25 Gifts for Duck Lovers To Make Them More Ducky

Duck is a farm animal and people do not commonly keep it as a pet. It produces eggs and is usually bred for business. But for duck lovers, may like it ever since they watch the famous cartoon character Donald Ducks, or maybe they are highly attracted to its unique sound and figures. 

Nevertheless, if you want to give a gift for duck lovers you can make sure it consists of duck pictures on it. Or got duck elements such as fur, beaks. You can also give something that is highly related with it. Such as Donald Duck’s merchandise. Below we gather gifts for duck lovers that you can choose according to your budget:

1. Duck Cushion

gifts for duck lovers

This Duck affordable and fluffy cushion is handmade. If you are on a tight budget this cute cushion is a perfect idea for you! Made by 100% cotton and comes in 16 cm x 16 cm size. The most important part, this is handmade and has a concealed zip opening. It has bright yellow colors with lots of ducks but not too bright. 

2. Duck Sleeping Eye Mask

Sleeping Eye Mask

This duck sleeping eye mask is made of 100% cotton and travel friendly. Made of soft cotton that is gentle and leaves comfort for your eyes. It comes with elastic strap belt .

3. Duck Cardholder and Lanyard

Duck Cardholder and Lanyard

This Duck card holder is made of clear plastic that can occupy up to 1 card. And it can be used to store ID cards plus it has a detachable neck lanyard.  Above all, the design is very cute. With lots of yellow ducks surrounding it. Beside that, it’s water resistant and can be used for any profession. It has 12 variations of colors that you can choose according to the receivers. 

4. Duck Bookmark

Duck Bookmark

This small cute metallic duck bookmark is a perfect gift for duck lovers who love to read. Usually a bookmark is made of paper or carton, giving them something quite extra like this, plus it features small cutie ducks on it. As a result, it’s affordable and they will appreciate it!

5. Duck Pen Holder

Duck Pen Holder

Giving something that certainly will be used and has functions will be better. Especially for duck lovers, regardless of their gender and age this wooden duck’s pen holder is made of environmentally friendly wood, stable, durable, and can be used to store up not only office & stationery but also makeup stuff for women.

6. Duck Keychain


This affordable yet cute duck keychain consists of 3 small bright yellow ducks that most definitely will be used by duck lovers. They can put it as a keychain or hang it as a bag charm. It is simple and clearly decorated with ducks 

7. Duck Mug

gifts for duck lovers

This personalized duck mug is made of ceramic and got white as their colors plus a lovely duck with its beautiful crown flowers. It gives feminine energy especially if you want to give it to women, and perfect for sipping coffee, tea, juice, or just as a collection.

8. Duck Air Freshener

gifts for duck lovers

Will it smell like ducks? For sure, not! This duck air freshener contains fragrance oils, and specialized ink. Covered with papers with ducks printed on it. It comes with more than 20 types of scents and still on the promo of buy 2 get 3. 

9. Duck Notebook

gifts for duck lovers

This duck notebook is made of paper bags and contains approximately 120 papers. At the same time, it got 3 ducks on the front cover, and in the other hand, inside it, you can see ruled pages which are perfect as your study notes, or even work notes. It is matte cover and clearly lightweight.

10. Duck Plate

gifts for duck lovers

This duck plate will remind you of something like Japanese artifacts. It shows two birds that are currently flying. It can be used as a real plate to eat, but at the same time, it will look like as a collection. It’s quite tricky to give something that feels a bit vintage like this, but you can definitely adjust to the receivers. If he or she is  older you may consider giving this one. They will love it!

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11. Rubber Duck Shopping Bag

Rubber Shopping Bag

This Eco-friendly reusable bag can be used when you go grocery shopping. Plus for any duck lovers they will surely enjoy bringing this anywhere.It can hold up to 40 pounds and can be used for going to yoga library, gym, or anywhere It only got printed on one side and printed with art digital printing. The color is cream and the design is quite long lasting. 

