Tail & Ears Cat Hoodie

Take your love for felines and fun fashion trends to the next level with one of these creative hoodies.

Its whimsical design includes a pair of blue kitty ears on the hoodie and a tail at the back.

Long sleeves with blue paw prints on the palms and a hole for your thumbs add to the quirky design. To cap it all up, blue furry pompoms adorn both ends of the drawstrings.

The ears are designed to remain perky through multiple washes and extended use. Thanks to their blue interior, they are impossible to miss.  

Tail & Ears Cat Hoodie

Another highlight of the design is the detachable tail. It allows you to attach or remove it with ease when you have to switch between informal and more serious settings. Moreover, you can attach it to your pants’ loop to alter the visual effect.

Tail & Ears Cat Hoodie

A feminine cut makes it ideal for unleashing your inner wild cat when the situation calls for it. Super adorable and unbelievably comfortable, this hoodie belongs in every cat lady’s wardrobe. 

fox hoodie
wolf hoodie

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