25 Pretty Square Nail Ideas To Make You Look Stylish

Square nail art is a very popular design of applying nail polish on your nails. This style of nail art is great for those who are looking for a more refined look, since it allows you to show off creativity in your designs. The square shape used in nail art makes the designs look simple, clean and elegant. It is perfect for women who love to try new things in her life. Moreover, square nail ideas will make you more stylish and fashionable. Of course, a woman of any skin tone can wear any nail color she please.

However, the right nail art ideas will show your charm more. Whether you are going to attend a special event or simply want to change your nails’ mood and appearance, you might want to check out some great square nail ideas that will bring additional charm to your overall appearance. For that reason, in this article we have rounded up the prettiest square nail ideas and designs to inspire you with the most recommended new stylish look.

From wonderful short square nail and medium square nail designs for daily activities, to fabulous long square nail designs to rock your next party, we have it all and we believe you will find the best one in this article.

Are Square Nails Trendy?

Yes, square nails can make you look trendy and stunning. Square-shaped nails are the newest in a long list of fashion and aesthetic trends since 2021. As they offer unique shell shapes and a large surface for nail art, square nails can be a perfect medium to pour your art taste.  For more trendy square nail ideas, make sure you check some recommendations on the list above.

Why Are Square Nails Popular?

There is a reason why this kind of square nail is well-liked and generally attractive. Although a little more rounded than its more angular predecessor, it still appears polished and is a wonderful canvas for straightforward nail painting. If you are looking for more square nail ideas, you can read in the article above.

BEST Square Nails Designs To Rock Your Party

1. Purple Leafs Square Nail

Purple Leafs Square Nail

We will start the list with the perfect square nail ideas for purple lovers. If you are one of them, we believe you will look stunning in purple tones.

Use the purple nail polish set to create the purple leaves motif in the middle fingers for the focal point. Then, create a contrasting color by applying dark purple nail polish with some glitter, which will be a great way to add the complexity to the whole design. In our opinion, this idea works very well if you are looking for a simple medium square nail design. 

2. Luxurious Gray Nail Art with Rhinestones

Luxurious Gray Nail Art with Rhinestones

You can go with simple but luxurious square nail ideas, especially if you want to attend a formal party. Choose the tortoise square nail shell shape and gray nail polish for the base. Then, you can continue by applying the darkest gray tone to the light one, from the thumb to the little finger.

To create more dramatic effect to the design, we recommend you to add rhinestone decoration to your middle finger, which will create a fantastic and expensive appearance.

3. Sparkling Glitter Short Square Nail Art

Sparkling Glitter Short Square Nail Art

Who says you can’t look charming with short square nail ideas? Try to create a subtle square nail for the short one, creating a sleek appearance.

Especially if you don’t want too much ornamentation but still want a gorgeous nail art, we suggest that you apply glitter nail polish for the sparking effect. Based on how it looks, the glitters will look perfect in the bright nail polish color such as red and purple. 

4. Shiny Marble Nail Art

Shiny Marble Nail Art

Suppose you have a medium square nail, you can bring some glows with this idea. Use the combination of dark green and yellow marble gel nail polish in your nails.

For the extra shine effect, you can apply the transparent shine nail polish for the top coat. In our opinion, this is one of the best square nail ideas for those who don’t want to look too feminine but still have a stunning kind of appearance.

5. Unicorn Confetti Nail Art

Unicorn Confetti Nail Art

For those who want your nails to have a cheerful daily look, we think pink nude and white base colors will be one of the most charming square nail ideas for the base. To start with the design, draw some colorful confetti in your little finger and ring finger to give more color on your simple base.

Moreover, if you love drawing on your nails, you can also add a unicorn image in one of the fingers with a pink nude base, adding a fantasy and charm vibe to your square nail. 

6. Abstract Long Square Nail

Abstract Long Square Nail

Next up we have one of the most recommended square nail ideas for long nails. This idea features abstract nail art that combines the prettiest shades of pink, cream, and white. Without a doubt, your nails will look super sweet and adorable with this nail art.

For the perfect result, use acrylic nails so you will have plenty of space to make the abstract nail art. Without a doubt, we really think that this is one of the most gorgeous square nail ideas, especially if you are going to attend a birthday party or music concert in style.

7. Ethnic Style Square Nail Art

Ethnic Style Square Nail Art

Bring the beauty of ethnic patterns to your medium square nail design. Personally, we think this is one of the simple but outstanding square nail ideas that you need to try. Simply apply ethnic nail sticker in your purple square nail base, and finish the process by applying a top coat using glow nail polish to set the nail art. Or, if you want to draw your own ethnic pattern, we would suggest that you use the gel liner nail polish set for more detailed strokes.

