30 Best Tactical & Military Combat Boots For Men

These cool military combat boots for men are a great choice of footwear, not just for the military, but also for outdoors enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Whether you are looking to conquer an impassable terrain, optimize your hunting experience or enjoy hiking more than ever before, men’s combat boots provide the versatility you require.

In order to help you discover the perfect pair, we have scoured the web to bring you the ultimate collection of amazing combat boots for guys.

Best Men’s Combat Boots:

We have tactical military boots in almost all colors of the rainbow, varying in material and features to ensure that everyone finds the perfect pair.

#1 Speed 3.0 Waterproof Combat Boots 

Speed 3.0 Waterproof Combat Boots - Combat Boots For Men

Showcase your fashion sense by wearing this pair of hardy boots on your outdoors expeditions. Featuring the perfect blend of style and utility, these boots guarantee that every terrain will henceforth be conquerable.

They sport a jungle platform offering multi-surface traction and fence-climbing toe for the ultimate adventure. And to ensure comfort through extended wear, the interior is lined with a heat and friction reduction antimicrobial layer to prevent blistering.

#2 5.11 Apex 8” Tactical Combat Boots 

5.11 Apex 8” Tactical Combat Boots

One look at this pair of combat boots for men and you know you want them on your feet! A MegaGrip outsole gives them the perfect grip on both dry and wet surfaces to reduce slips.

In order to ensure durability, their soles are Kevlar-reinforced and the upper features a unique blend of nylon and Kevlar.

Each of them has a covert pocket for secure storage of sensitive items and a top-of-the-range midsole and arch support system will keep you comfortable all day long.

#3 Men’s Tora Bora Insulated Alpine Combat Boots 

When it comes to versatility and durability, few boots come close to this pair. Whether you are looking for the perfect winter boots or have to navigate through swampy terrain, this is the pair for you!

Unlike a majority of its insulated counterparts, these tactical boots manages to offer warmth and moisture protection without being bulky. A rubber outsole and cushioned inner insert keeps you feeling comfortable and ready to take on any terrain for any length of time.

#4 Mens Handmade Brown Military Boots 

Mens Handmade Brown Military Boots - Combat Boots For Men

A handmade pair of boots makes the perfect for an outdoor enthusiast. What makes this particular pair especially outstanding is its combination of leather and suede leather. While giving them unmatched elegance, this material choice also ensures that they will last a lifetime.

Additionally, great attention to detail is evident from the stitching and elaborate craftsmanship. You can be sure that your gift’s recipient will not chance across a similar pair anywhere in the world.

#5 Atac 8” Coyote Military Boots 

Atac 8” Coyote Military Boots

Elegance meets style in this remarkable pair of mens combat boots. Embracing a design that meets military, law enforcement and tactical operation standards, they offer outstanding performance as well as comfort.

Their professional profile makes them a great choice for outdoorsy lovers with a keen eye for fashion. Apart from their trendy façade, they also feature enhanced traction and speed, the perfect combination for a speedy getaway.

#6 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boots 

Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boots - Combat Boots For Men

Take a step ahead of the trend with the Halcyon stealth boots. Made with your comfort and convenience in mind, they feature optimal cushioning and impressive breathability. No matter the weather, you can be sure to enjoy a convenient temperature range.

Unmatched stability and traction are other features that make this the ideal pair for expeditions and tactical operations. And you can rest assured that the laces won’t come undone at inappropriate times, thanks to the tac-lock.

#7 Men’s Danner GORE-TEX Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots 

Your hunting adventure is not complete until you don these combat boots for men. A unique membrane on their upper makes them breathable and waterproof, ideal for adverse weather conditions.

An airthotic footbed in polyurethane adds to this effect with a stichdown handcrafted design to maximize on aesthetics. A Danner Bob outsole is the icing on this cake, offering lots of traction on every landscape and self-cleaning capabilities.

#8 Mens Razed Boot 2.0 Black Leather Military Boots 

Mens Razed Boot 2.0 Black Leather Military Boots - Combat Boots For Men

Combine a trendy streetwear look and the versatility of military boots in this unique pair of razed boots for an irresistible effect. A high top sneaker design makes it the ultimate blend between boot and sneaker, merging the best of both worlds.

Featuring handcrafted leather ridges up the front and an upcycled tire sole, these boots are second to none in terms of aesthetics and comfort. A side zipper completes the effect, offering convenient access to the cozy interior.

#9 Cable Hiker Carbon Tac Toe Boots 

Cable Hiker Carbon Tac Toe Boots - Combat Boots For Men

If you are looking for a way to make it out of a sticky situation in one piece then these combat boots for men are your best bet. A stylish blend of black and brown defines the design, with a combination of ergonomic, lightweight materials.

