Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats

Dirty, dusty and smelly old car mats will be a thing of the past once you acquire some Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats!

They are manufactured with a honeycomb appearance and design, with the introduction of ethylene-vinyl acetate which provides the property of resistance to odours, water and microorganisms, especially bacteria.

They are bilayered (consisting of a double layer), a feature that makes this mat employed in trapping all sorts of pollutants, dust and dirt into the lower layer after their penetration, keeping both the car floor and the upper layer of the mat clean. 

Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats

easy clean mats

The World’s first Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats by Trapmat also aids in preventing circulation and distribution of pollutants in the atmosphere of the car, unlike ordinary car mats.

The Trapmat is flexible to place and easy to clean, It can also be designed to suit the internal architecture of your car.  

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