25 Awesome Thanksgiving Gifts for Kids They Will Love

Kids are an irreplaceable blessing in parents’ hearts. Some parents are given kids immediately after their wedding, but some struggle to have kids. To express your gratitude towards God, you can do it by getting Thanksgiving gifts for kids. After all, ensuring your children’s happiness is one way to thank the Almighty for blessing you with offspring.

Thanksgiving gifts for kids could be food, drawing books, clothes, or tools to play with. In any case, you need to find items that will help them develop their creativity. So, the gift is not just for fun but engaging and stimulating. You should give them the gift on Thanksgiving day, either in the morning or night.

1. Mountain Landscape Centerpiece

Mountain Landscape Centerpiece

The “make-your-own mountain land” kit is one of the best Thanksgiving gifts for kids. After all, it will develop their creativity by making their own mountain landscapes based on their preferences. You can disassemble and assemble it with your kids on Thanksgiving day.

Fresh Baked Cookie Pies

Kids want to taste the sweet pie in their tongues. One of the perfect times to eat this pie is on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving gifts for kids like these foods will grow your kids’ love toward you. And hopefully, they will feel closer and talk more to you.

3. Retro Sweets Selection Box Sweet Hamper 


Your kids might just be bored with chocolate sold in the supermarket nowadays. Let Thanksgiving day be their day to taste how delicious the retro chocolates are. They will know the variety of chocolate flavors after they enjoy the sweetness of the old-school choco snacks.

4. Turkey Thanksgiving Party Craft Kit

Turkey Thanksgiving Party Craft Kit

What do you need to do to enjoy the thanksgiving party? Of course it is to play with some handicraft with your kids. The Thanksgiving gifts for kids will develop their creativity and will raise the spirit of the holiday.

5. Embroidered Fingertip Towel 

Embroidered Fingertip Towel

Millions of kids dream of participating in the Super Bowl, the peak event of American football. Your son might also love it! And so, they will absolutely love this mini towel that features footballs and turkey. It is one of the most affordable Thanksgiving gifts for kids. The fingertip towel is made of 100 % terry cotton. So, your kids will feel comfortable while using it.

6. Thanksgiving Kids Table Game

Thanksgiving Kids Table Game

Spending your Thanksgiving day with your kids by playing games will improve your bond with them. And so, you should give these Thanksgiving gifts to kids and play with them together.

Simply create a card for each player and pour a bowl of plain chocolate candies to start playing. When the dice are rolled, add up the numbers and check the color code on the bottom of the sheet. Use the code to place the candies. The first person with a complete turkey wins.

7. Thanksgiving Play Doh Cards for Kids

Thanksgiving Play Doh Cards for Kids

Doh-licious is a pun for delicious. The Thanksgiving gifts for kids come in many forms, and this one is a playdoh card! You can put a small-sized playdoh inside the cards and give them out to children as a thanksgiving treat. The adorable card design and the colorful playdoh clays will excite your kids.

8. Kids Thanksgiving Shirt 

Kids Thanksgiving Shirt

Kids would feel hungry on Thanksgiving day. Before you eat with them, you should give Thanksgiving gifts for kids like these cute shirts. The shirt features a quote that says, “let’s get stuffed.” It will make your children enjoy the feast at the Thanksgiving dinner even more.

9. Thanksgiving Hunt Book for Kids

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Items that can help develop children’s minds are perfect for Thanksgiving gifts for kids. This book will improve their attention to detail and eyesight because it will train them to spot hidden pictures. At the Thanksgiving party, you should give this book to your kids and play it with them.

10. Thanksgiving Mazes Book for Kids

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Mazes are great to train your kid’s problem-solving and thinking ability. Even the most challenging dungeon game has its own solution. You can indirectly tell your kids that the best way to solve it is to line it from the finish to the start (backward). This game will be a nice gift for your kids to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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11. Thanksgiving Cut & Paste Workbook for kids 

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Coloring is not the only option o develop your kids’ creativity. Handicraft that involves cutting and pasting will also improve them. Moreover, it is good to enhance problem-solving ability and tidiness because handicraft teaches precise kits. Therefore, it is beneficial for their soft skills, not just hard skills.

12. Handy Dandy Notebook: Thanksgiving Turkey Style

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Do your kids run out of the page of their diary books? Thanksgiving gifts for kids like these little turkey notebooks will solve their problems. The notebook is perfect for a diary and also to commemorate Thanksgiving day.

13. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Movie

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Spending time on Thanksgiving with Netflix sounds mainstream. How about going to the past for a bit like using DVD? The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will show your kids a cartoon story that will entertain them during their Thanksgiving party. They can also play it again anytime if they want to.