More importantly, their choice of materials also offers protection, limiting blister-causing friction as well as heat. And with a Kevlar heel and rubber toe to boot, you will not be looking for another pair any time soon.

#10 5.11 Halcyon Patrol Boots 

5.11 Halcyon Patrol Boots

Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Were Made for Walking” would be the ideal way to describe the Halcyon patrol boots. In spite of being one of the toughest combat boots for guys, they also offer amazing comfort thanks to a cushioned design.

Clarino synthetic leather hits the sweet spot at the crossroads of elegance, quality and convenience. Agion lining protects the feet from odor while a sturdy outsole offers oil and slip resistance.

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#11 Danner Grouse Waterproof Hunting Boots 

Danner Grouse Waterproof Hunting Boots 

Footwear failure accounts for a large fraction of unsuccessful hunting experiences. But with the Danner Grouse boots, you can say goodbye to the misery, and hello to a whole new world of possibilities.

Great looks adorn the exterior which combines Cordura nylon and full grain leather. On the inside, you get to enjoy the convenience of a waterproof breathable membrane that keeps moisture out all while wicking away sweat. To top it off, the outsoles offer lots of traction and self-clean.

#12 Men’s Vintage Rothco Camo Military Combat Boots 

Add to your street cred with this vintage pair of camouflage mens military boots. Apart from the timeless appeal they bear, these boots also give you the opportunity to pay a tribute to the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe.

Canvas and leather offer the perfect combination of function and style, ensuring low weight and durability all at once. The weathered look tells a story and turns them into a statement piece.

#13 5.11 Evo 8 Boots with Side Zip 

5.11 Evo 8 Boots with Side Zip - Combat Boots For Men

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that your choice of footwear is weighing down on you during an expedition. The Evo 8 design is built to address this once for all time, a pair that focuses attention on convenience while not sacrificing performance.

A lightweight and compact construction characterizes the design, offering lots of speed and stamina. And just in case you lose your way, the tracking logo on the outer sole will create a trail that friends could use to find you!

#14 Skyweight Rapid-Dry Military Combat Boot 

Skyweight Rapid-Dry Military Combat Boot - Combat Boots For Men

At times all you want in a pair of tactical military boots is agility and foot protection. The Skyweight is your perfect choice in such cases as its simple minimalistic design focuses on those essentials.

Combining high quality suede and nylon, the most outstanding aspect of this pair is its quick-dry design that allows you to wade through puddles without a care in the world. Pair them up with any casual outfit and you are good to go!

#15 Men’s Rocky 400-gram Ultra Insulation Tactical Boots 

Men's Rocky 400-gram Ultra Insulation Tactical Boots

Get ready for deployment to any corner of the wild outdoors with these highly versatile combat boots for men. In spite of being a lightweight construction, the pair can withstand any type of surroundings.

Whether you find yourself in the lowlands or in tropical climates, insulation will keep your feet at optimal temperatures. A flame-resistant upper adds to the versatility making them ideal even for warfare.

#16 Tactic Cordura Combat Military Boot Shoes 

Tactic Cordura Combat Military Boot Shoes

Start reinventing your look from bottom up with these stylish and highly functional boots. Suede leather is known for its great looks and durability while Cordura is highly reputed for being able to withstand virtually anything.

A merger of the two worlds makes this the ultimate pair for a style-conscious wearer who needs hardy footwear for an adventurous lifestyle. Enjoy exploring deserts, mountains, swamps and all other terrain in this pair.

#17 XPRT 2.0 Tactical Desert Boots 

XPRT 2.0 Tactical Desert Boots

Enjoy a taste from both ends of the spectrum with the tactical boots that incorporate hiking features. Everything from the neoprene ankle and ripstop frame to the breathable, waterproof membrane and the cushiony insole on these shoes spell adventure!

They are lightweight yet extremely durable with a custom kick toe in the design. And thanks to the color scheme, the pair can blend with virtually anything in your wardrobe.

#18 5.11 Pursuit Advance 6” boots 

5.11 Pursuit Advance 6” boots 

Combat boots enthusiasts will agree that it is not exactly easy to find a pair of tactical boots for everyday wear. Most have to collect dust until the next outdoors adventure comes along. But not so with this pair!

It is made to fill the gap between adventure and practicality, delivering comfort and control in any given setting. A casual profile dominates the design making it a great choice for covert operations.

#19 Men’s Rocky Steel Toe Military Boots 

Men's Rocky Steel Toe Military Boots - Combat Boots For Men

It is only when the rubber hits the road that you can know the true worth of a pair of mens combat boots. But there is no doubt about the potential of this pair to meet every expectation in the book.

A flame and water-resistant design makes them ideal for a wide range of landscapes. Steel toe protection means that no matter what you bump into, you can keep moving without the risk of an unfortunate outcome.

