26 Sailor Moon Costume Ideas for Your Wonderful Performance

Sailor Moon is an anime from Japan about the Sailor Guardians and other heroes who aim to keep the solar system safe from the Dark Kingdom. The main character of Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino, a kind-hearted highschool girl. She was told to find the Legendary Silver Crystal by Luna, the talking cat. Together with all Sailor Guardians, Chibi Usa, and Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon fights the enemies with her magic moonlight power. The outfits in Sailor Moon are extremely fashionable and would serve you with overflowing cosplay ideas.

Usagi’s costume with sky blue shirt, blonde hair, and bright smile is the most iconic costume you can wear. But it is not only Usagi’s costume that looks lovely. There are other Sailor Guardians with their own colors that you also can wear and choose based on your own color preference, too. 

We just can’t hold these cuteness any longer because we have compiled wonderful Sailor Moon Costume ideas below JUST FOR YOU! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out the list!

What is The Sailor Moon Outfit Called?

The Sailor Moon outfit is made out of Japanese school uniform fuku and it is called “Sailor Senshi” or Sailor Fuku. It is simply the combination of High School uniforms and sailor styles. Lots of anime characters’ costumes are inspired by Japanese School uniforms. There are also awesome anime cosplay ideas should you love cosplaying. So, take your time and take a look at them!

Why is She Called Sailor Moon?

She is called Sailor Moon because she is a hero who gets her superpowers from the moon. From the moon, she uses her superpower to keep the earth safe from the Dark Kingdom. Her costume is made from the Japanese highschool uniform with a shorter skirt length. The “sailor” collar style is used on her shirt’s collar.

Sailor Moon Costume for Adult

Sailor Moon presents romance, friendship, and action on every show. It makes Sailor Moon enjoyable for any age, both adults and kids. It also allows everyone to wear the costume of every character they love. There are Sailor Moon costume ideas for adults that you can take a look at when you are going to wear it for performance. Plus, there are upgrades you can mix and match to the basic Sailor Moon costume. You can just be brave and confident wearing it!

1. Basic Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon’s signature outfit basically looks like a Japanese highschool uniform. It consists of white shirt, red necktie, blue skirt, red long socks, plus long blonde hair with two buns. This Sailor Moon style costume set allows you to effortlessly show your kind-hearted charm. Usagi’s signature outfit combines red, white, and blue colors which perfectly shows bravery, pure heart, and love in every show. In our opinion, her cuteness overflows in every step if you wear this costume.

2. Sailor Moon in Dress

Besides her basic Sailor Moon costume ideas, Usagi Tsukino can also wear a dress. With wide fashion alternatives, her schoolgirl uniform can be transformed into this beautiful dress. Still keeping her characteristic red, white, and blue color on her outfit, Sailor moon looks even more beautiful with a long white sheet following her. Also, she lets her neck area open to show her elegance in her performance. In short, she looks so gorgeous with this costume.

3. Powerful Sailor Moon Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Looking lovely and soft is not the only choice when it comes to Sailor Moon costumes. You can upgrade it into a strong and powerful Sailor Moon costume. Still keeping the basic colors like red, white, and blue, you can also come up with a sword and shield on your hands. We can assure you that the magic moonlight power will be expressed stronger through this powerful costume. So, if you do not like the “Moe-moe” style, then we believe this costume is for you.

4. Horror Sailor Moon Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Dolinka)

Talking about cute Usagi Tsukino, have you ever thought about wearing a Sailor Moon costume with Halloween vibes? Here is the horror Sailor Moon costume that comes with scars accents which brings the scary vibes. Her tattered outfit looks hideous, which is perfect for halloween. On her hand, instead of holding her magic wand, she is holding a scary knife. Uw! So magically scary.

5. Sailor Moon Princess Serenity

Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

Sailor Moon also has this elegant white dress of Princess Serenity. She is the princess of the Moon Kingdom, which was the previous life of Usagi Tsukino that leads her to becoming the Sailor Moon. Serenity is the incarnation of Usagi Tsukino who perfectly shares the same appearance to each other. Her long hair with two buns, golden crescent moon on her forehead, and not to forget the blue eyes. As Princess Serenity, she wears a white long dress with moon accents on her chest and her upper arms. We think she looks more angelic with this costume.

6. Rainbow Sailor Moon

Sailor moon is not the only character loved by females. In fact, boys also love this cute character and even show up wearing sailor moon costumes in public. He wears every characteristic attribute, like white shirt, blue skirt, head band, and red boots. The plus attribute he brings is a rainbow flag and wing, which shows a different kind of cuteness and love. But do you think he has a hidden message on this?

7. Sailor Jupiter

Source: Pinterest (@mackingster.deviantart.com)

Sailor Jupiter, Makoto Kino has a supreme thunder power. She can call out and collect electric power through the magic stone on her tiara. The Sailor Jupiter character performs in white and green colors. She wears a white shirt with green collar, white hand gloves with green edging, a green skirt, and also a green pair of boots. Moreover, she also wears a big pink bow tie with a lovely green heart. We also think that the most magical and iconic item on her costume is her green stone tiara.

