25 Cool Gifts for Duck Hunters to Support Their Hunting Activity

Duck hunting is an outdoor activity that can act both as a food gathering and also sport. Since duck and geese often share a similar habitat, both become the target for this particular activity, thus the sport is also known as waterfowl hunting. This activity has a long history back from the prehistoric era. Today, duck hunting has become more famous, particularly in the UK (which is more familiar with the term waterfowl shooting or wildfowling), America, and also Australia. Furthermore, there are lots of gifts for duck hunters that will support their love for duck hunting.

Finding the perfect gifts for duck hunters can be a bit tricky, especially if we don’t have any clue about what would be the best and most useful items to get. For those of you who are still unsure about what item to choose, whether it’s a useful hunting tools or hunting accessories, we have prepared a list of some of the most recommended gifts for hunters for you. Let’s get started!

1. Duck Decoy for Duck Hunters

Duck Decoy

Since it’s duck hunting, there is a must-have tool that every duck hunter must have, and it’s this duck decoy. This is exactly what every duck hunter needs, and there is no such thing as having too much when it comes to decoys. Therefore, if you’re unsure and want to play safe in picking gifts for duck hunters, duck decoy will always be a great option.

2. Duck Shooter Box

Duck Shooter Box

If you want to give something more meaningful like a hand-made gift, this shooter box might suit your gift preference. This hand-crafted wooden shooter box can be used by hunters as a storage to keep the ducks or other equipment, too. This box will definitely be a multifunctional and useful for duck hunters. In addition, the classic design makes this box one of the best gifts for hunters.

3. Leather Cartridge Belt

Leather Cartridge Belt

Need a place for the firearm stock? You can carry it in your waist using this classic leather belt. This belt was designed to emphasize its purpose as a great item to carry your hunting equipment, while keeping your hand free. Simply tie this the belt on your waist and the bullet stocks are ready to use. 

4. Custom Hunting Photo Album

Custom Hunting Photo Album

Hunting means more than just shooting your prey. Most often, the hunting location also offers beautiful scenery that you will definitely admire. Therefore, a hunter needs to keep their moments and memories stay with them forever. For that purpose, storing those memories into this photo album will allow hunters to reminisce their hunting moments and share the stories to their family on special occasions through photos. Therefore, this personalized photo album might be a good option as gifts for duck hunters. 

5. Duck Hunters’ Journal

Duck Hunter Journal

Photo album is not the only way to keep the hunters’ story and memories. Writing in a duck hunter journal is also one way to keep the stories alive. Besides, one might need it to keep track of their hunting skills, the hunting area visited, funny things that occurred, or a note for the next hunting game. Therefore, giving journals as gifts for duck hunters is one of the safest and most meaningful options.

6. North American Bird Call Set

North American Bird Call Set

Hunting skill is not always about shooting. As hunters, they must have the required hunting skills, including a wilderness skill and the knowledge about birds or duck call. However, it’s not exactly an easy skill to learn, but once they have the skills, they’ll know how to make the ducks respond to the call, making them easier to spot. This bird call set is a tool to help them achieve that skill. Since it is small, it is also practical to use and to carry around. 

7. Adventure Essential Survival Kit

Adventure Essential Survival Kit

Outdoor activities, such as duck hunting, require survival skills and supplies. This survival kit might come in handy for a long day hunting game, especially in an unknown hunting location. With several tools included, like waterproof matches, flashlight, and other tools packed into one practical tube, it could be one of the best gifts for duck hunters. 

8. Tea Maker To Go

Tea Maker To Go

If you’re a tea enjoyer and outdoor hunting lover, you might hate to miss your tea time during the game. Therefore, you might need a tool to carry around your tea, so you can enjoy it even during your hunting game, like this tea maker. You can also buy this as gifts for duck hunters for Christmas. 

9. Smart Wristband

Smart Wristband

Every sport is supposed to keep your health and body in shape, and duck hunting is no exception. A smart wristband can keep you in check of your health, such as your blood pressure, heart rate, allergies, and many more. It can be quite handy to be able to check your health, especially if the hunting game took place in harsh and unpredictable weather. This kind of tool might not come across a duck hunter, but if you’re looking for something small multitasking tool to give as gifts for duck hunters, this might be something that they need. 

10. Target Shooting Practice

Target Shooting Practice

In the world of duck hunting, every beginner needs to improve their skill, no question about it. Therefore, having a target for shooting practice is necessary. This target for practice comes with a handy stand in two different sizes, which will create variations for your shooting practice. Such a great gift idea for a boyfriend or girlfriend who wants to improve their shooting skill.

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11. Target Practice Stand

Target Practice Stand

If you happen to already have a self-made shooting target, why not hang it in a stand? This target stand is compatible and foldable, so you can store them in small spaces when you don’t practice. It can be surprising to give this as gifts for duck hunters since it hides its true form.

12. Ear Protector

Ear Protector

Protection is what every duck hunter needs. Protecting tools such as ear protection is a must-have item for every duck hunter. An ear muffs or ear protector can protect your ears from the loud and heart-shocking shooting sound. Not only that you can use it for practice, you can also use it during your duck hunting game. 

13. Binocular


Duck hunting often takes place in a wide area. Therefore, you need something to enhance your vision to spot your duck from a far. A binocular does not only help you on spotting your duck, but also to see where it falls after the shooting, and predicting how far are you from that location. 

14. Camouflage Jacket

Camouflage Jacket

Every survival game needs a camouflage suit to go with the location. While a camouflage jacket often has greenish color and patterns, duck hunting calls for a different game. Duck hunting often occurs during winter, thus requiring you for another camouflage suit to go with. With the white and trees pattern, now you are quite invisible for the duck, allowing you to approach from a certain distance. Such a funny but highly useful gift for duck hunters.

