25 EPIC Usopp Cosplay Ideas: Be the Star of Your Next Con! 

Ready to nose-dive into the world of cosplay as the Straw Hat Pirates’ most endearingly dramatic sharpshooter?

Usopp may not be the captain, but he’s the king of cosplay potential with his wild tales and even wilder outfits. Don the iconic green bandana, strap on those brown overalls, and arm yourself with a trusty slingshot—because it’s time to bring the bravest coward, Usopp, to life.

usopp cosplay
Usopp Cosplay Ideas

Whether you’re embodying his knack for invention or his flair for the dramatic, your Usopp cosplay is about to be as memorable as his long-nose tales.

So, fellow fans of One Piece’s beloved sniper, let’s get into character and make Usopp proud at the next big con!

Iconic Usopp Costumes

We will start the list by giving you some ideas of Usopp cosplay based on the character’s most iconic costumes to pick. From professional Usopp costumes to DIY outfits, we have it all and you can find them all in this category.

So, let’s start scrolling and get ready to be inspired. 

1. Usopp Costume with Extra Touch on the Makeup

usopp cosplay
Source: Pinterest

The most iconic outfit of Usopp that we know is the post-time skip outfit.

Still with his iconic overall, in this outfit Usopp appears in a bright yellow overall paired with a white hat, headphones, red glasses and a blue and white striped armband, which shows that he never forgot about his origin.

You can recreate this look by wearing all the items mentioned above, and add an orange sling bag that will complete the look. In addition, you can also go out-of-the-box by adding a unique makeup to the look.

Yes, of course you will need to wear the nose, but how about creating bold and large lips using nude lipsticks to create a dramatic look, too? We believe you will look like a cool Usopp, adored by all One Piece fans. 

2. Original Usopp Look

usopp cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@fuckyeahonepiececosplay.tumblr.co…)

If you are looking for a look to truly represent the real Usopp, then here we have the perfect recommendation for you.

This costume features all the replicas of Usopp’s iconic look, including the orange overall, white and blue striped armband, white hat, glasses, headphones, and last but not least, the catapult. 

One element that you must not forget is the hair. As we know in the anime series Usopp has curly black hair, which is very iconic. Therefore, you need to make sure that the hair is included as well.

You can get a fake wig online, or if your original hair is black and curly already, you can just style it based on Usopp’s hair style, and you are all set for the next cosplay event. 

3. DIY Usopp Costume

usopp cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@gamek.vn)

If you are all in for a Usopp costume this year but running out of time to search for a proper Usopp costume, then you can just DIY the costume yourself.

The first thing you need to prepare is definitely the orange overall and pair it with a sleeveless purple top, and get a pair of orange boots.

Once you have the main costume elements ready, the next step is to make the accessories that include the orange helmet, gloves, the iconic nose, and last but not least, the catapult.

You can also add an orange cape to add a dramatic touch to your overall look. Lastly, wear a black curly wig under the helmet, and we believe everyone at the cosplay event will adore your DIY skill. 

4. Female Usopp Costume

usopp cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@DREAMZ97)

In the world of cosplay, there are no rules in terms of gender, which means that female cosplayers can become male anime characters, and vice versa.

We know Usopp is a male character, but all female fans can cosplay Usopp and create a unique look of their favorite One Piece character.

Take this one for instance. This is a very adorable costume of Usopp that includes an orange overall, a skin-colored sleeveless top, a pair of brown boots, and all the mandatory accessories such as the white hat, headphones, orange sling bag, and last but not least, the blue and white striped armband and the catapult. 

5. Professional Usopp Cosplay Look

usopp cosplay
Source: Pinterest

Next up we have a recommended Usopp costume for professional cosplayers out there. If you are looking for a costume that shows professionality plus your love for One Piece and Usopp, then you need to check this one out. 

This costume has everything you need to recreate a lifelike Usopp. It includes the yellow overall, the brown boots, sling bag, white hat with the headphones and black curly hair, and also the blue and white striped armband to complete the iconic look of Usopp.

Once you have all elements of the costume ready, the last step to complete your look is to wear the fake nose. Because we all know that the nose is the most iconic part about Usopp’s look, right?

6. Classic Usopp Outfit

usopp cosplay
Source: Pinterest

If you don’t feel like recreating the post-timeskip outfit of Usopp for the next cosplay event, then we highly recommend you to check out the next most iconic look of the character, which is the one with a blown overall.

If you watched the live action of One Piece already, you would notice that this is the costume that Usopp wears in the series.

