Neater Feeder Dog Feeding Station

Neater Feeder Dog Feeding Station catches food and water that your overenthusiastic pet manages to spill.

Having a pet teaches you the values of compromises. So when you step in dog food for a thousandth time or have to wipe the spilt water third time in a row, you do it.

Because your good boy has to eat. Fortunately, Neater Feeder checks this problem off the long list of compromises.

This dishwasher-safe feeding station consists of two parts. The top part has protective walls around the bowls that catch spilled water and food right away. 

Neater Feeder Dog Feeding Station

The spilled water then drains into the bottom reservoir. The reservoir can easily hold more than one spilled bowl of water and you can empty it out any time you want. These features combined make sure that the amount of stray food and water spills on the floor are kept to a minimum.

Neater Feeder Dog Feeding Station

The Neater Feeder comes in three different sizes plus a smaller version for cats. The medium and large sizes also have included leg extensions and non-skid rubber pads. The Neater Feeder for cats comes with shallower bowls to ensure that their sensitive whiskers don’t touch the bowl.

Neater Feeder Dog Feeding Station

With Neater Feeder you can keep your floors clean, pants dry, feet food-free, and, most importantly, your pet happy and comfortable.

Neater Feeder Dog Feeding Station

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