26 Inspiration Gifts for New Puppy Owners

Having a new puppy will definitely bring a super cute bundle of energy to a family, and also brings a lot of fun. For new puppy owners, raising a cute puppy needs a lot of time and effort. Therefore, giving new puppy owners a useful and adorable gift will certainly help them in taking care of their new puppy.

There are plenty of things that you can think of in terms of picking the best gifts for new puppy owners. However, it is best to give something useful, but still have that cuteness aspect. These kinds of gifts will make things easier for new puppy owners to take care of the new puppy.

To give you some cool recommendations, check out 26 suggestions below to help you pick the best gifts for new puppy owners.

What Do You Give A New Puppy Owner?

Since raising a new puppy will take a lot of time and effort, you can give something that is useful to help new puppy owners taking care of their new pets. Some of the most useful gifts are teething toys, comfy blankets for crates of beds, grooming kit, or a dog journal.

Gifts for New Puppy Owner That Useful and Adorable

Welcoming a new puppy into the home is akin to adding a bundle of joy to the family. But what could make this moment even more special for a new puppy owner? Dive into our curated list of adorable yet incredibly useful gifts that will make both the puppy and its owner wag their tails in delight.

From playtime essentials to snuggle-worthy surprises, we’ve got the perfect presents to celebrate this paw-some new journey!

1. Personalized Dog Blanket 

gifts for new puppy owners

A new puppy needs a warm blanket to keep them warm at night. Therefore, why we recommend you to get this personalized dog blanket as one of the best gifts for new puppy owners.

Being a super adorable gift with a sweet design, this cute blanket can be personalized by printing the puppy’s name on it. We have no doubt, this blanket will make a thoughtful gift for a new puppy owner.

2. Personalized Dog Bowl

gifts for new puppy owners

A dog bowl is undoubtedly one of the must-have items for new puppy owners. It will be a great idea to have cute dog bowls as the item that will be super useful and long-lasting.

Take this simple yet adorable bowl for instance. We have np doubt, this simple white dog meal bowl will be the perfect gift for new puppy owners. Moreover, it will be even more special if you engrave it with the little puppy’s name. Super cute!

3. iDoggos Quartz Dog Collar

iDoggos Quartz Dog Collar

Most puppy owners know that iDoggos produces high quality pet collars in various colors and patterns. Based on that fact, we think that giving iDoggos pet collar as a gift would be a wonderful idea.

Having this high-quality collar will definitely make any new puppy owner happy and feel super thrilled. They can put this adorable, eco-friendly, and elegant collar on their cute little puppy’s neck. 

4. Dog Memory Book

Dog Memory Book

Do you know that a dog memory book will be the perfect journal to record a new puppy’s life journey and milestones? Whether it’s the puppy’s first walk to the park, first visit to the vet, and first playdate with friends, new puppy owners will be super excited to write down and record every story about their puppy in this book.

Based on that fact, we believe without a doubt that this adorable dog memory book will be a perfect gift. It will come as a diary for the puppy, to keep the best memories that the owner experiences with their puppy.

5. Puppy Care Kit

gifts for new puppy owners

Being a new parent for a puppy, we truly believe that new puppy owners will need to be equipped with this Puppy Care Kit. It will provide them with essentials like bed refresher spray, dog shampoo, dog cologne, and a cotton pouch for dog poop bags.

Combined all together inside a cute box, this care kit is certainly one of the best gifts for new puppy owners. In addition, since it comes in a small box, it can also be carried easily wherever they go.

6. Puppy ID Tag

Puppy ID Tag

For us, this vintage puppy tag is cute, and simply adorable. So, we can assure you that this is perfect as a gift for new puppy owners out there. Made of brass and stainless steel, this is also an item that you can customize.

You can engrave the name of the puppy on this cute tag, plus the little paw too! We truly believe that any puppy will look adorable wearing this personalized tag.

7. Dog Bowl Bottle

gifts for new puppy owners

Everyone needs a cute and practical water bottle to be the perfect companion to bring the puppy for an afternoon walk to the park, which makes it one of the most useful gifts for new puppy owners.

Take this one for instance. This bottle features dual-purpose as this item can be used for the puppy and its human as well, since it includes a bowl for the puppy to drink, on the base of the bottle.

8. How To Speak Dog Cards

How To Speak Dog Cards

Being a new puppy owner means they need to understand the meaning of the puppy’s language. Since we know that it’s not an easy thing do, especially for new dog owners, we think these How To Speak Dog Cards will make an excellent gift.

The cards are simply one of the most useful gifts for new puppy owners. With these cards, they can discover the secrets behind their puppy’s barks, facial expressions, and body language, thanks to this deck of 100 canine cards.

