Terraplanter: A Hydrophonics Planter that Takes Your Planting Game to A Whole New Level

Growing indoor plants has somehow become a new trend these days, and it started when the pandemic hit us back in 2020. Since I also take interest in plants, I also started to grow indoor plants myself, and it is followed by my interest in anything related to indoor planting as well. Say planters, pots, seeds, including hydroponic planters, I just love them all.

My love for growing indoor plants has become stronger because now I have a Terraplanter. It is an indoor planter that works as a water bank. The Terraplanter was actually a crowdfunded product, and as I recall, it was one of the most successful ones back then.

hydroponic planter
Terraplanter: A Hydrophonics Planter

Unlike other hydroponic planters, the Terraplanter offers more value to the plant owners since it only needs water to grow plants. Without soil needed, it can make any plant flourish beautifully. It is truly an item that can take your plant game to new levels!

My First Impression

Upon receiving the product, I was surprised to see how pretty it looks. Aesthetically, it looks like a terracotta planter with a unique design. The color is naturally gorgeous, and it has three main parts, which are the main body, the base and the cover. All parts are made of the same materials.

The Design & Aesthetics

The design is just pretty and it is definitely a hydroponic planter or water-based planter that you can put anywhere inside your home. Thanks to its aesthetic design, it will certainly be pleasing to the eyes, no matter where you put it.

hydroponic planter
Hydroponic Planter Design

The Terraplanter was created not just to become an aesthetic piece of planter, but also to serve a function, which is to become a perfect home for plants. Terraplanter has three features that make it a perfect and modern planter for indoor plants.

First, it can hold seeds on the surface while they sprout. Secondly, it can hold water for plant roots to drink. And lastly, it provides a shape and texture that would allow plant roots to grip the surface.

1. Physical Appearance and Structure

The Terraplanter has a solid structure, despite the fact that it is made of porous materials. The material will allow water to slowly diffuse through it, and hold the water on the cells that lets the plants drink and get nutritions from the water.

Also, it was stated that the creator used parametric design to create the shape, until finally they found the perfect shape to make it a great solution for plants to grow.

2. Material Composition and Its Benefits

It is made of 100% natural materials, making it a perfect planter to grow any indoor plant you love. It was mentioned that the creator specifically created a proprietary ceramic material that has the right amount of porosity and hygroscopic tendencies to allow water to diffuse through the materials.

With such materials, any plant will be able to grow on the surface of the material, healthy and easily.

Setting Up The Terraplanter

Setting up the Terraplanter was easy, as easy as 1, 2, 3. Since it works as a water bank, the first thing to do is to simply fill in the vessel with water. The water will then diffuse slowly through the material to the cells on the surface for the plants to drink.

Based on my experience, it was very easy to use and I do think that the Terraplanter is a perfect planter for anyone, including those who just started growing plants or those who just learned about hydroponic planters.

hydroponic planter
Setting Up The Terraplanter

Once you’re done filling the water into the vessel, you can start planting. There are four different ways to grow your plants. The easiest one is probably by rubbing spores of the plant onto the surface of the planter. You can also wrap a climbing plant around, use rubber bands to mount plant roots, or cover the planter with seeds of your choice.

Since I purchased more than one Terraplanters, I tried all of the methods already and to be honest, all methods are very workable. But when it comes to my favorite ones, I tend to wrap the plant or just cover the planter with seeds. The two methods seem to work pretty well for me so far.

Terraplanter Features & Benefits

I learned that the Terraplanter was one of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter, which has collected a huge amount of funding from its backers. Well, I believe that there is something about the Terraplanter that makes it so ‘sexy’ for those who supported the campaign.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best features and benefits of the Terraplanter that I can share with you, based on my personal review and experience in using it for my indoor plants.

1. Hydroponic System Efficiency: How Does It Work?

The Terrapanter is purely hydroponics. You don’t need to use soil to grow your plants. I know that it’s not actually something new, but with Terraplanter, growing your plants with a hydroponics method is a lot simpler and easier now.

hydroponic planter
Hydroponic System Efficiency

With a vessel that works as a water bank, there is no need to use other methods like using compost or potting mixes anymore. With Terraplanter as your new hydroponics planter, you will have a much cleaner option to grow plants indoors.

The Terraplanter is also one of the most recommended modern hydroponics methods because it uses water efficiently. In short, Terraplanter water consumption is very efficient, which means that it is also very environmentally friendly, too.

2. Root Visibility Advantages: Connecting with The Plant’s Growth

hydroponic planter
Root Visibility Advantages

One of the most exciting advantages for me is that Terraplanter has a surface that allows me to see the roots of my plants. Since the roots drink water directly from the surface, the roots can grow healthy, and I can see the whole process of how they grow from day one.

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3. Water Conservation Features

As I probably have mentioned earlier, Terraplanter water consumption is very less. Once you fill in the vessel with water, you don’t need to refill it too often. Although, you will need to reposition the planter since you will need to make sure all parts of the plant can have proper sunlight evenly.

hydroponic planter
Water Conservation Features

One thing though, I was able to use the vessel as a pot for my Monstera since the water sits on the inside of the pot. I just need to take off the lid and then put my hydro plant in the middle. So, I now have two methods on how to grow my indoor plants using this Terraplanter.

4. Versatility: Variety of Plants That Can Be Grown

The number of plants that can be grown on the Terrapanter is basically countless. Just mention any indoor plant and I’m sure you can easily grow that plant on this fantastic hydroponics planter.

