25 Cool Gifts for Tesla Owners That Will Give Them Extra Joy

Tesla is famous for being a California-based electric vehicle manufacturer founded by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. Its purpose is to make electric automobiles that are either premium or affordable to the general public. Anyone looking for a luxury car with current appearance that is also an electric vehicle should consider Tesla cars. These cars have become a bit of a status symbol, especially given their expense, in addition to being better for the environment than your regular gas-powered sedan. Tesla owners may seem to already have everything, but giving them presents will add happiness in their life. Especially, when gifts for Tesla owners represent their favorite automobile.

As Tesla cars become more popular, there are many cool gifts for Tesla owners offered across the internet that will make them smile from ear to ear. Therefore, we have compiled several amazing gifts for Tesla owners in this article. We hope that these cool items will impress your Tesla loving friends while receiving gifts from you! Let’s dive in!

1. Giga Texas Plant Tesla Hoodie

Giga Texas Plant Tesla Hoodie

Give your cool Tesla owners this cool Tesla hoodie! With this amazing hoodie, your Tesla owner may get the perfect outfit to join the celebration of the recent launch of Giga Texas Plant. The cool design of Cyber Rodeo with neon colors will be the focal point in this hoodie. Made from cotton and polyester, this hoodie makes one of the most fashionable gifts for Tesla owners that offer warmth and softness.

2. SpaceX Carabiner Keychains

SpaceX Carabiner Keychains

If your friends who own Tesla also adore Elon Musk, then they must admire SpaceX, the spacecraft’s manufacturer. If so, why don’t you give them the SpaceX keychain? It features the SpaceX carabiner with 2 keyrings with masculine design with extra security. Suppose they often forget to put their home keys, this amazing gift will be very beneficial for them.

3. S3XY Tesla Shorts

S3XY Tesla Shorts

Make your buddy always feel close with their favorite Tesla even during sleep! This short comes with an attractive red color, featuring a simple design which says “S3XY”. It is one of the perfect gifts for Tesla owners who have completed their Tesla S, 3, X, and Y collection! Because it is composed from silk blend, this short is definitely very soft and comfortable for daily usage.  

4. Fog Light Tint Kit 

Fog Light Tint Kit

Improve the way your friends’ Tesla cars feel and look without breaking the bank with this kit. This fog light tint kit is constructed from high-quality vinyl and is guaranteed to last for years. After being removed, it will never leave any residue or stains. It will be a perfect gift for Tesla Model 3 owners, as this gift will make their car look more masculine and elegant.

5. Flocked Center Console Storage Bin 

Flocked Center Console Storage Bin

For those Tesla owners who often randomly put their belongings inside the car, this gift will help them to organize those things. This storage bin has several partitions to maximize their storage space. The size is perfect for a phone, eyeglasses, coins, pens, even headphones! This is one of the most functional and practical gifts for Tesla owners to make them organized!

6. Key Card Holder for Tesla

Key Card Holder for Tesla

Traditional car keys and fobs are not provided to Tesla Model 3 and Y owners. Instead, they are given a keycard and a smartphone app to get entry and operate the vehicle. Therefore, your Tesla owners will definitely need this Tesla card key holder! Made of suede material, it has a unique cutting technology that is soft to the touch and durable. The key is also difficult to lose due to the anti-drop button design.

7. Mount Rotatable Design Tesla Phone Holder

 Mount Rotatable Design Tesla Phone Holder

Make your friends’ Tesla driving experience comfortable with this unique phone holder. Unlike the regular gifts for Tesla owners, this gift is quite sophisticated.  It has a rotatable mount design and Tesla phone charger support. Featuring black base with an elegant touch, three charging ports are included with the product. To use wireless charging, insert the port into the charging port of the phone and place it on the Tesla phone holder.

8. Tesla Noise-reducing Seal Kit 

Tesla Noise-reducing Seal Kit

Help your friends to drive their Tesla car comfortably during winter or summer with this noise reducer seal kit. Although Tesla cars tend to be quite silent, the outdoor noise can be very annoying. Therefore, the silicone seal is designed to reduce noise and endure extreme temperatures, from scorching heat to bitter cold. It keeps your Tesla owners’ cabin peaceful and even more pleasant by drastically reducing wind noise and other outside noises from entering the cabin.

