20 Creative Spring Party Games Ideas To Embrace The Warmer Season

There are so many reasons to be excited about spring. From the beautiful nature, nicer weather, and many activities, including parties and festivals. You may plan to go to a spring carnival or host the most fabulous spring party to ever exist yourself. But with so many exciting activities to go to, you surely want to make your party pop and create lasting memories in the guests’ hearts.

Planning a party is fun; sometimes, it is even more interesting than the actual party itself. Think of festive decorations incorporating nature’s beauty and all the games you can play. To help you plan the best spring party ever, we’ve listed some of the top spring party games to keep your guests engaged.

How Do You Keep Adults Entertained At A Spring Party?

You can do several ideas to keep adults entertained at a spring party. For example, you can hold a watermelon carving contest to test their creativity. You can also challenge them to a cocktail-making competition. They will have a lot of fun mixing beverages and drinking them afterward. After that, challenge them to a plant identification game that will be hard after some drinks.

spring party games ideas
Keep Adults Entertained At A Spring Party

BEST Spring Party Games Ideas

1. Nature Walk Bingo

When the weather finally gets warmer, it is an excellent time to walk. But not just a walk, it is also one of the most fantastic party games for spring, where you walk around nature and play bingo.

spring party games ideas
Nature Walk Bingo Game

How To Play Nature Walk Bingo:

  • Print out nature bingo cards and distribute them to every guest.
  • As the guests walk through the area, they can mark their cards as they encounter the objects on the cards.
  • Guests who completed a row, column, or corner-to-corner can return to the venue and earn a gift.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

2. Watermelon Carving Contest

Watermelon is fresh and sweet as spring. Therefore, it is appropriate to incorporate this fruit into your spring party game. One of the best game ideas to play is a watermelon carving contest.

spring party games ideas
Watermelon Carving Contest

How To Play Watermelon Carving Contest:

  • Prepare several watermelons.
  • Participants can get one whole or a piece of watermelon, depending on the fruit size.
  • Define a theme, so the guests have a direction to follow.
  • Set a specific time range to increase the difficulty level and choose a random guest to judge.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

3. Floral Crown Relay Race

One of the best group games to play is the relay race. But to make it related to the spring theme, you should make a floral crown relay race instead. This game is perfect if there is an upcoming spring festival, so you all can attend the festival with a beautiful floral crown.

spring party games ideas
Floral Crown Relay Race

How To Play Floral Crown Relay Race:

  • Divide the guests into several groups.
  • Each group competes against each other to create the most stunning floral crown in a relay way.
  • The group that completes a crown in the shortest time wins.

Number of Players:

  • Minimum of 2 groups with 4 members each.

4. Glow In The Dark Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is one of the classic easter games to play at a spring party. To make it unique, you can create a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. It will be a fun game for both adults and kids and best played at night.

spring party games ideas
Source: Pinterest (@mihai2378)

How To Play Glow In The Dark Egg Hunt:

  • Paint the easter eggs with glow-in-the-dark paints.
  • Hide the eggs around the house.
  • Participants wander around to find the eggs.
  • The player who finds the most eggs wins.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

5. Cocktail Making Competition

When thinking of spring party games for adults, we often think of something involving alcoholic beverages. But can we all move on from beer pong and play a fun and challenging game? Instead, you can create a cocktail-making competition where guests can create their spring cocktails

spring party games ideas
Cocktail Making Competition

How To Play Cocktail Making Competition:

  • Provide various beverages players can use to make the cocktail.
  • Let the participants take their time to create the ultimate mix.
  • Choose one guest, preferably the one who is experienced with alcohol, to judge which cocktail is the best.
  • Winner can bring home an exciting prize.

Number of Players:

  • Minimum 2 players, but the more, the better.

6. Water Balloon Toss

The lovely spring weather may motivate you to do some outdoor activities. An outdoor spring party is a good idea; outdoor games will be even better. For instance, you can play a water balloon toss involving everyone on the guest list. It’s an easy and fun game to play with minimal preparation.

Water Balloon Toss
Water Balloon Toss

How To Play Water Balloon Toss:

  • Fill some balloons with water.
  • Split the guests into groups of twos.
  • Each team has to toss the water balloon and take a step back each time.
  • The partner should be able to catch the balloon without popping it.
  • The group who get the furthest distance without popping the balloon wins.

Number of Players:

  • Minimum 2 groups with 2 members each.

