Slumbersofa Duo Sofa Bunk Bed

The Slumbersofa Duo Sofa Bunk Bed transforms from an elegant sofa into two separate beds in one swift motion.

Bunk beds were awesome when we were kids and they still are. A bunk bed that pops out of a sofa can easily compensate for a lack of a guest room.

It can also come in handy when living in a small apartment with roommates.

To give you the best quality possible, Slumbersofa Duo was manufactured in Italy. The Italian craftsmanship is what makes the transition so smooth and effortless. 

Slumbersofa Duo Sofa Bunk Bed

Also, since you are going to spend a lot of time sleeping in these, you’ll be pleased to know that each bed comes with an orthopedic slatted base and standard mattress.

Slumbersofa Duo Sofa Bunk Bed

The fact that Slumbersofa is available in over 200 various covers (fabric, synthetic, and real leather) is just a cherry on top of an amazing concept.

With dimensions of 39.9” x 88.6” (100 cm x 225 cm), Slumbersofa can easily accommodate the tallest beans. Both in a sofa and a bunk bed shape. 

Slumbersofa Duo Sofa Bunk Bed

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