Hail Protection Car Cover

Keep your car safe and unscathed during the hail season with this Hail Protection Car Cover.

The remote-controlled cover creates a bubble of air around your car preventing the ice from damaging it.

If you don’t have a garage or its occupied by something else, you are used to dreading the hail and hoping it would never come.

But this cover combined with a handy “hail alert” app it comes with, you can rest easy knowing your car is safe. 

Hail Protection Car Cover

The hail protecting cover needs a one-time initial installation that takes about 20 minutes. After the initial deployment, you can cover your car in around 5 minutes without even having to kneel.

You can inflate the cover via a remote control or an app. It can be powered with standard AA battery pack, a car accessory plug, or an AC adapter. It’s your choice.

Hail Protection Car Cover

When inflated, the cover stays put causing the balls of ice to bounce off of it. It is also resistant to strong winds which usually come as a bonus during a hail storm.

The breathable fabric this cover is made of doesn’t trap moisture or causes the car to heat up keeping the paint finish on your car in prime condition. In fact, the cover is made only out of fabric without any rigid parts that could damage your vehicle. 

Hail Protection Car Cover

Frankly, if you live in an area that is prone to hail storms or even had one unfortunate encounter with hail, this cover is a must-have. Better safe than sorry.

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