7. Egg Roulette Game

One of the most fun easter-themed indoor party games is egg roulette. This game is simple to play but can be messy, and it takes courage, just like how you play Russian Roulette. The difference is instead of using real bullets, you use eggs.

spring party games ideas
Egg Roulette Game

How To Play Egg Roulette:

  • Set up the playing area by covering the table or floor with plastic tablecloths to smooth the floor.
  • Mix up several hard-boiled eggs and raw eggs in a basket.
  • Players have to choose an egg and smash it against their forehead.
  • The ones who get hard-boiled eggs stay in the game, and those who get the raw eggs are out.
  • The last person to stay in the game without getting any raw eggs wins.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

8. Bunny Hop Relay Race

The Bunny hop relay race is one of the best spring games for family gatherings. Players have to race to complete an obstacle course. But instead of running, they have to hop like a bunny. 

Bunny Hop Relay Race
Bunny Hop Relay Race

How To Play Bunny Hop Relay Race:

  • Divide players into teams.
  • Use a spoon or other objects you can find around as a baton.
  • Players must hop through the obstacles and pass the baton to their team members.
  • The first team to finish the course wins.

Number of Players:

  • Minimum 2 groups with 4 members each.

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9. Pin The Tail On The Bunny

We all know how to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It is one of the most played birthday party games ever. To play it as a spring party game, you must adjust it accordingly. One of the easiest adjustments is to replace the donkey with a rabbit. You can also add some challenges for adult players, such as they also had to pin a carrot or other body parts.

Pin The Tail On The Bunny
Pin The Tail On The Bunny

How To Play Pin The Tail On The Bunny:

  • Print a large bunny picture and several tails.
  • Make players take turns to pin the tail on the bunny, blindfolded.
  • Players who successfully pin the tail and other objects on the closest place wins.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited

10. Blindfolded Plant Identification Game

The blindfolded plant identification game is one of the most fun spring-themed games that challenge your senses and test your knowledge of different plants. It is a fun way to test the player’s knowledge in plants.

Blindfolded Plant Identification Game
Blindfolded Plant Identification Game

How To Play Blindfolded Plant Identification Game:

  • Gather various plants, flowers, or vegetables from around the house.
  • Label the plants before the game starts.
  • Players must be blindfolded and use their senses by touching or smelling the plants to identify them.
  • The player who identifies the most plants wins.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited

11. Ladybug Spot Counting Game

Thinking of fun games for kids to play at a spring party? You can take this opportunity to take them out and explore the surrounding nature. During spring, you can find a lot of insects, including ladybugs. It is a great opportunity to make the kids explore nature. 

Ladybug Spot Counting Game
Source: Pinterest (@MeaganHotz)

How To Play Lady SpotCounting Game:

  • Take the kids outside to the yard or nearby park
  • Make them compete to spot as many ladybugs as possible
  • The one who spots the most ladybugs wins the game and gets a prize

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

12. Spring-themed Memory Game

You want to have a lot of fun, but sometimes there needs to be more space to play games like a relay. However, you can choose from plenty of games for small spaces, such as the memory game. To make it more appropriate as a spring party game, you print out your own cards from spring card printables.

Spring-themed Memory Game
Spring-themed Memory Game

How To Play Spring-themed Memory Game:

  • Print out some spring-themed cards.
  • Shuffle the cards and place them face down.
  • The first player turns over two cards, trying to make a match.
  • If the two cards match, they keep the pair and get to take another turn.
  • If the cards are not matched, they return them and let other players play.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – 4 players.

13. Plant Identification Scavenger Hunt

You can make a fun twist to scavenger hunt games and make it a fun spring party game simply by adjusting the rules. The rule is similar to the regular scavenger hunt but involving plants to make it spring related. It is a great game to play that makes us appreciate the beauty of nature.

Plant Identification Scavenger Hunt
Plant Identification Scavenger Hunt

How To Play Plant Identification Scavenger Hunt:

  • Give each player a list of plants to find.
  • Players must search for the plants on the list, identifying each one and marking it off on their list as they see it.
  • In addition, they also have to take a selfie with the plant as proof.
  • Set a time limit to make it more challenging.
  • The player who identified the most plants wins.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

14. Egg and Spoon Race Game

When planning for a family spring party, you may come up with egg and spoon races as the spring party game. The rules of this game are pretty easy for players of all ages. You can play this game outside to embrace the nice weather of spring.

Egg and Spoon Race Game
Egg and Spoon Race Game

How To Play Egg and Spoon Race:

  • You will need spoons and hard-boiled eggs as props.
  • Make the players race against each other while holding a spoon with an egg on top of it.
  • The first player to reach the finish line wins.
  • You can make an individual race or an egg and spoon relay to encourage teamwork.

