25 Must-See Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas: From Women to Babies

Autumn-style ideas take center stage when it comes to Thanksgiving outfit inspiration. They offer various fashion choices that will celebrate the vibes of the holiday season.

We usually mix and match comfy sweaters with trousers and jeans for cozy Thanksgiving attire, or grab a formal Thanksgiving dress to make a classy look. And, of course, infusing autumn-inspired palettes like deep orange, warm brown, or golden yellow hues.

Thanksgiving Outfit
Thanksgiving Outfit

To discover more about Thanksgiving seasonal outfit inspiration, we’d love to walk you through our collections that will suit women, babies, and girlies to bring the festive celebration to life!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas Woman

Looking for outfit ideas for holiday gatherings or simply want to look more stylish for Thanksgiving?

Our curated list below will help you to provide Thanksgiving fashion tips for women that suit warm outfits for November. And of course, the looks are not only trends in 2023, but they are timeless!

1.  Classy Attire Style

Source: Pinterest (@Girl Shares Tips)

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket to look elegant and classy. And yes, the black one gives you the chance to look stunning at Thanksgiving celebrations. Just pair a black crop leather jacket with a knit-based attire set and an ivory or beige skirt to bring your look to life. 

To create a sense of height, make sure the skirt has side slits that extend halfway down the thigh. Top off the look with a mini clutch and boots, throw on your sunglasses, and you’re all set!

2. Minimalist Ensemble

Source: Pinterest (@Uptown Girl)

If you’re all about minimalism, this ensemble will suit your personality. It simply features a long-sleeved black dress with a slit on the left side for a sweet accent, so it doesn’t look too plain. 

Then, you can take the opportunity to wear ankle boots in an autumn-inspired color, like deep orange or warm brown, as a characteristic of the Thanksgiving palette. We also recommend wearing accessories like a necklace to elevate your appeal.

3. Casual Thanksgiving Outfit

Source: Pinterest (@Girl Shares Tips)

We do love to try diverse styles to match our vibes and this one speaks about it out loud! It embraces casualty, yet is a bit formal at the same time. The blend of a long, white shirt and warm brown tone knit vest beautifully resonates autumn atmosphere. 

And for the bottom wear, shy no more to include a mini, pattern grey skirt with black, transparent stockings. For the footwear, we think a pair of Dr. Martens or boots shoes will do justice!

4. Autumn Elegance 

Source: Pinterest (@Girl Shares Tips)

Unlike our previous collections which are mostly into simplicity, this one features a bright autumn palette, dominated by red. It has colorful floral patterns with a black background that stunningly highlights the blooms.

If you love such a style, you can pair the dress with high-heeled boots. Choose a lighter tone to not overwhelm the look. Also, you better grab a clutch with a warm brown color to match the vibes. 

5. Stylish Thanksgiving Outfit

Source: Pinterest (@Lola)

Fashion with a minimalist style sometimes ends up lasting longer, despite the ever-changing trends. We also prefer something simple, like this one. This stylish Thanksgiving outfit combines a warm brown coat, leaning towards oversized, with a long knitted, formal Thanksgiving dress in white to beige. 

This stylish Thanksgiving outfit combines a warm brown coat, leaning towards oversized, with a long knitted, formal Thanksgiving dress in white to beige.

You can pair it with darker-toned dockside or moccasin-style shoes for a color contrast.

6. Simple Festive Look

Source: Pinterest (@Stitch and Salt)

Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women just don’t feel complete without including a skirt as the highlight. If you love embracing your feminine side or are in the mood for such a style, this simple festive look will instantly steal your heart. 

The combination of a timeless beige sweater looks lovely with a long, darker-colored patterned skirt.

For a style like this, we recommend wearing high-heeled booties to add some height. Then, let your hair down and throw on a few gold or silver-toned rings for an elevated charm.

