Adorable Puppy Dog Earrings

These Adorable Puppy Dog Earrings are two-part earrings that will make you look like you’re wearing two cute pups in your ears (hope that doesn’t sound creepy).

These cute gray puppies with big adorable eyes will make you look sweet and amazing at any day.

The puppies that are featured in these earrings look like some blend of a Havanese and Bichon Frise dogs in a greyscale (quick google search and suddenly you are an expert on dog breeds).

But, honestly, who cares what kind of dogs those are. We all know, that you’d love your dog no matter what color or shape it is. Same logic applies to these earrings.

To add another cuteness factor to these earrings check this: their tails are attached in such a way that they will sway all the time as if the puppies are extremely happy to be with you. That’s some dog spirit right there! 

Adorable Puppy Dog Earrings

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