Fryin’ Saucer Outdoor Cooker

The Fryin’ Saucer Outdoor Cooker features a small saucepan in the middle that can be used for boiling, frying, and deep frying your favorite foods.

Fryin’ Saucer 25” x 25” portable grill you can take on any camping trip or let it heat up in the backyard for a small barbecue.

What makes it special is that you don’t have to switch from fries to grilled veggies if you don’t want to.

The 5-inch deep saucer in the middle adds more options to your camping menu. Boil some water in it and enjoy spaghetti with hot dogs cut into it for dinner. 

Fryin' Saucer Outdoor Cooker

For breakfast, crack two eggs into it and grill some bacon on the sides for the best morning meal ever. Or simply deep fry some fries and onion rings for a fast but delicious food.

Fryin' Saucer Outdoor Cooker

The surface of the grill is a bit sloped which allows for the oil to drip back into the saucer. But with a textured Teflon-covered surface, the food will stay in place and not follow suit.

If you hate putting restrictions on your food choices no matter the season, this Frying Saucer will be your best outdoor companion.

Fryin' Saucer Outdoor Cooker

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