26 Inspirations for the Best Pittsburgh Gifts

Are you looking for a special Pittsburgh-inspired gift for a friend or family? The city has so many places and histories to explore. It also has the best sports teams in America. So if you want to pick up the perfect Pittsburgh gifts, you sure have to pick the best ones out of the countless options out there.

In this article, we share 26 Pittsburgh gifts that will give you better ideas to find the most perfect present for a dear friend or family. Ranging from Pittsburgh delicacies to classic and unique merchandise, make sure you go through all the lists to the very end to find the best item that will surely wow them!

1. Pittsburghese Succulent Planter

Pittsburghese Succulent Planter

Who would’ve thought these adorable planters could be a nice Pittsburgh gift for your favorite friend who is a true Pittsburgher!? Made of permanent vinyl material, these Jagoff or Yinzer planters are perfect for indoor plants and ideal for Succulents. Just in case you don’t know, Pittsburgh is the place of origin for these two funny-sounding words. 

2. Famous 3D Building Souvenir

Pittsburgh 3D City Famous Building Souvenir

Place this unique polyresin 3D Pittsburgh Building Model on your living room shelf and let a little touch of Pittsburgh come into the room. This souvenir will be a great Pittsburgh gift for a friend and yourself. It is also an excellent item for diorama lovers. Despite the size, the model is incredibly detailed and realistic, an accurate replica of the city’s skyline.  

3. Pittsburgh Steel ID Badge

Pittsburgh Steel ID Badge

If you’re looking for an authentic Pittsburgh gift, this pin-back steel ID badge is the perfect pick. This badge comes from the Pittsburgh Steel Company in Monessen dates from sometime in the 1960s. In any case, this item will be a priceless piece of Pittsburgh gift for a true Pittsburgher. 

4. The City Skyline Inside Rocks Glass

Pittsburgh Skyline Rocks Glass

The Pittsburgh skyline is perfectly pictured in this glass that makes a great Pittsburgh gift for a friend who loves to enjoy a glass of Bourbon, Whiskey, Cocktail, or Tequila once in a while. Made of high-quality glass, this Pittsburgh Skyline Rocks Glass has a volume of 11 oz.

5. Pittsburgh Bridges Towel

Pittsburgh Bridges Towel

We know that Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other cities in America, so why not give something to show some of the most amazing Pittsburgh bridges like this Pittsburgh Bridges Towel? Made of 100% cotton, these towels only get better after washing, making them the perfect towels to make any kitchen look awesome.

6. Plywood Skyline Sign

Pittsburgh Skyline Sign

Add this fantastic wooden Pittsburgh skyline to any room at home as a new statement to show your love for Pittsburgh. Made of Baltic birch plywood, this wall sign has two shark tooth hangers on the back for easy hanging. Definitely a nice Pittsburgh gift for family or friends, so get the lovely item now!

7. Pittsburgh Soy Candles

Pittsburgh Soy Candles

The Pittsburgh’s soy candles will bring the sweet scents of the Burgh back home! The aromatic wax comes in four unique scents: Black Cherry Yinzer, Steel City Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Point Skate Park, and Dragon’s Blood Jagoff. You can pick one or all four scents that will make you feel like returning to the steel city. Even though you’re away, the place will always be your heart!

8. Pittsburgh Decorative Beer Glass 

Pittsburgh Decorative Beer Glass

Put this Pittsburgh Decorative Beer Glass on top of your shelf and let it be a new statement that shows your love for the City of Bridges, Pittsburgh. This cool Pittsburgh gift comes in a personalized packaging, which also makes a great gift for your loved ones back home.

9. ASHLEIGH Pittsburgh Canvas Tote Bag

ASHLEIGH Pittsburgh Canvas Tote Bag

Reduce plastic bags and replace them with this adorable Pittsburgh canvas tote bag. It is one of the most useful Pittsburgh gifts, suitable for any woman in your life! This tote bag will definitely be one of the most used items for all kinds of shopping routines. It is also a beautiful bag suitable to carry for any other casual outing.

10. Pittsburgh Throw Pillow

Pittsburgh Throw Pillow

Include Pittsburgh as part of any living room decoration with this adorable and fluffy cushion pillowcase that comes with the insert. It uses high-quality linen textured material, so it is very comfy. In addition, this pillow features a classic beige tan color, is delightfully soft, stain-resistant, and offers long-term durability.

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11. Pittsburgh Graphic Art on Canvas

Pittsburgh Graphic Art on Canvas

The vintage photo of Pittsburgh in the canvas will be the ultimate addition to any room decoration! And so, this Pittsburgh Graphic Art on Canvas is the perfect gift to decorate true Pittsburghers’ living room. The decorative wall-hanging is also ideal for bedrooms to create a homely atmosphere.

12. Heinz Glass Condiments Miniatures

Heinz Glass Condiments Miniatures

Heinz has been the signature of Pittsburgh since many years ago! Hence, having these original Heinz Glass Condiments Miniatures as one of the most recommended Pittsburgh gifts will never go wrong. Comes in a box of 12 condiment miniatures that include Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonnaise. Your loved ones will have stocks to stash in their backpacks or purses wherever they go.

13. Pittsburgh Cityscape Coaster

Pittsburgh Cityscape Coaster

A beautiful and classic Pittsburg-themed coaster will be a nice gift for any Pittsburgher in your life. It is handcrafted in the USA by Wendell August Forge, a leading metalware artisan from the area! This steel coaster perfectly represents Pittsburgh as the Steel City. It will also make a great gift to complete the look of any kitchen.