8. Sailor Venus

Source: Pinterest (@cosfun.com)

Minako Aino has a power of gold and light which comes from her name as Sailor Venus. In Japan, it is called “Kinsei”, the gold star. She appears with long golden hair with a red bow and bright blue eyes. Her costume is nominated by gold color, such as gold skirt, gold shirt collar, and gold hand gloves’ edgings. Moreover, make sure you don’t miss the blue bow tie because it makes her look more appealing and unique compared to the other Sailor Guardians.

9. Sailor Pluto in Dark Green Hair

Sailor Pluto is the eldest guardian among the Sailor guardians. She wears black and white costume combination with a dark red bow tie. The black color is put on her skirt, boots, and gloves’ edging. Also, she even looks more dramatic and mature with her dark green hair, too. Her wonderful power is related to managing time. Plus, she also has a strong and brave characteristic among the Sailor guardians.

10. Sailor Pluto in Bright Green Hair

Compared to the dark green haired Sailor Pluto, this appearance makes her look a lot cuter and lovely. Also, we do think that the bright green hair can bring a different character in the performance. Even though her appearance looks slightly different, the bright green haired Sailor Pluto maintains her magic power all the way. Plus, her white magic wand even looks fascinating as well. In our opinion, it looks like a big key that may help her to fight the enemies powerfully.

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11. Sailor Mars

Source: Pinterest (@farm8.staticflickr.com)

Sailor Mars, also known as Rei Hino, wears a white shirt with a red skirt. She also wears red high heels with a purple bow tie on her chest. She is the only Sailor guardian who wears heels instead of boots. As for the hair, we think her long black hair makes her look mature, disciplined, and hard-working. Her superpower is related to fire which comes from the Japanese name for ‘Mars’ or ‘fire star’. Her strong and emotional character makes her fans love her even more.

12. Sailor Saturn

Source: Pinterest (@weheartit.com)

Sailor Saturn, Hotaru Tomoe, looks differently attractive with her short dark purple hair. Her hair matches her purple skirt so well. The Sailor Saturn bodysuit even looks more elegant with a red bow tie on her chest. The crystal bros on her bow tie and necklace makes her look so different compared to the other Sailor guardians. Moreover, only Sailor Saturn who wears petal-like sleeves looks elegant on every show.

13. Sailor Neptune

Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

Sailor Neptune’s appearance looks so eccentric with wavy hair and bright aquamarine hair color. Compared to the other Sailor guardians who have straight and long hair, Sailor Neptune’s hair is wavy and volumized. The Sailor Neptune’s costume color matches her hair color, and it’s aquamarine. Her skirt, collar, gloves edging, heels and necklace comes in an eccentric aquamarine color. In addition, the special thing about her costume is definitely her heels tie that wind around her leg.

14. Sailor Guardians Altogether

Source: Pinterest (@procosplay.com)

Do you feel uncertain in choosing which Sailor guardian characters you would like to perform with? Well, there are 9 Sailor guardians who wear unique colors and have wonderful superpowers. Sailor moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercurius, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Neptune beautifully perform their superpowers on every show. It would be a wonderful thing to be able to perform all of these Sailor guardian’s outfit cosplay costumes with your besties.

Sailor Moon Costume for Kid

15. Newborn Sailor Moon

Source: Pinterest (@Willowsgarden)

Who can resist this cute little angel? This Sailor Moon costume is knitted with love. The blonde hair, white gloves, blue skirt, and red socks made her look even more adorable. The idea of this knitted bodysuit is so mindful and comfortable for newborn babies. Laying down on her soft little bed, this newborn sailor moon will take you to the other side of paradise. Without a doubt, her superpower will surely keep the Dark Kingdom away.

16. Baby Sailor Moon

Baby Sailor Moon
Source: Pinterest (@mynerdnursery.com)

Look at that simple Sailor Moon costume for your toddler! The white shirt with a printed red bow and blue collar completely set with a blue skirt is comfortably worn by this little baby. Moreover, her natural blonde hair even looks cuter with a red bandana. Don’t forget her pink sneakers, tho. She looks so happy and is not even bothered by the small scar on her left knee.

17. Brown Haired Sailor Moon

Brown Haired Sailor Moon
Source: Pinterest (@V.V. Couture)

Does your little angel have natural brown hair? Don’t worry. She can still wear a Sailor Moon costume without even changing her hair color to blonde. Just tie up her hair into two pigtails and add hair accessories on it can still make her look like Sailor Moon. The blue tile skirt looks so cute and fluffy. It gives a new style on Sailor Moon outfit cosplay costumes afterall. Look at that golden belt! It can be a wonderful idea for a diy costume squad.

