26 Chic Thanksgiving Nail Ideas that Will Make Your Look Stunning

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest days on the calendar. And, if you’re like us, you would want to wear something super fun for the holiday. So, how about a new nail design to welcome the special day? Whether you’re an experienced nail technician or just curious, Thanksgiving Day is a great time to try something new. Warm colors that reflect the changing seasons are becoming a Thanksgiving nail trend this year.

Moreover, consider cute patterns based on Thanksgiving favorites or even glitter for a festive look. And yes, for the traditionalists out there, we were able to find some adorable pumpkin and turkey manicure designs. They’re just as warm as your favorite songs for Thanksgiving. Therefore, we’ve got several great options—and these are just in case you don’t have time to get to the store by Thursday! From the simple and easy nails to the creative nail art design, the following ideas below will help you to get a fantastic Thanksgiving nail design. Let’s check this out!

Simple and Easy Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready for the celebration. Right here we have simple and easy nail designs that will make your Thanksgiving festive! These are the simplest nail art ideas that you can do yourself at home. No professional tools or skills required.

1. Thanksgiving Autumn Colors Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

One of the most simple and easy ways to make your short nails attractive is by playing with colors. For this year’s Thanksgiving, use maroon, black, yellow, and orange gel nail polish to make colorful short Thanksgiving nails.

Simply use only one color for one nail, and then continue by doing the same for both hands. Moreover, we need to remind you not to forget to top the nail with transparent gel nail polish to give the shiny finish appearance.

2. Pumpkin Thanksgiving Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@natural-solutions.net)

When it comes to a simple pumpkin manicure idea, we really think that you can consider making neon orange and white gel nails like these! A bright neon orange nail color is perfect to light up your Thanksgiving day.

In addition, you can add a touch of sweetness to it by painting a small pumpkin in your ring finger nail using white background to make contrast. Plus, this easy design is also suitable for short thanksgiving nails.

3. Simple Turkey Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@ecstasycoffee.com)

Perhaps drawing turkey on all of your nails is difficult, therefore how about drawing it on one nail as the focal point instead? It would be a wonderful idea if you ask us. Use Thanksgiving colors for nail art such as red, orange, yellow and, and brown to create the simple turkey design. Meanwhile, you can paint the other nails in dark gray and add some glitters to make your simple turkey nails look stunning.

4. Glossy Fall Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

We understand that creating a similar Thanksgiving nail colors and patterns for all your nails is quite challenging. So, we recommend you to paint the fall color pattern only on your ring finger nail only.

To create this style, combine Thanksgiving nail colors in a zigzag pattern. Moreover, you can also add some glitter gels in a certain zig-zag part, and make sure your DIY nail art design is glossy and shiny by applying a top coat as the final touch.

5. Cute Turkey Face Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

If you are looking for a simple but adorable Thanksgiving theme, then this next idea is definitely yours to create. This one features a cute DIY turkey design, and since you are going to paint a cute turkey face, then you will need medium acrylic nails for a larger canvas option.

You can start simply by following the instructions step by step. First, paint all nails brown. After the gel nails dry, choose one nail to draw the turkey face. We must say that it’s not going to be that hard, because you only need to draw big eyes and a yellow beak with the red snood.

6. Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@shinecoco.com)

You may be afraid of ruining the aesthetic leaves in this fall Thanksgiving theme nail art. Don’t worry, we’ve got you the perfect solution for that! You can use nail stickers or stencil design to create the aesthetic part. In addition, you can paint the other nails in peach or orange gel nail polish. Lastly, we need to remind you not to forget to use a glossy top coat while completing the fall Thanksgiving manicure idea.

7. Golden Fall Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@loveambie.com)

In case you need a simple Thanksgiving manicure idea for a formal event, then we would recommend you to go with the combination of  fall colors with a bit of gold accents. Take this idea for instance. As you can see, the dark brown or maroon gel nails with a hint of red can be a good pair with gold color.

So, you can paint the nails dark brown or maroon first. After that, paint the edge of the nails with gold color. As a result, we can assure you that it will give a classy and elegant look to your formal dress.

Glitter Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

Looking for a creative way to use up all that glitter? Get the bling glitz and glam you’re looking for with a few easy steps. The glitter Thanksgiving nail ideas below will help you get inspired!

8. Fire Glam Thanksgiving Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@stayglam.com)

Next up, we have glitter gel nails idea, which is perfect for creating a shiny and sparkling effect on your nails. By using Thanksgiving color for nail art, you can make an abstract fire design. In order to do that, simply follow these instructions step by step.

First, coat your nails with transparent base gel nail polish, and continue by lightly stroke the red, orange, and brown colors to make pretty flames. Finally, sprinkle some glitters to make your fire nails brightly shine.

