25 Handmade Wooden Beds to Make Your Bedroom Stunning

Many people like handmade wooden beds since they always have great quality. Furthermore, when compared to other materials, handmade wooden beds are extremely durable and simple to maintain. Moreover, the hardwood bed also will survive for centuries if properly cared for. Therefore, no wonder that handmade wooden beds always bring a timeless atmosphere in any bedroom.

Wood has traditionally been the most popular material due to its long lifespan and ability to tolerate weather extremes. Moreover, the natural texture of the wood provides your home an attractive aesthetic and a sense of balance. If you are looking for handmade wooden beds but you are confused to choose the best one, don’t worry! We will offer some ideas to make you get inspired.

1. Walnut Solid Wood Drawer Bed

Walnut Solid Wood Drawer Bed

If you like durable and sturdy design, then this handmade wooden bed is suitable for you. The walnut wood frame is robust and stable, with a natural and appealing texture that will add an elegant touch in your room. Moreover, it also features drawers to store your stuff neat and tidy.

2. Black Walnut Bed Frame

Black Walnut Bed Frame

Get ready to be impressed with this unique black walnut wooden bed. Since they are handmade wooden beds, each of them is made slightly unique while with the same general design which makes it a one of a kind product. Moreover, its hardwood has rough sawn rustic with high quality material, making it perfect for any bedroom.

3. Carved Wood Arhat Bed

Carved Wood Arhat Bed

With this handmade wooden bed, you can add vintage and elegant touch in your room. Moreover, it features aesthetic wooden carved on every side, which is also durable and timeless. Not to mention, this bed is exceptionally awesome as it is constructed of whole Rosewood.

4. Floating Look Wood Bed

Floating Look Wood Bed

This is indeed a unique handmade wooden bed that will make you sleep on the magic carpet. With this bed, you can feel the experience of floating in bed joyfully. In addition, the clever design will give great and elegant camouflage for the floating bed in your bedroom.

5. Live Edge Bed

Live Edge Bed

The combination of oak and walnut is beautifully depicted in this handmade wooden bed. The natural elegance and quiet beauty of the living edge generates spiritual moments of connection with the wood of this bed. Therefore, you can have a comfortable sleep as well as a great visual in the bedroom.

6. Handmade Summer Wooden Bed

Handmade Summer Wooden Bed

Express the bright and summer vibes in your room with this handmade wooden bed. With this adorable bed, you can get a perfect sanctuary as well as a beautiful decoration. Since it is also a low bed, this bed will surely be a smart idea to save more space.

7. Mountain Wood Bed

Mountain Wood Bed

In case you want to have a strong bed yet look attractive, then this wooden handmade bed is a perfect choice. This bed is made from a combination of maple, fir, pine, spuce, and cedar wood with beautiful mountain headboard on top. Moreover, it can be a stunning handmade wooden bed that will brighten up your room

8. Upholstered Wooden Bed

Upholstered Wooden Bed

Look at how stunning this handmade wooden bed is! This is an upholstered linen wooden bed with a modern and simple style that brings an elegant touch to any bedroom. In addition, it also features ample space underneath the bed for storing stuff, making the room spacious and easy to clean.

9. Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

This handmade wooden bed in an antique espresso finish is as striking as it has a clean-lined impressive structure. Moreover, it is made from thick and robust natural wool that is durable for decades. Therefore, this bed creates a timeless and classic touch in your bedroom.

10. Pine Wood Bed

Pine Wood Bed

If you want to have bright and stunning handmade wooden beds, then you can pick this awesome bed. Made from pine wood with a brown finish, this bed gives a solid and durable image which is loved by many. With this cool bed, you surely will have a great and restful night sleep.

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11. Boho Solid Wood Platform

Boho Solid Wood Platform

With this handmade wooden bed, you can express your free spirit in your bedroom. The spindle headboard creates a unique appearance that will complete your furniture collection, while four tapered legs add mid-century vibes. Made of solid pine wood, it will become your favorite relaxing space in your house for years to come.

12. Modern Walnut Bed

Modern Walnut Bed

If you have a bright personality, then this handmade wooden bed will surely resemble you. This modern and timeless design is made of walnut wood which is stable and sturdy for times. Moreover, the modern style also works well with any color scheme to make it stand out.

13. Transitional Style Wooden Bed

Transitional Style Wooden Bed

Bring home this handmade wooden bed for extra comfort and luxury. It features a bed with a slat base and cornered blocks that makes an awesome transitional style. Moreover, it has a low footboard and a low headboard with rustic wood grain details that complements your room and makes it the focal point.

14. Reclaimed Handmade Industrial Bed

Reclaimed Handmade Industrial Bed

With precise craftsmanship and a solid structure, this bed is definitely what you need. This is a handmade wooden bed that can accommodate more people as it is a king size bed. Moreover, this bed is made from reclaimed wood that is also environmentally friendly and unique as there will be no two items that are alike..

