25 Amazing Gifts for Pole Dancers They Will Love

Dancing becomes a trendy hobby, and it even becomes a cool job for youngsters these days. One of the most unique dancing types is pole dancing. In the past, pole dancing is often called as ‘stripper dance’ or ‘sensual dance’ that brings out our sexual behavior and intuition. But as time goes by, pole dancing becomes a form of art , not to mention that it even becomes a favorite exercise for girls, especially those who want to have a curvier and healthier body. Therefore, for pole dancers in you life, we think it will be a wonderful idea to surprise them with wonderful gifts. For your information, there are various gifts for pole dancers out there for you to choose from.

There is no short cut to be skilled in pole dancing. To become skilled pole dancers, they need to practice hard. They also need to be strong both mentally and physically, too. We know that practice makes perfect, and sometimes some dancers might experience aches and bruises during practice. So, you might want to look for gifts for pole dancers that will support their passion.

In this list, we have collected 25 most recommended gift items for pole dancers in your life. So, let’s start, shall we?

BEST Gifts for Pole Dancers

1. Choreography Cards Pack

Choreography Cards Pack for Pole Dancers

Sometimes, pole dancers can feel like they’re running out of ideas to create new dance moves. Therefore, we think this choreography card pack will come as a useful gifts, which comes as a set of 31 cards.

Each card features one pole dance choreography, which will inspire pole dancers in creating new moves. We have no doubt any pole dancer will be thrilled to have this as a gift, which we think will also be a great tool to help her practice with her pole dancer friends.

2. Festival Custome Set

Festival Set for Woman Pole Dancers

Just like most dancers, pole dancers will always prepare their best costume for every performance. Therefore, we think that this festival costume set will be an amazing gift for a lovely pole dancer in your life.

Aside from it’s amazing patterns and colors, we also love the fact that it features a magical ability to make them look super stunning to wear! So, make sure you check this item out before it runs out!

3. Pole Dance Wood Wall Art

Pole Dance Wood Wall Art

For pole dance lovers, including pole dancers, pole dancing is like their whole life. The best they can, they will try to include the element of pole dancing into their life. For such dancer, we think this pole dancer wall art would be a nice gift for her.

In our opinion, having pole dancing elements at home will become their inspiration to dance better from time to time. Made of high quality wood, this item comes in black and white which looks adorable. In addition, you can order the unpainted version as well, so you can personalize the colors based on their preferences.

4. Sticky Leg Warmers

Sticky Leg Warmers

Looking for useful gifts for pole dancers who might have issues with cold metal poles? Yup, we have the best choice of gift for you. Take a look at this useful gift. It comes in the form of a pair of leg warmers.

In our opinion, you must pick these sticky leg warmers as one of the greatest gifts for pole dancers. It is made of good quality spandex and lycra, so it’s super comfortable wear. Even better, you can even choose one out of 4 incredible colors available.

5. Nuts and Bolts Sculpture

Nuts and Bolts Sculpture Pole Dancer

This unique sculpture represents a pole dancer who dances beautifully. We think this super cute item will make a great table decor inside every pole dancer’s home. This item is created using a high quality metal and copper, which will attract anyone who lays their eyes on this item.

In short, we have no doubt that this art sculpture will be great as a home decoration or gift for pole dancers who need inspiration. 

6. Pole Dance Catalog

Pole Dance Catalog

Looking for some of the most useful gifts for pole dancers? We have one for you! Here we have a dance catalog, which we think will be a very useful gift for professional pole dancer.

This book will help them in practicing pole dance moves and then evaluate them. In terms of contents, This book includes 424 elements with 10 levels of complexity, which will be highly useful for pole dancers. So, go get this item as a gift for professional pole dancers to help them progressing!

7. The Pole Dancer’s Journal

The Pole Dancer’s Journal

Just like a diary, we think this pole dancer’s journal will also help them to track how far they have come in pole dancing. This journal features sheets for strength goals, flexibility, choreography log, tricks from the class, practice planning, event checklist, and many more!

Basically, this journal will help the dancers to track how their progress in becoming a successful pole dancer. If you happen to know a young pole dancer who is currently learning to become a pro dance, this one is the best pick. Get this as a gift for pole dancers, they will love it!

8. Record Clock

Pole Dance Record Clock

Giving a special pole dancer a piece of gift that they can display at home is also a great idea. If you are looking for a unique home decoration as a gift for pole dancers, we truly think this record clock will be a great gift for them.