7. Plus Size Thanksgiving Style

Source: Pinterest (@Girl Shares Tips)

Are you a plus-size woman feeling insecure about your style? Fret not! Embrace your body by rocking this Thanksgiving outfit. It features plus-size knitwear in a warm brown hue with a hint of orange, making it look even comfier.

You can pair it with slim-fit jeans or opt for leather ones for a classier look. Then, complete the style with black, high-heeled boots or Chelsea boots and a boater hat as a complement to your classy appearance.

Thanksgiving Outfits Baby

Don’t let your baby fall behind in fashion during this festive season! Help them become the spotlight and enhance their cuteness by styling with our curated Thanksgiving outfit inspiration for babies below with tips!

8. Harvest Hues Hype

Source: Pinterest (@A Noble Style)

Your baby deserves to look catchy this Thanksgiving 2023. So, take this opportunity to make over their look with this harvest hues hype! You just need a warm brown or terracotta jacket and a striped pattern long-sleeve T-shirt as the top. 

As for accessories, throw on a beanie hat to make your baby look even more adorable. For the pants, you can opt for jogger pants in gray or a color that matches the jacket.

9. Adorable Feast Fashion

Source: Pinterest (@Living with Lissy)

We get it that mommies out there who have daughters surely have the desire to dress up their little ones in cute clothes and accessories.

Well, you can channel that interest by styling your baby girl for Thanksgiving. 

Hence, we recommend going for this look with a cute orange top paired with a mini attached skirt adorned with deep orange flower patterns against a white canvas. Instead of leaving her beautiful hair untouched, add a cute ribbon headband for that extra charm.

10. Pumpkin Girlie Onesie

Source: Pinterest (@Etsy)

Another adorable look for your baby girl! This time, it doesn’t feature flowers, but rather cute cartoon pumpkins. It’s like a jacket with Halloween-themed fruit prints and the signature “hello fall” text, capturing the essence of the festive season. 

With its jacket style, it will surely keep your kid warm in chilly weather.

You can pair it with a matching headband or one in a red hue from the autumn-inspired palette. As for the shoes, go for something warm, like pre-walker booties.

11. Cute Gobble Gear

Source: Pinterest (@Etsy)

In case you’re on the lookout for an adorable Thanksgiving outfit for your little one under one-year-old, this style inspiration is worth a try. It’s a onesie with cheerful patterns, featuring pumpkins and festive season embellishments.

And, of course, the dominant colors are from deep orange to warm brown with a white fabric canvas highlighting the motifs.

For an additional touch, we highly recommend adding a headband with a matching color, and she’s ready to be photographed!

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12. Sweet Potato Outfit

Source: Pinterest (@Brianna Conlan)

Some babies are up for rocking stylish Thanksgiving accessories with their outfits, while others might be fussy and prefer to keep it simple. If your baby falls into the second group, this look will suit them best! 

You can simply choose a darker tone for the tee, but we prefer one that still fits within the autumn palette. Then, pair it with shorts or a mini skirt featuring pumpkin, checkered, or even plain patterns.

Finally, add a ribbon headband with an orange color as the hallmark of the season.

13. Little Sweater Style

Source: Pinterest (@Little Bigs Stitch’n)

In our opinion, this is one of the Thanksgiving sweater ideas for babies that you can go for. The sweater boasts warm orange with a hint of brown tone, which is the typical color of fall and Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, for the bottomwear, you can go for cute shorts with a floral pattern to make the look more lively. Don’t forget head accessories like hair clips or headbands and warm shoes to enhance the appearance of your sweet baby girl!

Thanksgiving Outfits Girl 

If you’re looking for seasonal outfit inspiration for your girl to welcome Thanksgiving, look no further. We have several inspirations for Thanksgiving girl looks that you can use as a reference for family holiday outfits below.

14. Mini Fashionista

Source: Pinterest (@Etsy)

Explore some looks for your girl this Thanksgiving season! Instead of sticking to the usual, we suggest going the extra mile to mix and match a cute pair for her outfit, like this one.