9. Autopilot Steering Wheel Booster Kit

Autopilot Steering Wheel Booster Kit

With this booster kit, long driving feels easy and fun. Instead of polishing, the car steering wheel booster kit can assist Tesla owners in controlling the steering wheel. This alloy steering wheel booster will be one of the best gifts for Tesla owners to improve their safety. It might help to ease shoulder discomfort and fatigue by relaxing your hands. Just simply clamp it, and the size can be adjusted to meet the car’s steering wheel.

10. Black Red Matte Tesla Coffee Mug

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For Tesla owners, nothing can be better than sipping a glass of coffee in the morning while watching their beloved automobiles. Especially if there is a coffee mug which is dedicated to their cars, it will add extra joy in their life. This mug will be an ideal gift for Tesla owners as it offers a charming Tesla design. The black matte glass color with red logo design makes a perfect combination. Your Tesla owners will feel proud of their precious car in every sip.

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11. Auto Steering Wheel Desk Car Table 

Auto Steering Wheel Desk Car Table 

Are your friends a rush guy who often misses their meal? Well, this gift will help  them drive while eating in their Tesla easier. The steering wheel can be put on the portable car tray. This makes one of the most convenient gifts for Tesla owners for food tray or notebook support. They can place it in the rear seat pocket when it is not used. This tray is strong, resilient, and long-lasting, with a fashionable design because it is made of high-quality premium material.

12. Tesla Parking Sign

Tesla Parking Sign

Inappropriate parking sometimes irritates Tesla owners. Therefore, they are definitely going to need this Tesla parking sign! Tesla sign parking is composed of robust industrial aluminum and is produced with the highest quality materials. It is also weather resistant and suitable for a wide range of applications. Install this Tesla parking only sign to alert everyone that if a non-electric car is parked in this area, they will be towed.

13. LED Tesla Cup Holder

LED Tesla Cup Holder

Accessory gifts for Tesla owners will never disappoint! Instead, it will make your friends’ Tesla cars look more stunning. This Tesla cup pad comes with a USB cable charge. Moreover, there is a button on the back to adjust the LED lights. With this innovative vehicle device, Tesla owners may create a cool and unique atmosphere in the comfort of their automobile. These LED car interior lights will brighten up their ride. 

14. Cybertruck Meme Tesla Socks

Cybertruck Meme Tesla Socks

Thinking of giving Christmas gifts for Tesla owners? Well, this pair of funny socks will be a good option! You can make a satire and funny joke to Tesla lovers with the “unique” Cybertruck model pattern in these socks. Composed of combed cotton, polyamide, elastane, it makes a perfect gift that will warm them during the cold and freezing winter.

15. Tesla Lifting Jack Pad

Tesla Lifting Jack Pad

To prevent damage when jacking or lifting the vehicle, Tesla owners must have the right jack pad. There could be serious consequences if it falls from the jack. Therefore this jack pad will be one of the best gifts for Tesla owners as a lifesafer when there is a problem. It features a 4 pack with a mesh storage bag. With correct application, it can be utilized with a floor jack or a 2-post lift to protect the batteries and paint from damage.

16. Tesla Steering Wheel Crystal Badge

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Bring an elegant touch to your friends’ Tesla car with this amazing crystal badge! Featuring the iconic Tesla logo, this sticker has a crystal rhinestone pattern, giving a luxurious feel to any Tesla car. It comes with a strong self-adhesive backing that lasts a long time and protects the region from scratches. This badge allows Tesla owners to add their own personal flair to their vehicle effortlessly.

17. Tesla Car Door Puddle Light

Tesla Car Door Puddle Light

Make an elegant welcome when getting off the Tesla car with these puddle lights. Any Tesla owners will surely appreciate this useful gift! After getting out of the car, the owner can see the walking path and avoid any impediments thanks to the high brightness LED car door logo. The Tesla lights are created for auto modification enthusiasts to add to the car’s beauty while also increasing the driving enjoyment.

18. Tesla Etched Acrylic Gift

Tesla Etched Acrylic Gift

If you want to find home decoration gifts for Tesla owners, then this acrylic gift will be an excellent idea. To achieve proper exposure and equal brightness, the acrylic has been laser engraved to an appropriate depth. The laser image depicts Nikolas Tesla’s patent concept for an electromagnetic motor. It comes with a high-quality RGB base and also USB power lead, creating a fantastic appearance in the dark!

19. Tesla Car Door Shock Absorber

Tesla Car Door Shock Absorber

Help your buddies to maintain their Tesla cars with simple but effective gifts for Tesla owners. Specially designed for Tesla cars, this car door shock absorber will effectively protect the car door edge. It also will prevent them from getting small dents or chipping paint. Made from high quality rubber it can reduce the effect of scratches and bumps on doors.

