25 Best Plus-Size Halloween Costumes to Celebrate The Spooky Night

Halloween is a time of spooktacular fun for kids and adults alike, with costumes that range from the eerie to the extravagant. For those with plus-size figures, the costume possibilities are endless and more inclusive than ever.

plus size halloween costumes
plus size halloween costumes

Embrace your curves this Halloween with a wide selection of plus-size costumes that ensure you’ll look your best while enjoying the festivities.

Join us as we uncover the top picks for plus-size Halloween attire that are sure to make this year’s celebration one to remember.

Vintage Vampire’s Halloween Costumes

One of the best Halloween costumes for women is the Vampire costume. Not only because most vampire costumes are spooky, but also because vampire costumes have so many options of accessories and make up styles to pick.

Below we have selected some of the best ones for you. 

1. Badass Vampire in Black

plus size halloween costumes
Source: instagram (@styleencoreburlington)

This is one of the most badass plus-size Halloween costumes since it comes in all black and features leather pants with gothic-style accessories on them. It also comes with a long black robe that will make you look like a scary yet elegant vampire. 

If you are looking for a vintage vampire costume to become the center of the party, then this costume will make a great pick. Our advice, make sure you don’t forget to paint your hair in ash gray and put on some pail makeup to complete your look. 

2. Teenage Vintage Vampiress

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@thecurvyfashionista.com)

This is a vintage vampire costume that will make you look like the little Wednesday from the Addams’ Family. It comes as a preppy-style short dress that will look super spooky if you combine it with a pair of black stockings and black boots. 

You can braid your hair and paint it black to complete the look, and make sure you carry the spooky doll with you all the time. We have no doubt, everyone at the party will adore your costume, and feel frightened at the same time.

3. Ravishing Vampire Costume

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@halloweencostumes.com)

This ravishing vintage vampire costume is probably one of the best plus-size Halloween costumes with the most elegant design. The long dress and a unique accent on the neck will make you look like a vampire queen. 

The hair and accessories become the most important elements of the costume as well. You can put on some white or ash gray wig, and then wear a gothic necklace to complete the look. 

4. Black Gothic Vampire

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@m.shein.com)

If you are one of the fans of lace, then we have the perfect choice of vintage vampire costume for you. This short black lace dress will look good on you, which we believe will complement your plus-size posture beautifully. 

In our opinion, this is one of the most flattering costumes for curvy figures. It has a classic design and will look spookily adorable if you pair with a gothic umbrella and a pair of ankle boots. 

5. Sexy Lady Vampire

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@halloweencostumes.com)

If you feel like being a gothic vampire queen on Halloween night, then we have the perfect costume for you. This sexy black dress will create a unique yet mysterious look that will surprise everyone at the party.

This costume deserves to become your top pick since the dress will show some curves and compliment your plus-size posture in the most amazing way. In terms of accessories, you can wear a gothic choker and a pair of black stilettos, and carry a single red rose.

Classic Witch with a Twist Halloween Costumes 

Let’s not forget about the coolness of witch costumes, especially on Halloween night. The witch costume is still one of the most favorite options, with upgrades and adjustments here and there to turn the look into perfection.

Here are some of the most recommended classic witch costumes for you to pick.

6. Moonbeam Witch Costume

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@halloweencostumes.com)

This costume perfectly describes the true definition of a classic witch. It’s long, it’s sparkling, and it comes with a classic witch hat. If you are looking for a true classic witch costume, this one is definitely your must-have costume.

It is available in plus-size and it will look even more spooky if you color your hair with a combination of blue and white. The blue hair color on the edge of your hair will make you look even more gorgeous, showing how committed you are when it comes to celebrating Halloween.

7. The Midnight Witch

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@halloweencostumes.com)

Be that sexy witch on Halloween night with this midnight witch costume. In our opinion, this costume has all the required elements to make you look sexy and adorable at the same time.

It comes with a pair of black leggings, a sexy top, a pair of ankle boots, a witch hat, and also a sheer nylon mesh accent to enhance the look. In addition, we also suggest that you carry a broom as part of your costume. After all, you will need it to get away when things get rough at the party, right?

8. Gothic Style Witch

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@ravingsbyrae.com)

Say hello to this witch costume! In our opinion, this is one of the most stunning plus-size Halloween costumes on the list, and looking at the design of it, we are confident to say that you will be the star of the night.