9. Thanksgiving Glitter Mosaic Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@prettydesigns.com)

If you love abstract design, then we have no doubt that you will definitely love this Thanksgiving-themed nail art. The colors of these nails are inspired by the fall season. And, each nail features a different base color and mosaic design.

To steal the look, you can combine some brown colors to make a gradient nail background and then add some glitters for the base as well. After that, you can add decorative mosaic patterns in red, orange, and yellow using stencil design.

10. Fancy Thanksgiving Glitter Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

This is one of the fanciest Thanksgiving nail ideas on this list. This one comes in the form of a fancy nail art design that will make you look more attractive on Thanksgiving day. To create this design, you can use long acrylic nails first. Then, coat the nails with glossy transparent gel nail polish.

In addition, use golden brown and silver glitters on the tip of your nails. In our opinion, golden brown is a charming color that represents the autumn season. conitnye by combining it with silver glitter, and you will see how it gives your nails a more expensive look.

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11. Thanksgiving Marble Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Marble nails are one of the most popular designs for girls. You can combine the marble design with glitter to make your nail stand out even more. To steal the look, we recommend you to use long acrylic nails since marble design will need a wide space.

As for the color, you can go with milo or latte color with a hint of pink, gray, and white to create the marble nails. Moreover, use gold glitter in the dark brown color to bring the festive Thanksgiving-themed nail art.

12. Black and Gold Thanksgiving Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

When it comes to a gothic but fancy style, we believe that nothing can beat black nails with gold glitters. Personally, we think that the black and gold design is perfect for adults to give a statement at the formal Thanksgiving event.

Simply paint the base using black gel nail polish and continue by applying gold glitter to decorate the tip of your nails. However, we recommend you to have long nails before applying this idea, because the results will be more elegant and stunning.

13. Glitter Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Source: Pinterest (@getnaildesigns.com)

Aside from orange or brown that are considered as warm tones, you can also go with more cool colors such as purple for your Thanksgiving nail art. Simply choose dark purple gel nail polish for the base color. After that, you can use pink glitter to create or draw beautiful autumn leaves on your painted nails.

Moreover, to add a sweet touch to the look, we would suggest that you you let one nail off glitters and one nail painted in full pink glitter. Undoubtedly, the two accents will make an attractive contrast.

14. Stylish Fall Thanksgiving Nail Art

Stylish Fall Thanksgiving Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@beautifuldawndesigns.net)

Make your Thanksgiving special with this stylish and unique nail art! First, you need stiletto acrylic nails to make an attractive appearance. Then, color each nail in different fall season colors. You can go with orange, marron, and dark brown. To make your design more stylish, cover one nail with gold glitters. Moreover, you can also add some gold nail accessories on the other nail.

Creative Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

This Thanksgiving, take a break from the same old turkey and mashed potatoes to try something new! We’ve gathered some of the best and creative nail designs, so you can have fun expressing yourself while getting in the holiday spirit. Let’s check them out!

15. Glow in the Dark Fall Nail Art

Glow In The Dark Fall Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@nailsmag.com)

If you want to make a subtle Thanksgiving nail art, glow in the dark gel nails is definitely a creative way! You can start by using black gel nail polish for the base color. Once you’re done with base, you can use glow in the dark nail color to create an abstract design. As for this touch, we highly recommend you to combine fall tones such as orange and red. Lastly, don’t forget to add a bit of glitter while finishing your design.

16. Thanksgiving Food Nail Art

Thanksgiving Food Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@ideasdonuts.com)

Since Thanksgiving is always about delicious food, how about making a creative food-themed nail art? To start with this idea, simply paint the your nails with black or dark brown gel nail polish for the background. Once all set, use stencil design for the food pictures. As for the food, we would say that you can be creative with it. You can have a sweet apple pie, delicious turkey, cute cream cake, strawberry ice cream, and more delicious food on your nails.

17. Thanksgiving Corn Nail Art

Thanksgiving Corn Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@naildesignsjournal.com)

Inspired by colorful corn harvested in the fall season, it’s time to put them on your nails! This is one of the most creative Thanksgiving nail ideas that has a simple design that holds so much creativity. Actually, you can create your own corn nails at home by yourself.

However, you need to make sure that you use long nails that represent the shape of the corn. You can start by using yellow, orange, and red color for the base. Then, use the similar tones as the base colors, and simply make small dots to resemble the pattern if the colorful corn.

18. Thanksgiving Minion Nail Art

Thanksgiving Minion Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@naildesigns.com)

Right here we have one of the cutest cartoon and pumpkin nail art you should try, and it’s Minion cartoon and pumpkin nail art! In our opinion, Minions will never fail to radiate your charm on Thanksgiving day. Also, we do think that the little Bob in a pumpkin costume is definitely the cutest.

You can also have Kevin in funny Indian costumes. Or, how about the charming Stuart with his police uniform? Simply use your nails as a blank canvas to draw these adorable creatures.

