25 Unique and Funny Couples Halloween Costumes for Ha-Ha Duos

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to partner up and dive into the world of couple’s costumes that are sure to tickle your funny bone! Whether you’re teaming up with your significant other or a friend, choosing a humorous ensemble can transform you into the life of the party, eclipsing even the spookiest get-ups.

From silver screen icons to video game characters or everyday hilarities, the possibilities for funny couple’s costumes are boundless. Imagine capturing those hilarious moments in a photo that could end up framed, becoming a cherished memento that brings joy with every glance.

Get ready to explore the most side-splitting, memorable couple’s costume ideas that will have you both stealing the Halloween spotlight with laughter.

Movie-based Funny Couples Costumes

Ever watched a movie and thought, ‘That’d be a hilarious costume with my significant other!’? Welcome to the club! Dive into our compilation of movie-inspired couple costumes that are not just iconic but laugh-out-loud worthy.

Ready to be the dynamic, cinematic duo at your next costume bash?

1. Gru and Vector Costumes from Despicable Me

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad)

Transform your Halloween into a scene from “Despicable Me” by dressing as the notorious Gru and Vector.

With Gru’s sleek black outfit and bald cap and Vector’s bright orange tracksuit and black glasses, you’ll be instantly recognizable and selfie-ready, making for a night filled with fun and animated villainy.

2. Funny Scooby Doo Couple Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@homestylingbymaya)

Dress up as the unforgettable duo Shaggy and Velma from “Scooby-Doo” for a nostalgic and instantly recognizable Halloween costume. Include your dog as Scooby-Doo for an added touch of fun that’s sure to be a hit at any party.

3. Barbie and Ken Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@Withhouna)

Ride the wave of 2023’s hit movie with Barbie and Ken’s iconic looks for a standout funny couples Halloween costume. Embrace the vibrancy of their cool skating outfits, complete with neon colors and, for an authentic touch, don’t forget to strap on a pair of rollerblades.

This costume idea is not only eye-catching but also taps into the nostalgia and success of the Barbie movie, ensuring you and your partner will be the talk of the party.

4. Hotel Transylvania Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@thebigberyl)

Everyone loves Mavis and Johnny from Hotel Transylvania! This adorable Dracula girl and human boy duo are known for their iconic costumes. Thinking of dressing up as Mavis? Pair up with your significant other as Johnny for the perfect match.

You’ll likely find most of the costume pieces in your own closet, except for Mavis’s essential black and red striped leggings. Make sure not to miss out on those!

5. Twilight Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@gws)

Halloween is the perfect night for Jasper and Alice to blend in, no vampire suspicions! Feeling adventurous? Transform into this duo with basketball shirts, caps, and a bat, echoing the Cullens’ showdown with the Volturi.

Don’t skimp on pale makeup and wigs to complete the look. Get ready to roam the night unnoticed!

6. Titanic Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (oprahdaily.com)

For a humorous take on Halloween, partner up as the Titanic and the iceberg, where one wears a DIY ship vest and chimney hat, and the other sports a white paper iceberg dress. This creative and funny costume idea is sure to be a memorable hit.

7. Up! Couple Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (oprahmag.com)

Celebrate your bond this Halloween with the heartwarming costumes of Ellie and Carl from the beloved movie “Up.” Dressing as this cherished couple is a sweet way to showcase your relationship, with Ellie’s signature gray wig and Carl’s iconic black suspenders and added gray hair.

This adorable costume choice will not only make you the sweetest duo at the party but also pay homage to a timeless tale of love and adventure.

8. Back to The Future Halloween Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@dajih)

Dress up as the unforgettable duo, Dr. Emmet Brown and Marty McFly, for Halloween! Your boyfriend can channel Dr. Emmet with a white suit decked out in tools and gadgets. You’ll rock Marty’s look with a red vest and blue jeans.

Don’t forget Dr. Emmet’s signature crazy white hair. This iconic costume idea promises to be a hit at any Halloween party. Get ready to time travel in style!

9. Toy Story-Inspired Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@unitedafstore)

Transform into the beloved cowboy duo, Woody and Jessie, for an unforgettable costume. Both of you will need cowboy jeans, shirts, vests, boots, and, importantly, wide cowboy hats matching their movie attire.

Pay attention to the colors to get their looks just right. And don’t forget, your Jessie costume isn’t complete without braiding your long hair. This costume idea is perfect for fans looking to bring a piece of the animation to life. Get ready to lasso in some fun!

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Last Minute DIY Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

Running out of time for Halloween costumes? Don’t worry! Our list of last-minute DIY costume ideas is perfect for couples who enjoy a good laugh with minimal fuss. These easy, budget-friendly creations will ensure you stand out and bring smiles at any Halloween event.

Get set to impress and entertain with our quick and humorous costume solutions!

