20 Fun Ways on How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Alone that Introverts Will Love

A peaceful Thanksgiving spent alone may seem like a heaven to introverts. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is traditionally associated with spending time with family and friends, many introverts choose to spend the holiday alone. But for other people, some circumstances that make them celebrate Thanksgiving solo are intolerably difficult. Whatever the cause, spending Thanksgiving alone need not prevent you from enjoying yourself.

When you’re alone this Thanksgiving, there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out on anything. You have the chance to make your own traditions, and it’s a great time to reconnect with yourself. Here are some ideas for how to celebrate Thanksgiving solo.

Is It OK To Spend Thanksgiving Alone?

Yes, it is. On this special day, you can celebrate it only by yourself. In fact, there are many fun activities for you to do, in case you are still wondering on how to celebrate Thanksgiving alone. Introverts will prefer to pamper themselves with things they like alone instead of with family and friends. If you are looking for more ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving alone, you can check in the article above.

Alternatives on How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Alone

1. Solo Travelling Thanksgiving Day

Traveling can help you forget about spending Thanksgiving alone. The goal is just to spend the holiday on the road, discovering new places you haven’t been to. Moreover, you can explore nature if you aren’t comfortable with the Thanksgiving celebration crowd. If you want to completely avoid being alone on that day, simply book a ticket to another country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

2. Watch Football Games

Thanksgiving is the ideal day to start following sports. Spend the day watching football matches on TV if you don’t like to go out. It’s time to become familiar with the game’s regulations, pick a favorite team, and find people with common interests with you. Who knows, you might end up hosting a Thanksgiving football gathering the next year!

3. Clean and Organize Your House

Don’t let your house get messy during the holidays! So if you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving alone, then you can make Thanksgiving a productive day and tidy up your home. Take charge of the little things in your life by decluttering your closets, organizing your files, creating to-do lists, and more. You’ll feel accomplished at the end of the day and be able to concentrate on your interpersonal interactions because your life is under control.

4. Celebrate Thanksgiving Alone by Enjoying Nature

Thanksgiving day might be a wonderful opportunity to go outside for a walk in nature. When people are busy celebrating it with their family, exploring nature is one of the best ways to spend the holiday alone. Find local trails and woods, or just arrange a quick stroll through the neighborhood parks. You will get fresh air and sunshine with less people around.

5. Help Taking Dogs for Walk

Consider helping animals if you don’t want to observe the usual Thanksgiving tradition. On holidays, it’s possible that your local animal shelter needs assistance with walking dogs. Visit the nearest animal shelter this Thanksgiving while it’s still open and join to be a volunteer. It will make you feel good to help dogs in shelters over the holidays And, it will also lessen any loneliness you may experience on Thanksgiving.

6. Cook Thanksgiving Dinner for Yourself

Make something enjoyable to cook if you are alone for Thanksgiving this year. Prepare a large turkey, some stuffing, some mashed potatoes, and some corn and other vegetables. You can make a large portion to feel the festive vibe. Later, you can eat off the leftovers for days or even weeks. Alternately, prepare a streamlined Thanksgiving meal for one using deli turkey, a baked potato, and some canned corn.

7. Finish Your Puzzle Game

Kill the boredom and get loneliness away by honing your brain with fun puzzle games. Look for puzzle games for adults and try to complete it on this holiday. One of the most well-known puzzle games is the Rubik’s cube. You can improve your capacity for concentration and attention, as well as your capacity for pattern detection and problem-solving. Or, if you have bought other brain games, challenge yourself to finish them on Thanksgiving Day.

8. Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

One of the best solo Thanksgiving ideas, make a night at home cozy for yourself! Prepare for a movie marathon by donning your coziest attire. You can enjoy a night in by watching all of the Harry Potter films, Friends Thanksgiving episodes, or a selection of your favorite holiday films. Even though you’ve certainly had a lot of TV nights this year, try to make today feels a little bit different from your typical TV night.

9. Pamper Yourself to Celebrate Thanksgiving Alone

No matter what you have planned for Thanksgiving, be sure to prioritize caring for yourself. Pamper yourself with some activities to celebrate Thanksgiving for singles. Start with taking a warm, bubble-filled bath. Then, go for a massage or a day at the spa. Take the necessary steps to take care of yourself. If you must, just avoid social media and have a quiet night in.

10. Shop Black Friday Deals

Your long weekend can be a little bit better if you shop Black Friday deals! To get ready for Black Friday shoppers, several stores are open on Thanksgiving Day or start their doors that evening. You can purchase a few new items for yourself or start some of your holiday shopping early to beat the crowds. Moreover, try online shopping to provide online discounts if you’d prefer not to fight the crowds.

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11. Have a Good Read and Drinks

Celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t always have to take a lot of energy. You can simply grab a drink and read a book. Find a comfortable place indoors or outdoors. It can be your bedroom, backyard, or even a park nearby. Since you don’t often have the time to read due to work and other busy activities, this holiday is an excellent opportunity to finish your favorite novel. Or, set aside some time to read a new book this year. Don’t forget to pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, tea, coffee, or a glass of wine.