It comes as a black gown with a masculine look, thanks to the belts on the waist area. It also comes with an iconic witch hat that carries an accent in the form of sheer nylon mesh on the sides to make you look more dramatic. 

9. Classic and Sweet Witch Costume

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@halloweencostumes.com)

A witch is not always evil, because sometimes a witch can be good as well. If you are thinking of becoming a kind-hearted witch at the next Halloween party, then you might want to check this one out. 

This is a modest kind of witch costume that will make you look like a nice witch. It comes as a short dress with long sleeves, which we believe will look stunning on your plus-size figure. It also comes with the witch broom with a ribbon on it. What a sweet witch!

10. Two-Colored Hair Witch

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@stygiansiryn.com)

Why choose an all-black costume when you can have something that has a touch of orange on it? Take this next witch costume for instance. It comes with a black dress, but it also comes with a pair of orange stockings to create a more fun look to the costume.

Instead of just the stockings, you might also want to wear a wig in two colors; black and orange, to make you look even more colorful. We have no doubt, you will become the most colorful witch on Halloween. 

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Regal Renaissance Queen Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you should never forget about Queen costumes, especially regal renaissance queen costumes. They have the most iconic designs, which will make you look elegant and majestic at the same time.

Let’s check out some of our recommendations below.

11. The Queen in Maroon and Gold

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

Let’s start with this elegant Renaissance queen costume that comes in maroon and gold. Since the two make one of the most elegant color combinations, we believe that this costume deserves to be on your list. 

It comes with an elegant design and high-quality fabric, creating a flawless look, perfect for plus-size women. It also comes with a hat that will look adorable, especially if you let your blonde hair down.

12. Elizabeth Queen Costume

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@aboutcostume.com)

Many people say that purple is the color of elegance. Based on that fact, we believe this Elizabeth Queen costume will be the perfect costume for those who seek for elegance in the next Halloween’ costume.

It has a combination of purple and gold, and it also has a design that describes the Victorian ball gown with an iconic accent on the neck area. We believe this is the perfect gown that will make you look elegant on Halloween night. 

13. Regal Renaissance Queen 

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@halloweencostumes.com)

This regal renaissance queen costume is without a doubt the most beautiful and stunning choice for those who are looking for a life-like gown for a special Halloween night.

With soft fabric, stunning color combination, and beautiful design, this is definitely a dress that will make you the queen of the night. After all, you don’t have to wear spooky costumes every year, right? To add a pretty touch to the look, we recommend that you also wear a tiara, and we believe all eyes will be on you. 

14. Evil-ish Renaissance Queen

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@geeks.media)

If you want to become an evil renaissance queen on Halloween, then we probably have the perfect costume for that purpose. Check out this evil-ish renaissance queen costume! If you immediately fall in love with it, then we are on your team.

It comes with amazing details and is made of high-quality fabric, too. Comes in red and black, it also comes with a gold accent on the chest area, which will create a spooky element to the look. As an additional accessory, you might want to carry an apple, and perhaps, offer the apple to your friends and see how they react to that. 

15. Elegant Royal Empress Renaissance Queen

plus size halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest (@ebay.com)

Say hello to this sweet looking queen. This is an elegant royal empress renaissance queen costume, which we think will make a great costume for those of you who want to highlight classic beauty on Halloween night.

This costume combines blue, white and gold beautifully, creating a sweet look especially if you pair with a pair of white shoes. Moreover, you might also want to wear a classic-designed tiara to make you look even more adorable. 

Spooky Ghost Gown Halloween Costumes

Halloween is not complete without the ghosts. Therefore, if you want to be part of the ghost crew on Halloween, then make sure you pick the right costumes for that particular purpose. There are so many options of plus-size ghost costumes, and we have selected five of the best ones below.

16. Spooky Gothic Ghost

Spooky Gothic Ghost
Source: Pinterest (@orientaltrading.com)

This is probably one of the most comfortable plus-size outfits for Halloween. As you can see, all you need to wear is a long white dress. However, since you will become a ghost, make sure the dress has some dirt on the bottom part to make it more convincing.

Want to know what makes it more convincing? Put some pale makeup and leave your hair as it is. And voila! You have become a spooky gothic ghost that will spook people at the Halloween party. 

