25 Inspiring Gifts for Architect Boyfriend

What comes into mind when you think about your boyfriend’s job as an architect? It’s all about building, designing, innovating, and generating new ideas to create a habitable art. Being an architect means he has to constantly find new ideas and innovation. He needs stimulus to help him discover brand new ideas and keep his mind sharp to create not only artsy but also functional and safe to live in buildings.

Finding the perfect gifts for an architect can be a struggle. Especially because they have a very specific skill set and also great taste in design. You need to make sure that anything you get for him either has a fantastic design or is very useful to help him through his hard working days. Below are stimulating and inspiring gift ideas for your architect boyfriend.

Gifts for Architect Boyfriend

Below are the selection of gifts from the AWESOME STAFF that provide stimulus, inspiration, and assistance to your architect boyfriend.

1.  3Doodler Pen 3D Printing Pen

gifts for architect boyfriend

This 3D printing pen is one of the examples of uncommon gifts that can actually be useful for your architect boyfriend. As an architect, he must be doodling a lot. This pen will allow him to doodle while thinking of new ideas and make the doodle a real 3D model. Even though this pen seems simple and more playful than professional, the fun side of it can actually help him generate great ideas. Your boyfriend will be thrilled to get one of these pens.

2.  Lego Architecture Studio

gifts for architect boyfriend

What can be more stimulating other than legos? If you think legos were only made for children, then you need to start swifting your point of view. Adults love to play too, especially when they work in creative industries such as architects and designers. Playing is just as crucial as working. Play stimulates the brain and therefore, we can generate fresh ideas. This lego architecture studio set can be the best tool to do that.

3.  Lego Ninjago City Gardens

gifts for architect boyfriend

If your boyfriend is specializing in landscaping, then this Lego set is just perfect for him. It has a beautiful design and high-quality material, this lego set will stimulate his brain to become more creative in creating new designs. This can also remind your boyfriend of his childhood memories especially if he was a NINJAGO fan. On top of that, this lego set can be displayed as a cool decorative item in his house or office once it’s done.

4.  Concrete Geometric Planters

gifts for architect boyfriend

An architect values unique design and always appraises the detail on every aspect of the design. These geometric planters will make a great gift for your architect boyfriend. It is handmade so every piece has a unique shape like no other. These planters can actually work for real plants. This planters serve both as decoration and accommodate the greenery that is pretty much needed on every space.

5.  Labyrinth Wooden Maze Game

Labyrinth Wooden Maze Game with Two Steel Marbles

Your hard working boyfriend deserves a time off and a good toy to play during his break. This labyrinth wooden maze is well-made and it has two steel marbles. This toy is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Your boyfriend will appreciate a nice break while playing and get a punch of stimulation for his brain with the challenge.

6.  Lanscape Architect Sweater

gifts for architect boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a landscaper, this would make a perfect gift for him. As a hard worker that has good taste and makes beautiful landscapes, of course he is in the good list. Show him that you appreciate his work by giving him this ugly Christmas sweater as a gift.

7.  Concrete Architect Miniature House

gifts for architect boyfriend

Does your boyfriend need a reminder that he is an architect? No. But does this miniature house that might remind him of his profession make a nice choice of gift? Definitely. This miniature house celebrates both architecture and simplicity. With its simple design, this mini house has great detailing such as different doors and windows that your boyfriend can actually take a look inside the house. This mini concrete house would make a great decoration on his desk or shelf.

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8.  Architecture Building Kit

gifts for architect boyfriend

One thing that keeps an architect excited is building. Your boyfriend will have so much fun building this scale model that has contemporary style. You need to know that this is a professional level kit with open ended tools and reusable pieces so your boyfriend will be able to create endless designs. This kit is not a typical fun adult toy, but can actually help your boyfriend with his work.

9.  NYC Skyline Chess

gifts for architect boyfriend

When your boyfriend needs a time off to chill and hang out with his buddy, this chess set can be an excellent company. It has a common classic chess board but with architectural pieces that is just perfect for any architect. This chess can also be displayed and be a great decoration in any office or house.

10.  Concrete Desk Tray

gifts for architect boyfriend

Your architect boyfriend needs a good organizer to put on all of his essentials such as pens, pencils, and phone. This desk tray organizer will help him to stay organized. It has a minimalist and accessible display that will make it easy for him to put and find all of the tools he needs.

11.  Square Wave Kinetic Sculpture

gifts for architect boyfriend

Everyone needs a nice desktop decoration. Among other decorative toys you can choose, this particular sculpture has the most beautiful design yet very minimal and can go with any aesthetic. This would make a great gift and add a touch of modernity to your boyfriend’s desk.

12.  Glacial Lead Crystal Vase

gifts for architect boyfriend

Need some vase to put on some fresh flowers? What can be better other than a crystal vase that is inspired from the beauty of the iceberg? It has a crystal clear glass material that can work with any architectural style. Your boyfriend is going to appreciate the beauty of this vase design when it is placed in the centerpiece of his coffee table.