10. The Liberty and The Tourist Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@anapalombini1)

For a quick and clever costume, team up as the Statue of Liberty and an enthusiastic tourist. Dress one in a robe with a torch and crown, and outfit the other with a camera, backpack, sneakers, and an “I Love NY” shirt.

This funny pair is perfect for last-minute planners and a hit for any Halloween event.

11. The Scary Movie’s Iconic Duo

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@shorter_in_person)

For a standout Halloween duo, channel the Scary Movie vibe with these easy DIY costumes. Dress as the film’s pesky reporter in green formal wear, complete with blazer, skirt, and shoes. Your partner slips into a villain role with a simple black robe and the iconic mask.

Remember, the reporter isn’t complete without a wireless microphone in hand. This quick and creative pairing brings a mix of humor and horror to any party.

12. Road Workers Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (gutsyfeeling.com)

Expecting parents can join the Halloween fun with the comfortable and clever “Road Workers” costume, aptly named “Bump Ahead.” Simply pair jeans with white shirts and boots from your closet.

Add construction vests and helmets for authenticity, and for a playful twist, have the expecting partner’s “bump” be the centerpiece with a “Bump Ahead” road sign. This costume is not only easy to assemble but also a humorous way to celebrate the upcoming arrival.

13. DIY Slinky Dog Couple Costumes

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@boredpanda)

For a simple and humorous last-minute costume, consider going as a connected ‘dog and tail’ duo. Dress in black pants and brown shirts, and use a homemade sling to join yourselves together.

The front person dons dog ears and a nose, while the back person sports a tail. This easy-to-make costume ensures you’ll be inseparably the center of attention all night long.

14. Home Alone Villains Costumes

Home Alone Villains Costumes
Source: Instagram (@boredpanda)

Transform into the bumbling “Home Alone” burglars, Harry and Marv, for a Halloween twist that’s both funny and a bit pitiful. Rummage through your closet for basic winter attire to mimic their outfits, and get creative with lipstick or feathers to simulate their memorable movie mishaps.

This costume is easy to assemble and sure to bring laughs, without the fear of Kevin setting up any traps.

15. Tinder-Inspires Costume

Tinder-Inspires Costume
Source: Pinterest (@stephaniemaan)

Pay homage to your digital romance with DIY Tinder profile frames and matching outfits for a fun, personalized couple’s costume that’s simple to create and perfect for last-minute Halloween plans.

16. Instagram Filter-Inspired Costume

Instagram Filter-Inspired Costume
Source: Instagram (@couplehalloweencostumes)

For a humorous and topical Halloween costume, dress up as the filtered and unfiltered versions of yourselves, inspired by Instagram’s reality versus fantasy. One partner glams up to embody the flawless filter effect, while the other keeps it real, showcasing the authentic, everyday look.

This playful contrast is sure to elicit laughs and highlights the quirks of our social media-obsessed culture when you make your grand entrance.

17. Poop Costumes

Poop Costumes
Source: Pinterest (@dajih)

Ok, we think that this next idea is a little bit gross, but hey! It’s Halloween and it’s only once a year, so we think an idea like this toilet+poop set of costumes will not be a bad idea after all, right?

You can create the two items, which are the poop and the toilet seat using cardboard paper, a thick one that is, and create a hole for you to put in your heads through the holes. We believe without a doubt, people will fall in love with your DIY costumes and they might want to take pictures with you, too!

18. Oreo Costume

Oreo Costume
Source: Pinterest (@dajih)

For couples who love to stick together like Oreo cookies, this costume idea is perfect. Create two giant Oreo designs on paper and wear them like backpacks. Pair these with white tops or jackets to mimic the creamy center.

Remember, to complete the Oreo effect, you’ll need to stay close to each other all night. This fun and simple costume not only celebrates your inseparability but also adds a sweet twist to your Halloween.

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Classic Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween, amidst a sea of witches and warlocks, some couples stand out with their hilariously classic costume choices. Tapping into the nostalgic charm of iconic pairings, they bring smiles, chuckles, and camera flashes their way. This year, why not dive into timeless humor with a partner by your side?

Get ready to embark on a journey through some of the most amusing and classic funny couples’ Halloween costumes!

19. Baywatch Classic Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@halloween____costumes)

Channel the iconic ’90s lifeguard look this Halloween by dressing up as the renowned Baywatch duo, reminiscent of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Slip into red swimsuits and add humorous touches like life vests or buoys to amplify the fun.

This costume choice is not only instantly recognizable but also a playful nod to the legendary show, perfect for couples looking to make a splash with a mix of nostalgia and humor.

20. The Iconic Avatar Couple Costume

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@halloween____costumes)

Stand out at your Halloween party by transforming into the captivating blue characters from “Avatar.” Paint your bodies blue for a striking effect that’s sure to catch every eye. Accessorize with glasses or ethnic necklaces to enhance your extraterrestrial look. This costume is not only funny and unique but also enviable. Don’t worry about the paint removal for now—focus on enjoying a memorable night with friends.