17. Renaissance Ghost Costume

Renaissance Ghost Costume
Source: Pinterest (@halloweencostumes.com)

Since we have the renaissance queen costume ideas, now how about the renaissance ghost costume? In our opinion, this is one of the scariest plus-size Halloween costumes on this list. As you can see, it has that super scary look that we used to see in the Harry Potter movies.

If you are looking for something scary, then we would suggest that you buy this costume. It comes with a white long dress plus the white gloves and white hat, too. Moreover, with amazing details on the lace fabric, we have to say that this costume is one-of-a-kind.

18. Scary White Ghost Gown

Scary White Ghost Gown
Source: Pinterest (@purecostumes.com)

Another white ghost gown on the list, we have this scary costume that will make you like the ghosts we see in horror movies. It comes in the form of a broken white dress that includes the white sheer nylon head cover that adds to the scare element.

There is one crucial element that we think must be included, and it is the white long hair wig. With the wig, we have no doubt you will become one of the scariest ghosts on Halloween night. If your goal is to scare off the kids on the street, then this one is definitely yours to pick. 

19. Sexy Spooky Ghost

Sexy Spooky Ghost
Source: Pinterest (@IMGBIN)

Oh hello there there sexy ghost! This sexy spooky ghost costume is designed for you who want to look spooky and sexy at the same time at the Halloween party. It is a costume in the form of a mini black dress with a pair of black stockings and a pair of black high heels shoes. 

Uniquely, the dress also comes with a hoodie, which will make you look even sexier wearing the costume. In addition, we think it would be great if you can also add a ghost mask that will add a unique touch to your look.

20. Black Vengeful Spirit Costume

Black Vengeful Spirit Costume
Source: Pinterest (@The Costume Shoppe)

Next up we have another black ghost dress that will make you like an evil spirit plus an evil witch at the same time. The black tear up dress will create a spooky look, and the sheer hoodie will make the look even scarier for everyone to adore.

As for the color of the wig, we still recommend that you wear a white long wig to complete the look, because it will look even scarier in white. Then wear a pair of black stockings and a pair of sheer wings to become the star of the night.

Modern-day Superhero Halloween Costumes

Last but not least, we have a list of the best Superhero Halloween costumes for all superhero fans out there. These costumes are specifically designed for plus-size women and we can guarantee, these costumes will perfectly enhance your look in the best way possible.

21. Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume
Source: Pinterest (@fatgirlflow.com)

Every woman wants to be the wonder woman! If that includes you, then we would recommend you to check out this plus-size wonder woman costume. 

It has all the most iconic elements of the real wonder woman costume, including the skirt, boots, headband, and also the iconic belt. Wearing this costume is going to be proof that you are a true fan of Wonder woman.

22. Spider Woman

Spider Woman
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

You are not Peter Parker, obviously, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot be Spiderwoman, right? Since it’s Halloween, we can assure you that you can be anything and anyone you like. 

Take this costume for instance. We think this is the perfect costume for a true fan of Spiderman, who has a curvy posture and is proud of it. It is made of high-quality fabric that will look good on you. In addition, it also comes with an eye mask, which we think comes as an adorable accessory to wear.

23. Batgirl 

Source: Pinterest (@thehuntswoman.com)

When in doubt, wear black. If you are in doubt of who to become on Halloween, then perhaps you can be the Batgirl and wear all black. After all, black is the color that will never go out of style, don’t you think?

This Batgirl costume is designed to fit plus-size women who want to look sleek and powerful on Halloween night, just like Batman. Don’t worry, this costume also includes the robe as well. However, you might need to add a pair of black ankle boots to the set.

24. Supergirl Rule!

Supergirl Rule!
Source: Pinterest (@partycity.com)

Next up we have a super sexy supergirl costume that will bring out the superhero in you. It comes as a high-quality costume, just like the one that Supergirl wears in the series. However, this one is made in plus-size, so it is perfect for those of you who are a fan of Supergirl with some curves. 

It is made of high-quality materials, and we have to admit that the colors are amazing. The combination of blue and red is just stunning, and we believe it will look really good on you.

25. The Mighty Thor Costume

The Mighty Thor Costume
Source: Pinterest (@partycity.ca)

Last but not least, we have Thor costume for those of you fans of the mighty God of Thunder. This costume comes in amazing details, making it an excellent replica of the actual costume that Chris Hemsworth wears in the movie. 

