Shocking Facts About Tesla Cars

Technological advancements really improve our livelihood. They certainly help us to accomplish various tasks easily. However, some of the technologies that we use are not very eco-friendly. Cars are just an example of that. Although they help us in getting to a certain destination, they pollute the air and consume a large amount of oil and gasoline. The concern eventually leads to the launching of various electric cars that can operate with minimum, if any, gasoline. The company that stands on top for generating cool electric cars: Tesla.

Since the release of Tesla Roadster, people have started to generate their attention to the more sustainable transportation option. Currently, Tesla has released a bunch of different models. Plus, they have also made cool innovations to complement their products, such as charging stations that have been deployed globally. Don’t forget that some of these advanced cars are available in quite an affordable price too. But before you get too carried away, let’s learn some fun facts about Tesla cars!

1. Is Elon Musk the Founder of Tesla?

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For many years, Elon Musk has been hailed as the face of the Tesla company. His quotes are used in various media and continue to inspire lots of young entrepreneurs. But you’ll be surprised to learn that Elon Musk is not the founder of this iconic company

Although Elon Musk has been in the picture since the company’s birth, the title of founder belongs to two people: Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. They founded the company and funded them from 2003 until 2008. Tarpenning said that he still remains in contact with Musk even after his resignation, and that he has no regrets on the decision he took. 

2. Is Tesla the First Company to Make an Electric Car?

Tesla is widely known for their cool electric cars. They are so attached to the product! Every time you think of an electric car, there’s a huge chance that Tesla is the first brand that came to mind. However, you might be interested to learn that Tesla is not the first company to make an electric car!

Before your mind gets completely blown, please be aware that Tesla is in fact the first company to make a fully electric car. However, traces of electric vehicles can be dated for longer than we’ve known. To be precise, small-scale electric cars is first founded in 1828 by innovators in Hungary!

3. But Tesla Definitely Makes the First Electronic SUV

In 1828, there’s no SUVs yet. That’s the reason why Tesla Model X is the first SUV to be powered by electricity. This cool Tesla model is able to run at 250 miles per charge. You won’t have to worry about finding a charging station on every trip! It also has the unique falcon doors that makes it more elegant and exclusive. A truly wonderful model that you should consider too!

4. Which Tesla Model is Considered as the Best?

People always rank products and various items. That’s the reason why Tesla cars also get the same treatment. There’s a lot of Tesla vehicles that have been released, ranging from the Roadster to the Model Y. Out of all those cars, Model S seems to catch a lot of people’s attention. 

The first Tesla Model S was launched in 2012, but it still receives a lot of cool upgrades to this day. The Model S is one of Tesla’s fastest cars. It even breaks the Ferrari SF90 Stradale speed record. It also has a huge space for cargo and offers a lot more than your average Tesla cars. 

5. Smart Car!

A car that’s powered by electricity is not the only catch for Tesla cars. You’d be surprised to learn that Tesla cars are similar to your smartphones and laptops: they always receive software and other kinds of updates. These updates are sent through a cloud-based server and can be downloaded by the owner. The updates will renew the software for vehicle’s physical control and the electronic processing system. Be sure to download all the updates as they’re important for your car’s maintenance. 

6. Tesla Has Lots of Patents, But They Like to Share!

All companies that have released cool products need to have patents. It will protect them from copycats that will steal their technology. Tesla does the same thing for their cars and technologies. To date, they have released innovations like supercharger stations for recharging their cars, as well as autopilot technology (we’ll talk about that later). But it’s really interesting that Elon Musk came out and said that the patents are open and for all people to enjoy.

On a blog that he wrote, Musk said that they’re wrong to create patents out of concerns towards other big companies. He said that these technologies should not be restricted by patents, and that everyone can play a part and develop it for the people’s benefit. 

7. A Safe Technology

Previously, we’ve talked about the autopilot technology that Tesla has implemented on their cars. This enables the driver to relax more and have a lesser burden when driving. The autopilot technology will be able to assist the driver in simple tasks and offer a safer driving experience. It really seems like something that you normally see in a James Bond movie, right?

There will be people who will be concerned with this technology. After all, new technologies can have limitations. However, you should be relieved to know that the autopilot record is magnificent. Tesla said that one crash is reported for 4.31 million miles driven using the technology

8. Interior Safety

Tesla is a really safe place to be. The autopilot is just an example of the technologies that we meant. Bioweapon defense mode is another one that is worth mentioning. With this technology, you will be protected from harmful viruses and other hazardous particles in the air. When you turn the mode on, it will get so much louder inside, as the fan will work at a maximum speed. But it is definitely worth the trouble, because using it will keep you from diseases. 

9. Aiming to be Safe for All Creatures

Humans won’t be the only ones to enjoy a trip with Tesla cars. Dogs will probably want to live inside their comfortable and sexy cars. The reason behind it is because of the Dog Mode installed inside Tesla’s software. It will help maintain a safe temperature inside the car, even when it is turned off.

People are usually hesitant on bringing their pets when they are out buying groceries. The main reason behind it is because of the concerns for leaving their favorite friend in the car. It’s usually dangerous, because a car that is turned off can be really hot for dogs. Well, Elon Musk asks you to not worry about it anymore. When you used Tesla, those concerns will never be a problem. 

10. It is Fun Being Inside Tesla

Say goodbye to playing with smartphones in the car. With the newest innovation by Tesla, you can play games like Mario Kart inside the car’s screen. You can play it with the car’s steering wheel and pedal! It’s so crazy innovative, right?

Tesla also needs to prevent accidents caused by playing games during a trip. That’s the reason why they disabled all games while the vehicle is moving. But don’t worry, because you can still enjoy it during a traffic jam.

11. Falcon Doors

Tesla is unique in the interior as well as the exterior. We have talked a lot about the cool software and programs that you can enjoy inside. However, you should not discount the cool and unique appearance that all Tesla models have. They are all unique, but we’re going to talk about something appealing from the Model X: the falcon doors. 

The falcon wing doors are beautiful, but they are much more than meets the eye. Even though falcon wing doors can sometimes be disturbing, they are really useful for elderly passengers. And when you parked close to other cars, the doors will allow multiple passengers to hop in or out.  

12. Model 3 is Supposed to be Dubbed Model E, Until …

Tesla Model 3 Image (Source:

Most of you probably have noticed that a lot of Tesla’s products use a certain alphabet. Just take a look at the Model S, or Model Y, Model Z, you get what we meant, right? One alphabet that’s missing is the letter “E”. There’s a simple explanation behind it, and it’s because Ford beat them to the punch and released a vehicle with the same name. 

The so-called Model E is renamed as Model 3. Elon Musk is reportedly unhappy with Ford. Here’s a popular quote by him regarding the matter:

“Like, why did you go steal Tesla’s E? Like you’re some sort of fascist army marching across the alphabet, some sort of “Sesame Street” robber?”

13. Thou Shalt Not Pass!

With all the cool technology and innovations, you must have wondered how much does a Tesla car weigh? Well, one of the models proofed to be so heavy that they should avoid passing through the Brooklyn Bridge. Tesla’s Model X is officially listed to be weighing 5,441 pounds. But when you take it on the run, it will be much heavier than that. That’s the reason why it should be illegal to drive the SUV through the Brooklyn Bridge that has a weight limitation of 6,000 pounds.  

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