14. Pitssburgh Trivia Game

Pitssburgh Trivia Game - You Gotta Know Pittsburgh Against The World

So you think you know all about Pittsburgh? Not so fast, because you might need to play this You Gotta Know Pittsburgh Against The World Trivia Game to know the truth. This game is clearly one of the most recommended Pittsburgh gifts for anyone who loves Pittsburgh, as the players will roll custom dice to determine category, and in the end you’ll see how many answers they’ll need to score points. 

15. View from North Shore Mug

Pittsburgh View from North Shore Mug

The beautiful graphic of Pittsburgh skyline in this mug will be a new companion for morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The high-quality sublimation printing creates an amazing durable mug that makes a great Pittsburgh gift for a dear friend who loves to enjoy a favorite hot beverage in the morning.

16. Pittsburgh T-Shirt

Pittsburgh T-Shirt

Anyone who loves the steel city will fall for this simple t-shirt that shows a graphic of the amazing Pittsburgh skyline. Made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, this comfy t-shirt comes in eight solid and bright colors to choose from.

17. Pittsburghese Pierogi Magnets

Pittsburgh T-Shirt

Any fridge will look more colorful with these Pittsburghese Pierogi Magnets. Made of clay from Pittsburgh-based standard Ceramics in Carnegie, these mini Pierogi magnets feature the famous Pittsburgh words of things like the Burgh’s skyline, bridge, and many more.

18. Pittsburgh Retro Vintage Style Sweatshirt

Pittsburgh Retro Vintage Style Sweatshirt

A true Pittsburgher needs this Pittsburgh Retro Vintage Style Sweatshirt for any occasion. The retro style graphic looks perfect on both men and women, and the classic fit design makes this sweatshirt a perfect Pittsburgh gift for anyone.

19. I Love Pittsburgh Charm Bracelet

I Love Pittsburgh Charm Bracelet

Everything you love about the ‘Steel City’ of Pittsburgh is here in this beautiful bracelet! The cute little charms feature Slippy, Yinz, bridges, pierogies, the view from Mt. Washington, Hockey, football, baseball glove, and more! It also comes in silver, bronze, and gold. So, this precious bracelet is definitely one of the sweetest Pittsburgh gifts for your loved one.

20. An Alternative History of Pittsburgh Book

An Alternative History of Pittsburgh Book

Improve your loved one’s knowledge about the history of Pittsburgh by having this book as a special Pittsburgh gift. Written by Ed Simon, this book tells the story of Pittsburgh through this exploration of its hidden stories, including the Paleolithic Pittsburgh, The Whiskey Rebellion, The Harmonisist, and more!

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21. Pittsburgh 1000 Piece Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle

Pittsburgh 1000 Piece Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle

The best kind of gift is the one that can be enjoyed by everyone, like a puzzle! That’s why we put this Pittsburgh 1000 piece Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle in this list, as one of the best Pittsburgh gifts that can be played together with everyone in the family. 

22. Pittsburgh Penguins Logo Headband

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo Headband

The Pittsburgh Penguins have a special place in the heart of every fan, not only those who live in the ‘Steel City’ but also in other cities as well. If you’re looking for a unique Pittsburgh gift for a young fan of the Penguins, this headband is the perfect, and the cutest, pick. 

23. Unisex iSlide Pittsburgh Penguins Sandals

Unisex iSlide Pittsburgh Penguins Sandals

A true Pittsburgh Penguins fan will be thrilled to wear this adorable pair of sandals. These Unisex iSlide Pittsburgh Penguins sandals will kep any feet looking cool and feeling fancy at the same time. Made of 70% rubber, these sandals are super lightweight and provide extra comfort.

24. NCAA Micro Raschel Throw Blanket

NCAA Micro Raschel Throw Blanket

If you’re searching for unique yet practical Pittsburgh gifts for your loved ones, this blanket is highly recommended. This Officially Licensed NCAA “Halftone” Micro Raschel Throw Blanket is 100% polyester. Consequently, you will get a soft and warm product, suitable as a gift to complete the look of any bedroom, living room, or event for a cute furry friend. 

25. NFL Pittsburgh Steelers 3D Picture Frame

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers 3D Picture Frame

If you ask us what would be an ideal gift for a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, we have to say this NFL Pittsburgh Steelers 3D Picture Frame is the answer. Any Steelers fan can add a photo by easily sliding it into the top slot of the frame without any hassle. The natural color will also add a touch of wood to any room at home. 

26. Pittsburgh Steelers Stainless Steel Black-Cup

Pittsburgh Steelers Stainless Steel Black-Cup

This Pittsburgh Steelers Stainless Steel Black-Cup will be a piece of identity for a Steelers fan, showing the pride of being a loyal follower! This officially licensed tumbler features a black powder coat finish, which looks elegant. It is also decorated with the team’s logo laser etched into the body.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read our list of the most recommended Pittsburgh gifts, whether it’s for yourself or for friends and family back home, make sure you choose the best ones that bring out the best of what Pittsburgh can offer. However, we highly recommend you to choose The Steelers merchandise for Steelers fans. But still, if you want to get something that reminds you about the Steel City, a pack of Heinz Tomato Ketchup will never goes out of style.

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What is Pittsburgh famous for?

Pittsburgh is known as the ‘Steel City’ with more than 300 steel-related businesses operating out of the area. It’s also known as the ‘City of Bridges’ owing to the fact that Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world. Pittsburgh is also famous for its food, and known as the city where the famous Big Mac and Ketchup were invented. 

What are the best gifts from Pittsburgh?

In the famous Strip District, you will find Pittsburgh’s most popular gifts. Grab some chocolate from Mon Aimee Chocolat, a selection of dried meats from Parma Sausage, and the yummy cheese from Penn Mac. In addition, the tortillas from Reyna’s, popcorn from Pittsburgh Popcorn company, and biscotti from the Enrico Biscotti Company are also worth the visit!

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