9. Custom Pet Portrait Pendant

Custom Pet Portrait Pendant

There’s nothing more wonderful than having your puppy’s face near to your heart at all times in a lovely pendant. Based on that reason, we believe that this custom pet portrait pendant will make your dream come true.

Therefore, we also believe that giving this personalized pendant as a gift for new puppy owners is a thoughtful decision. We have no doubt, it will be a precious piece of jewelry to cherish forever.

10. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen


This foldable pet playpen is made of durable water resistant materials. This item is also very easy to move, very light, and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With such advantages, this is truly one of the most perfect gifts for new puppy owners.

In terms of design, this playpen features 8-panel design with a convenient carry case. Also, it comes with a collapsible 16 oz food bowl for the little puppy. Truly a perfect all-in-one play companion for a happy little puppy!

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11. 2 Speed Adjustable Cat Dog Hair Clipper

2 Speed Adjustable Cat Dog Hair Clipper

New puppy owners will certainly need this hair clipper as an essential for their puppy. In our opinion, this is an item that they need to keep their little puppy clean and cute all day long.

With the sharp titanium alloy blade, any puppy owner will be able to use this for a long period of time. Also, we’re pretty sure that this clipper will cut the little puppy’s hair with minimal fuss and zero pulling.

12. Cat and Dog Bed in Shag or Lux Fur

Cat and Dog Bed in Shag or Lux Fur

Just like us, little puppies need to have a good night’s sleep every night, too. Therefore, we recommend this dog bed as one of the best gifts for new puppy owners as it will be the most comfy bed for their new puppy.

If you are looking for the best bed for a sweet little puppy, then we highly recommend you to check out this cozy and flexible bed. In terms of quality, it features a vegan faux shag fur finish, which reminds us of mom’s fur coat.

13. Dog Chew Toys for Puppy Teething

Dog Chew Toys for Puppy Teething

We surely believe that this set of 20 pieces of puppy teething chew toys will keep a new puppy busy playing them everyday. Being one of the best gifts for new puppy owners, these chew toys will free them from worrying their little puppy will chew on their sofa, shoes, or many other items at home.

Being a kid, it is crucial to keep little puppies entertained with toys and fun activities every day. Instead of getting one item, you can pick this set of teething chew toys, which we believe can keep any puppy occupied for a long period of time. Plus, it can train them to be more active, too.

14. Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable Dog Leash

If you’re looking for a durable and useful gift, the we have no doubt that this retractable dog leash is the answer. It is easy to use as it features a one-button release and lock system.

In our opinion, this is a gift that will allow new puppy owners to have a nice walk with their new puppy anytime of the day. In addition, the 16-feet-long leash will also allow puppies to walk freely but still under control.

15. Mountain Climbing Dog Rope Leash

Mountain Climbing Dog Rope Leash

This leash offers a strong feature, which is durable and perfect for heavy duty clasp with classic leather connection. Being a perfect gift for new puppy owners, this adorable leash comes in various colors including pink, red, blue lime green and also white.

You can pick a color that the new puppy owner would love since it has so many color options. We have no doubt, this simple but useful gift will come as a very thoughtful and useful gift, especially for puppy and owner duo who love to spend their time hiking on weekends.

16. Boissonneault Felt Pet Cave Lucy Dome

gifts for new puppy owners

Every puppy loves to have a nice hiding place to play or snuggle. So, we believe that it is the reason why this dome will be the perfect place for that. In our opinion, this cool dome will make one of the coolest gifts for new puppy owners out there.

So, if you’re searching for a nice and cool gift for someone who just got a puppy, why not choose this item? We’re pretty sure it will be something to use for many years, especially since it’s very easy to carry around, too!

17. Daniella Free-Standing Pet Gate

gifts for new puppy owners

Having a little puppy at home certainly brings new excitement to any home. The happy puppy will run around the house and play around with every single thing that they find interesting.

Therefore, to keep the puppy away from harmful spots or things at home, why not have this pet gate? We believe new puppy owners would love to have this as a gift, especially if they have a new puppy that loves to run around the fireplace.

18. Pet Swimming Pool Bathing Tub

gifts for new puppy owners

Anyone who has a furry friend would be thrilled to have this new pet swimming pool. We definitely believe that this is a perfect gift for summer! on a hot summer day, this pool will allow them to give their new little puppy a nice bath to cool off after a walk under the hot summer weather.

Made of durable PVC material, this fordable swimming pool can be set up in an instant and suitable for travel. Plus, we also need to say that we truly love the color combination, too!

19. Ceramic Treat Jar

Ceramic Treat Jar

Look at this cute pet treat jar! Let’s be honest here, who would resist having this adorable item as a gift? This will make an undoubtedly special gift, especially those new puppy owners who would love to have their puppy snacks organized and handy.

In terms of materials, this jar is made of high-quality ceramic and totally dishwasher safe. Furthermore, the bamboo lid allows the treat to breathe through the silicone rim airtight the jar to keep out moisture, humidity, and pests.