It includes a brown overall with a white scarf belt, plus the headband and the unique glasses. Along with the outfit, he also wears his red sling bag and brown boots, and also the iconic blue and white striped armband, too.

However, when wearing this outfit, Usopp was using this square green slingshot. So make sure you pair the outfit with the right weapon as well.

7. Pirate Usopp Costume

usopp cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@gamek.vn)

Say hello to this super cool Usopp with the pirate hat and a red coat.

Usopp was wearing this outfit during the final battle. You can recreate the look by wearing a red coat, a pirate hat, and for the inner part, wear a green overall.

Just like Usopp’s other outfits, in this one you still need to include his outfit’s accessories as well, including the iconic glasses, black curly hair, and the nose, for sure.

However, you can also explore your creativity by adding other elements to enhance your cosplay look, such as wearing a pair of leather gloves, and perhaps add some makeup to create a dramatic and animated look to your overall appearance.

8. Complete Set of Usopp Costume

Source: Pinterest (@demifiendrsa.tumblr.com)

If you are a simple cosplayer who wants to have a costume that includes all elements about a costume, then you need to check this one out.

Here we have a complete set of Usopp’s costumes that you can get online. The costume includes the orange overall, the boots, sling bag, white hat, and every single accessory he wears, too.

It comes in high-quality materials that you can keep to wear again for the next cosplay events. However, you might want to add a small element to the costume, which is adding some dirt to the costume and body.

These are the kind of elements or factors that will make you look more convincing, which will also make people think that you just returned from a battle with Arlong’s team. 

9. Lady Usopp Costume

Source: Pinterest

Right here we have another option of Usopp’s costume idea for female fans. Unlike the previous idea that features classic Usopp’s look, this one offers a customized version of the costume.

Although it includes some customizations, we still think that the costume can perfectly represent Usopp in the most fun and unique way.

You can start by wearing a pair or yellow flare pants and pair them with an orange vest and white tank top as the inner. Then, wear a pair of brown winter boots and red helmet on top of a black curly wig.

As for the helmet, you can find a piece that includes the ear covers and glasses as well. For the final touch, put on a fake nose and you’re basically done. The costume looks pretty cool, don’t you think?

10. Looking Like the Real Usopp Cosplay 

Source: Instagram (@tydarr_)

This next Usopp costume recommendation is a set of costumes that will make you look like the actual Usopp from the live action series.

It includes all costume elements that you need to have, including the orange overall, the sling bag, white hat, red glasses, and last but not least, the blue and white armband as well.

The ear covers are looking so much like the ones we see on Usopp, which we think will add a touch of authenticity to your cosplay look.

In addition, you can also add some makeup to create a dramatic look, while also including the fake nose as the final touch. 

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Usopp Cosplay for Female

Usopp has a lot of female fans who would want to cosplay their favorite character at the next cosplay convention or exhibition. If you are one of them, then you need to check our list below that includes 10 of the best recommendations of Usopp costume ideas. 

11. Fun Usopp Costume

Source: Instagram (@sparkle_stache)

If you love the character of Usopp that is fun and always loves to share stories to everyone he sees, then perhaps you can add the element of fun to your look.

You can wear a costume with elements that come in fun and bright colors such as bright yellow pants and a red top. 

You can also turn your slingshot into a cheerful weapon and wear a blue and white striped armband as a touch of identity. As for the accessories, make sure you wear the white hat and the fake Pinnochio nose, and complete the face look by adding some makeup to enhance your look. 

12. Simple Usopp Costume

Source: X (@Ms.Energy ♡)

We think it would be a great idea if you can copy Usopp’s look by recreating his iconic look through the brown overall, white scarf belt, headband, glasses and the blue and white striped armband.

We think you will look even more attractive if you style your own hair to copy Usopp’s hairstyle, which is curly and black.

To look more convincing, we also recommend you never leave the sling bag and fake Pinnochio nose, because you ain’t no Usopp without those two elements.

13. Iconic Usopp Costume

Source: Instagram (@cosplayofcolor)

The next idea is also one of our most recommended versions of Usopp’s cosplay idea.

This one however, includes a brown tank top to be paired with the orange overall. Also, we do think that this is the perfect costume for the plus size fans who want to bring out the unique side of Usopp. 

In terms of accessories, this costume offers a twist which comes in the form of a backpack instead of a ling bag. Would it be ok? Yes, absolutely.

In the world of cosplay, you can be free with your creativity, as long as you include all the main and mandatory elements of the actual outfit of your chosen character. 