20. Tesla Cleaning Towel

Tesla Cleaning Towel

For those Tesla owners with OCD, it is important to keep their cars clean and neat. Therefore, this Tesla cleaning towel will come to rescue. The microfiber material with the Tesla logo on the center is specifically dedicated for Tesla owners. These microfibers comprise both positive and negative-charged polyester and nylon fibers, attract and draw up whatever is on the surface they’re cleaning.

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21. Tesla Car Document Storage Bag

Tesla Car Document Storage Bag

In case your friends often forget to bring their license or cardkey, then they will need efficient gifts for Tesla owners to store their car’s documents. Made from suede material, this car’s document storage bag has an exclusive design. It features up to 6 card holders inside this wallet. Your Tesla owners can bring their cardkey, driving license, and even their business card in one go.

22. Tesla 3D Printed Black Headphone Stand

Tesla 3D Printed Black Headphone Stand

Show your appreciation to your friends who own Tesla cars by giving them an artistic but useful gift, such as this cool headphone stand. Especially if they also love gaming, this headphone stand makes a perfect gift for them. On one side, there is a portrayal of the silver “TESLA” emblem on a carbon fiber background, and on the other, a “SEXY” design with Tesla vehicle naming system.

23. Tesla All Weather Car Mats 

Tesla All Weather Car Mats 

Durable gifts for Tesla owners will create a long history. This all weather car mat will be one of them. The design of this mat is waterproof and stain-resistant. To protect the Tesla automobile, a recessed surface collects sand, mud, snow, and grime. As a result, the owner can clean it effortlessly without leaving any filth behind. Because it is composed of high quality and eco-friendly rubber design, this mat is suitable for all weather, even extreme conditions.

24. Dog Seat Cover Car Seat

Dog Seat Cover Car Seat

If your friends often bring their pet for traveling with their Tesla, then this car seat will be a must have item. You can give them this amazing car seat to give extra comfort to their dog while sitting in the car. It can also protect your car door from scratches, as well as your backseat. This dog car seat cover is made of 4-layer fabrics and is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for long road trips.

25. Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen

Nikola Tesla Engraved Quote Pen

Suppose your friends buy Tesla cars because they adore Nikola Tesla, then this pen may be one of the most sentimental gifts for Tesla owners. This pen features Nikola Tesla inpriational’s quote which is beautifully engraved. It comes with a black ink ballpoint writing tip. This pen can be used as a collectible or as a reusable pen because it accepts  ink refills.

latest post:

What gift do you give a Tesla owner?

The gift for Tesla owners should be linked to their favorite car. It can be a symbolic gift such as the Tesla etched acrylic gift or the Nikola Tesla engraved quote pen that has sentimental value. Or, it can be useful gifts that will improve the interior of their automobiles such as the auto steering wheel desk car table. For more unique and cool gifts, please refer to our article above. 

What accessories do I need for a Tesla?

There are many accessories for Tesla that will add more value to cars. To add a luxurious feel, you need the Tesla steering wheel crystal badge. Or, if you want to make the interior design glow in the dark, just simply put the LED Tesla cup holder in your Tesla car. Suppose you want to buy accessories and gifts for Tesla owners, we have collected several recommended items just for you in the article above.

Does Tesla ever have sales on accessories?

Yes, it does. The Tesla Shop, the Tesla app, and most Tesla retail locations sell vehicle accessories, merchandise, and select replacement parts for Tesla vehicles. Tesla parts like cabin air filters and windshield wipers, as well as anything to do with charging a Tesla, may be ordered directly from their website. If you need additional accessories for your Tesla, you can find it on the internet. Therefore, our article above will guide you to find accessories and gifts for Tesla owners.

What are the best gadgets for Tesla owners?

As Tesla is an electric vehicle, wireless chargers which existed in the Mount rotatable design phone holder will be one of the best gadgets for Tesla owners. It is an essential gadget for long road trips. In case you run out of car battery on the road, at least you still have a full phone battery to find the nearest charging station.

What are the best Father’s Day gifts for Tesla owners?

Well, the Father’s Day gifts for Tesla owners could vary, depending on your dad’s hobby and needs. For example, if your father is a coffee lover, then a black red matte coffee mug will be the best gift for him. Meanwhile, if your father is a forgetful person, then he may need the Tesla car document storage bag to bring all their ID cards before driving his Tesla. If you still need more inspiration, you can read our article above.

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