20 Memorable Ways on How to Celebrate Midsummer

Midsummer is an annual celebration where you can enjoy the magical midnight sun. It is when the sun is in the solstice or the highest position, and it is when the sun does not set and you can celebrate the halfway between planting and harvest moment. The Midsummer celebration date usually falls on Saturday, between 19 to 26 of June. In 2023, Midsummer Day falls on Saturday, June 24th so Midsummer’s Eve will be celebrated on Friday, June 23rd. It will be a lot more memorable for you to turn this day into a romantic and fun Midsummer by celebrating it in the most special way.

There are various traditional activities you can do during the summer solstice to celebrate Midsummer. Whether you want to celebrate it alone, with family, friends, or society, there are also choices of activities you can do to celebrate Midsummer at home, outdoors, or in the city. To help you decide on how to have the best Midsummer celebration this year, we have created a list of the most recommended ways on how to celebrate the day. So, be ready to enjoy the longest day of the year with these memorable ways of how to celebrate Midsummer this year! Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list!

Why is It Called Midsummer?

Midsummer Day is an ancient day celebrated by Swedes and northern people as a solstice holiday in the middle of June. Farmers even recognize solstice moments where the sun is at the highest or middle position during the day of summer. This condition makes the sun not set for a day. It has been a culture marking the halfway of growing season between planting and harvest season. That is why they call it Midsummer.

Are Midsummer Celebrations Real?

Yes. It is a moment to celebrate because it is the only moment when you can enjoy the day without sun setting. The farmers can see whether the crops will give them good harvests or not. They show their gratitude for the upcoming harvest at the Midsummer festival. Everyone also can celebrate it in any ways they prefer. There is also Midsummer Eve which is celebrated the night before Midsummer Day. It is the moment when you can see the magical midnight sun.

Awesome and Best on How to Celebrate Midsummer

1. Search for Magic Fern Flower at Midnight While Praying for a Soulmate

Midsummer festival is a magical moment where you can spend all day and night in sunlight. One of the activities that you can do during Midsummer is searching for fern flowers at midnight with your best friends and then make a wish.

One of the most popular wishes is praying for a soulmate, and we recommend you to just put in the effort and simply believe in that. Moreover, remember to always be conscious during this special moment, because the magic moment will turn your imagination into reality.

2. Welcome the Midsummer Sun by Washing Your Face with the Morning Dew

Morning dew is the most fresh water that you can get when the sun rises. Therefore, people believe that washing your face with morning dew in Midsummer can be a refreshing ritual.

The morning dew on leaves outdoors will give you a wonderful feeling, making sure that ready to start your Midsummer day. Just walk outside and scoop it with both hands. We recommend you to make it your first thing to do when you wake up, because morning dew can vapor as the sun goes higher.

3. Drink Alcohol and Be Tipsy

Most people who celebrate Midsummer believe that the moment has to be celebrated happily and loudly. Well, it’s not easy to do that because there are various activities you can do to show your happiness and gratitude to the universe.

One of the best ways to do it is by enjoying alcohol with your friends and be tipsy. However, you still need to be fully conscious in celebrating Midsummer even though alcohol may bring you high. After all, you don’t want to be too tipsy and miss all the fun, right? Let yourself be tipsy and still light enough to dance but still consciously enjoy the party.

4. Dance Around the Midsummer Pole

Another activity you can do in Midsummer is dancing around the Midsummer pole. It is a tall wooden pole embedded in the middle of the festival field, which is also called the Maypole.

It is decorated beautifully in flowers and green leaves with people gathered around it holding hands with each other. The dance is formed in a big circle cheerfully while everyone is feeling grateful for everything. One of the most performed dances is the frog dance where people hop around the pole and sing.

5. Enjoying Pickled Herring, Potatoes and Chives for Lunch

Midsummer festival is where you can have lunch the whole day. Pickles are the most iconic side dishes to accompany your magical lunch on Midsummer day. The sweet, sour, and salty flavors mixed in harmony to give you the fresh Midsummer lunch all day long.

Pickled Herring, potatoes, and chives are the basic pickles dishes that you cannot miss in every Midsummer lunch. In our opinion, the sweetness of the potatoes, the fresh salty herring, and the fresh chives would be a memorable taste of Midsummer.