Some of the recommended plants include Grass, Fern, Moss, Begonia, Chia, Venus Flytrap, Maidenhair Fern, Baby Tears, Moth orchids, Jungle Moss, Lace Flower Vine, Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Wax Plant, Silver Lace Fern, Tolumnia Orchid, and many more.

Variety of Plants That Can Be Grown
Variety of Plants That Can Be Grown

But you don’t need to worry, because each Terrapanter will come with a guide that will include more information about mathring plant types, including the care instructions, too.

Trust me, the options are limitless with Terraplanter!

Comparing Terraplanter with Other Hydroponic Systems

Compared to other hydroponics planters out there, there is one significant difference between the Terraplanter and other similar products, and that is the aesthetic design. Personally, I think the Terraplanter is a perfect kind of hydroponics planter for urban families who prefer modern household items, including home decorations.

Comparing Terraplanter with Other Hydroponic Systems
Comparing Terraplanter with Other Hydroponic Systems

One of the most popular hydroponics growing planters is the one launched by iDOO. It is a great product for those who love growing indoor plants using hydroponics methods. However, in terms of design, it does not look aesthetic, and I believe you agree with me on this.

Nowadays, who doesn’t want to have a hydroponics planter that has both the elements of design and functions? After all, why not have the two elements when you can have them all in one planter, right? And for that purpose, I have no doubt that the Terraplanter is the solution.

Terraplanter Maintenance and Care

I searched online about tips on how to clean the Terraplanter with no result on what I specifically need to do to clean it. However, it claims to be a clean and low maintenance planter, which means that it does not need special care to clean it.

Terraplanter Maintenance and Care
Terraplanter Maintenance and Care

I did try to clean it with a damp cloth and I believe it is the safest way to clean my Terraplanter. Also, I find it very easy to remove some remaining roots from the surface as well. So, I can say that it is very low maintenance and easy to clean as well.

In terms of the water inside the vessel, it is best to check on it in around 5-15 days, depending on the temperature of the room and the environment of the room. But in my opinion, it is better to do it often because you wouldn’t want to see your favorite plant run out of water, don’t you?

Pricing and Value for Money

When it comes to hobbies, I think it won’t be fair for me to put a price tag on it. But still, I think a hydroponics planter needs to have a reasonable price no matter how much you love indoor planting or gardening.

Pricing and Value for Money
Pricing and Value for Money

The product is being sold for $69 each, and it is available on its official website with several bundling options. The bundling options are pretty attractive for me, because obviously one planter is not enough for indoor plants.

If you want to try one first, it would be a great idea. To help you decide, you might also want to check more details about the product from its official website or visit indiegogo.com.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The Terraplanter is a product that will take indoor planting to new levels. It is more than just a hydroponics planter, but it is also a great decor item that combines nature and technology, not to mention a product that accommodates your love for plants and aesthetic things.

The Terraplanter
The Terraplanter

It is a perfect item for indoor planting enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Terraplanter will still become the perfect solution for your planting needs. Plus, it will also make a wonderful gift for special people in your life who have  love for indoor planting.

I strongly believe that you won’t regret the decision to get the Terraplanter, and I hope you can share your experience with the Terraplanter once you tried planting your indoor plant on it.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How often do I need to maintain or check on my Terraplanter?

The Terraplanter acts as a water bank for the plant, and it slowly releases water from the interior cavity through the walls to the plant roots on the exterior surface. However, the rate of perspiration and evaporation is dependent on the temperature and humidity levels in the room.

So, in general we would say that you will need to check on the Terraplanter in around 5-15 days, and see if you need to add water, or perhaps you need to rotate it to make sure your plant gets all the light it needs.

Is the Terraplanter suitable for beginners without any gardening experience?

Yes, definitely. I personally think that the Terraplanter is very user-friendly, making it perfect for anyone who just recently learned about indoor gardening.

Are there any challenges or downsides to using the Terraplanter?

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t really think there are some significant challenges or downsides to using this Terraplanter hydroponics planter.

The only thing that I’m concerned about is the fact that it needs to be placed in a proper spot to make sure the plant has enough sunlight or level of humidity and such. But other than that, I am very happy with the product.

Can I use the Terraplanter outdoors, or is it designed for indoor use only?

The answer really depends on the type of plants. Initially, the Terraplanter is recommended to grow your plants indoors and in a well-lit area.

However, despite the recommendation for indoor growing, some plants can successfully grow on Terraplanter outdoors as well. But do bear in mind that when growing outdoors, make sure to take care of the plants carefully and try to avoid strong winds and direct sunlight for too long.

What have other users said about their experiences with the Terraplanter?

I found a lot of positive reviews from those who have been using the Terraplanter for their indoor plants. I am sharing some of the best ones below, which I hope can provide you with reliable reference before you make your first purchase.

So worth the wait! ✨

We pre-ordered ours a couple years back & it finally arrived! We couldn’t be happier. It’s such a beautiful thing, made with love and attention to detail. So looking forward to trying all sorts of different plants on it 🪴

~ Adela

Excellent planters!

I am so excited to have my hands on these! I’ve planted a Hoya Curtisii and moss on one, some shingle vine on the second and vanilla Planifolia Variegata on the third. I’m impatient so it’s going to be really difficult to wait for roots to start growing out and the plants start spreading but I totally look forward to it!

~ C.

Arrived and AWESOME!

Ordered these several years ago and they just arrived and look great! So excited to mount some exciting plants to these! Very happy!

~ L.K.

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