It comes in the form of a wall clock, and it has signature pole dance choreographies on 4 sides of the clock. With mostly black color on the clock, we have no doubt it will be great to add this clock as wall decor to add a touch of a simple and minimalist look to any room. 

9. Soap Bar

Pole Dance Soap Bar

Isn’t this one of the most unique soap bars you’ve ever seen? We think the most unique thing about this soap is the embossed signature pole dancer with a yellow color on it’s blue background. Wonderful! That’s why we think it will be a great gift idea for a sweet pole dancer in your life. Moreover, we would suggest that you buy several pieces of this soap and wrap it in a sweet gift box.

No doubt, it will be a super cute gift for pole dancers. This soap bar is made of safe and natural ingredients such as active charcoal and fragrance oil, which are good for the skin. So, check this item out while it’s still available!

10. Sterling Silver Pendant

Pole Dance Sterling Silver Pendant

This elegant piece of sterling silver pendant will undoubtedly become one of the greatest gifts for pole dancers. Being a super stunning piece of jewelry, this necklace is made of solid sterling silver, so it will definitely lasts a lifetime.

This pendant represents a lady dancing on the pole, which we think will make a super precious gift for any pole dancer. We believe without a doubt, this adorable item will be a nice piece of accessory to wear for a special performance.

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11. Pole Dance Earrings

Pole Dance Earrings

Aside from necklace, we think a pair of lovely earrings will also make a great gift for pole dancers. So, why not complete your favorite pole dancer’s stunning look with these pole dance earrings?

Aside from being an adorable pair of earrings with a cute pendant, these earrings also represent the artistic side of any pole dancer. These earrings are made of silver and it comes in a simple design to complete the look of your special pole dancers.

12. Pole Dance Active Wear

Pole Dance Active Wear

Of course, we will not wear a festive set when we are practicing pole dance, right? Based on that reason, we think this activewear set will be a great gift for pole dancers, which will be user useful for practice.

This product has a unique sleeveless design, and more importantly, it is also stretchable since it uses the Italian supplex fabrics as the product material. There are 12 colors available you can choose one most adorable color to look great, even just for a practice, because why not, right?

13. Pole Dancer Pleaser Shoes

Pole Dancer Pleaser Shoes

A great pole dancer is usually the one who can dance even under the most challenging circumstances. Even though we think that it will be challenging for them to dancing with these pleasant shoes, we also believe that they will look super stunning on these pair of unique shoes.

This item features exquisite heels and glossy finish, which will add more elegance to the whole performance of pole dancing. So, shall we add this item as a gift for pole dancers?

14. Stripper Dance Pole

Stripper Dance Pole

For pole dancers, we think this dance pole set will surely become an essential item for dance practice and performance. After all, wht’s a polce dancer without a pole, right?

This dance pole features adjustable height, water resistance, and also easy to move when you want to practice from one room to another. In short, we think this item will be just perfect as an essential gift for pole dancers. 

15. Kneepad


For pole dancers, you have to know that their knees are one of the most crucial body parts, which is their knees need to be protected. After going through many practices and performances, they will likely feel uncomfortable on their knees and also neck.

Knowing such fact, we really think that giving them something to protect their knees will be a very thoughtful idea. Therefore, we suggest that you pick this item as this kneepad would be a useful gift for pole dancers. 

16. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

Simple to use, we think this set of resistance bands will be a great first start before practicing pole dance. The resistance bands are probably some of the most required tools for pole dancing practice, and we think these bands need to be inside any pole dancer’s bag.

Available with 5 resistance levels to boost our strength and flexibility before dancing, these are one of the best gifts for pole dancers. They will get 1 set of 5 colors to use consecutively. So, get this item as a gift for pole dancers while they’re warming up! 

17. Body Sorbet Set

Body Sorbet Set

Practicing pole dancing can make pole dancers experience dry skin, which is not very comfortable for them. For that reason, we highly recommend you to get this beautiful set of body sorbet from AHAYA asa gift for a special pole dancer in your life.

In short, it can save the day because it will help to moisturize and smoothen their skin after practice. Use this after pole dance practice, and their skin will have its natural smoothness back.

18. Ankle Weight

Ankle Weight

This set of ankle weights is without a doubt one of the most fantastic ways to help pole dancers building both their strength and flexibility. Comes with high flexblock technology, this item will allow them to enhance their body weight movements.

