25 Shocking Jinbe Cosplay That Brings One Piece to Life!

If you are a fan of One Piece, then we believe you know who Jinbe is. Jinbe is a whale shark  fish-man who is fat and big like a sumo athlete. Being one of the most powerful Straw Hat crew, he masters karate and is often seen in his iconic orange kimono and blue skin.

Jinbe Cosplay
Jinbe Cosplay Ideas

If you think that cosplaying Luffy, Zorro, Sanji is too mainstream, then we really think that cosplaying Jinbe would be a great idea. WIth his blue skin, fat body and kimono, we believe that you will look super awesome in your colorful costume.

Here we have a list of the coolest Jinbe cosplay ideas for your recommendation.

Jinbe Cosplay for Men

We divided the list into two categories; Jinbe cosplay ideas for men and women. Now we’ll take you to discover the best and coolest Jinbe cosplay ideas that might interest you.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the list! 

1. Jinbe and His Long Cigar

Source: Facebook (@Willie Brown Cosplay Photography)

The basic elements of Jinbe’s costume include an orange kimono and red cape that cover his stocky build similar to that of a sumo wrestler.

You can dress as Jinbe by wearing the same outfit, and to add a unique touch to your look, carry a long cigar that will make a cool addition of a costume accessory. 

2. Big Fat Jinbe

Source: Facebook (@Lilith Scream)

Jinbe has a stocky build similar to that of a sumo wrestler. If your body meets the requirement, then you can cosplay as Jinbe and wear the orange kimono and red cape. Then, make sure you wear a blue bodysuit plus Japanese-style sandals or geta

3. Scary Jinbe

Source: Facebook (@One Piece – One Million Fans)

One of the most important elements of a costume is the makeup. If you happen to have a skill in makeup, you might want to add some emphasis on the face by applying a dramatic Jinbe makeup to your Jinbei cosplay look.

You might also want to wear a black curly wig to create a more convincing look.

4. Be More Authentic with Jinbe Mask 

Source: Deviantart (@polkajolka)

Being a whale shark fish-man who is good at karate, he is always seen with his Japanese kimono and geta. However, we know that putting on a professional Jinbe makeup is not easy, therefore you can get a Jinbe mask that includes the black curly hair as well. 

5. Short Hair Jinbe

Source: Instagram (@maxthetizzle)

The world of cosplay is full of creativity, and in cosplaying as Jinbe, you can apply a different kind of hairstyle. As you see in the pic, you can just leave your hair as it is. But we still think that you need to apply professional makeup to make you look more convincing. 

6. Be Colorful with Yellow Kimono

Source: Instagram (@koi_amaru)

A blue body suit and face makeup is a must when you decide to cosplay as Jinbe. But after you have the bodysuit ready, you can choose to wear a yellow kimono instead of orange.

As for the makeup, make sure you wear a black curly wig and the iconic white eyebrow to complete the look.

7. Curly Hair Wig

Source: Instagram (@binks_family_cosplay)

Jinbe is a unique whale shark fish-man with a sumo wrestler body and Japanese kimono. If you have similar body types as Jinbe, it would be a great idea to cosplay as Jinbe.

Wear a blue bodysuit, the orange kimono and a red cape, and add the iconic makeup with fangs to create a fierce look.

8. Dancing Jinbe

Source: Instagram (@koi_amaru)

Be a happy Jinbe by wearing a bright-colored Jinbe costume that includes a yellow kimono and red cape. Then, add your own creativity by wearing a black magician hat. Then, pose a happy face and be the happiest Jinbe at the cosplay convention.

9. Prisoner Jinbe Costume

Source: Deviantart (@Ranma-baka)

Since Jinbe was the member of the Arlong crew, he used to be a criminal although he never had any issues with Luffy and his crew. If you want to think out-of-the-box, then you might want to consider wearing the prisoner costume of Jinbe.

Even better, wear giant handcuffs to complete your criminal look.

10. Customized Jinbe Mask

Source: X (@nic)

Here we have another option of a Jinbe mask for those of you who choose to wear a mask instead of applying a unique Jinbe makeup style. This mask is very unique, and you just need to wear the iconic jine costume to finish your unique look.

Last but not least, wear a geta and you’re all set for the long-awaited cosplay convention.

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11. Crazy Mouth Mask

Source: X (@Manders)

Looking for a super unique and iconic Jinbe mask to complete your costume? Search no more because here we have the best pick for you. This mask is a perfect choice of mask that will make you look super cool and convincing as Jinbe.

Wear a Jinbei costume and complete your look by wearing a purple cape. 

12. Sweet and Kind Jinbe

Source: furaffinity (@Blackheart1993)

Jinbe is probably one of the nicest and kindest fish-men who finally joined the Straw Hat crew and stood with Zorro, Nami, Chopper and friends. You can create a sweet and kind Jinbe look by styling your hair in a modest style while still wearing the kimono and cape. 

13. Red-themed Jinbe Costume

Source: Instagram (@chassorette_cosplay)

If you love red, then we have a perfect recommendation of Jinbe cosplay for you to consider. This is a costume that includes a red kimono and red cape, plus the accessories such as the black hair wig and Japanese geta. 

Jinbe Cosplay for Women

Although Jinbe is a male character in One Piece, it’s not impossible for female cosplayers to cosplay as Jinbei. However, if you plan on cosplaying Jinbe, you can customize the costume by adding your personal touch without losing Jinbe’s identity.

