25 Cool Pokemon Onesie for Adults To Bring Back Childhood Memories

Did you know that the majority of the Pokemon audience are adults? Pokemon anime are still popular for adults because this lovely anime has been best buddies since they were still kids. Moreover, the pokemon games such as Pokemon Go and Pokemon Card were also very suitable games to collect their favorite Pokemon animals. As they become great collectors, Pokemon onesie for adults also has its own charm. Pokemon lovers want to feel the softness and comfort from this onepiece pajamas. Especially when it can resemble their favorite character.

If you are one of the people who grew up with Pokemon anime, you may wish to feel the nostalgia by wearing Pokemon onesie for adults. In this article, you can find the best adorable Pokemon onesie for adults that is suitable for your preference. Suppose you are curious about our best pick, let’s jump to the list!

1. Classic Pikachu Costume

Classic Pikachu Costume

We agree that Pikachu is the sweetest. As Pikachu always radiates electricity, this Pokemon onesie for adults would be the best choice to heat up the costume party. This classic design costume will make you the center of attraction because you resemble everyone’s favorite Pokemon.

2. Psyduck Adult Kigurumi

Psyduck Adult Kigurumi

Make a gag in your Halloween party with this Pokemon onesie for adults. Pokemon lovers should love this hilarious duck character. Psyduck, sometimes known as the duck Pokémon, is continually dazed by its headache. You only have to just stand vacantly, with the empty Psyduck face hoodie, and it will warm up the atmosphere.

3. Espeon Adult Kigurumi

Espeon Adult Kigurumi

If you want to dress up as a cute and cuddly character, why don’t you try to dress up with this pink Pokemon onesie for adults? Espeon is a majestic, mature, and focused Pokemon. However, it charms the cute and lovable side with its pink color. By wearing this costume, you may look adorable and elegant at the same time.

4. Jigglypuff Adult Kigurumi

Jigglypuff Adult Kigurumi

This is definitely the most adorable Pokemon onesie for adults! Jigglypuff is known as the cutest pocket monster with its googly eyes and pointy cat-like ears. Its smiling face on the top of the hoodie will make you appear cute and lovely. Moreover, it comes with a loose fit size which allows you to move comfortably.

5. Mewtwo Plus Kigurumi

Mewtwo Plus Kigurumi

Mewtwo is famous for its strength and power. But its small and cute face is definitely attractive. If you want to appear both strong and cute, try to resemble Mewtwo with this Pokemon onesie for adults. The combination of the light purple and the darker one on the belly part is incredibly beautiful. In addition, you also will get the cute Mewtwo hoodie to complete your look.

6. Snorlax Halloween Onesies

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In case you love to eat and sleep all day, then the Snorlax character will be perfect to resemble. This Pokemon onesie for adults comes in blue and white color, with the lazy and sleepy Snorlax face on the top of the hoody. Made from breathable and warm fleece material, you can wear this Snorlax costume for your night’s sleep buddy.

7. Gengar Pokemon Kigurumi

Gengar Pokemon Kigurumi

Light up the Halloween party by dressing up as Gengar. This Pokemon onesie for adults has a simple design, but the hoodie is extremely awesome. The creepy grin of Gengar on the top of the hoodie is the focal point. You can wear it to cover your face, a perfect costume that will make any guest scared and stunned at the same time.

8. Eevee Onesie Jumpsuit

Eevee Onesie Jumpsuit

Eevee is one of the most adorable and rare Pokemons. In case you can find it in the game, at least you can have one in this Pokemon onesie for adults. It charms the cuteness of Eevee on the hoodie part. The innocent face along with the long ears will make you appear lovely. The furry collar on the neck will also add warmth in this outfit.

9. Slowpoke Adult Kigurumi

Slowpoke Adult Kigurumi

If you love to make people laugh with jokes, then this Pokemon onesie for adults will help you to add the hilarious charm on you. Although it may not be one of the strongest, Slowpoke has its own attractiveness. People may fall in love with the flat expression that is represented well in this costume, along with the cute white tail.

10. Squirtle Hooded Pajamas

Squirtle Hooded Pajamas

With this Pokemon onesie for adults, you may resemble the toughness of Squirtle in a cute way. It comes with a light blue and yellow onesie, making a great color combination. The big eyes of Squirtle on the hoodie are incredibly awesome. Moreover, the oversize design makes this outfit comfortable to wear.

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11. Meowth Kigurumi

Meowth Kigurumi

For some Pokemon lovers, the antagonist character can appear attractive. Meowth is a special character as it is the evil character that looks cute. And you can find the cuteness on this Pokemon onesie for adults. The hoodie has a fantastic design that represents the sly face of Meowth. This costume is one of the greatest choices to dress as the cute evil.

12. Charizard Halloween Kigurumi

Charizard Halloween Kigurumi

Any old Pokemon lover may wish to dress up as Charizard as it was one of the legendary Pokemons. This Pokemon onesie for adults has similar features with this powerful character. It comes with Charizard’s fierce face hoodie, the wide wing, and also the fire tail. Made from 100% fleece, the design is warm, soft, and comfortable.

13. Charmander Fleece Kigurumi

Charmander Fleece Kigurumi

In case you want the simple version of Charizard kigurumi, try to wear the Charmander Pokemon onesie for adults. It is the pre-evolution of Charizard. It comes in orange and yellow colors and the innocent Charmander face hoodie. Not to mention, the fiery tail always becomes the center of attraction. 