It goes with a long, white top with lace details on the sleeves. Then, match it with a pumpkin-colored, square-patterned skirt to add some color to this style. Next, accessorize her with a ribbon hair clip, grab her a cute baguette bag, and slip on a pair of ivory booties. Now, she’ll rock the festive style!

15. Vibrant Autumn Hues

Source: Pinterest (@Sweet Leaf Lane)

Having that cheerful little girl in the house infuses a bright vibe into this holiday season. And if you happen to have one, allow her to express herself through her clothing choice, just like this one with vibrant autumn hues. 

The dress features a light orange tone, just like those fallen maple leaves with a few fringe accents on the shoulders for a sweet touch. You can pair it with brown or black stockings with no patternation as the floral dress is quite bright.

Let her hair down or add hair clips as a complement.

16. Rustic Thanksgiving Outfit

Source: Pinterest

Any rustic theme, whether for decorations or clothing, is truly timeless. It combines natural touches with colors that match the autumn vibes, just like this rustic Thanksgiving outfit right here. 

Your girl will look stunning in an overall skirt with a velvety deep brown hue that resonates with the warmth of Thanksgiving vibes. As for the tee, you can help her choose between a beige with a brown undertone.

Top the look with a cowboy or boater hat and black booties.

17. Graceful Autumn Dress

Source: Pinterest (@Marina)

Want to showcase the subtle and serene personality of your little daughter? We highly recommend trying this type of dress. It brings simplicity to its finest while emphasizing the elegance of the look. The A-shape of this dress adds volume, making the style look graceful.

Plus, the balloon accents on the sleeves also give a minimalist yet beautiful impression. You can match it with black stockings to cover the legs and create a color contrast from the deep orange of the dress.

18. Iconic Embroidery Outfit

Source: Pinterest

While others mostly combine simple, minimalist outfits, and just mix and match the color palette, this dress stands out with unique features.

It boasts embroidery like peacock feathers, but its wings are made with colors within the autumn palette, with orange and brown tones, yet it also has a green hint for a refreshing touch. 

Since autumn weather is usually cold and gloomy, consider layering with long sleeves in a brighter color before your girl wears the dress. Then, we recommend adding a lovely ribbon headband as an accessory.

19. Pumpkin Spice Glam

Source: Pinterest (@Bailey’s Blossoms)

This outfit may not be suitable for outdoor Thanksgiving celebrations due to the sleeveless top. However, for indoors, we highly recommend it for your little girl! The set is adorable with velvety pants featuring fringe accents at the bottom and a beautiful deep orange color. 

What’s even more interesting is the white top, also with fringe that highlights the bohemian style. To make the look even more eye-catching, you can add a turban headband in a color matching the bottom wear.

Thanksgiving Outfits Baby Boy

In the following, we present baby boy Thanksgiving outfit ideas that you can try to make your baby boy look more handsome, chic, and stylish. The accessories tend to be minimalist but emphasize the distinctive autumn color palette, with various styles.

20. Harvest Hues Look

Source: Pinterest (@The Dizzy Bee Boutique)

A baby boy transitioning into toddlerhood needs comfy clothes to explore, especially during Thanksgiving, known for outdoor celebrations. Hence, you can dress him in a cozy outfit like this one. 

The look includes loose-fitting fabric pants in muted sage and deep maroon with a brown top that vibes with the autumn atmosphere. For shoes, choose based on the situation.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving around your farmhouse, we recommend putting booties on your baby boy.

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21. Baby Thanskgiving One Set

Source: Pinterest (@Zuli Kids Clothing)

The autumn palette with warm and earthy tones does give off a cozier vibe. But if you want to add a different touch to your boy’s atmosphere, this baby Thanksgiving one set will suit your taste.

The combination of light blue and white creates a blend of soft colors. 

However, the orange touch on the front still connects the autumn vibes to the outfit. To ensure your kid is comfy during activities, pair it with white shoes and socks so he stays warm.

