Draw & Erase Wall Robot

Turn any wall in your home into an interactive canvas with this Draw & Erase Wall Robot.

With the help of only two strings, an outlet, and 5 minutes of your time, it can start drawing anything you choose in its accompanying app.

Want your wall to rock a Van Gogh painting or your shopping list? Maybe your Twitter feed or your specials?

This robot can draw all of this using 4 out of 24 included special markers and then safely erase it (if you want it to) leaving no trace. 

Draw & Erase Wall Robot

The secret behind this technology is simple – heat. The robot runs along the drawn lines heating them up to 149 F° and causing the ink to evaporate.

Draw & Erase Wall Robot

This drawing robot uses 2 wheels to climb almost any vertical surface. Your first impulse would be to put it on a wall but remember that’s not the only surface it can draw on.

You can create advanced charts and data presentations on whiteboards. You can also invite clients into your shop by making this little guy draw an intricate typography art in the shopping window. 

Draw & Erase Wall Robot

Why limit yourself to only one piece of art on the wall? Express yourself with the help of this drawing robot and have a new picture or message drawn every day.

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