12. Get Some Sweat Outdoors

Do you know that you can get more happiness hormones during this holiday by exercising? On Thanksgiving day, the sidewalks will probably be largely deserted even if you reside in a large metropolis. Take advantage of it by going for a revitalizing jog outside. Go to a park close by that has exercise equipment and work out your muscles there. If it’s cold outside, don’t forget to dress warmly!

13. Donate Your Clothes

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to give a donation. Instead of money, how about donating your clothes to less fortunate people? You can donate old clothes and other items to the charity or orphanage. Put anything you haven’t worn or used in a while into a box after going through your wardrobe and drawers. Call the charity and arrange for a pick up or carefully label the box and deliver it when they are open.

14. Complete PC or Console Games

If you love playing games, then nothing can be better than spending this holiday by finishing some PC or console games. Look for popular games many gamers play these days. We recommend you to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II or Overwatch 1 & 2, which will surely make you lose track of time. Finishing some popular games on Thanksgiving Day will give you another self satisfaction.

15. Make DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

For some people who celebrate Thanksgiving alone, decorating their home and remembering their loved ones makes them feel cozy and content. If you love crafting, make a wreath for Thanksgiving or decorate your table with a cheery fall motif. Bring out any Thanksgiving decorations, photos, or other mementos that bring back pleasant memories of time spent with family and friends. Even when you’re feeling lonely, a few festive decorations might help you get in the Thanksgiving mood.

16. Call Your Family When Working Overseas

Call Your Family When Working Overseas

Perhaps you should celebrate Thanksgiving alone because of working overseas and having a long distance relationship. Utilize the latest technology to help you feel included if you wanted to spend Thanksgiving with your family or friends but were unable to. Call them to hear their latest news and express your feelings. Additionally, you can schedule a Skype or video conversation to experience being present with them.

17. Watch Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watch Thanksgiving Day Parade

If you want to feel the Thanksgiving celebration vibe, visit one of the cities where a Thanksgiving Day parade is held. For example, you can go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is hosted in New York City. Tune in to the parade to see the impressive floats and entertaining acts. Don’t miss the live animals that have marched the streets of New York City which has become the most significant holiday broadcast in the United States.

18. Learn New Hobbies

Learn New Hobbies

You know that thing you’ve always been curious about but have never actually tried? If you don’t know how to spend Thanksgiving alone this year, learning new hobbies will open your eyes to many opportunities. Thanksgiving holiday gives you the chance to explore your interests, whether you want to learn how to knit or are interested in learning how to establish an online business, it’s all up to you!

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19. Write Future Plans for Yourself

Write Future Plans for Yourself

Take the day to contemplate your future plans if you are looking for remarkable things to do on Thanksgiving. You should open it up to see what you were thinking and feeling, as well as to see what adjustments you did and how things improved. Moreover, consider making plans to connect with family and avoid being alone on Thanksgiving the following year. Even though you enjoy Thanksgiving alone, you can also write them letters or emails!

20. Play Mobile Games with Gamers Worldwide

Play Mobile Games with Gamers Worldwide

If you don’t like to go out and meet people in real life, how about meeting them in a mobile game world? Currently, there are many popular mobile games where you can team up with people around the globe to play. So, download PUBG or Free Fire apps on your mobile phone. These games may let you coordinate and communicate with other gamers to win the mission. This activity is totally fun and exciting!

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Final Thoughts

If you’re spending Thanksgiving by yourself without any entertaining things to do, loneliness may set in. Even though the holidays can be lonely when you’re alone, you don’t have to dread spending Thanksgiving by yourself. We hope that these enjoyable holiday activities will help you have a special Thanksgiving this year. You are free to indulge in your favorite foods or activities, and even if you choose not to celebrate at all, you are still allowed to treat yourself just like any holiday!

How can you spend Thanksgiving without family?

Simply focus on treating yourself with your favorite things. For example, if you love traveling, you can go to discover new places on this special day. Or, if you love to eat, ordering your favorite foods will make a wonderful celebration. Moreover, you can create your own holiday custom by organizing a Thanksgiving get-together with friends or coworkers to forge new relationships.

What can you do on Thanksgiving by yourself?

There are many great activities you can do by yourself on Thanksgiving day. Simply start doing your hobbies. For example, if you love cooking, you can try a new recipe for your Thanksgiving dinner. Moreover, you can spend the day reading a new book if you are book lovers. If you don’t have any particular hobby, use this time to find your interest and hobby.

What do you do when you have no plans for Thanksgiving?

You are allowed to spend the day without plans on Thanksgiving. Spend the whole day with something pampering and relaxing with a spa day if you don’t feel like wasting your energy. Or, simply get a proper and cozy sleep this holiday, turn off your phone, and recharge your energy.

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