14. Thanksgiving Coloring Book for Kids

Thanksgiving Coloring Book for Kids

Coloring the pilgrim turkey would be an excellent activity for your kid’s Thanksgiving party. So, you should get them this Thanksgiving-themed coloring book. It also contains alphabets that help the child to read faster.

15. Thanksgiving Stickers Crafts

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Searching for a way to improve your kids’ creativity? Try origami! It will be fun to do to celebrate Thanksgiving with your kid. This type of handicraft lets your kids decide what the pilgrim turkey will look like after they fold it over and over.

16. Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Kit

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Kit

Are you looking for thanksgiving gifts for kids that will let them be creative? Try this turkey craft kit. It allows your kids to decide what feather’s color is suitable for the turkey based on their taste. The kit includes various feather designs, so each turkey can be unique. 

17. Thanksgiving Dabbing Turkey Dab Boys Gifts T-Shirt

Thanksgiving Dabbing Turkey Dab Boys Gifts T-Shirt

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to shower your kids with presents. Suppose your children love soccer. In that case, they will absolutely be thrilled with this T-shirt that features a dabbing turkey. It is funny, and they will undoubtedly want to wear it every day! Furthermore, the shirt uses high-quality material and print. So, it will be super comfy and last for a long time!

18. Thanksgiving Party Favors Stickers

Thanksgiving Party Favors Stickers

DIY turkey stickers are fitting thanksgiving gifts for kids. Let your kid decide the design of the turkey face and feathers! The sticker kit contains the pilgrim hat, bowtie, crown, simple tie, and many more. Your children can stick them on their belonging. In any case, it is a great gift idea that can stimulate their creativity.

19. Hot Cocoa & Cookies Care Package Gift Box 

Hot Cocoa & Cookies Care Package Gift Box 

A Thanksgiving party will not be complete without freshly baked cookies. Delicious cookies are the staple snack for children on Thanksgiving. However, don’t forget to limit the portion of the chocolate. After all, you don’t want your kids to have a toothache. 

20. Thanksgiving Turkey Welcome Wall Decor

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Some Thanksgiving gifts for kids can brighten up their room. For instance, if your kid’s wall is empty and has no decoration on it, then it is time to make it more artistic and colorful. This cute turkey will be a perfect wall decor. Whenever your kids see the wall-hanging, they will remember you and the warm thanksgiving day.

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21. Action Air Inflatable Bouncer House with Air Blower

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Outdoor parties are one of the best options to implement when organizing a Thanksgiving party. And so, you should get this bouncy inflatable house to create a thrilling experience. Instead of being bored, they will scream because of the excitement.

22. Animals World Figures Activity Play Mat & Trees Set

thanksgiving gifts for kids

To own a mountain of toys is every child’s dream. You can spoil your kids with this massive set of animal world figures. It will keep them calm and quiet at the Thanksgiving party while you enjoy drinking with your colleague. The collection pack features various animals, so your kids will not be easily bored.

23. Standing Turkey Couple

thanksgiving gifts for kids

Buying plush dolls for Thanksgiving days is excellent for your daughter, especially if she feels a little bit down lately. The turkey dolls are cute and loveable, so they will surely cheer her up. Your daughter will definitely love it and always want to hug the turkey in her sleep.

24. Pre School Activity Craft Game Toy Gift

thanksgiving gifts for kids

The cute little toys will be the perfect thanksgiving gifts for kids. As you can see from the picture, the set contains a house, duck, elephant, and tree. The game is fun to play on Thanksgiving day, and it will also teach your kids about the alphabet and how to read.

25. Kids Play Kitchen Food Toy

thanksgiving gifts for kids

At the Thanksgiving party, eating all-you-can-eat food is the dream. You can eat to your heart’s content. Your kids may want to know how to make delicious food for a Thanksgiving party. The kitchen food toy will introduce cooking to your children.

Final Thoughts

The best way on how to find the perfect Thanksgiving gifts for kids is by looking for items that will make them feel happy and grateful. It can be toys, snacks, books, or even clothes and accessories. The most important aspect to remember to pick gifts that can let them know the meaning behind Thanksgiving and why we need to be thankful for everything that we have and for everyone around us, who love us and care so much about us.

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What are the best Thanksgiving gifts for kids?

The best thanksgiving gifts for kids can include toys, food, clothes, and cards. The most important thing is that they feel happy about it. If they want clothes, then the dab turkey t-shirt would be the best. Furthermore, toys like maze and turkey crafts are great for developing their creativity and problem-solving ability.

What are the best Thanksgiving gifts for kids besides candy and toys?

Games might be the best thanksgiving gifts for kids besides candy and toys. It is because it not only makes your kids happy but also improves their problem-solving, decision-making, competitiveness, and more. Teaching your kids those skills will help them grow to be successful adults.

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