Available in 4 types of weight starting from 0.5 kg, we believe without a doubt this set will be one of the most useful gifts for pole dancers to help them perform their best in every performance!

19. Crash Mat

Crash Mat

This is an additional exercise tools to warm up any pole dancer’s body before doing their daily pole dance. Being such a simple yet useful item, they can use this crash mat to do small exercises like small jumping on a rope and also stretching.

In terms of quality, the mat features soft and thick materials with 3-fold design, so we can definitely expect durability. And when they want to do some other exercises beside pole dancing, they can also use this mat.

20. Pole Dance Socks

Pole Dance Socks

For pole dancers who feel like pole dancing is their heart and soul, we definitely think that these pole dance socks can be the perfect gift for them. They can wear these socks during cold weather and even when they are doing pole dancing practice.

In terms of design, it is designed with a pole dancer pattern and made of soft cotton to provide comfort. So, what are you waiting for, let’s add this little item as a gift for pole dancers!

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21. Eat Sleep Pole Hoodie

Eat Sleep Pole Hoodie

Pole dancers often make pole dancing as the core of their life, besides eating and sleeping of course. Therefore, to represent their passion for pole dancing, we think this black hoodie would be a great gift for pole dancers.

Available in 4 colors, this hoodie comes in a big size as well, which we think will give them extra comfort. Moreover, they can also wear this while doing some warming ups before practice, or even while they’re having a fun outings in the outdoors.

22. Wine Glass Gift

Wine Glass Gift

Doesn’t it look pretty exquisite? This wine glass has an exquisite design with patterns of pole dancing choreography. With this exquisite design on the clear glass, it will be perfect as a birthday, anniversary, or simply a sweet little gift to celebrate pole dancers’ achievements.

The glass has 3 different poses of pole dancers, which hopefully can support their enthusiasm for pole dancing. 

23. Foot Massager 

Foot Massager 

Pole dancing is not easy, that’s for sure. The most important about pole dancing is that the dancers must be strong with extra flexibility on the pole. Therefore, their feet needs to be strong as they will help them to firmly hold the pole.

Therefore, we highly recommend this item as a gift for pole dancers. This foot massager features a heater, rolling stick, and also deep-kneading Shiatsu massage.

24. Pole Dancer Lamp

Pole Dancer Lamp

Looking for an exquisite gift for pole dancers? This pole dancer lamp would be the perfect choice, especially because it can be personalized with the name of the receivers. Plus, it includes a wood stand to display pole dancer lamps, too.

This lamp is made of acrylic glass and features 8 colors featured in one lamp. Without a doubt, we thinkit will look pretty when it lights in the dark. 

25. Pole Dance Tote Bag

Pole Dance Tote Bag

Last but not least, we also think that this unique tote bag will come as a great gift for pole dancers, which can be used as a shopping bag, too! This item will show the world how much they love pole dancing.

Not only that it has a unique design with cute patterns, this item is also handmade and able to load a maximum of 20kg. So, without a doubt, this item would be great as a gift for pole dancers. 

Final Thoughts

Being a pole dancer is not easy, and it needs routine practice and dedication. Therefore, any pole dancer knows that they need proper and high-quality equipment and tools to be able to perform their best at pole dancing.

If you have a special person who is a pole dancer, make sure you give that person the best kind of support, which will motivate her to be the best version of herself in pole dancing. There are plenty options of gifts for pole dancers to choose from and we have selected 25 of the best ones for you. Make sure you check them all now before they run out!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does every pole dancer need?

For practices and performances, they would need turn around the pole beautifully, like real dancing. There will be a lot of aches around their knees. Therefore, they will need knee pads to protect their knees.

For practices and warm ups, of course every pole dancer would need a dance pole, resistance bands, ankle weight and activewear. Therefore, you should consider these items as thoughtful gifts for pole dancers. 

What to buy a girl who loves dancing?

We would recommend gifts that can support their dancing skills and performances. You can consider this pretty festival set, pole dance socks and also a unique tote bag for daily use that can represent their passion and soul for pole dancing. 

How do you get stronger at pole dancing?

There is no quick way in advancing your pole dancing skills, also getting stronger at pole dancing. Pole dancing needs strong flexibility and stable body weight. Doing warm up like stretching and some exercises like squats, crunch, Russian twists, and push ups will help you to get stronger at pole dancing. Another tip would be to often pull up and heavy deadlifts. 

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