14. Bulbasaur Onesie Pajamas

Bulbasaur Onesie Pajamas

If you are a calm person who loves peace, then the Bulbasaur character is suitable for you. With this Pokemon onesie for adults, you may resemble the calm and relaxing Bulbasaur in a cute way. The plush materials are also very soft and comfortable to wear, giving you warmth during the bedtime.

15. Sylveon Onesie

Sylveon Onesie

Who doesn’t fall in love with the charm of this Pokemon onesie for adults? It expresses the powerful but strong fairy-type pokemon perfectly. The hoodie has a more complex design with the long ears and cute pink, white, and blue ribbon. Made from polyester, the loose fit design is also warm and comfortable.

16. Umbreon Onesie Jumpsuit

Umbreon Onesie Jumpsuit

Express the great aura of the Eevee’s evolution in this Pokemon onesie for adults. The iconic long black and yellow ears always be the focal point on this outfit. The costume also has a yellow ring accent on the feet. Not to mention, the fierce red eyes of Umbreon on this hoodie shows how strong and powerful this character is.

17. Leafeon Sleepwear Jumpsuit

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For those Pokemon lovers who have a shy personality, this Pokemon onesie for adults is destined for you. Inspired by the shy Leafeon, it comes with a large hoodie that can cover your face perfectly. Not to mention, the adorable green ears and tails of Leafeon always become the highlight of this outfit.

18. Black And White Houndour Kigurumi

18. Black And White Houndour Kigurumi

Pokemon Black and White has become a unique breakthrough in the Pokemon games. With this Pokemon onesie for adults, you may dress as Houndour, the dog Pokemon in black and white version. The plush materials are comfortable to wear and will keep you warm during the winter months. You can swiftly get dressed thanks to the button up closure.

19. Dragonair Kigurumi

Dragonair Kigurumi

If you want to impress Pokemon lovers at the costume party, then you should dress up as Dragonair. This blue and white Pokemon onesie for adults resembles one of the most legendary Pokemons. It features the amazing hoodie with Dragonair face on the top. The long tail on the back is also added to create a similar appearance.

20. Vaporeon Adult Kigurumi

Vaporeon Adult Kigurumi

Do you want to be the strong and playful character in the Pokemon anime? Well, try to wear this Pokemon onesie for adults. Inspired by Vaporeon, which has the highest stamina and power, you may feel the great vibes of this character once you wear it. The unique ears and horn on the top of the hoodie are very attractive. Meanwhile, the spike from the back to the tail also adds to the charm of this outfit.

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21. Deerling Pajamas

Deerling Pajamas

Feel the vibes of summer with this charming Pokemon onesie for adults. It represents the Deerling which turns green during summer. It comes with long green ears and a tail on the top of the hoodie, making you appear cute and adorable. You can feel the warmth from this fleece material, perfect for your buddy in the night’s sleep.

22. Grookey Onesie Pajamas

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Grookey may look weak and innocent, but it actually has great power too. This Pokemon onesie for adults radiates the Grookey charm very well. The light green color makes this costume appear lively and fresh. It also has a lovable Grookey face on the top of the hoodie. Anyone who sees this costume must fall in love with this adorable character.

23. Gogoat Sleepwear

Gogoat Sleepwear

Express the adorable side of Gogoat in this Pokemon onesie for adults. The strong and big horns on the top of the hoodie is the focal point. It also comes with black colors which look strong and elegant. Not to mention, the oversized design makes this costume comfortable to wear.

24. Mew Pajamas

Mew Pajamas

Show the playful and clever character of Mew with this Pokemon onesie for adults. The combination of white and baby pink colors radiate the charming side of Mew. It comes with a little pink paw in the palm of the hand, adding more cuteness to this pajama. Not to mention, the hoodie has the Mew face on the top which also looks fantastic.

25. Pokemon Fire Dragon Pajamas

Pokemon Fire Dragon Pajamas

If you are a Pokemon fan who also appreciates art, then you may fall in love with this Pokemon onesie for adults. This costume combines several features of Pokemon fire dragon. The long ears on the top of the hoodie represent the strong Dragonite. Meanwhile, the fiery tail on the back resembles the powerful Chameleon.

latest post:

What are the best pokemon onesie for adults?

It is difficult to pick the best Pokemon onesie for adults as Pokemon fans always have their own favorite characters. Usually, you can try to pick the one that also has a similar character to you. Some Pokemon lovers who love calm and peace may find the Bulbasaur Onesie Pajamas as the best Pokemon onesie for adults. Meanwhile, those who love strong and powerful characters may choose the Charizard Kigurumi as the best one.

What are the most iconic pokemon onesie for adults?

When you talk about Pokemon, we can’t deny that Pikachu always comes to our top of mind. If you want to dress as the most iconic character, then you can buy the Classic Pikachu Costume. Moreover, some people also appreciate the legendary Pokemon onesie for adults such as the Dragonair Kigurumi as the most iconic one.

What is the cheapest pokemon onesie for adults you can buy?

Pokemon onesie for adults has various ranges of price, depending on the complexity of design and materials. You can find the cheapest ones which are below USD 30.00 such as the Mew Pajamas and the Gogoat Sleepwear. If you are looking for more inspiration for Pokemon onesie for adults, please check our lists above.

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