21. Mr. and Mrs. President Couple

funny couples halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@bysophialee)

Embrace a funny twist on Mr. John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Jackie Kennedy this Halloween. You in a pink blazer and skirt set, your partner in a suit with JFK’s hairstyle, both waving elegantly. The key to nailing Jackie’s look? Don’t forget her iconic hat. This classic, humorous costume will surely get smiles and nods of recognition. Perfect for couples aiming for a blend of history and humor.

22. Mr. and Mrs. Addams Costume

Source: Pinterest (@unitedafstore)

Embody the classic Mr. and Mrs. Addams for Halloween with her in a long black dress and him in black pants and a white shirt with suspenders. Add a playful touch with Thing T. Thing on his shoulder, ensuring your costumes are both spooky and amusing, perfect for the occasion.

23. Mario and Luigi Costume

Mario and Luigi Costume
Source: Pinterest (@accessorygenie)

Transform into the beloved Mario and Luigi this Halloween with their iconic, colorful costumes and trucks. To add a humorous twist, ‘wear’ the trucks by hanging them from your shoulders with rope. Attach balloons to the back to mimic flying. This adorable and funny take on the classic video game duo is sure to be a hit. Perfect for those looking to bring a bit of nostalgia and fun to their Halloween celebrations.

24. Grease-inspired Costume

Grease-inspired Costume
Source: Pinterest (cosmopolitan.com)

Grease fan? Relive your love for the iconic movie with the perfect couples’ Halloween costume! Channel Danny and Sandy with a simple yet classic look – head-to-toe black for Sandy and slicked-back hair for Danny. Want to add a playful twist? Throw in some fun accessories or a humorous detail. This costume is guaranteed to turn heads and make you the most recognizable couple at the party!

25. The Famous Bonnie and Clyde Costume

The Famous Bonnie and Clyde Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Joanaavenue)

Step out as the infamous yet fashionable Bonnie and Clyde this Halloween, with a twist of humor. Don your best mafia-inspired outfits and accessorize with playful items like a plastic gun or a quirky headpiece. This nod to the stylish criminal couple is sure to draw smiles and make you a standout at any costume event.

Tips for Enhancing The Funny Couple Look

Elevate your couple’s costume from simply matching to hilariously memorable with the right touches. Here are some fail-safe tips to ensure your outfits not only look good but also bring the laughter.

  • Go beyond the costume. Accessories, hairstyles, and makeup play a crucial role in pulling off a hilarious look.
  • Embrace the unexpected. Search for inspiration, but don’t be afraid to add your own quirky twist.
  • Confidence is key. Rock your chosen look with confidence, even if it’s a bit out there.
  • Embrace silliness. Don’t shy away from playful props, funny expressions, or lighthearted acting to truly embody the humor.
  • Have fun! The most important ingredient for a memorable costume is your enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen some cool recommendations and ideas on the best funny couples Halloween costumes, there are some things that you need to consider before you make your decision. You need to choose the perfect costume for you and your partner, and make sure you highlight the funny elements and humor factors from the costumes that you pick.

And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun with your costumes, because that is what Halloween parties are all about. Well, aside from the horror and spooky factors, that is. Also, we would be happy if you can share some unique stories and experiences after you wear your funny costumes on Halloween. So, make sure you share your stories!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you choose a funny couples costume that’s also comfortable for all-night wear?

When selecting a funny couples costume for all-night wear, prioritize comfort by choosing soft, lightweight fabrics and ensuring a proper fit—not too tight, not too loose. Opt for minimal and lighter accessories to avoid feeling weighed down throughout the evening.

Why choose funny couples Halloween costumes?

Choose funny couples Halloween costumes because they offer limitless creative ideas, stand out at parties, and are increasingly popular, even among celebrities. They allow couples to be expressive and memorable, making them a fantastic choice for those looking to make a splash with their Halloween attire.

How do you choose a couples costume that’s both funny and relevant to current events or pop culture?

You can choose costumes that are inspired by today’s iconic TV couples or recent movie duos. Also, you can choose characters based on comic books and latest TV series like Stranger Things, they can provide you with major inspo from so many characters that we see on TV.

How should you care for and store your costumes after Halloween?

You need to make sure that you always store your costumes in a sealed or garment bag inside the wardrobe. Also, make sure to avoid places where mold can appear and in direct sunlight.

This will ensure your costumes stay fresh and clean until Halloween comes!

Can you rent a funny couple’s Halloween costume instead of buying it?

Yes, you can rent a funny couple’s Halloween costume instead of buying it. There are plenty of costume rentals available, both online and offline, that offer various types of costumes for couples at affordable prices.

You can search online to find costume rental near you and contact them directly to ask about the costumes that you are planning to wear for Halloween.

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