8. Geometry Nail Art

Geometry Nail Art

Moving on to the next square nail idea on our list, we think mint and pink tone for square nail ideas will look pretty and stunning. That’s the reason why we believe this is a great nail idea for those of you who are about to become one of the bridesmaids for your best friend’s wedding.

In our opinion, the nails will show your beauty and elegance in the simplest way possible. You can use mint nail polish for the base of your medium square nail. Then, create a geometry pattern with pink and gray nail polish, which will add classic but attractive accents on your beautiful nails.

9. Paw And Heart Nail Art

Paw And Heart Nail Art

Show your love to your favorite furry friend by applying cute dog themed square nail ideas. This is one of he best nail art ideas to show you how much you love your little furry friend. Simply apply black nail polish for the base, and then draw a little paw on the nails using while nail polish.

We can assure you that you will be super happy to see the result, especially since the combination of black and white will create an attractive color contrast. For the focal point, draw a little heart shape on your ring fingers and adorn it with some white dots on the edge.

10. Colorful Manicure with Points

Colorful Manicure with Points

If you are in a good mood today, then you can use colorful square nail ideas to radiate your joy and happiness. You may need acrylic nails for this long square nail art, especially if you want to make your DIY pattern. Use the combination of pink, purple, yellow, and white shares for abstract polka dots on your fingers.

Moreover, you can also try to use one of the colors for the base, and make polka dots with the other colors. If you ask us, we would definitely say that this is the perfect nail idea for summer!

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11. French White Long Square Nail

French White Long Square Nail

A sleek and clean visual of the long square nail design is a perfect idea for a happy bride. On your wedding day, you can look elegant in white and nude nail polish, which will make your the queen of your wedding party.

To start with, you can use acrylic nails to make a long square nail design. Then, apply the nude color on the bottom part and the white one near the nail tip. In addition, you can also make some variation by applying full white on the ring fingers or give a little bit of abstract touch.   

12. Baby Pink Long Square Nail

Baby Pink Long Square Nail - p @pin.it
Source: pinterest (@pin.it)

This is definitely one of the most extraordinary square nail ideas for women who love fashion and art! You can go extra with super long acrylic nails in soft baby pink tones.

However, for this one you don’t need too much design on the nail as the nail shells already stand out. Instead, you can put a little heart sticker on the tip of your middle fingers, which will add extra cuteness to your nails. Moreover, you can also put some rhinestones on the bottom part of the nails.

13. Love Handwriting Square Nail

Love Handwriting Square Nail - p @mycozylive.com
Source: pinterest (@mycozylive.com)

Keep your medium square nail neat and simple with the aesthetic square nail ideas. The idea is inspired by the famous “less is more” quote. Use white nail polish for the main base of all fingers.

You may create an ombre touch with black in little fingers. Draw handwriting “love” text in your ring fingers with black gel liner vertically. Meanwhile, let your middle fingers shine with some rhinestones.

14. Ombre Pink Lunula Square Nail

Ombre Pink Lunula Square Nail - p @hifashiongirl.com
Source: pinterest (@hifashiongirl.com)

Pink is indeed a cute tone for square nail ideas, especially for girls with a cheerful and happy upbringing. Applying pink nail polish on your lunula or the half moon shape of the base of the nail will create a shimmering effect, especially if you make an ombre gradation using white nail polish.

In our opinion, this idea is perfect for those who want to give a few pink effects on their nails for cuteness. To complete the look, we recommend you to fill the surface with dark color dots such as black to make your nail art stand out.

15. Flower Wedding Nail Art

Source: pinterest (@weddingforward.com)

Save more time and effort on your square nail art by using flower nail stickers!

We have to say that this is one of the most effective square nail ideas for any occasion. Whether you are going to attend a wedding party or even be the bride instead, you can never go wrong with this one. White color base with pink flowers and rhinestones is just the right idea to radiate your charm. Our advice, use acrylic nail for this medium square nail design. 

16. Brown Glittery Nail Art

Source: pinterest (@Steph)

If you are a woman who wants to look stunning in a formal events, we recommend you to use brown tones to show your elegance and mature side. In ur opinion earth-toned colors will always be an excellent choice when it comes to fashion, including nail art.

Combine the brown tone with white and glitter nail polish, and create a different style on each finger to make it stand out. Use subtle square nail shells for a more natural effect on your design. We guarantee that it will be one of the best square nail ideas for adult women.

17. Palm Summer Nail Art

Source: pinterest (@lynsire.com)

Feel the summer spirit on your medium square nail with this elegant idea. For this one, you will need to use cream nail polish to give a contrast tone with your summer tanned skin.