15. Contemporary Solid Wood Storage Bed

Contemporary Solid Wood Storage Bed

In this handmade wooden bed, rustic style meets sophisticated design. This bed is made of heavily-grained wood with natural finish, and it has large wood side panels that give it a robust look. Moreover, it also contains two storage compartments to tuck away your clothes, which lends a subtle touch of elegance to the design.

16. Classic Style Wooden Platform Bed

Classic Style Wooden Platform Bed

If you love classic style for your bedroom, then you should consider this handmade wooden bed. It is a simple and classic bed that goes well with a wide range of ornamental designs, enhancing the look of your gorgeous bedroom. Not to mention, a headboard, bottom treads, and wooden slats offer amazing support for the platform bed.

17. Rustic Solid Wooden Bed

Rustic Solid Wooden Bed

For those who love rustic design, this handmade wooden bed will surely wow them. It’s made of Canadian pine and may be tailored to your exact needs, including size and style. It also has a hand-waxed finish accentuating its natural rustic appeal to make your home stand out.

18. Eco-Rustic Wooden Double Bed

Eco-Rustic Wooden Double Bed

Feel the natural sensation from this handmade wood bed. Made from the combination of oak posts, ash, beech, and oak boards which gives an eco-rustic look to its appeal, this bed provides a large space to sleep. Not to mention, sleeping in this bed will create an unforgettable experience as if you were talking with nature.

19. Recycled Driftwood Canopy Bed

Recycled Driftwood Canopy Bed

If you are an environment enthusiast, then you surely will fall in love with this handmade wooden bed. This is a one-of-a-kind bed with canopy created from Welsh driftwood and sustainably sourced wood. You’ll sleep soundly in this bed as it has an incredible natural and solid design.

20. Real Eyelet Ruffled Canopy Bed

Real Eyelet Ruffled Canopy Bed

If you enjoy sleeping under a canopy, then this handmade wooden bed will make you smile ear to ear. It features a gorgeous eyelet canopy that makes your sleep feel like it’s under the sky. Moreover, this bed has a good structure and design which makes you have a restful night’s sleep.

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21. Indian Canopy Bed

Indian Canopy Bed

Embrace the cultural style with this handmade wooden bed. This lovely bed is amazingly handcrafted from India with great Indian style to its appeal. Moreover, it features a huge canopy that will make you feel secure while sleeping. This is definitely the combination of art and functionality.

22. Colonial Style Double Bed

Colonial Style Double Bed

For those people who love unusual colonial style, they surely will be attracted with this handmade wooden bed. This is a unique bed with slightly square lines and a pierced ornamented central post that rises from the center to support the broad bed canopy. Moreover, the sturdy bed frame and foot rails are made of hefty brass and have very elegant finials at each corner.

23. Reclaimed Hardwood Lounge Bed Frame 

Reclaimed Hardwood Lounge Bed Frame 

With this handmade wooden bed, you can enjoy a restful nap as it has a spacious bed. Made from reclaimed wood from Vintage Thai houses, this bed will add a unique character as each of them is the one and only item. Made from high quality durable material, you can guarantee its quality.

24. Brazilian Mid Century Bed

Brazilian Mid Century Bed

This stunning and authentic mid century bed for two will be one of the most unique handmade wooden beds you can find. Made from solid beech wood, the bed slatted frame is adjustable easily. Not to mention, the mattress also has a high quality, which will provide a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

25. Premium Carving Bed Frame

Premium Carving Bed Frame

This handmade wooden bed is indeed an amazing art that will impress many art lovers. Made from Thailand source wood, it features beautiful premium carving pierce that gives an elegant look. Moreover, you can customize the size based on your bedroom, making great timeless furniture for any generation.

Latest Post:

What are wooden beds called?

Well, there are many types of bed that are mainly constructed from wood. For instance, divan beds are distinguished by their particularly constructed foundation, which is handcrafted from a hardwood frame encased in fabric. Meanwhile, there are the other bed types made from wooden material which are also called handmade wooden beds. 

Why are beds made of wood?

Bed frames have been made of wood for ages due to its coziness, tactile properties, beautiful appearance, and toughness. Furthermore, hardwood bed frames are often thought to be the more durable alternative, as they are composed of heavier materials and have a more stable stability system. If you’re looking for handmade wooden beds, take a look at the amazing lists above.

Are wooden bed frames strong?

Because they are composed of thicker materials and have more stable stability systems, wooden bed frames are often thought to be long lasting for years. It will create high quality handmade wooden beds, especially when done by a skilled carpenter that specializes in custom-made wooden furniture.

How long do wooden beds last?

If properly maintained, wooden bed frames with slats can last 7-10 years. However, it also depends on the quality of the wood source itself. Not to mention, some handmade wooden beds with premium materials can last longer which can be a legacy for the next generations.

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