14. The Sexy Usopp Cosplay Idea

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

How about becoming the sexy version of Usopp? We would say yes, definitely!

Take this next idea for instance. This one is undoubtedly one of the sexiest costume ideas for female fans of Usopp. 

You can choose materials made of high-quality fabric and make sure they fit your body perfectly. Then, showing some skin is highly recommended for this kind of costume.

After all, you can only bring out the sexy back of Usopp at cosplay events, right? You can then wear a curly black wig, a white hat and put on some bold and sexy makeup under the fake Usopp’s iconic nose. 

15. One-Piece Usopp Costume

Source: Instagram (@sammyscosplay)

If you think that in the world of cosplay, comfort is everything, then you might want to check out this next costume idea.

This is a recommended Usopp cosplay idea for female fans who want to make sure they can move freely all day long.

This costume includes a one-piece costume in orange made of comfortable cotton material, ensuring comfort all day. Then, you can add the elements of accessories to the look by wearing the white hat, fake nose, sling bag, and also the brown boots.

Lastly, make sure you carry the black round slingshot to complete the look. 

16. Cute DIY Usopp Costume

Source: Facebook (@Miccostumes)

This unique Usopp costume is a costume that will bring out the originality of Usopp’s  iconic look.

This costume includes a brown overall that includes a white scarf belt and a black tank top as the inner part of the costume.

As for the head and face appearance, you can wear a cream-colored headband with the iconic glasses on top of it.

Wear the fake nose, and make sure you have your real hair styled like Usopp’s hair style. Or, you can also buy a wig from many online stores. Lastly, make sure you wear the blue and white striped armband to add a touch of authenticity to your look. 

17. Casual Usopp

Casual Usopp
Source: X (@DTJAAAAM)

If you don’t feel like wearing something sexy or showing too much skin, then this next Usopp cosplay idea might be the perfect option of costume for you.

Instead of wearing a sleeveless top, you can wear a white shirt under the brown overall. You can feel more comfortable while still looking like the authentic Usopp at the next cosplay event. 

Then, you can continue by adding some mandatory Usopp’s mandatory accessories like the headband, white scarf belt, sling bag, and last but not least, the blue and white striped armband and fake nose.

However, you can use white sling  bag instead of red or orange bags. It will be a nice mix and match to your look. 

18. Female Usopp Costume

Female Usopp Costume
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayfu.com)

If you feel like wearing a comic-like version of Usopp costume, then you can stop your search here because this Usopp cosplay idea offers you just that.

All elements of this female Usopp costume give you a fun and comic-like feeling that include the yellow overall, black crop top, the unique white hat, and also the fake nose and fake black curly hair, too!

However, you can also add your own creativity to the costume by using a stylish orange bag and a pair of brown boots to show your own individual style into the whole cosplay appearance.

But still, make sure you carry the black slingshot, because you still need to be ready whenever the enemies are coming to attack your ship. 

19. Female Usopp Bikini Costume

Female Usopp Bikini Costume
Source: Instagram (@sparkle_stache)

This one is definitely one of our most favorite female Usopp cosplay ideas on this list. This costume describes one of the sexiest Usopp outfits that include a black bikini top as the inner piece.

If you feel sexy and want to show some sexiness at the next cosplay event, then you can use this idea as an inspiration.

You can get a black bikini top and get a yellow pair of Usopp’s costume pants plus the red sling bag and blue and white striped armband as the other main elements of the costume. Then, wear a white hat plus the ear covers and fake nose.

Lastly, carry Usopp’s green slingshot to complete the look.

20. Female Usopp with The Straw Hat Flag

Female Usopp with The Straw Hat Flag
Source: (@deviantart)

Let’s become a sweet Usopp at the next cosplay event by taking this next female Usopp cosplay idea as an inspiration

You can wear a brown overall and use your own version of headband as an accessory on top of the black curly hair.

Once you have them all, wear a white scarf belt and then you can add a unique element that will create a different look to your overall cosplay appearance. You can carry the flag of the Straw Hat Pirates!

We can assure you that no one will ever doubt your performance as Usopp, thanks to the flag. Luffy will be proud of you, for sure. 

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Sogeking Cosplay

The Sogeking costume is also one of Usopp’s most favorite outfits in the series.

Therefore, we think we need to have a special category that includes five of the most recommended Sogeking cosplay ideas for those of you who want to recreate this unique look of Usopp at the next cosplay convention. 