6. Don’t Forget the Strawberries

Who does not know how sweet summer strawberries are? The good temperature and humidity affects the taste of the strawberry, giving you the best of the best strawberry flavor of all seasons. In Midsummer, we need to remind you not to forget about the strawberries.

You can start with picking them yourself, and serving them at the Midsummer lunch table for everyone to enjoy. We believe without a doubt, strawberries in Midsummer are kisses for a lonely heart, yet it’s so refreshing and delectable.

7. Go Hiking at Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus, known as the highest peak in Greece, can be the perfect place for you to hike during Midsummer. Hiking is a challenging activity that you can do while enjoying the beautiful view as long as you want.

Hiking the Mount Olympus will be a great adventure for you to enjoy with your hiking buddies. Standing at 2,917 meters above the sea level will allow you to see the horizon of Midsummer Day. Moreover, we also think that spending Midsummer Day with people you can trust would be the special day ever. However, make sure you bring first aid to help you during emergency situations.

8. Make Flower and Herb Wreath and Wear It as a Crown

Summer is the moment where flowers bloom and fern leaves are evergreen. In our opinion, it is also the perfect time to make wreaths from flowers and herbs growing in your area. In Midsummer, you can create it with your friends and wear it as a flower crown to attend the Midsummer festival.

We have no doubt, the flowers and leaves combination will add a wonderful style into your Midsummer Day. Plus, the combination of white, purple, yellow, and red flowers also look perfect for the day, enriching your appearance. Find the simplest way of making flower crowns here.

9. Camping with Family

Midsummer is a long day for you and family to enjoy the day and midnight sun. It is a special holiday when you can enjoy the sunlight as much as you want. So, put up your tent, light a bonfire, and roast some marshmallows.

We recommend you to make sure you can enjoy your moment with family in Midsummer camp because it will live in the kids’ memory their whole life. There are also camping gadgets you can bring to your campsite to enhance your experience. Without a doubt, the moment you are enjoying with them will lead them to how they will spend their future midsummer.

10. Enjoy Bonfire for the Night

When the sky turns darker for a while, it would be a great idea for you to light your bonfire and gather around it together with your friends and family. Do you know that the presence of fire in Midsummer is essential for some people? That’s because fire is believed to keep evil spirits away while it is giving you warmth through the night.

Best friends, snacks, and music would be the perfect combination for you to enjoy the bonfire. So, we recommend you to create a memorable moment with people you trust and wish them good health and wealth ahead.

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11. Play Volleyball at the Beach

The long Midsummer Day should be celebrated delightfully. In our opinion, one of the fun activities you can do with your gang is to visit a beach and play volleyball there. You can not only wish for good health and fit body, but you can do it by dong some exercise such as volley ball.

Playing volleyball at the beach would burn calories and increase your mood. However, we have to remind you to apply sunscreen before you play to keep your skin healthy during the holiday. Let’s enjoy the sun of Midsummer day with your besties on your favorite beach.

12. Join a Midsummer Festival

If you are still unsure about how to celebrate midsummer and what activities to don during the day, we advice you to just leave it to society. You just need to search for any Midsummer festival and decide which festival that you want to visit.

Big Midsummer festivals usually include various activities. Therefore, you can just come and enjoy the festival without having to think too much about anything. We also recommend you to wear your flower crown, best dress, and enjoy the day. Don’t forget to bring your bestie along, too! We believe you can’t guess how memorable the festival will be for you all.

13. Wear Bright and Colorful Clothes to the Festival

Wear Bright and Colorful Clothes To The Festival

Besides wearing a flower crown on your head, consider wearing bright and colorful clothes to the festival as well. The soul of Midsummer Day is to celebrate it with fun and happiness. It can be expressed through the color you are wearing. Red, yellow, green, blue, and white color will look so bright and colorful on Midsummer Day. Wear those colors on your clothes and enjoy your Midsummer!

14. Dance with The Elders

Dance with The Elders

Old people have experienced so many ups and downs in life. Moreover, they may even lose some friends and their loved ones on their way. One memorable and heart touching act you can do this Midsummer is to hold their hands and dance with them.

