles Set

Ramen noodles are delicious because of their unique taste. However, we should all agree that plain ramens isn’t that great compared to the spicy ones. That’s the reason why you should buy these ramens as part of your gifts for spicy food lovers. 

2. Spicy Double Smoked Sausages

Spicy Double Smoked Sausages

Barbeque parties won’t be complete without the presence of a delicious sausage. And if you invite a lot of spicy food lovers, you really need to buy these spicy double smoked sausages. Trust us, they’re really tasty and spicy at the same time. 

3. Spicy Sunflower Seeds

Spicy Sunflower Seeds

There are certain people who love to eat spicy foods all the time, and that include snacks. If you have a friend who can’t get their mind off of spicy consumables, perhaps you should just buy them this cool sunflower seeds. It is a perfect item as part of your gifts for spicy food lovers. 

4. Worldwide Spicy Nut Collection

Worldwide Spicy Nut Collection

Each continent has their own unique food and traditions. If you don’t have the luxury of traveling around the world, you can just buy this awesome nut collection. This way, you can have a taste at five different nuts from Mexico, Thailand, Morocco, Caribbean, and Africa.

5. Nissin Spicy Ramen with Chicken Flavor

Nissin Spicy Ramen with Chicken Flavor

Warning: do not attempt to eat this food without serving iced water. This ramen is so spicy, and it’s not made for regular people who love mild-flavored spicy foods. But if your friend is a really hardcore spicy food lover, this is the perfect item to add as part of your gifts for spicy food lovers. 

6. Spicy Nacho Doritos

Spicy Nacho Doritos

Ah, who would’ve wanted to miss the chance to eat tasty nachos? They are the perfect snack for relaxing time. If you have a friend that specializes in eating spicy foods, this spicy-flavored nacho is the perfect snack for their leisure time!

7. Hot Chicken Wings

Hot Chicken Wings

When you go to Chili’s, there’s a big chance that you will order a hot chicken wing. But why not save some time and money by cooking one yourself? In fact, you can buy this crazy hot chicken wings! You can also give it to your friend, as this is one of the best gifts for spicy food lovers. 

8. Flavored Snack Nuts

Flavored Snack Nuts

The Carolina Reaper flavored nut is not a regular snack that you can enjoy during break time. On the contrary, you should really focus while eating this cool snack. One slip up and you will feel the burning flavor in your tongue for hours!

9. Spicy Simple Syrup

Spicy Simple Syrup

We have been talking a lot about spicy foods. Now it’s time to bring a liquid to the mix. You won’t find any syrup that tastes sweet and spicy like this particular liquid, anywhere in the world! Go and buy these syrups as gifts for spicy food lovers. 

10. Sweet and Spicy Jelly Beans

Sweet and Spicy Jelly Beans

When you’re trying to consume a sweet snack, you probably never imagine if it also feels spicy. If you really want to try and figure out how it will feel in your mouth, you can just buy these awesome spicy jelly beans. They are made with spicy chili peppers, so be warned before consuming them!

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Seasonings and Condiments for Spicy Food Lovers

After looking at some of the best spicy foods, we’re going to take things to a whole new level with the next category. Below, you will find a lot of cool seasonings and condiments that your friend can use while cooking spicy foods. These items are the perfect addition for your gifts for spicy food lovers. 

11. DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

11. DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

As a spicy food lover, your friend might be more knowledgeable than the both of us. That’s the reason why you should go and get this amazing hot sauce making kit. This way, they can make their own signature hot sauce! So cool, right?

12. McCormick Taco Seasoning

McCormick Taco Seasoning

The McCormick Taco seasoning is the best option if your friend love Mexican foods. It is made with premium material and no MSG is added inside. Add this unique flavor to turkey, ground beef, chickens, or whatever you’re going to eat and feel the wonderful experience. 