20. Canvas Food Storage Container

Canvas Food Storage Container

New puppy owners will definitely need a place to store all the puppy’s belongings. Therefore, we think this container will definitely make one of the best gifts that will be very useful for new puppy owners.

This container will be extremely useful to keep toys, dry dog treats, leashes, collars, blankets, outfits, grooming supplies, and basically all items that belong to the new puppy.

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21. Pet Pal Artificial Turf

Pet Pal Artificial Turf

Every puppy needs to have potty training sooner or later, and this artificial turf was designed for that purpose. This turf will help new puppy owners to potty train the little puppy and provide a spot for small dogs to release without making any mess.

This item features three layer systems that include artificial grass mat, micro bacterial inserts and also a stable base. All in all, this is a perfect gift for a new puppy owner, indeed.

22. Earth Rated Scented Dog Poop Bags

Earth Rated Scented Dog Poop Bags

These dog poop bags are the perfect gifts for new puppy owners. Not just 100% leak-proof, this bag also features odor-blocking lavender-scent locks that will keep them smell good for a stress-free walk with a puppy.

Using recycled materials, this is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for new puppy owners. Plus, it also comes in a super cute design that will surely look very cute to carry around, especially during an afternoon walk in the park.

23. Cable Knit Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Cable Knit Turtleneck Dog Sweater

New puppy owners need to make sure that their little puppy stays warm during cool-weather days with this turtleneck dog sweater. Like, come on, can you see how cute this sweater looks? We personally fall in love with this item, especially since it comes in a sweet green color.

This solid sweater will be a nice gift that will not only keep any puppy warm, but also make it fashionable and cool for casual outdoor activities.

24. Benebone Maple Stick Dog Toy

Benebone Maple Stick Dog Toy

All puppies will surely love this natural wooden-looking chew that will be any dog’s best friend. It features a design that will let a puppy enjoy a game of fetch or chew.

Therefore, we can consider this chew as one of the best gifts for new puppy owners. It will be a long-lasting and durable chew that is packed with real flavor that will spoil any puppy’s desire to play the chewing game.

25. Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Soft Chews for Dogs

Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Soft Chews for Dogs

Support the new puppy owners with this Allergy and Immune Support. This a required and must-have vitamin, which will provide immunity and digestive function to help maintain normal histamine levels for the puppy.

Since we know that all puppy owners would want to make sure their puppy is healthy, we think it is necessary to gift them this item. Keeping the puppy healthy is after all something that any puppy owner must always pay attention to, right?

26. Classic Fashion Elevated Dog Feeder

Classic Fashion Elevated Dog Feeder

Having a new puppy means that the owner needs to have this dog feeder. If you are looking for a gift that will surely be useful, then we believe this dog feeder is definitely the best pick.

It is one of the best gifts for new puppy owners as it allows pups to dine in comfort and style with this sleek-looking feeder. Any new puppy owners will be happy to have this gift as they will feed their pet and still be able to keep their space and room neat and tidy.

Final Thoughts

Having a new furry friend is like one of the best moments ever. A puppy will surely become one of the owner’s best friends for life. If you know a new puppy owner who just welcomed a new best friend, then the best way to celebrate the moment is by giving them a special gift!

You can choose a gift for new puppy owners by getting some items that will come useful for both the owner and also the puppy. Some of the recommended items that we included on the list are a water bottle, some cool dog leashes, dog feeders, a lovely dog blanket, and also dog chew toys. We believe that you will find the one you’re looking for on our list.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why shouldn’t you give a pet as a gift?

Cats and dogs that are given as gifts are vastly more likely to end up in shelter. There can be problems when the person receiving the pet as a gift (the recipient) isn’t involved in the process of choosing a pet. This means there are a whole host of issues that can arise. 

How about personalized gifts for the puppy?

Personalized gifts are always a hit! From engraved dog tags to custom-made puppy blankets, adding a personal touch makes the present even more special. Plus, it shows that you’ve put thought into the gift.

Should you surprise someone with a puppy?

Before you do it, make sure that it’s OK. Do not surprise someone with a puppy unless they are prepared to care for the dog, But it’s always a good idea to give new puppy owners with adorable and useful gifts that will help them take care of their new pups. 

Is gifting puppy food or treats a good idea?

While it’s thoughtful, it’s essential to check with the owner first. Puppies might be on specific diets or have allergies. However, if you get the green light, gourmet dog treats or high-quality puppy food are fabulous choices.

What kind of collar or harness is suitable for puppies?

Soft, adjustable collars are ideal for growing pups. As they grow, ensure the collar remains comfortable. For walking, many recommend harnesses to prevent neck strain. Ensure the harness fits well and doesn’t chafe. Always attach ID tags with contact information.

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