13.  Black, Architecture in Monochrome

gifts for architect boyfriend

Any aspiring architect needs a good read on architecture. This book can be one of the books that your architect boyfriend needs to read. This book is about a stunning list of black architecture and the use of black in the building world. Such a must read for any architecture.

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14.  Laser Distance Measure

gifts for architect boyfriend

An architect cannot make any mistake in measurement. This is very important for any architect, designer, and decorator. This is the reason why a laser distance measure is that one kit every architect should have. Gift your boyfriend with this laser measure with higher accuracy to help him achieve the precise measurement.

15.  Glass House Bird Feeder

gifts for architect boyfriend

If your boyfriend loves to see some birds coming outside of his window, then this bird feeder would make a perfect gift. It has an elegant glass design with a minimalist golden frame. It can not only attract birds but also your boyfriend’s attention due to its admirable design.

16.  Modern Concrete Wall Clock

gifts for architect boyfriend

Your boyfriend needs to track on time to deliver his job on time. Even though nowadays we can easily check the time on our devices, having a wall clock is still a necessity because it is easier to take a look at. This wall clock is made out of concrete and has a minimalist design that is perfect for spaces with minimalist and industrial aesthetic.

17.  Architexture: A Visual History

gifts for architect boyfriend

In this book, your boyfriend will find beautiful details, principal elements, and decorative features. This book contains all details about architectural style from every era from the great pyramid to the United State Capitol. This will give him a broad example and information of architecture to help him get more inspiration.

18.  Mechanical Pencil

gifts for architect boyfriend

A mechanical pencil is essential for any architect. Show your support by providing him with a heavy-duty professional level mechanical pencil that is functional for everyday carry. This mechanical pencil has a stainless steel material that is durable so your boyfriend can use it for a long time. It has a brushed texture for easy grip and comfort. It also has the best writing quality that is very important for your boyfriend to get a neat and clean drawing.

19.  Professional Sketching Pencils

Professional Sketching Pencils

Another essentials every architect should have is a professional sketching pencil. Getting a sketching pencil set as a gift for an architect will never go wrong. This pencil set has a variety of hardness that is perfect for every need. The graphite has an extra break resistance and is easy to erase so your boyfriend can use it with ease.

20.  Rechargeable Active Stylus Pen

Rechargeable Active Stylus Pen

A stylus pen is another must have for any architect. This rechargeable stylus pen is suitable for iPad and Android devices. It has a fine tip and high precision to help your boyfriend draw accurately. It has the right sensitivity to prevent lagging and skips. It also comes with a stylish aluminium body that looks very sleek and modern.

21.  Portaits of The New Architecture

Portaits of The New Architecture

This book is another must-read for an architect. This book provides exciting architectural firms of the future of architectural design. This book includes sketches, designs, and portraits of modern architectures that will inspire your architect boyfriend.

22.  Architect Hoodie

Architect Hoodie

An architect needs to feel comfortable but also stylish. This hoodie can be a perfect gift for your boyfriend when he is working home in a chill season. It is made out of soft cotton material to ensure comfort and it has a simple “Architect” print on the front. A perfect hoodie to make a statement so your boyfriend doesn’t need further introduction.

23.  Architect T-Shirt

Architect T-Shirt

This t-shirt can show that you understand the struggle of being an architect. This also shows the funny side of you and guarantees it will make your boyfriend laugh. It may even make his peers laugh too. He can wear this t-shirt on a daily basis comfortably either for work or other occasions.

24.  I’m an Architect Mug

Architect Mug

Being an architect requires a superpower. Your boyfriend will agree to that. This is why this mug is a perfect gift for him. This mug will remind him of the great superpower as an architect he has while enjoying his coffee.

25.  Customizable Bracelet

Customizable Bracelet for Architect

Still can’t find the perfect gift for your boyfriend? You can always make your own. With this customizable bracelet, you can add any wordings necessary to express your love and support to your architect boyfriend.

Latest Post:

What should you gift your Architect Boyfriend?

An architect is someone who always thinks not only creatively but also precisely. You can provide him with stimulating toys he can play with during his breaks. We often think that toys such as legos are for children. One thing you need to know is that adults need playtime too. And giving your boyfriend with fun architectural toys is the right choice you can make. He will know that you understand both his needs and passion. 

What is the perfect gift for an Architect?

An architect values beauty and the detail of every design. Giving him architectural pieces of decoration will be perfect. In order to get the perfect gift, you need to know his taste in architecture. For example, if he’s into geometrical shape, the geometry planters will be perfect for him. And if he likes simplicity, the minimalist wall clock will add a nice accent on his wall.

What to get someone who loves Architecture?

Anything related to architecture. Books are probably the best thing you can get since architectural books usually contain a lot of architectural information every architecture enthusiast loves. You can also get them with unusual architectural pieces such as architectural chess that is playable but also make a good decorative item.

What do Architects want the MOST?

Sometimes, they just need useful tools that will help them work more comfortably. Gifts such as pens and pencils are very useful to them. Just make sure that you get the high-quality items to ensure the best outcome. You can ask him what he needs the most. And if he is not too open about work, you can pay closer attention and try to analyse what he is struggling with and surprise him with the gift.

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