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19. Teal Sunflower Pumpkin Nail Art

Teal Sunflower Pumpkin Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@Patrizi4)

Look at how artistic this pumpkin manicure idea is! If you are looking for a creative Thanksgiving nail art with bright colors, then you might want to consider using teal color for the background. After that, you can paint pumpkins and sunflowers for the main theme. Divide the main design into four different nails. Therefore each part from your nails will be connected once you put them next to each other.

20. Thanksgiving Peanuts Pumpkin Nail Art

Thanksgiving Peanuts Pumpkin Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@Michelle Torre)

You may need a little company in case you spend Thanksgiving alone. Therefore, how about making new friends on your nails? If you love Peanuts cartoons, then having these characters on your nails would be the perfect idea.

You can paint Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus Van Pelt, and some pumpkins to celebrate Thanksgiving day through your colorful nails. A little advice, use your creativity to create these new buddies in your nails.

21. Funny Turkey Nail Art

Funny Turkey Nail Art
Source: Pinterest (@kaylaeveretts.com)

This funny turkey nail art will definitely be a piece of conversation at the Thanksgiving party. Instead of making an artistic design, you can turn your nails into a hilarious comic. Start with the Happy Thanksgiving greeting in the index finger nail. After that, you can make a comic trip on how a turkey journey into a Thanksgiving delicacy in the middle of the little finger nails!

22. Thanksgiving Autumn Leaves and Turkey Nails

Source: Pinterest (@nailpornography.tumblr.com)

If you don’t fancy nails with too many colors, then why not try something minimalist for Thanksgiving? You can apply white as the base and add a little touch of bright colors like yellow, orange and cream in the shape of leaves? We can assure you that you will love the result as your nails will look adorable. And since it’s Thanksgiving, don’t forget to draw cute turkeys on your ring fingers, too!

23. Thanksgiving Nails in Fall Colors

Source: Pinterest (@warpedrationails.blogspot.com)

Explore your creativity this Thanksgiving by making your nails the canvas to draw super cute colorful patterns. To recreate this look, draw different patterns on each nail using the same color tone to make them look adorable. Also, make sure you don’t leave the turkey behind by drawing a face of a cute turkey on your ring finger.

24. Gold and Glittery Thanksgiving Nails

Source: Pinterest (@lynsire.com)

Don’t let your Thanksgiving be plain with these adorable Thanksgiving nail art. You can create stunning nail art by combining several colors into a stunning pattern and drawing on each nail. You can paint some nails in bold glittery brown nail polish, other nails with a super cute turkey that has golden wings, and the rest of the nails with a drawing of a tree with colorful leaves and some glitters on the tip of the nails. With these nails, we can assure that you will be the center of attention at Thanksgiving dinner.

25. Simple White Thanksgiving Nails

Source: Pinterest (@ecstasycoffee.com)

This next Thanksgiving nail idea is specially created for those of you with a love for minimalist and simple designs. Although these nails look simple, in our opinion they look super cute especially with a drawing of a cute turkey with its surprised eyes. Plus, we also love the small dots on each nail as they make the nails look simple and cute at the same time.

26. Black and Silver Thanksgiving Nails

Source: Pinterest (@adventuresinacetone.com)

We have come to the last Thanksgiving nail idea on the list, and here we have a black and silver nails with the face of a cute and adorable turkey on the ring finger. This is definitely one of the best nail art ideas for girls or women who love dark and bold colors but still want to have a touch of glitters on them.

Final Thought

Choosing the best Thanksgiving nail design should be easy if you understand your purpose and your art taste. If you love minimalist style, we recommend you to choose the simple and easy design. Meanwhile, if you are going to attend a more formal Thanksgiving celebration, consider choosing the one with glitter or try something unique. We hope our nails idea above can give you more inspiration to welcome the next Thanksgiving in style!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a good nail color for Thanksgiving?

Warm colors are ideal for Thanksgiving which is held in the fall season. Therefore, you can go with orange, red, yellow, and brown to radiate the Thanksgiving and autumn vibe. Moreover, green is also a traditional fall nail color and is therefore a must-have for Thanksgiving.

What is the latest trend for thanksgiving nail design?

The aesthetic autumn leaves design is becoming a trend these days, since people are looking for a simple theme that suits the mood of the season. Besides, the Thanksgiving cartoon theme is also popular as girls always love cute things. For more adorable nail ideas, you can read in the article above.

Is black a good color for Thanksgiving?

Black is a neutral color which can be a good complement to Thanksgiving colors such as brown, yellow, red, and orange. You can use black for the base color. Or, you will need black color to draw an image outline or create the gothic mood to your style.

How do you do Thanksgiving nails at home?

First, you need to prepare a certain Thanksgiving theme and design before painting your nails. After that, prepare the gel nails and other accessories you need to create the design. You can also use stencil design to make the work easier. In case you need more Thanksgiving nail ideas, you can check it out at the article above.

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