It also comes with a red robe and a mask, making you feel powerful just like Thor. In addition, we would suggest that you add the iconic Thor’s hammer to the look. Having Mjolnir will definitely bring out the superhero in you, and perhaps, you might be able to save some life’s at the Halloween party. 

Things to Consider When Buying Plus-Size Costumes

Just like other costumes, in buying plus-size Halloween costumes there are several things that you need to consider. Before you make your purchase, make sure you consider the following points.

1. Material & Comfort

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the costume is made of high-quality materials. In order to look cool, sometimes Halloween costumes need to use certain materials or fabrics that might be a little uncomfortable to wear.

But there are choices of costumes that are made of high-quality materials or fabrics, which will make you feel comfortable while wearing them. Since you will be wearing the costume all night long, material and comfort are the most crucial thing to consider when buying a plus-size costume.

2. Flexibility & Adjustability

Next, the costume needs to be flexible and adjustable. Being a plus-size person doesn’t mean that you can’t be flexible, and your Halloween costume needs to make sure of that. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you go for costumes that have a flexible design and adjustable feature. It will help you to be able to move around freely, but still maintain your cool appearance throughout the night.

3. Price vs. Quality

Since Halloween is a once-a-year celebration, we think it’s not a sin to pay more for a cool and great costume. After all, it’s the only night where you can perform your best and be all-out with your costume, right?

However, make sure you don’t pay a lot of money for a costume that isn’t worth your money. So, before you make your purchase, make sure you are paying for a high-quality costume that can meet your needs for the night.

4. Care & Maintenance

In order to make sure you look on point on Halloween night, it’s advised that you take good care of your costume and make sure you wash it at a reputable and professional dry cleaning service. Once it’s clean, store it in a safe and dry place until Halloween night comes. 

5. Availability & Delivery

Last but not least, make sure you prepare and order your costume early, way ahead of Halloween day. The more complicated your costume is, the longer it takes for the designer to produce.

So, if you are planning on wearing a complicated plus-size costume with lots of details on it, then it is advised that you order it at least a month before the day, or even more than that. 

Final Thoughts

It is crucially important to embrace all body types. For those with plus-size posture, you are the lucky ones since there are so many fashion items specifically created for you, including Halloween costumes. After all, looks matter, but what on the inside is even more important now.

When it comes to choosing Halloween costumes, the most important thing is comfort. You need to make yourself comfortable wearing the costume, so you can have the freedom to express yourself.

Make sure you check out the most recommended plus-size Halloween costumes on our list, and once you make your pick, make sure you share your experience as well. Who knows, you might inspire others to feel confident and feel confident with themselves.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are plus-size Halloween costumes more expensive than regular sizes?

In most cases, since plus-size costumes require more materials and fabrics than what the normal size costumes require, then price can be slightly higher. However, it still depends on the design and the overall details of the costume. The more complicated the design is, of course the price will be a lot more expensive.

But since Halloween is a once-a-year celebration, spending more for a badass Halloween party won’t be a sin, don’t you think? Especially if you can win the best costume award!

Do plus-size Halloween costumes come with all the necessary accessories?

Yes, but it’s actually very similar to the normal-size costumes. It purely depends on how complicated the design of the costume is. Although, plus-size costumes do need extra accessories to make them look eye-catching and stand out among the crowd. 

Where can you find inspiration for unique plus-size Halloween costume ideas?

Nowadays, you can look for some inspirations for unique plus-size Halloween costume ideas from various sources. You can first look online for the best ideas. There are plenty of inspirations for plus-size Halloween costumes that you can choose based on your character and preference.

Since plus-size fashion is on the rise, you can find so many references and recommendations online. Even better, search ideas on social media like Instagram or Pinterests, and you will find endless options of recommendations to consider.

How do you care for and store your plus-size Halloween costume?

Since Halloween costumes are made of special materials that sometimes include delicate fabrics, there are special ways on how to clean them. 

First, you can leave it to a professional and trusted dry cleaning service. Or, you can wash the costume yourself by machine washing, only if the costume is made of traditional fabrics. However, for safety, it is recommended to give the individual costumes in special washing bags or pillowcases, to make sure the details and accessories are safe. 

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