15. Camouflage Hat

Camouflage Hat

With a camouflage suit, comes a camouflage hat to match. A camouflage hat needs to suit your jacket, so your appearance does not only make you even harder to differ with your surroundings, but it can also come as a great hunting fashion statement. Also, different from a camo jacket, which has to come with a certain size to give it for a certain someone, you don’t need to worry about giving hat as gifts for duck hunters, as it is adjustable and it suits both men and women.

16. Gloves


A hunting fashion will not be complete without a pair of gloves. Not only because duck hunting takes place in winter, but it also protects your hand from getting sore from shooting the firearms. If you think about what to get a duck hunter, especially one that is useful, a pair of hunting gloves can be another safe option you can give as gifts for duck hunters, especially for female hunters. 

17. Compass


Here’s one piece of advice for every survival activity: do not lose your direction. Always find your north. A compass might be a good option as gifts for duck hunters to always go north. While nature provides many ways to show them about direction, it could be easier if you can just carry a compass with you anywhere. With a slot to a chain or a tie, you can place it inside your jacket without being afraid it might fall. 

18. Navigation Flask

Navigation Flask

If you’re not into one small non-multifunctional tool person, here’s another navigation tool. A flask to carry your drinks while also having a compass packed might be a good option for a one tool to go you can bring or give it as a gift because navigation is the essential thing of what every duck hunter needs, especially if they are beginners.

19. Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

The weather and the area’s demography might not be the only problems when it comes to hunting or having other survival activities. One area could have insects as residents. As carrying bug spray sounds impractical, having a smart watch that also acts as bug repellent can be a good solution. It can be considered a good option as gifts for duck hunters since it is a small but multitasking device. 

20. First Aid Kit Pack

First Aid Kit Pack

Another advice for every survival game lover or duck hunters: learn to take care and help yourself. Survival games often go unpredictable, thus making it possible for you to have any injuries. Having a bag with a first aid pack would really be a great help especially if you’re separated from your group or if you’re hunting solo.

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21. Hand Warmer

Hand Warmer

When you’re hunting in winter, gloves might be a good way to keep your hands warm. But you might still be cold if the cold weather goes more harsh. Having a rechargeable hand warmer can be quite handy (pun not intended) to prevent you from hypothermia. It is also not only to warm your hands, but also for your other body parts. Having this as gifts for duck hunters shows how much you care about them to keep their body temperature in check.

22. Sunscreen


Sunscreen is an important part in your skincare routine, both for indoor and outdoor activity. And we should really emphasize that skincare does not only apply for women, but also men. But the need for sunscreen application comes on a different level when you’re doing outdoor sport. You might want a durable sunscreen to protect you from the negative side of sunlight. And while it might sound strange to have sunscreen as a gift, this is an important thing that everyone often forgot to wear. So there’s nothing wrong with having sunscreen as gifts for duck hunters. 

23. Dog Whistle

Dog Whistle

Duck hunting also requires dogs to smell the trace of your prey. And while you can whistle yourself to call your dog, carrying and practicing a dog whistle could be beneficial for you. Not only for duck hunting, it comes practical during your dog’s exercise. 

24. Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

Another thing to have to take care of your hunting dog is a first aid kit special for your pet. While we need to have our own medical supplies kit, you don’t want your meds to be mixed with your pets, do you? You can also have it as gifts for your duck hunter or dog lover friends. 

25. Body Lotion

Body Lotion

Similar to sunscreen, body lotion is unusual but essential gifts for duck hunters to keep their body moisturized. However, as the sport requires you to face a harsh winter, you might want to have a bottle of body lotion with coconut oil to keep your skin moisturized during a long day of duck hunting. Perfect gift idea that works for boyfriend, girlfriend, family, or relatives.

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What do duck hunters want for Christmas?

There’s no denying that duck hunters want gifts that are useful and meaningful. Thinking about what to get a duck hunter, we have many options as gifts for duck hunters on the lists. Some useful tool that they want could be something compatible with multitasking functions, such as duck shooter box, ultrasonic mosquito repellent, or an adventure survival kit

What do duck hunters need?

Each hunter might have a different preference for their own needs. But sometimes, there are some tools that come in handy in facing harsh and unexpected situations. Some tools that they need to overcome those situations are rechargeable hand warmer, especially in winter. They also need to keep an eye on their health during the game, so a smart wristband might be what they just need. 

What do you buy a female hunter?

Picking gifts for duck hunters is already hard, let alone choosing gifts for female hunters. However, women are more conscious about their self-care (no offense for men here). Therefore, there are some self-care needs that we can buy as gifts for duck hunters (female hunters, in particular), such as a durable sunscreen or a body lotion to keep their skin moisturized. 

What do duck hunters wear?

Every outdoor sport often requires a special uniform that suits their needs. With duck hunting, however, their outfit depends on the weather and their surroundings. For duck hunting season that often takes place during winter, a duck hunter could wear a camouflage jacket paired with camouflage hat, and a pair of gloves to keep their hands warm. 

Is duck hunting easy?

Duck hunting is a sport that requires precision, a good life decision making, and a survival skill. It is not something that someone could easily achieve, but it’s not impossible at all. Having lots and lots of practice is the only way to improve your duck hunting skill.

How can I be a better duck hunter?

Being a good duck hunter requires survival skill and lots of hunting experience. You can start by finding a good mentor to teach you the tips and tricks of how to act like a duck hunter. Be enthusiastic, hunt smart, work hard and consistent practice are the keys to improve your duck hunting ability and getting better day by day.

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