18. Little Princess Serenity

Little Princess Serenity
Source: Pinterest (@cecelia aguilera)

Who has ever seen the cute Princess Serenity? The white dress of the moon princess’ popular costume usually looks gorgeous and graceful. But this time, the identical white dress looks more cute and lovely worn by this beautiful little angel. Her natural blonde hair is beautifully tied with small moon accessories on both sides. We believe without a doubt, nobody can resist the cuteness of the Little Princess Serenity costume. It is one of the wonderful Sailor Moon costume ideas for your beautiful daughter.

19. Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto

Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto
Source: Pinterest (@9gag.com)

Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto look gorgeous together. The Sailor Saturn who wears purple costume looks wonderful with all accessories and her magic wand. The Sailor Pluto looks even stronger and mature with her long dark hair. Her magic wand also looks lovely with a heart shape. The premium costume material makes their performance even more attractive. However, their confidence is the key to completing the costume they are wearing.

20. Happy Sailor Jupiter

Happy Sailor Jupiter
Source: Pinterest (@rolecosplay.com)

The only Sailor Guardian who wears a lovely green color is the Sailor Jupiter. In the anime, she is named Makoto Kino who has electric and plant superpowers. The green heart and pink bow tie on her chest looks so sweet and cute. Instead of wearing boots, she wears these wonderful green and white sneakers. Overall, she looks lovely in this costume. But the best thing she wears is definitely her smile.

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21. Chibi Usa

Chibi Usa
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Chibi Usa or also known as Sailor Chibi Moon is a character who looks cute but also has wonderful superpowers. Chibi Usa’s costume is basically inspired by rabbits, or known as Usagi in Japan. Appearing in pink hair, with white and pink costume combination, Chibi Usa seems so cute, but in fact, Chibi Usa is 900 years old. Her body stopped aging when she was 5 years old. That’s why, Chibi Usa costume looks perfect when it is worn by kids.

22. DIY Sailor Moon Crochet Costume

DIY Sailor Moon Crochet Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Sara Keenan)

For those of you who feel like being creative, this DIY  Sailor Moon Crochet costume might be the perfect idea for you. It comes in a true and original color of Sailor Moon which are blue, red and white and all you need to prepare separately is the red boots to complete the little Sailor Moon’s look. This costume includes crochet accessories as well and as you can see, it has crochet gloves, socks and head piece, too! However, we have to tell you to prepare way before the D-day because it might take more than a couple of weeks to create the costume.

23. Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Chibi Moon
Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

For a little girl who adores Chibi Moon, we believe this next costume idea will come as something that she will be happy to wear. It comes in such a sweet and cheerful color, with a large-size red bow tie on the front, a gold tiara, and a pair of gloves and stockings. We can assure you that your little one will be more than happy to wear this costume to her next costume party.

24. Sailor Moon Mini Dress

Sailor Moon Mini Dress
Source: Pinterest (@trendsincosplay.com)

This next Sailor Moon costume idea is recommended for toddlers who love Sailor Moon characters. Since we know that toddlers still love to move around alot, they need a costume that can make sure they are comfortable wearing it. For that reason, we recommend this Sailor Moon costume that comes in the form of a mini dress. In our opinion, this costume is cute, simple, easy to wear, and last but not least, comfortable. 

25. Small-sized Basic Sailor Moon Costume

Small-sized Basic Sailor Moon Costume
Source: Pinterest (@tienda-friki.com)

Looking at the picture of this next costume, we can all agree that this is a high-quality basic Sailor Moon costume that will boost any little Sailor Moon’s fan confidence while wearing it. It looks exactly like the original version as seen in the anime, and it also looks very comfy to wear, as it is made of soft materials. So, if you want your little girl to wear the costume of her dream, this one would be your best pick.

26. Chibi Mercury

Chibi Mercury
Source: Pinterest (@chicpursuit.com)

Next up we have a cute Chibi Mercury costume that will turn any little girl into a sweet and adorable mini-size Chibi Mercury. With the combination of light blue and white, plus the iconic gold tiara, we can assure you that your little girl will be the star of the costume party. However, you will need to prepare a pair of shoes to complete the look. You can go for a pair of black mary jane shoes, or perhaps a blue pair of shoes to make a perfect addition to the look?

Final Thoughts

Sailor Moon presents fantasy, romance, friendship, and superpowers in every show. It is an anime that can be enjoyed by any age and gender. Every character has their own unique colors and characters that you can perform in a cosplay. All Sailor Guardians including Chibi Usa or Sailor chibi moon are adorable for your performance. DIY costumes, premium or home materials will all look wonderfully cute. Therefore, make sure you decide the color and character you desire in order to perform cheerfully.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many different Sailor Moons are there?

There are 10 Sailor Guardians which are named based on all planets of the Solar System. They are Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chibi Usa. They work in teams to fight the Dark Kingdom, the Black Moon Clan, the Dead Moon Circus, the Death Busters, and Shadow Galactica.

How do you cosplay like Sailor Moon?

The basic thing that you need to remember when cosplaying Sailor Moon is the character and colors on her outfit. Those are the identity of Sailor Moon, such as blonde long hair, blue collar, white shirt, blue skirt, and red boots. Don’t forget her blue sparkling eyes and small accessories as well as her magic wand.

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