21. Usopp Sogeking with a Bodysuit

Usopp Sogeking with a Bodysuit
Source: Pinterest

Here we have Usopp cosplay ideas for professional cosplayers out there. If you are a true fan of the One Piece, Usopp in particular, then you need to check out this cosplay idea.

This costume includes a set of costumes such as the brown overall or bodysuit plus the white long sleeve shirt, too. Then, you will need to wear the sling bag and red cape while also carrying the green slingshot on your hand.

Lastly, the mask! Yes, make sure you include the mask too. You can leave the fake nose behind because the mask usually comes from the long nose already. 

22. Usopp Sogeking Costume with the Brown Overall

Usopp Sogeking Costume with the Brown Overall
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Next up we have another fun version of Usopp Sogeking cosplay idea. You can wear a brown overall and a long sleeve undershirt, and pair it with a small sling bag of your choice as additional accessory. 

Then, you can wear a red cape made of a plain red fabric, and carry the green slingshot which you can easily find on many online stores. Lastly, wear the iconic yellow mask, and wear a pair of brown shoes to complete the look.

We can assure you, people will adore you for your iconic Usopp look.

23. Wrapped Up Usopp’s Sogeking Costume

Wrapped Up Usopp’s Sogeking Costume
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Here we have another cool choice of Usopp cosplay that will make you the star of the next cosplay convention.

This is a costume that includes a brown overall to be paired with a white set of fabric that covers all over your body for authenticity. 

Then, you can wear a red cape that covers your left shoulder down to the arm area, and carry the iconic green slingshot on your right hand as your weapon. Lastly, put on the yellow star mask and pair it with a black curly wig to show people that you are recreating Usopp’s iconic look the best you can. 

24. Iconic Usopp Sogeking Costume

Iconic Usopp Sogeking Costume
Source: Instagram (@hirosenp)

To make sure you are recreating the best version of Usopp Sogeking outfit, you will need to make sure that you are having high-quality costume that includes the required accessories, too.

Take this next Usopp cosplay idea, for instance. This one is a great version of Usopp’s brown overall that comes with the white belt as well.

As for the shoes, you can grab your old winter shoes and wear a dark red cape to make you look more convincing. Lastly, carry the long version of Usopp’s green slingshot, and wear the iconic yellow mask as the final touch of your cosplay look.

25. DIY Sogeking Usopp Costume

DIY Sogeking Usopp Costume
Source: Instagram (@mugiwaraplus)

Our last Usopp cosplay idea is a fun DIY idea for those of you who have limited time to prepare for your costume. Being one of the most iconic characters in One Piece, we have to admit that creating Usopp’s costume at home is very hard to do. 

You can wear your black or brown overall and use a white long sleeve shirt under the overall. Then, wear a red cape and make your own version of green slingshot out of used cartons.

As for the hair, it will be a plus if you already have a black curly hair. But you can easily get a black curly wig online, too. Lastly, wear the iconic mask which you can create yourself or purchase online for instant delivery. 

Final Thought

Now that you have more recommendations and ideas on the best Usopp cosplay options, then we believe you will have more options on the kind of Usopp cosplay to pick.

You can get a complete set of costume, or you can create the costume and accessories yourself to highly add a touch of personalization to your costume. 

In the world of cosplay, you can be any character you like, and we encourage you to bring out the best version of yourself based on your most favorite character. Enjoy the fun experience of cosplaying, and don’t hesitate to share your experience online.

Who knows, other cosplayers can be inspired by your story. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I find high-quality Usopp cosplay costumes and accessories?

You can easily find high-qualityUsopp costumes and accessories on costume stores and rentals, both online and offline.

Quality comes with a price, so if you are looking for high-quality costume made of the best materials, you will have to spare some extra budget. But if you are a professional cosplayer, we do believe that it will all be worth it. 

Are there any common mistakes to avoid when cosplaying as Usopp?

The most common mistakes that many cosplayers make is by adding some customization to the main elements of the costume, such as the overall, white hat, or the hair or nose. Those are the basic identities of Usopp that must not be changed.

How can I choose the perfect poses for my Usopp cosplay photoshoot?

You can replicate the famous Usopp’s poses that you can find online. There are some famous poses of Usopp that you can choose, which will make your photos look more authentic and dramatic.

You can then share the photos on social media to inspire other Usopp fans to do the same. 

Where can I find fellow Usopp cosplayers and One Piece fans to connect with?

You can find online communities of One Piece fans in many social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram or even chat groups, too.

You can also seek for Usopp’s fans communities, which will allow you to share your cosplay experience or gain new insights or knowledge for your next cosplay events. 

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