22. Gorgeous Baby Onesie

Source: Pinterest (@Etsy)

Throw your sense of humor into your baby boy’s Thanksgiving outfit, just like this adorable baby onesie! Actually, the look is so simple, with a white onesie featuring printed jokes on top that adds a touch of flair to the air. 

While the style leaves the little legs bare, we suggest layering the onesie with long pants and a pair of booties so your little one can enjoy the Thanksgiving celebration without getting chilly.

Also, think about adding a beanie hat to keep his ears warm in the cold.

23. Cutie Pumpkin Onesie

Source: Pinterest (@The Bump)

Elevate your baby’s look with this adorable pumpkin onesie! Unlike some onesies we’ve revealed before, this one has a thicker yet comfy material. It also has contrasting colors and patterns that beautifully complement each other. 

The sleeves have a checkered pattern in black and orange tones, while the rest features a light brown hue. You can also spot some pumpkin embroidery on the front of the onesie.

To make it even cozier, you can add a beanie hat and shoes.

24. Cozy Little Attire

Source: Pinterest (@Etsy)

The cold and gloomy fall season does bring the coziest vibes, perfect for snuggling up while waiting for Thanksgiving to roll around. Your baby feels it too! That’s why you can get ahead by dressing your baby boy in this comfy pair of clothes. 

It’s simply putting on a long, beige-sleeved shirt and deep orange long pants that’ll make your kid feel more at ease to move around. And even if he dozes off, he’ll sleep comfortably.

25. Thanksgiving’s Baby Overall

Source: Pinterest

Suppose you’re in a rush to get everything ready for Thanksgiving. Well, this Thanksgiving baby overall is your go-to to give your baby boy a quick makeover! You don’t need a bunch of accessories for him; just throw on a long, striped tee in white, gray, and brown.

Then, layer it with brown denim overalls to keep your little one warm. Make sure the clothing is loose for your kid to move comfortably.

Final Thought

Thanksgiving outfit ideas can be your personal canvas to express your taste, values, and creativity for the world to see. Play around with autumn-inspired colors to create an awesome look for your Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends. 

For women’s Thanksgiving clothing ideas, mix and match dresses, skirts, pants, tops, and accessories to stand out. Don’t forget about Thanksgiving dinner attire and sweater ideas to try!

As for babies and girls, onesies, overalls, and dresses are favorites where you can explore patterns that match the Thanksgiving vibes. Happy styling!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What colors are Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving color palettes often reflect the hues of autumn, with warm and rich tones like rustic reds, golden yellow, warm browns, and deep oranges. These colors are generally infused into fall fashion trends and Thanksgiving outfits that evoke an inviting and cozy atmosphere of the cool season. 

Should I wear jeans to Thanksgiving?

Casual Thanksgiving wear, like jeans, is something you can wear as your stylish Thanksgiving looks. You just need to make sure to opt for Thanksgiving color palettes, like deep orange and warm browns for the top, which are often fall fashion trends. 

Can you wear white at Thanksgiving?

Holiday-themed apparel isn’t limited to traditional autumn colors, with only red, orange, brown, or yellow.

You can wear white and still nail those stylish Thanksgiving looks! We recommend accessorizing for Thanksgiving outfit with a chic white, turtle neck sweater with an autumn-inspired, floral skirt for a refreshing twist. 

Can I wear white jeans on Thanksgiving?

You can style your casual Thanksgiving wear with white jeans. It serves as a beautiful canvas for autumn color palettes, perfect for layered outfits for fall and holiday-themed apparel.

Consider opting for warm fall hues, like brown or orange to match your white jeans

What do men wear on Thanksgiving?

Men can also rock the comfortable Thanksgiving style with layered outfits for fall. One of the most popular among men is sweaters paired with corduroy pants or classic denim, creating a neat and polished look.

You can choose brown, deep orange, and maroon, for example, so that the masculine impression remains visible. 

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