Here are some Jinbe cosplay ideas for women for you to consider. 

14. Off Shoulder Kimono

Source: flickr (@Isidro Urena)

If you want to cosplay as Jinbe but still want to look gorgeous, then this off shoulder kimono might be an attractive choice. You can wear an orange and black kimono with off shoulder design that will make you the sexiest Jinbe ever.

15. Red Kimono and Slippers

Source: Instagram (@michellemaka_)

Red kimono, blue cape and black slippers are three main elements of this bright Jinbe costume. But underneath them all, make sure you wear a blue bodysuit and have curly black hair with a bun on top.

16. Short Kimono Dress

Short Kimono Dress
Source: Instagram (@cossky_)

Create your own version of Jinbe costume by having a short kimono that shows some legs. Wear a red cape to cover the kimono, and wear a purple kimono belt on your waist.

To add to your dramatic look, add an accessory in the form of a red umbrella, and see how you will look stunning instantly.

17. Fish Gloves

Fish Gloves
Source: Facebook (@ONE PIECE Fanpage)

Being a fish-woman, you can make sure you pay attention to details by wearing a pair of blue fish gloves as a simple but impactful element that will boost your performance in an instant.

Wear a complete set of Jinbe costumes, and you will immediately become the center of attention. Plus, put on your purple lipstick, too!

18. Peach Kimono Dress

Peach Kimono Dress
Source: Facebook (@My Lady Sprout)

This peach kimono is a wonderful alternative of Jinbe cosplay idea for female cosplayers who want to look sexy. Instead of bright orange, wear a peach-colored mini kimono dress and cover it with a red cape.

Then, wear a pair of broken white stockings and finish it off with Japanese slippers.

19. Black Stockings and Slippers

Black Stockings and Slippers
Source: grandlineph (@Francis Legarda)

Instead of having blue legs, you can also choose to wear black stockings and pair them with black slippers in cosplaying as Jinbe. Then wear a bright orange kimono and a red cape, and have blue makeup with yellow eyebrows, plus messy hairstyle to create a scary Jinbe look.

20. Dramatic Makeup

Dramatic Makeup
Source: Facebook (@ONE PIECE Fanpage)

Makeup can sometimes become the most important element in cosplay. Now if you want to cosplay as Jinbe, make sure you put on convincing makeup that includes the yellow eyebrows and fangs.

Moreover, wear a Jinbe wig to enhance your appearance, and make sure you wear an authentic Jinbe costume.

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21. Authentic Kimono

Authentic Kimono
Source: Facebook (@One Piece Cosplay)

This Jinbe cosplay idea will be the perfect choice for female fans who want to make sure they look as authentic as they can in cosplaying Jinbe. To recreate this look, wear a bright orange kimono with purple belt, and wear a red cape on your back, and have a Jinbe makeup look to finish it off.

22. Be Creative with Yellow Kimono

Be Creative with Yellow Kimono
Source: Pinterest (@sharidakenplz)

Jinbe was seen wearing kimonos in many colors, and in this Jinbe cosplay idea you will need to wear a yellow kimono paired with a purple cape. Then, have a thick black curly wig with a bun on top, and wear Japanese slippers to complete your look. 

23. Be Casual with a Pair of Jeans

Be Casual with a Pair of Jeans
Source: flickr (@Joe Chavez)

Create a casual looking Jinbe by wearing a pair of jeans under the iconic orange kimono. Then, wear white stockings with a pair of light blue flat shoes to add more casual vibe to your look.

As for the makeup, have blue makeup and style your hair curly to look like Jinbe.

24. Long Purple Hair

Long Purple Hair
Source: Pinterest (@Snowgrimm)

Instead of having a black curly hair like Jinbe in One Piece story, how about having long straight black and purple hair? This is a unique look that will make you look like a feminine version of Jinbe, especially with a slim body and blue skin.

25. Brown Curly Hair

Brown Curly Hair
Source: Instagram (@hashibira_cosplay)

Well, since you are encouraged to be creative with your cosplay look, we recommend you to have a different hair style and color when cosplaying Jinbe. This is a good example of that idea, because this Jinbe cosplay idea comes with a brown hair that is less curly, but still looks good and convincing. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have discovered some of the most recommended Jinbe cosplay ideas, the best way to pick the best cosplay idea is to pick one that represents not only your love for the character, but also represents your style and personality. 

Once you are ready with your Jinbe costume, make sure you document it through photos and share them on social media to inspire other cosplayers, too!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key components of a Jinbe cosplay costume?

He is wearing a colored traditional Japanese kimono in various patterns and colors, complete with a purple obi like a ribbon around his waist. He is also wearing a red or orange-colored coat or a purple coat. 

How can I achieve Jinbe’s facial markings for my cosplay?

You can have a professional cosplay makeup artist create a Jinbe makeup for you. Or, you can also get a Jinbe mask that comes with the hair and detailed elements to have an instant Jinbe look.

Are there any tips for selecting the right wig to represent Jinbe’s topknot hairstyle? 

The best Jinbe’s wig to pick wigs that have curly black hair with white accents on top, plus the bun to create an authentic Jinbe look.

You can style your own hair if you have long and curly hair as well. But for instant results, we recommend you to get Jinbe’s wig from costume stores and rentals instead.

What kind of footwear should I use to complete my Jinbe cosplay?

The best footwear to pick are black Japanese slippers or geta, because in One Piece, Jinbe is seen with these slippers that complete his kimono or yukata. 

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