13. Red Hot Original Seasoning Blend

Red Hot Original Seasoning Blend

The spicy flavor of this awesome seasoning comes from the mixture of savory garlic and spicy cayenne pepper. We guarantee that your friend will love this seasoning if you give them as part of your gifts for spicy food lovers. Ask them to try it out when they’re eating burgers and pizzas!

14. Spicy Dipping Condiment

Spicy Dipping Condiment

Enjoy a new eating experience when you combine it with this amazing dipping condiment. It was made using cage-free eggs and sourced oil and vinegar. It is a perfect company for any kind of food that your friend loves. 

15. Hot Sauce Gift Set

Hot Sauce Gift Set

If you’re really confused and don’t know what type of hot sauce your friend loves, the answer is simple: buy a hot sauce gift set. With this unique set, your spicy food lover friend will receive four different hot sauces wrapped inside a carefully-wrapped box. 

16. Six Hot Sauce Set

Six Hot Sauce Set

This hot sauce set is a heaven for all spicy food lovers. It contains six different hot sauces, starting from Scott Bonnet to Ghost and Trinidadian Scorpion Peppers. The different sauces also have different spicy levels, which makes it perfect for any spicy food lover. 

17. Trio Korean Condiment Sauce

Trio Korean Condiment Sauce

Korean street foods are famous for their unique and spicy taste. If you want to make your own Korean food in your home, you really need to purchase these condiments. Then, enjoy eating traditional Korean dishes like bibimbap. 

18. Caribbean Herbs and Spices

Caribbean Herbs and Spices

When you’re trying to find gifts for spicy food lovers, you must purchase something unique that they probably don’t have yet. Perhaps this cool spice will help to solve that problem. We guarantee that your friend will use this item every single day!

Unique Stuff for Spicy Food Lovers

Spicy food lovers also need to have other things besides food and its condiments. Cool shirts might be a good idea, as they can brag about their hobby of eating spicy foods. There are also other unique items that you can see on our list of unique gifts for spicy food lovers below. 

19. Hot Sauce on My Hot Sauce Shirt

Hot Sauce on My Hot Sauce Shirt

When your friend is eating spicy food, they might want to use a comfortable shirt, because it’s going to get really hot! We thought that this hilarious shirt could be the right partner in their search for the perfect spicy food!

20. Just Chillin’ Shirt

Just Chillin’ Shirt

Normal people will eat spicy food and feel restless. They might even sweat so much and drink a lot of water. But if your spicy food lover friend is a true expert, they will just relax and have fun while eating a crazy hot meal. Show them your appreciation with this cool shirt. 

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21. Feisty and Spicy Shirt

Feisty and Spicy Shirt

There’s a chance that your friend loves spicy foods because their attitude mirrors it. If that’s the case, you probably want to give this fun shirt to them. They can wear it while eating spicy foods and be reminded of your friendship. 

22. Chinese Hot Pot Starter Kit

Chinese Hot Pot Starter Kit

Chinese hot pot restaurants are often packed with hungry customers because they are really fun. But why waste time visiting those restaurants if you can just make one in your home with this starter kit? This is a cool item that will be a perfect choice as part of your gifts for spicy food lovers. 

23. Pad Thai Cooking Kit

Pad Thai Cooking Kit

A good Pad Thai is always the spicy one. If you’re looking for unique gifts for spicy food lovers, you can go ahead and buy this cool cooking kit for them. Inside, your friend will find a lot of essential items that they can use to cook their own Pad Thai. 

24. Curry Lover’s Cookbook

Curry Lover’s Cookbooka

Not all spicy food lovers are experts in cooking. If you want to help out your friend, then perhaps this cooking book might be the solution! Encourage them to start cooking their own spicy food. Who knows what potential they might have in store. 

25. Chili Pepper Sculpture

Chili Pepper Sculpture

We know, we know. This sculpture might creep you out. But as scary as it may seem, the cool chili pepper sculpture is still a work of art. Your spicy food lover friend might even fancy having this as part of their collection. Perhaps this is the perfect item that you can add to your gifts for spicy food lovers. 

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