Apply a little palm nail sticker on your ring finger, which will create a stand out appearance to your square nail. Personally, we think this is definitely one of the most simple but charming square nail ideas for a summer beach party.

18. Hand Drawn Heart Pattern Nail Art

Source: pinterest (@fashionsum.com)

Do you want to create a DIY pattern on your square nail? If you do but still looking here and there for some recommendations, we recommend you this one. Heart symbols are without a doubt the most simple pattern you should try. Therefore, make it look like a real hand drawn for more natural and innocent vibes.

You can use bright and cheerful colors for the hand drawn hearts such as orange, yellow, pink, and blue on the cream color nail base. Lastly, don’t forget to highlight the edge of the hearts with black lines. 

19. Green Curves Square Nail

Source: pinterest (@etsy.com)

An artistic and gorgeous long square nail design, we believe this is a perfect idea for beginners to try their first nail art.

First, use nude acrylic nails in long square stiletto shell shape to create enough surface for the art. Then, you can use your creativity and imagination, plus your sense of art with white, dark green, and light green nail polish to make abstract curve patterns in all fingers. Adorable!

20. Butterfly in the Sky Nail Art

Source: pinterest (@etsy.com)

Create a charming fantasy nail art in your long square nail with this idea. All you need is gray nail polish with a purple touch, as well as butterfly and cloud nail stickers for decoration.

Simply apply gray color to all your fingers. After that, use your creativity to adorn those fingers with butterfly and cloud stickers. We can assure you that creating this nail art idea will be a fun activity to do to light up your mood with a new nail appearance. 

21. Matte Green Nails with Swirl Design

Matte Green Nails with Swirl Design
Source: Pinterest (@Naomi Winters)

If you’re into matte and earth tone nail art, then we believe this one can be the perfect square nail design for you. The combination of earthy green and black is just adorable, especially when you also combine it with swirl patterns in metallic colors like silver.

In short, this is a square nail idea that will embrace your overall appearance with a warm nail design and matte nail polish. 

22. Art Deco Square Nails

Art Deco Square Nails
Source: Pinterest (@Joselyn Poulin)

Here we have a suitable square nail design for those who love simple and sweet designs to complete their look and appearance. The soft color will bring out the sweetness in you, especially with the sweet art deco patterns that combine soft tones like gray, light brown, white, and a little touch of gold.

Furthermore, we also believe that the abstract patterns on top of white nail polish will also make your square nails look very lovely.

23. Bohemian Style Square Nails

Bohemian Style Square Nails

Calling all boho style lovers out there! Do you know that bohemian design is not just perfect as home or room decorations? You can also have your nails have a boho design as well. Take this one for instance.

You can draw colorful dreamcatchers in your nails and combine them with the suitable nail polish colors such as maroon, or simply any color you want. Also, we also think that square nails are definitely the perfect nail shape for this style. 

24. Simple White and Gold Square Nails

Simple White and Gold Square Nails
Source: Pinterest (@chasingdaisiesblog.com)

This one is probably the simplest yet sweetest nail art design for your square nails. You only need two colors for this one, which are white and gold. First, simply apply the white nail polish to the overall surface of your nails. Then, you can continue by applying the gold polish to make your nails just like applying the french manicure style.

To have better results, we need to remind you not to forget to apply the top coat to make your nails shine better and last longer. 

25. Marble Square Nails

Marble Square Nails
Source: Pinterest (@izelzanic.com)

Those who are looking for elegant nail art designs, this one will definitely make you fall in love. This one offers a marble pattern in green and while, plus a touch of gold nail polish to make your nails look more elegant and stunning.

In our opinion, this idea would be the perfect style for square nails and would also embrace your beauty while attending formal occasions like formal dinner, engagement parties, or even weddings. 

Final Thoughts

For most women, nails need extra attention and sometimes nail art is something they need to make sure their nails are always on point. Among several nail shapes, square nails have been a trend since several years back. They look adorable and you can be creative in applying some arts on them.

There are plenty of square nail ideas that you can apply, no matter how long your square nails are. We hope some recommendations that we have shared will give you some ideas of square nail arts to choose from.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the most attractive nail shape?

The most attractive and popular nail form among women may be squares. They are simple to do and fashionable to wear. In addition, they have a simple, minimalistic design. They are a preferred shape for people with short nails or long, thin nail beds since they do not flare out or taper in.

What is the newest square nail trend?

As we approach fall 2022, elongated square nails, sometimes known as “square stiletto,” are reportedly quite trendy. Ballerina nails are essentially the stiletto nail, but with a square rather than pointy tip. They’re called ballerina nails or coffin nails because the shape resembles both a coffin and a ballerina’s slipper.

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