#20 Army Tactical Cordura Combat Sneakers 

Army Tactical Cordura Combat Sneakers

Your search for the boot that will carry you the extra mile should end right here. Whether you are searching for great looks, comfort, durability, camouflage or versatility, this pair of military combat boots for men has it all.

Made using reliable cordura fabric and with a combat design on the upper they pique interest at first sight. The execution shows keen attention to details and is bound to be the focal point of your look.

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#21 5.11 Recon Desert Boots 

5.11 Recon Desert Boots - Combat Boots For Men

The desert boot is the ultimate staple in every outdoorsy man’s collection. Aside from the fact that this pair would go with almost everything in your closet, they feature lots of handy features that will get you out of tight situations.

Breathability is top on the list, keeping your feet cool no matter the weather and reducing the possibility of bad odor. A covert tactical pocket, toe guard and climbing lugs are other highlights of the design.

#22 5.11 Recon Urban Boots 

In as far as style, agility and comfort go, this boot takes the day! Featuring an all-black construction, the pair is ready for action in any choice of attire.

Its design covers all bases, leaving nothing to chance that would compromise your operation or safety as you explore the outdoors. Great traction, high stability and a rope ready zone all combine to offer the perfect blend of characteristics.

#23 Men’s 10” Steel Toe Marauder Boots 

Men’s 10” Steel Toe Marauder Boots 

Stand out from the crowd literally with this pair of sage green marauder boots. In addition to protecting you ankle and feet from impact and injury, these shoes sports a breathable design that keeps you fresh , dry and odorless at all times.

Thanks to an external ankle support system, they offer unmatched stability and comfort during extended wear. Roughout leather and cordura nylon offer matchless durability.

#24 Men’s Special Forces Swat Boots 

Men's Special Forces Swat Boots - Combat Boots For Men

Mens combat boots do not come any more innovative than this black pair. Regardless of whether you work outdoors, ride a motorcycle or are in fact in the military, these boots are ideal.

No matter what temperature you find yourself in, they will keep you from all manner of discomfort. A side zipper makes it easy to put them on and take them off, and a reinforced heela and toe keep you from getting hurt.

#25 Evo 8 Waterproof Tactical Boots

Evo 8 Waterproof Tactical Boots

Do you love to hit up trails, enjoy a rocky adventure once in a while or ride a bike? If so, you need the perfect pair of shoes to ensure that nothing goes wrong when you wet out.

This pair allows you to maneuver any kind of landscape without needlessly worrying about slips and falls. Its sole offers lots of traction as well as oil resistance. On the inside, it boasts a cushiony finish for maximized comfort around the clock.

#26 Men’s Irish Setter 12″ Hunting Boots 

Men's Irish Setter 12" Hunting Boots - Combat Boots For Men

One of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a good pair of hunting shoes is insulation. This pair keeps your feet warm during cold season and cool when the sun is blazing.

Scent control features and a moisture wicking lining add to the effect to offer unrivaled comfort. The result is that you can go on with your expedition for as long as it takes you to haul in enough meat for everyone who’s counting on you.

#27 Men’s Reebok Duty 8″ Fusion Tactical Boots 

Men's Reebok Duty 8" Fusion Tactical Boots

Soldier on with the ultimate pair of combat boots for men offering an amazing blend of aesthetics and utility. A combination of genuine leather and nylon creates a sturdy construction for every season.

Being non-metallic, the pair allows for drama-free travel through airports to far off expedition destinations. Both the outsole and insole contribute to an overall feel of comfort even when you have to keep them on for hours or sometimes, days!

#28 Cungel Men’s Hunting Boot 8-INCH Camouflage

Cungel Men's Hunting Boot 8-INCH Camouflage

A camouflage design is undeniable if you are looking for tactical and military combat boots. Because military and camouflage cannot be separated, right? These boots are durable, lightweight and ready to be your best protector in all terrains. Worries about getting wet? Say no more when you wear these.

#29 PAVEHAWK Men’s 8 inch Tactical Boots

PAVEHAWK Men's 8 inch Tactical Boots

A lightweight pair of boots with a casual and neutral color for you is here. This one is unlike other military combat boots since the color and the design is quite casual, but do not underestimate the specification and features on these boots. The rubber sole will protect you from impact injuries. Feel the comfortness even if you wear it for a long day because it is breathable and reduces fatigue when you are working.

#30 BOIWANMA Tactical Work Boots for Men

BOIWANMA Tactical Work Boots for Men

Looking for tactical work boots but with a short ankle? Then, check this one out. Lightweight and waterproof for hiking, trekking, fishing or gardening. The design is flexible and ergonomic for daily wear. This will protect your feet effortlessly. What are you waiting for?

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