Number of Players:

  • 4 individual players or minimum 2 groups of 4 players each.

15. Tug of War

If you are looking for a party game with physical challenges, tug-of-war will be your best bet. It requires not only teamwork but also strength. It is the best game to play during spring to encourage everyone to get physically active after a long winter break.

Tug of War
Tug of War

How To Play Tug of War:

  • Divide the guests into two groups.
  • You will need a rope and an area large enough to play.
  • Set a line in the middle.
  • Each team will try its best to pull the rope.
  • The team that is dragged past the line loses.

Number of Players:

  • 2 teams of maximum 8 players.

16. Bocce Ball Game

If you have a backyard spring party, bocce ball is the perfect game to entertain the guests. You will need a bocce ball set that includes eight balls and a target ball called a pallina. It is a game that requires both physical strength and strategy.

Bocce Ball Game
Bocce Ball Game

How To Play Bocce Ball:

  • Throw the pallina as far away as possible inside the court.
  • The players will take turns rolling the balls as close as possible to the pallina.
  • The team who succeeded in getting nearest to the pallina wins.

Number of Players:

  • 2 teams of 2, 3, or 4 players each.

17. Simon Says

When you want to have a rather chill but fun time, you can play Simon Says. It is a simple game that requires no tools at all. This game can be played by a small or large group and can be a fun ice breaker.

Simon Says Game At School
Simon Says Game At School

How To Play Simon Says:

  • One player will stand in front of the others and be the “Simon”.
  • Simon gives them instructions that start with “Simon says.” 
  • Other players have to obey whatever the instructor asks them to. For example, if the instructor says, “Simon says touch your toes,” everyone has to touch their toes.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

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18. Freeze Dance Game

Get the party lit by playing some headbanging tunes. But wait, you can make it even more fun by playing freeze dance. This game can include everyone at the party and can be played by guests of all ages.

Freeze Dance Game
Source: Pinterest (@wickeduncleusa)

How To Play Freeze Dance:

  • Choose a person as the operator.
  • The operator will play a song, and everyone should dance.
  • The operator will stop the music unexpectedly, and everyone should freeze.
  • Players who fail to freeze in time lose the game.

Number of Players:

  • 2 – unlimited.

19. Duck Duck Goose Game

We all remember having so much fun playing this game in our childhood. This is perfect as a spring party game since it can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Duck Duck Goose will be fun if played by a large group.

Duck Duck Goose
Source: Pinterest (@netmums)

How To Play Duck Duck Goose:

  • One person will be “it,” and the others must squat in a circle.
  • “It” will walk around the circle and tap the other’s head while saying whether they are duck or goose.
  • Ducks will stay still while someone chosen as a goose will get up and chase “it” around.
  • When they manage to catch “it”, it is their turn as “it”.

Number of Players:

  • 4 – unlimited.

20. Flashlight Tag

Looking for nighttime spring party games? A flashlight tag will be your best bet since it offers a lot of fun and excitement. The game’s rules are basically similar to laser tag or hide and seek. You can play this game in an area that is not too bright or preferably dark. It is best to play this game at night time. 

Flashlight Tag Game
Source: Pinterest (@thespruceofficial)

How To Play Flashlight Tag:

  • Set a game area and boundaries.
  • Each player has to bring their own flashlight.
  • Players will compete against each other and try to tag the others using a flashlight.
  • Players who get tagged have to step out of the game area.

Number of Players:

  • Minimum 4 individual players or 2 groups of 4 players each.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are small group games for Spring?

Small group games are designed to be played by a small group of people, typically between 2 to 10 players. There are a lot of games that can be played by small groups, including card games and board games. Small teams can also play physical games such as bocce ball and water balloon toss.

How can you make spring party games suitable for all ages?

You can make a spring party suitable for all ages by planning it beforehand. The theme of the party should be appropriate for all ages. The food and beverages choice should also be appropriate for all ages. Don’t forget to play some games that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids, such as Simon Says.

What are some good spring-themed games for a birthday party?

There are a lot of good spring-themed games for a birthday party. For instance, kids can play ladybug spot counting games while adults can play plant identification scavenger hunts. You can also play egg hunt or compete in a floral crown relay. And, of course, don’t forget about Pin The Tail on The Bunny.

What is a fun spring party indoor game?

You can think of many fun spring indoor games such as egg roulette, memory game, and memory game. Those games can be played indoors and even in small spaces for a small group of people. Those games are perfect for when you are hosting a spring party, but the weather is a little bit unfriendly.

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