12. Duck Pencil Case

gifts for duck lovers

It comes in a package of 2 things, medium and large. It has quite spacious compartments for office stationeries, or even makeup stuff. To any duck lovers they will surely enjoy it!

13. White Decor Duck Ornament

gifts for duck lovers

It comes in a 23 cm size with a box packaging. This white decor duck ornament is perfectly fit to any place. Either you want to put it at the table, coffee, desk, or even in the garden. 

14. Duck Bathroom Rug

Duck Bathroom Rug

It is made of 100% microfiber, has a long lasting color and at the same time, this bathroom rug is ultra water resistant. Even though we gotta admit, it’s quite pricey for a bathroom rug but you can spot the high quality materials easily. Try stepping on it, and you can feel like walking on a cotton. Made of high grade microfibers that absorb water easily. 

15. 20 cm Duck Plush

gifts for duck lovers

This giant duck plush is made of premium fabric toys.It is a perfect gift for any duck lovers especially for female targets., 

16. Numbers Flying Ducks Painting

Numbers Flying Ducks Painting

Paint by Number is a set of canvas that has pictures on it and ready to be colored using the watercolor provided. It has numbers to help you decide which one to color first. This paint by numbers is a perfect gift during this holiday season, it can relieve stress and get great flying ducks painted on it.

17. Duck Deluxe Hat

Duck Deluxe Hat

This duck deluxe hat is quite versatile and got a small duck logo on the front. Made of 100% washed cotton. Above all, it can be worn by both men or women. It came with 13 different variations of colors. It got black as its base colors and with its simple yet elegant design anybody will want to wear it. 

18. Duck Set Glasses of 6

Duck Set Glasses

These duck sets are obviously made of glasses and come with a package of six glasses. It looks quite antiques and vintage so you can give it to your mom, mom-in laws or even auntie as a gift.

19. LED Transparent Duck Lamp

LED Transparent Duck Lamp

LED transparent Duck lamp can shine bright and give yellow colors when plugged in.It is rechargeable and very eye friendly since it is made of LED lamps. It’s perfect to be put on the bedside table and duck lovers will be keen since it can accompany them before sleep every night. 

20. Duck Painting on Canvas

20. Duck Painting on Canvas

This duck painting is made from Genuine Epson UltraChrome UV-Resistant Inks, handcrafted in the USA and has a great taste of art. You just need to hang it, since the equipment is provided in the box.Even though it’s not an original painting, this could be quite a fancy gift for duck lovers who just move to a new place or apartment. 

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21. Duck Clock

Duck Clock

This duck clock is made of aluminum got high glass mirror like, UV coated and scratch resistant. Other than it got duck print on it, the benefit of its clock to remind of time will make it as a perfect gift for any people in every occasions.

22. Duck Pillow

Duck Pillow

This duck pillow is beautifully crafted and made with 100% polyester. It comes with 4 different colors such as white, gold , banana mania, charcoal gray. It is soft, fluffy and can be put anywhere in every corner of your home. 

23. Gardener Duckies Statue

Gardener Duckies Statue

These cutie gardener duckies come with 2 different types, such as boy and girl. Perfect for any duck lover who has a garden at their home. They can put it as a decoration. Made by Indonesian bamboo artisan. It is handmade and crafted wholeheartedly. 

24. Furry Feet Baby Footprint Kit

Furry Feet Baby Footprint Kit

Give this to your newborn babies, or even to your best friend’s newborns. As you can see, it is made to record the baby’s footprint by putting their foot on the stamp and they will step on the picture. Their footprint will become the animals’ feet. What a unique and cute gift!

25. Downhill Ducky Wood Statue

Ducky Wood Statue

This time the duck is on their snowboards and is ready to go skiing! It’s carved from bamboo and handmade by Indonesian artisans. It also has a cute cap that will make their garden more colorful.

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