They may have waited to dance just like when they were younger, but they can’t do it without a partner. So for a moment, be their dancing partner and enjoy the Midsummer Day with the elders on the dance floor.

15. Show Your Musical Skill Through a Performance

Show Your Musical Skill Through A Performance

Music performance in the Midsummer festival is a singing angel for the magical Midnight sun. In our opinion, having a great musical skill is a blessing to the world. It is fresh air for everyone who listen.

During the Midsummer festival, you can arrange a performance to show your musical skill to everyone. In our opinion, it would be a wonderful and memorable performance for those who would like to enjoy the longest day of the year with some beautiful notes of music.

16. Enjoy The City on a Carriage Ride

Enjoy The City On A Carriage Ride

During midsummer, usually there are many carriages that you can ride around the city all day. The city would be highly enjoyable when you have a longer daylight, on a carriage. Enjoy it slowly on every step of the horse carrying the carriage ride.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also enjoy a 360 degree view through your seat along with the wind flowing directly through your skin. However, since you will be exposed to the sunlight, we recommend you to make sure you wear a sun hat and put on enough sunscreen to protect your beautiful skin.

17. Pull the Anchor and Sail

Pull The Anchor and Sail

Having a longer daylight allows you to celebrate Midsummer anywhere you want in the outdoors. One of places you can celebrate it is on a boat on a lake. Arrange the day with your best friends, decorate the boat as you please, and fill up the fridge.

Then, you are ready to celebrate the Midsummer on the boat. We can assure you that the open air and wind flow would accompany you the whole day when you pull the anchor and sail with your boat.

18. Capture The Moments and Share Them on Social Media

Capture Those Moments and Share On Social Media

Moments have to be captured and freezed through pictures and videos. It is a memory you can turn back to anytime when you save it on your personal devices. But Midsummer is a lovely holiday when you can share your happiness wider.

Well, you must be familiar with social media where you can share those moments to everyone, right? Based on that fact, don’t hold those excitement to yourself. Let everyone know how to enjoy Midsummer through your social media.

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19. Calmly Walk Down the Road

Calmly Walk Down The Road

Midsummer can be celebrated in a noisy and playful way. But it also can be enjoyed through a calm walk down the street with a deep gratitude in your heart. The calmness and gratitude you feel can be a keynote to celebrate Midsummer, the day to anticipate and hope for a great harvest ahead.

Before you go for a walk, we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes, fit shoes, and also a flower crown, after all it’s a long summer day, right? Therefore, for this special day, we just need you to enjoy every step and be happy along the way.

20. Celebrate Midsummer with Your Lovely Pet

Celebrate Midsummer with Your Lovely Pet

Midsummer is a festival for all creatures including your beloved pet. Dogs have that cute frequency which makes us want to love and take good care of them just like a baby. So on this Midsummer, you can celebrate it with them by crowning them with a flower crown and keeping them clean for the day. However, remember to serve them with their favorite treats and do their favorite things, like taking a walk.

Final Thoughts

Midsummer is of the moments that many people are waiting for. On a day where you can enjoy the bright sun all day, the best way to celebrate the moment is by making sure you have everyone you love the most around. After all, whatever happened in life, having friends and family around will always make you feel like everything is going to alright, isn’t it? So first you can pick the activities that you want to do, then invite your friends and family to join the fun with you during midsummer. Lovely!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do midsummers do?

Midsummer is celebrated by many people with various activities. But basically people celebrate it loudly and happily through dances, laughter, music, and fire. They believe the noises and fire will bring luck and keep bad spirits away. They would start bonfires, dance around the Midsummer pole, walk on parade wearing flower wreath, BBQ, and play various games with loved ones.

How long does midsummer last?

Midsummer is a holiday that lasts for over three days. It is celebrated between June 19th to 26th with Midsummer Eve celebrated on Friday and Midsummer Day on Saturday. In 2023, Midsummer Eve will be celebrated on Friday, 23 June and Midsummer Day will be on 24 June. It is a never ending celebration since there will be a long daylight where you can play, dance, and sing anytime. 

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